Best Shops Selling Seeds In Cairo Near Me

Khan el-Khalili Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch Miegos Compost - كمبوست ميجوس IKEA - Cairo Festival City Citystars Heliopolis Fair Trade Egypt Harraz Oum El Dounia Gallery Gourmet Egypt - Zamalek Mall of Egypt IMTENAN Safeer Gourmet Egypt - Kattamia nefertiti For Natural Oils & Herbs ( Giza ) Royal House Mall of Arabia The Body Shop

1. Khan el-Khalili

· 30478 reviews

El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331302, Egypt

Khan el-Khalili: what do users think?
ياسر ابراهيم: The place retains its ancient heritage
seto kaiba: Nice new experience except they are over pricedAnd some inappropriate behavior by some sellers in exploiting foreignersIt is also forbidden to wait and sit in chairs unless requested
mercedes rebuffo: Demasiados locales y muy encimados pero eso sí....hay de todo
Fahad Alhammadi: Accountants from the Shahatis will steal you
C Chow: Big most local market
Adrian Almiron: un lugar con muchas tiendas para comprar cosas artesanales y algo de ropa de varones de mujeres hay muy poca el horario es de 9 a 17hs donde estan abiertos todos los locales
Ali Jali: All you need under one roofAll you can think ofThere are very nice popular coffee shops
majd bub: A popular market with various products and gifts such as clothes, pottery, perfumes and popular cafes.You find street vendors, singers, and whatever you want in coffee shops.The market is crowded and the alleys are narrow. It is best to visit it at night.
Osama Al-kholy: ممتاز
Ibrahim Alnughaymishi: Beautiful
Murat Aksu: Like grand bazaar in Turkey, nice souvenirs. A bit hassle and need to bargain for the prices. But good experience for a foreigner. Crowded even at nights.
ايهاب الجندي: The best car mats in Egypt
Khalid Alghamdi: Historic, and it needs more time. Its best time is in Ramadan
Safa: It is a very popular place, and you are better off not bringing expensive things with you and things you are afraid of.Al-Fishawi and Naguib Mahfouz Coffee is a very nice thing and an enjoyable experience among the beautiful shops and sales of Egyptian needs
咪嘟: 哈里里市场,几乎来过埃及的每位游客都会逛一逛,我觉得更应该看的是它周围的一些老建筑,至于小商品嘛 ,百分之八九十都是中国制造
Waled Ahmed: wonderful place
ahmed montaser: A place with ancient history and heritage
Wael Elnemr: A special place with a fragrant history, shops for antiques, antiques, and silver and gold artifacts
Jessica Egarin: A must-see place in the heart of old Cairo! The cab dropped us on the other side of the street. Crossing the road is not an option unless one wants to die! There is an underground passage to safely cross the street and get to the Souk. Please choose that option if it happens to you. Once in the bazaar, we were overwhelmed with scents of spices, incense, fresh mint tea… There are so many treasures to find there! Just go and play it by ear, let the narrow streets lead you wherever they may take you :)Have some cash with you as shops don’t always accept credit cards and when they do, they add an extra 10% to the bill.
Amr Nada: amazing
ahmed Alnemr: nice place

2. Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch



· 88 reviews

14 Mohamed Abd El-Wahab St, Next To Tunisian Embassy Cairo, 11211, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

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Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch: what do users think?
Stefan Bishay: Very impressive selection of high quality handicrafts. Mostly textiles, some pottery, and brass and silver jewelry. The people running the shop are extremely kind and helpful, and the prices fair. If you want some gifts or items for your home that are better than the usual tourist shop items this is the place to go!
Steve Martocci: Wow, Nomad was a pivotal stop to our trip. Not only is the collection of goods fantastic and well priced. The owner Mr. Alef is one of the kindest souls we’ve ever met. He recommended us trusted locations to visit (His cousin’s famous silver shop is a must). Make sure to stop by it’s a special place.
Ibram Ibraheem: Calm and classy place
Jason Cleck: Best shop around Cairo for authentic gifts - purses, scarves, silver jewelry, drink ware, etc. I mean pennies on the dollar cheap! 100 yards from the Marriott Casino!
stephanie lohmann: Lovely place with a good selection items. Everyone working there was very welcoming and considerate, I really appreciated their honest pricing policy. They deserve a worthy visit and more. Would recommend this place as the best souvenir shop in Cairo.
Samer Darwiche: Very kind people and excellent selection of products. Also a very nice place to meet alike thinking people.
Fernando Cavalcanti [Substitutes]: Very nice shop with beautiful, authentic and well made products. The Bedouin items are beautiful and intricately made. The owner and staff were very friendly and helpful. Prices are shown on the items and are very reasonable given the quality of items. It was a pleasure not to be pressured to buy anything or to have to haggle for 15-20 minutes. We highly recommend if you want to buy authentic products.
Yasmine El Nawawy: Excellent shop. Lovely gifts with good prices and a big price range so you can choose the price range most convenient for you. I was met by a staff member and by the owner and both were very friendly and decent and the owner treated me to a gift.
Emily S.: A wonderful place to shop with kind staff and so many beautiful options.
Linda and Robb Hoiseth: My friends and I had an amazing experience at Nomad. The selection is amazing, the prices fair, and the staff are so warm and welcoming. If I ever find myself back in Cairo, I will definitely return.
nourah buarkah: The place is a masterpiece
Judith Martin: I love this store. The beautiful items, the atmosphere. I visit everytime I return to Cairo and everytime there are new finds to be admired.
sabrina negri: Um tesouro de lugar, escondido na região de zalamalek para comprar lenços, lembrancinhas, peças vintage e artesanais. Fica no 2o andar de um edifício na região de zalamalek. São muito atenciosos. This is a treasure place to bye hand made and vintage things. Located on 2o floor of building on zalamalek. So good attendance.
Sandrine Coin: Petite boutique très sympa
Nathaniel “Kuwait Funds.” Benneth: Great.
Sayed AbuBasha: Well done
essam hassan: Masterpiece
D. C.: Lovely atmosphere on the second floor of an old Egyptian apartment filled with ethical and fair treasures. All items on sale are handmade and by Egyptian artisans & crafters. We bought many things from here but the most special was the rug we purchased for our apartment. It was a little too large and the owner told us not to worry and come back in an hour. He miraculously weaved it to the right size himself. Definitely a wonderful experience. Can’t recommend enough.
Will Clark: Locally sourced goods are hard to find in Egypt. This is the place to do so.
Tony Indindoli: Very nice collection of crafts art. Relaxing quiet atmosphere to shop, and they are very helpful and welcoming.
Sherif Said: Excellent service and craftsmanship! Definitely recommend if you want to get authentic Egyptian souvenirs.

3. Miegos Compost - كمبوست ميجوس

· 1 reviews

3 Road 159, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

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4. IKEA - Cairo Festival City

· 26632 reviews

Cairo Festival City Mall الطريق الدائري، 11835 Egypt, 11835, Egypt

Address Website
IKEA - Cairo Festival City: what do users think?
احمد النانى: Excellent place for shopping
مصطفى صبرى: Prices are overrated
Talaat Kalaf: fancy
حسن درويش: An excellent place for shopping and the beauty of eating there. Greetings to those in charge of the work
Abdelrahman Haridy: Excellent products and upscale customer service. Try the restaurant. Prices are generally expensive, but there are simple things that are reasonably priced.
ايهاب زيدان: Very neat and organized
Solo El Dessouky: Great place to buy most of the furniture for your home
Hala Sabry: Prices became over rated.
عبده احمد: Furniture store in a different way
eslam sabry: The branch is very large and there are plenty of waiting places
أبو عاصم طارش: One of my favorite places
Sama Hesham: My first time to eat there at Ramadan; neat place, delicious food and affordable prices
Yousef Daib: Very nice
Sarah Ahmed: Very expensive but convenient
Abdo Shiekho: The system and style is very very badWhy am I inside a tourist car with Egyptians and the security says it is forbidden to enter on Friday for foreigners only, this is an unacceptable method
Ahmed Alshaibah: Marvelous
Joseph Raphael: Amazing place... The restaurant is a MUST tray
mahmoud kadry: It is a quiet and clean place, and all its visitors are respectful, so that the mob does not enter it
muhammed wally: Loved it .. clean & profissional
Ahmed Yossry: ❤️

5. Citystars Heliopolis

· 81849 reviews

Citystars, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

6. Fair Trade Egypt

· 159 reviews

27 Yehia Ibrahim, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Fair Trade Egypt: what do users think?
Stefan Bishay: Nice small store with a variety of textiles and items for the home. Great items for gifts which are unique and original. Staff very nice and helpful!
Kev F.: A bit hidden, be brave to enter the building, it's in Apt. 9, 1. Floor.It's worth it!
Viktoria Niemann: Easy to find, fair prices.Thank you!
Uxia Rey López: The products look nice but the attention was extremely unpleasant. The woman who is working there seems to not like her job. She was rude towards us because we had to take our time to get our credit card and pay. Everything bothered her, even when the phone rang she sighed and put a bad face. If you’re working at a Fair Trade shop you should be happy that people know about your shop and go buy there. She also talked in arabic about us in front of our faces. Disgusting.P.S. She almost didn’t charge me for the products I bought since they were inside a bag that they sell at the shop. I had to tell her. What kind of control is that? Check who you hire…
Fanny Bailleul: Love this shop. So cute. And price are really honest
Misbah Sheikh: Good place for souvenirs and like it that everything has a price tag
Stan Ley: I was in Egypt for 16 nights and was so glad to find this gem of a shop in the wonderful area of Zamalek. You could take your time to browse and select the gifts and souvenirs without the stress to negotiate prices like you would do almost everywhere in the country. The selection is diverse and you can't beat their prices for what you get. 10/10PS say hi to the cat at the door. it didn't move an inch when we entered the shop.
Cristina Migliaro: A bazar with sustainable original products. To visit and see.
Olga Szymanska: Best shopping ever! Friendly stuff, beautiful crafts. Happy souvenir recievers.
Huy Pham Ngoc: Excellent variety of crafts and way better shopping experience compared to other tourist shops
Kelly Bailey: A hidden gem with a diverse inventory, fair prices, and without the hustle of the Souks.
Alexandre Kettaneh: You need to wait seeing this shop before making your gift purchases. This is real artisanal Egyptian products and the prices are very fair.
EHAB HAGAG: A five-star gallery for certain classes and categories
Ai -ling: good to buy verified and fair trade products.
Nupur Singh: Great collection, great people and best prices! Just wish that I had visited their shop a little sooner!
Muhammad Ashraf: Amazing
Dr. Michelle Moyal: Small store with a good variety of beautiful fair trade items. Purchased a gorgeous handmade coverlet (essentially a thinner bedspread) and scarf as well as some small gifts for family. No hassle and very reasonable prices. I hope to shop there again when in Cairo!
Lukas Paltanavičius: Lovely people, great products
Bethany: Super amazing keepsakes and homemade gifts! Super well priced. Staff very friendly!
Pep Palermo: Sehr netter, angenehmer Laden mit einem vielfältigen und qualitativ hochwertigen Sortiment. Es wird einem nichts aufgeschwatzt, man kann einfach in Ruhe stöbern. Die Preise sind klar ausgezeichnet und fair. Auf dem Basar müsste man hartnäckig verhandeln, um diese Preise zu erzielen. Wer darauf keine Lust hat und Mitbringsel sucht, die garantiert Made in Egypt sind, sollte diesem Laden einen Besuch abstatten. Der Laden hat eine Fair-Trade-Zertifizierung! Ein Einkauf hier hilft der ägyptischen Wertschöpfung.
Jennifer Goodwin: Great selection and prices. The staff was super nice. I’ll shop here again next time I’m in Cairo!!!

7. Harraz

· 1314 reviews

1 Ahmed Maher, St, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Harraz: what do users think?
Rehab Amer: It's a nice place, you can find all kinds of pesticides, and the prices are reasonable
Mmo Uu: bad service
ابو مصطفى ابو مصطفى: Very good place but I can't find my simple request
Gamal Gad (Jimmy): Good coffee
اجدادنا زيت: The king of herbs
Moko Man: Respected
Mahmuod Alhusainy: excellent
Mohamed B: In fact, it is the first time that I visit the shop, and my visit was based on the advice of some brothers and friends, but when I arrived at the shop, I was surprised by the inappropriate behavior of the employees....? You feel that they want to sell you anything without understanding what your problem is with the girl who is sitting. Neither Ibn al-Nafis nor Abu Bakr al-Razi works, and each two people talk to each other. From the other, you feel that they want to sell you, and that's it. I won't say they want to set you up so that no one gets upset. I mean, a store like any other, or someone who makes furniture in the market.
tarek fouad: High quality perfumes, vegetable oils and herbs
ياسر محمود: I prefer to buy all the household needs from a perfume from him
TAHER ATEF: integrated place
Adham Mohamed: Atara company specializes in the science of herbal remedies with merit
محمد بجاد محمد متولي: If you want the original drinks and the finest types of nuts, this shop has the origin of things from time immemorial, and it is already known that Al-Gamaleya Street has two perfumers from dozens of years, including Jumaa Khidr Hawaj, better than it in prices
سليمان حسين: Haraz Collection for perfumes is really beautiful. I have been a customer of this shop for a very long time. I need it very wonderful since the days of Hajj, may God have mercy on him. My father used to buy from him things, treatments, herbs and many other things. Seriously, it is a wonderful place
احمد على: Good for searching for perfumes and their products
Mostafa Mistafa: The best and best perfume shops
ElFn Elmalaky: God enlarges them
ali zaden: Good company and good prices, but some items are not available
Makram Damhur: It is an apothecary, and there are medicinal herbs and plants for cultivation, and everything that is suitable for cultivation and natural herbs

8. Oum El Dounia Gallery

· 173 reviews

1er étage, 3 Talaat Harb, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Oum El Dounia Gallery: what do users think?
LAURENT Nelly: CréaNel-décoration a fait une vraie découverte en plein centre du Caire , la boutique @oum el Dounia . Centre coopératif de vrais artisans Egyptiens , c'est un nid de pépites ! L'accueil est chaleureux, on y parle français et anglais !Adresse confidentielle trouvée par le routard. Il faut lever la tête c'est au 1er étage ! chercher le magasin de jus d'orange au rdc,l'immeuble est classée, l'escalier et l'ascenseur typiques.Un lieu de passage obligatoire pour faire votre shopping avant de rentrer. J'y est déniché quelques éléments pour mes futurs projets de décoration.3 Talaat Harb St. floor 1, CAIRO -Authenticité garantie !
Christopher Shields: Beautiful selection of items, not touristy. Friendly staff and fair prices.
Stef Meliss: The cutest little shop to buy beautiful Egyptian made products from independent artists and craftspeople. If khan-al-Khalili is too busy for you, this is the place to go. We had such a nice shopping experience including fresh juice and 1:1 consultation on the origins of all the beautiful pieces, cannot recommend it highly enough!!
Lena Katende: Literally bumped into this hidden gem while looking for a grocery shop on the last day in Cairo. Conveniently close to Tahrir square. Crammed full of high quality artisan products from all over Egypt, you are sure to find some treasures to take home. I did! So, enjoy the Hibiscus welcome drink and happy shopping.
Reinhard Staudacher: Toller Souvenirshop!
Sebastián Dohnány: What a beautiful shop! Hidden on the first floor, away from the noise and mess, they have a great selection of items to bring back home from Egypt.
Amy Baxter: A lovely artisan handicraft shop in Downtown Cairo which feels like a calm oasis just off the busy street! The staff were so kind and welcomed us with a refreshing glass of juice. Gorgeous pottery, prints, baskets and textiles with information about the makers - very reasonable prices. Highly recommend!
Hadeel Abu Salih: Special handmade merchandise, the staff is really nice and helpful, if you’re in Cairo don’t leave without visiting their store.
mirella lefebvre: Située à deux pas de la place Tahrir il ne faut pas en rater l'entrée !Superbe boutique située à l'étage, vous serez accueillis par des vendeuses au charmant sourire , un verre de karkadé à la main.Les articles de cette boutique dont certains sont uniques, sont particulièrement bien choisis et font honneur au savoir faire égyptien : étoles, paniers d’osier, verrerie, poterie, etc..Un espace librairie y est aménagé avec des romans et des livres d'arts sur l'Égypte.Je recommande vivement cette boutique !
Benoît “Benoît” Galland: Great place to buy « real » craftsman products, with a nice welcoming from a lovely staff, near Tahir plazaHighly recommended
anne level: Très belle boutique cachée au premier étage au dessus du magasin de fruits SinbadAccueil francophone discret et agréableJoli objets d'artisanat Égyptien différents de ce qu'on trouve au souk et belle sélection de livresPrix écritsMerci beaucoup, on recommande !
Inès Berber: Be careful the shop is hard to find if you don’t exactly know where it is (first floor just above the fruits juices shop) but it worths it!! You had a good time and find a lot of beautiful artisanal souvenirs from Egypt, at a reasonable price. They speak English and even good French.
bruno decottignies: Très belle boutique dont l'une des aimables vendeuses parle le français couramment
Little Cub: Lovely handicrafts from all over Egypt. Fixed prices and very calm shopping environment if you’ve had enough of haggling! On the first floor (not obvious to find from street level).
D G: Relaxed shop with a variety of products. They let you browse and don't hassle you which is a relief. Good quality handicraft items that make good presents. They've got everything from books to scarfs, bags and mugs, and more. This is not a tat shop, but a shop that supports artisans. Prices are fixed so no haggling. Friendly staff.
Akos Kocsany: Best place to check if you are into some quality souvenirs. Very nice staff too!
Sandro Domenico Dorigo: So nice people here, nice things to bring back home, worth a visit
Eduard Fraile: Nice corner in Cairo with gorgeous craft! A great place for quality souvenirs!
Leroy Maxence: Très jolie boutique proposant des articles réalisés par différents artisans de l'Égypte.Le personnel est très accueillant et aux petits soins.Moment shopping très agréable et au calme.Qualité et service sont au rendez-vous.
Juliette Durand: Très belle boutique en plein centre du Caire qui offre un large choix d’objets et produits artisanaux égyptiens. L’accueil est très chaleureux !
quentin roulland: Jolie boutique vendant des produits artisanaux de différentes régions d’Egypte. Prix fixes et accueil très chaleureux, en français au besoin.

9. Gourmet Egypt - Zamalek

· 689 reviews

3 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271050, Egypt

Address Website
Gourmet Egypt - Zamalek: what do users think?
Osama Nasr Osama Nasr: Very nice and elegant in dealing and respect
Khaled Shammaa: Good fresh clean grocery......the only issue has always been the prices . Quality of beef and chicken is superb.....
Nadia Elhosiny: A very excellent store, but its prices are very high. It serves one class of people, foreigners other than Egyptians
Mohamed Jpr: High level of fast integrated services with high technical level
Gustaf Gwater: very small
Maya Ravel: I go for specialty items ❤️
محمد عبدالله: All foods are well preserved and fresh
Nada Helaly: Overpriced
George Ayoub: Great market, clean well served. Small but great.
Alessandro Tursi: My favourite place! Good food and drinks!
Nahla Mortada: Gourmet Egypt the most expensive items for the worst service and quality ever.You have proved that you are going to fail soon!!!3 hours and I didn’t get the 90 mins order. The order came late and it was the worst quality you can get from a place that promises quality! Onions are rotten! Buns are old! The lined up is super cool and the sushi there is splendor and the prices are affordable
Amr Nabil: This branch has no parking area you can park by 26 july. But great as usual
F: Staff behavior is very nice
Hatem Hussein: Well organised
Ahmed Hamdy: High quality foods
Hend Farghaly: Good but prices are over any other market
Mostafa Mahmoud: Everything you need is available there
Nadia El_hosiny: Very excellent, but the price is high
araba ezzi: Gourmet is great for those who want to buy cheese, etc. They even bring sandwiches in front of you
Remas Abdo: Nice and clean

10. Mall of Egypt

· 46142 reviews

El Wahat Rd, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate 3294001, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Mall of Egypt: what do users think?
ايمن الرميلى: An excellent place for entertainment and shopping
taha Zamzam: Nice mall
Ahm7d Finance: Finance everything you want in it
Aisha Gamal: One of the most beautiful places, beautiful, clean, and many options. The truth is that I liked it very much and recommend it
Wardany Wardany: Great 👍
moaaz mahmoud: Wonderful
Mohamed Aly: An excellent place for shopping, including major international companies
ahmed dosoky: On a f my favorite malls in egyptA set of fashion shops, cafes, restaurants, and food court for sure!You can find banks/ATMs almost at every gate.Parking is free and you can always find a spot to park!Sky egypt for sure is a plus ↗️
Hosam Atef: Very good and it has everything
هاني عبد العظيم: Exit on your own
Mahmod Hamdi: Very Wonderful ..
nasser al sayed mahmoud: Fun place for outings and entertainment
Ahmed Dawa: A very large mall, it is considered one of the largest malls in Egypt, although it was not really the largest. It contains all the international and Egyptian brands of clothes and others. In the food area where all the famous restaurants. There are many areas to sit and rest, and there are also many toilets. On holidays, summer vacation, it will be a little crowded, two or three. There are many entertainment areas for adults and children, such as cinema, Magic Planet, and Ski Egypt. The logic of snow and snow is very interesting. And many other entertainment areas
Ramadan Hamdy: Excellent for a certain class of customers
محمود الصدغي: It is the temporal mall
Ahmed Abdelrzk: Motorcycle entry is refused
سيد راجي زيدان: Nice and organized place
Osama Mohammed: distinct
Ahmed Salah: It has all the services and a very nice place
Asma Mdosoky: Nice shopping mall

11. Jazmur

· 2 reviews

1071 Corniche el Nile, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11519, Egypt

Address Website

12. IMTENAN Safeer

· 27 reviews

76 Othman Ibn Affan, El-Nozha, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11736, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Hope Flowers

· 502 reviews

Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Gourmet Egypt - Kattamia

· 80 reviews

Katameya Heights Rd, Third New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. nefertiti For Natural Oils & Herbs ( Giza )

· 13 reviews

Square, 27 Hadayek El Ahram St, behind Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel, Al Remaya, El-Rabae, Kafr Nassar, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 12561, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Royal House

· 7879 reviews

6 ش الاثرى بن نافع, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 4460130, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Gourmet Egypt - Head Office

· 14 reviews

L7 Yamama Center, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11568, Egypt

Address Website

18. Mall of Arabia

· 52346 reviews

Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. The Body Shop

· 106 reviews

Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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