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Ski Egypt Snow City Modern English School, Cairo The International School of Egypt Cairo English School - CES

1. Ski Egypt

· 9593 reviews

Mall of Egypt, Wahat Road, 6th october, Giza Governorate 12582, Egypt

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Ski Egypt: what do users think?
Ahmed Mostafa: Beautiful but expensive
Falafel and Pie House: A pie and falafel house restaurant from Medina that travels the world
Ahmed Dawa: A very enjoyable and beautiful experience, and a hundred percent global atmosphereEverything in the place is fun from the slides and the snowy atmosphere. And watching the penguins, but it was short, because you had to pay in another package for the long viewing. There is also ice with ice tools, and there is another package, but if you are new, the first will be a bit exhausting training and needs health. The whole experience was fun for adults and children, and I recommend trying it.
Hassan Emam: An excellent tourist destination
Bin Naser: Good place
Yahya alkuraimi: Very very very sweet
حسن مغفوري: excellent
Abdulaziz Alturki: Excellent family experience 👍
Mohamed AbdelAleem: The place is very beautiful, but you cannot play all the games unless you have previous experience with them.In addition, penguins are very few and very, very small
Ahmed dahey: fantastic place
فادي فايز: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
شيماء يسري: It's nice, but choose a working day to keep it crowded
Youssef Mostafa: Best experience
Capony Toal: Had magnificent time with family on Saturday 6th May 2023. Team were very supportive and fun with s everywhere. Special thanks to Morsi- such a nice man!!
اسلام العقباوى: ungrateful than hot
mena saleh: A good experience, but the sky lesson has a very short time. It's supposed to be an hour but there are many people.Overall it was a positive experience.
Halima Hassan: The best work team
مراد: A better than wonderful place 0 I enjoyed it very much
Farah Sameh Sayed: Truly an amazing time on my school trip there. I wish I could've seen the penguins but there was a big'ol crowd around them.
Mahmoud sharaf: Wonderful..and more
Mohamed Ahmed: Visited on Public holiday Wait time 10–30 minMore

2. Snow City



· 439 reviews

Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Snow City: what do users think?
mohamed rmadan: very good
Oday mohamed saed: You are great, Egypt
Osama Basem: ♥️♥️♥️
Maria George: To muchhhhhhhh moneyyyyyyyyyyyy
amr youssef: Great place for families, especially for kids.
Dalia Adel: So small only 2 games to play , price is too much for the place
Ankit Tiwari: Nice place
mohamed Abdelghany: The overall experience is good, the service is excellent, the ski clothes are good, clean and suitable
Mohamed Saleh: Great
Ahmed Mohey: Very nice place, excellent location, well known, but the price is a bit high
Ahmed Alhassanat: Snow City is one of the most beautiful entertainment places in Cairo. Honestly, the place is more than wonderful. You will enjoy every minute you will spend inside the Snow City, and I personally advise everyone to visit it.Snow City - City Star ❤️
Aommra Abdo: We saw it and enjoyed it
Ahmed Kassem: Good but small
Batota: Great place, very hospitable and entertaining
Hosam Elbadawy: The place is very beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it very much
زهراء عمران: 🆒
Abdullah D: Excellent interface for the country
Mohamed Sleem: Seriously masterpiece
Kareem Hamed: Wanted to try something different, so we decided to give it a try, the reception ppl are nice but we couldn't find our size in clothes they provided us a way large sizes than ours but when we refused they gave us worn cloths which was embarrassing because my trouser fly kept opening all the time.The place is nice inside, not big, and wasn't very crowded, there's one game with extra fees.The staff inside were very friendly and supportiveOther than the clothes comment, it was a good experience.
Hichul Chung: I had definitely a blast with my yemeni family here, I'll probably come here once again it's the yemeni family ones come, I hope the next time other things are open to have more fun but I think the many people have so much fun haven't seen the artificial snow because they have never seen the real Snow before.
Mohammed Khaled: Nice experience, but I got tired after that. Those who can't stand the cold don't go

3. Modern English School, Cairo

· 94 reviews

New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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Modern English School, Cairo: what do users think?
Omar Abdelwahab: Very good school, my son really enjoys going here. Overall 5 stars
Mostafa Hamouda: One of the best school in Egypt if not the best.Amazing staff, professional management and excellent education.
Bassant Kamal: They do not accept special needs cases and this against the law
Doha Elhadidy: The one who’s responsible for admission was talking in very unprofessional and rude way!!
Marine Nabil: Rude staff , I went to apply to my son and after finishing the application one of the staff came to me and said there is no place as the students siblings occupied all the places so why you asked me to fill the application from the beginning, really unprofessional way!
اشرف عبدالباسط: Excellent
AHMED Saad: special
Hanin Hosny: I like this school a lot , from what I have seen on the school's website it look like it is a wonderful school with a lot of opportunities to learn in an amazing way I can't wait to join the school in the next academic year when I'm 12 and I also can't wait to so the school physically not virtually!!!!
Mr Ahmed Hassan: A truly glorious institution
Saif El Rafei: I'm a student there.I'm in the photo's.
Walaa Hamdy Assy: this location is wrong
Jaime ElHelw: Recommend American section in secondary. Very professional administrators and staff
Mohamed Tk: The school began with the pioneering vision of a group of educators led by Mr. Nabeel Dajani and Mrs. Sawsan Dajani. Its reputation and standing in the community grew quickly and as the school population increased, improved facilities were built, culminating in a recent move to an impressive state-of-the-art campus in New Cairo. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere the students are encouraged to care for one another and for the world around them.
mo dagher: Arab Day Festival 2017
Zeinab Abdelnabi: very good school
c7arery: High and classy level
Mohamed Elhossieny: Excellent Tenen!!!Oh boy
Sayed Khider Awad: My old work place
farouk: its ok
Omar Salah: This school is cool and all the Egyptian people have to dab

4. Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

· 16887 reviews

Saray El, Gezira St, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

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Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino: what do users think?
faisal bazaid: Good services
bayones n: The hotel is indecent and not suitable for families
Ahmed Elnahas: This historic hotel was fabulous few years ago. Today it needs a lot of maintainence and the staff needs to learn how to be more helpful for the customers.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 4/5Hotel highlights Great view …More
Teresa Romagosa: Ha sigut fantastic tant el servei d'habitacions, el bufet d'esmorçar, la piscina, etc.Rooms: Molt maques i ben.netesSafety: ExcelentFood & drinks: Bufet d'ezmozar fsntastic
sgg kkk: strick hh518n
Sohabe Hashmi: Location is pretty decent and near the bustle of Cairo. Service was decent. Great hotel and lobby area, they don't build them like this anymore. Upscale feeling. A lot of shops and restaurants. There was entertainment. Food was decent. Service was pretty good.The casino was small but decent. The casino only accept USD and you can only get USD from your credit card at the casino, there are no bank machines dispensing USD at the hotel. You will not get any drinks at the Casino quickly as they mess around with you. Casino staff is different than hotel staff and are not as nice. You will need a foreign passport to enter, there no exceptions unless you look like a white foreign tourist perhaps they will stop checking you for a passport after you show them once.The room was old and run down but it was clean. The hot water stopped working on my last day and nobody had an explanation or what was really doing anything about it. It stopped and started with little pressure. This made me late for my excursion, if it was not a private booking I would have missed it. When I checked out all I got was a empty apology. For the price and stature they should have taken care of me.
pepi mpezirgianni: This amazing group of hotels is expanded around a large area with hotels,spa,pool,gym, restaurants, museum, cafe, walking paths, garden, fountain ect. In the interior you can admire the marble stairs,statues, carved furniture, romantic lighting and long corridors . Rooms are cozy,spacy, clean and nice decorated with big beds. It is a great experience.
Silvia Gallach: Las instalaciones colectivas está muy bien pero la habitación necesita una renovación el baño,q no corresponde a la categoría del hotel;nuestro baño estaba atascado .Camas cómodas, limpio.
محمد الزهراني: Overlooking the Nile
ayman hashem: of the bestRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Sven - Olav Dekker: Mooi hotel van buiten, binnen niet gezellig
Lady Dana Austin: Spendid!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Nader Soror photography: Security officials need dirtier than dirty, to be honestOther than that, it's really a masterpiece

5. The International School of Egypt

· 61 reviews

rd. 90, NEW CAIRO, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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The International School of Egypt: what do users think?
Malak Khaled: Am a student in this school and it's the best school ever ✨ISE is the best! 💕
Angel Eyes: The worst school I have seen in my life that does not care about the student or his moralsCommercial school , caring about money ONLY.There is no oversight. Many incidents occur without proper action being taken in proportion to the students or parents being informed. - Preserving students who engage in unethical behavior despite complaints from most parents. Although the management acknowledges the issues, they take no action because the parents are pushing.Even in grading.
Ezz ElDin Mohy ElDin: Not recommended by all means
Juliya Ka: Мой ребёнок в младшей школе kg и я довольна обстановкой, уровнем преподавания, отношением учителей. В классе максимум 15-17 детей - учитель, ассистент и помощники. В начальной и младшей школе учителя иностранцы (квалифицированные). Посмотрим, как будет дальше, хотя у подруги дети старшеклассники в этой же школе - уровнем знаний довольна, говорит, тяжело тем ученикам, кто сам не хочет учится.
Leysan Amirkhanova: С удовольствием рекомендую школу! Особенно довольны старшей школой. Дочь искренне привязана к своим учителям. В первый год помогли с адаптацией. Есть русскоязычные педагоги.Возникают вопросы к некоторым учителям младшей: могут повышать голос, отчитывать за плохие знания или поведение, списывая это на эмоциональность, на то, что они так разговаривают. С неадекватной реакцией не сталкивалась. Всегда идут на встречу.
viola aiad: teachers don't understand anything, very bad school ,, bad system
abu fatimaraw: Great place. Excellent school. Education and upbringing in the school is excellent.
mahmoud gaafary: The school is beautiful, clean, and directly in front of my house. I follow the students’ activities from the balcony with care and attention, but some of the staff are loud outside the school.
Ahmed Nasr: Very bad education system
Amr Fouad: How much does KG1 cost?or baby class
Shahenda Elshiaty: Friendly staff & cosy environment for students
Dark Knight: It great
David Farid: Best pre-school
Ayman Wadie: How much are the expenses?
Yasser Elsawy: Quality education
Ashraf Alberdeni: Detailed address of the school, Street 68, District 6, District 2, Fifth Settlement,
Tarek Abdel Jawad: One of the sweet, reasonable private schools that walk in the market with all the people I am in. People often buy pens in the Fifth Settlement. My work and residence are in the assembly. You are supposed to be in Rehab. I believe in Violet in the Fifth Settlement. The violets in the Fifth Settlement, my work and my residence in the assembly and you are supposed to be in Rehab.
Christina Gad Elkareem: 🌷❤ ISE is the best
Fady Nader: Good school
Adam Dahroug: May I know the costs of g1
Esoo Mike: This is the school where I saw my best days

6. Cairo English School - CES

· 91 reviews

Suez Rd, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo English School - CES: what do users think?
Ahmed Amr Shaker: One of the most reasonable international schools, with very healthy teaching atmosphere
T D: This very nice school with an amazing staff and teachers and a very nice campus.
Bassant Kamal: No special needs cases is accepted which against the law
Ahmed El Kholy: My kid school for 4 yearsWas great options and a clear decline at all fronts have been seen.Sorry for that, yet still one of the few schools who got foreign teachers
Pip Meyers: The building design is stolen from a renowned school in Alexandria.
Not Sky: mid
Noha Haggag: Perfect school
Mira Zaky: Amazing school. One of the very few schools in Egypt where teachers really care about the students.
Adam: Amazing school. Teachers are very professional and they care about the students. Managed perfectly.
mo BILO: Pretty bad except for the teachers, teachers are kind and good at teaching, some of them
timber land: A very useful and wonderful school in the educational field
Malak Badr: This year is much better than the other years there is very good education and time management, I recommend this school for everyone.
John Elius: No wonder they need teachers all year round...
Narelle Watchman: It's a good place to work
Bothiana Khalifa: Unfortunate we met a very unprofessional , not excellent deal when we passed the admission process . As we took in November date for primary interview FS1 ( 2nd of December 2020) and then for group interview at 2nd of February 2021 after we finished it the admission staff told us that if your son accepted he will be on waiting list 😳This process cost me much time and effortN.bI asked the administration before the start of that process about the available place and they said yess sure .I assumed much respecting for our choice for your school
Everett Expat: New teacher beware. Place is really poorly managed, treats teachers terribly, and overcrowding of classrooms kills any chance at learning for students. Just wanted to let anyone thinking of accepting a position here that they are forcing teachers to come into school against COVID safety guidelines and putting everyone's health at risk. The school won't honor your contract when it suits them not to and you'll be coming in on your days off frequently just to keep up with your workload. Avoid at all costs.
Mohamed Soliman: Very bad administration and management
Judie Fadly: im a student here and i have alot of great teachers
Hossam Waly: Nice School
mohamed kassem: Very decent school with professional staff and a promising IB department
Ahmed sayed: I used to be a student in this school several years ago and honestly this school is a good example of money wastage , if you are someone who is willing to throw millions into thin air then send your children to this school.

7. Marriott Mena House, Cairo

· 9231 reviews

Pyramids Road, 6 Aswan - Giza, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 12556, Egypt

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