Best Shopping Centres Open On Sundays In Cairo Near Me

Cairo Festival City Mall Mall of Egypt The First Mall Genena Mall Citystars Heliopolis Mall of Arabia Sun City Mall City Centre Maadi Downtown Katameya The Park Mall Katameya mall City Centre Almaza Midtown Mall Cityscape Mall Cairo City Centre Porto Cairo Mall The Corner Mall HC Furniture Mall Maxim Mall Dandy Mega Mall

1. Cairo Festival City Mall

· 86645 reviews

108.04 km, Cairo Festival City Mall, Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11385, Egypt

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Cairo Festival City Mall: what do users think?
DR AYSHA BAHLOOL: The wash room as doesn’t have tissues & soap I tried 2 wash room & both ware the same , I was so upset for there quality
Zainab Abshir: The Best mall in Cairo
Ahmed Fadl: Amazing shopping mall,,, most of brands retail are available,,, variety of restaurants and coffee shops
محمودالمصرى المصرى: ممتاز
Abdulwahid Alismail: مول رائع وحديث وكبير جدا
بلوجر نسرين بنت محمد: رائع وكبير كل الماركات العالمية متوفرة فيه. مطاعم متنوعه. انصح بزيارته
irawan ns: Very descent salah /prayer rooms is the most important to moslem. And the mall provides them very well.
Abdulraqeeb Alwadei: More than a wonderful place
Abdelfatah Fathy: It's great place to visit
sherif yo: High price good quality
Dave Rapien: This is one of my favourite malls in the world. There's a great design, lots of places to eat, lots of places to shop, an awesome dancing fountain and a great family atmosphere.
Oufa Gamer: 👌🏻
Ayman Awad: A mall that has everything you need
Ahmed Sherif: On top of the best places for shopping in Cairo, most of the shops you need are there, nice prices, friendly service.At last, This place I would most recommend for shopping.
عبدالرحمن الحمدي: It lacks good restaurants
Ali Saeed Jahran Alghamdi: Excellent
Ahmed Alshaibah: All under one roof
Red Cap أمجد: I am Saudi and I see the beauty of Cairo with Sayeda Zainab, Al-Hussein, Ataba, Al-Qubba Bridge and popular places, but Festival City feels that you are in Dubai GBR
ahmed kilany: excellent
Ehab El Fouly: Good
Faisal Ahmef: sweet

2. Mall of Egypt



· 46143 reviews

El Wahat Rd, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate 3294001, Egypt

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Mall of Egypt: what do users think?
Mahmoud Mohy: A wonderful place in which there is a place for you, regardless of the difference between people
ايمن الرميلى: An excellent place for entertainment and shopping
taha Zamzam: Nice mall
Ahm7d Finance: Finance everything you want in it
Mohammed Emam: amazing
Aisha Gamal: One of the most beautiful places, beautiful, clean, and many options. The truth is that I liked it very much and recommend it
Wardany Wardany: Great 👍
moaaz mahmoud: Wonderful
Mohamed Aly: An excellent place for shopping, including major international companies
ahmed dosoky: On a f my favorite malls in egyptA set of fashion shops, cafes, restaurants, and food court for sure!You can find banks/ATMs almost at every gate.Parking is free and you can always find a spot to park!Sky egypt for sure is a plus ↗️
Hosam Atef: Very good and it has everything
هاني عبد العظيم: Exit on your own
Mahmod Hamdi: Very Wonderful ..
nasser al sayed mahmoud: Fun place for outings and entertainment
Ahmed Dawa: A very large mall, it is considered one of the largest malls in Egypt, although it was not really the largest. It contains all the international and Egyptian brands of clothes and others. In the food area where all the famous restaurants. There are many areas to sit and rest, and there are also many toilets. On holidays, summer vacation, it will be a little crowded, two or three. There are many entertainment areas for adults and children, such as cinema, Magic Planet, and Ski Egypt. The logic of snow and snow is very interesting. And many other entertainment areas
Ramadan Hamdy: Excellent for a certain class of customers
محمود الصدغي: It is the temporal mall
Ahmed Abdelrzk: Motorcycle entry is refused
سيد راجي زيدان: Nice and organized place
Osama Mohammed: distinct
Ahmed Salah: It has all the services and a very nice place

3. The First Mall

· 2084 reviews

35 Giza Street - Inside Four Seasons Hotel, Giza District, 11432, Egypt

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The First Mall: what do users think?
Khalid Alghamdi: Prices are very, very high, and they differ completely when shopping in places less than 500 meters away
Hany Shaker: Great
Amr Hanafi: Cairo Luxury Shopping at its best with some of Egypt top Luxury brands located in the Four Seasons Giza Extension.
hag: Impressive and opulent Mall. After long walk from the dusty road outside, this place is like a sanctuary for luxury. Lift butler helped you to press the buttons in case you get lost. Toilets at the top floor.Lunch were good BUT over zealous, well mannered and friendly enough staff who couldn’t wait to clear the table even though we were still eating. I felt like I could not put down cutleries for a breather and they think we were finished. Asked for a spicy seafood fettuccine, but was not fulfilled. Onion soup was good n as well as other food ordered. Pricy. I wish they would consider having smokers outside the building.
عصام غنيم غنيم: تحفه
Abir F: المول صغير مرة كله ٣ ادوارماركات عالمية و مجوهراتمافي تحت بنافورة و جلسات متنوعه جميلةالمول نظيف جدا و جميلالموسيقى رايقةوالجلسات جميلة
fhd rod: مول فخم فخم
Vi: Beautiful mall if you want to have some comfort in the noisy and dusty Cairo. There is a nice cafe in the atrium, ATM and Orange the mobile carrier. Very convenient for tourist. The cafe is nice and the pastry is good with reasonable good price.
waleed Abdelwanis: Very good place
Mohmedtalaat Ammar: محتاج شغل كتير
ahmed mahdy: wowwww
TAM01018093076 ElGhandour: One of the most beautiful places I visited
Dr Mohmmed Elshafiy: Not from the first
Gamal Attar: very good
ضي القمر: A beautiful and organized center, but the prices are very high, and it is never beneficial for the middle classInternational brands at exaggerated prices
Saber Farg: تمام
يوسف ابو عرفه: Classy place
Ahmed Samir: هذا المول داخل مبني فندق الفور سيزون المواجه لحديقة الحيوان بالجيزة المول فخم ومحلات الملابس من الماركات العالمية وتتوسطه في الدور الارضي كافيتريا ومطعم واماكن جلوس وكنب مريح للغاية ولكن الجو العام للمول في غاية الملل فلا توجد سينما ولا العاب اطفال والكافيه هنا لا يصلح إلا لجلسات رجال الاعمال ولقاءات العمل نظرآ للهدؤء المخيم عليه
Ahmed Ashour: روعه
SAMIR Aboellsood: مًکْآنِ جّمًيَلَ بًهّجّمًيَعٌ آلَمًتٌطِلَبًآتٌ وٌقُآعٌدٍهّ عٌآئلَيَهّ جّمًيَلَهّ وٌبًهّ آحًتٌيَآجّآتٌکْ مًنِ آلَمًشُتٌريَآتٌ...

4. Genena Mall

· 23856 reviews

St, off, 9 El-Batrawy, Abbas el-Akkad, St، Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11432, Egypt

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Genena Mall: what do users think?
اسﻻم جبريل: Excellent shopping centre
محمد جلبى: Excellent, but it lacks Carrefour and a cinema
Sultan M: قديم بس حلو
Sherif Gelil (Sherif gelil): Moooo
على مصطفى: A place for a picnic
sameh hassanein: مول محترم بس للاسف بعض المحلات اسعارها مبالغ فيها كتير
mohamed galal: 👍👍
ReyaZainofficial - ريا زين: Trendy collection
Ahmed Foudeeb: Very nice 🌺
tony: Hadi Market has excellent commodity prices and is close to distinctive markets such as City Stars and Abbas Al Akkad Street
bakr bakr: fancy
Ahmed Fahd: كل ما تشتهي النفس
Ayman Ewass: حلو
عائشة حامد عاشور: جيد
عائشة حامد: اسعارها جيدة
Yumna Fathy: Nice experience
Mahmoud Zaky: It has everything
Pasant Ibrahim: A shopping mall that is best visited during the day because of its crowding at night
Mohammed Abdel Fattah: There are a lot of shoe stores and it's generally not a bad mall

5. Citystars Heliopolis

· 81849 reviews

Citystars, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt

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6. Mall of Arabia

· 52347 reviews

Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Mall of Arabia: what do users think?
الرحال للنقل والرحلات: مول يجمع بين الحاضر والمستقبلويضم جميع معظم البرندات العالميه من محلات وكافيهات ومطاعم
Mohammed Mohammed: جيد جدا
mohamed ahmed ghazaly: غالي ومش للمصريين لا بالغلاء ولا بالموضات اللي فيه
Ahmed M E: لماذا يمنع دخول الاصدقاء
Nader Hossam: Nice mall with all kind of shops and cafes, Ikea is there too.
Abdalaa Radwan: غير مقبول
Mohamed Abdellatif: شبه فاضى
Ahmad SKY: مكان ممتاز للتسوق بس شيل معاك شوال فلوس
امينه ياسر: generous
eman shawky: A place where almost everything is needed and suitable as a family outing
Mohamed Aly: Good place for shopping but expensive
Aisha Bellal: Good for shopping and you have spinney’s supermarket. Nearby and has pretty much all you need!
Mohammed Hassan: Very good shopping mall
Yasser EL-Nahas: وكنت متواجدا فيه أثناء جمعة الغضب والخراب ٢٨ يناير ٢٠١١ لثورة الخراب والدمار العربى .. أيام ربنا لا يعيدها(Translated by Google
karim elsrougi: A very excellent place for hiking, really nice food restaurants and a wonderful chain of cafes
Muhammad Refaei: A wonderful place and very suitable for family outings, there are many things for brand lovers there, the place does not need a review, the truth is that it needs no introduction.
Summiya Ahmad: Beautiful

7. Sun City Mall

· 17582 reviews

مول لاروز شارع عبدالله ابن سالمه التسعين الشمالي بالقرب من بوابه ٦ الرحاب, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt


8. City Centre Maadi

· 24855 reviews

Ring Rd, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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nermin Said: Nice small place that you can get almost all your needs
Mohamed El Masray: A commercial mall for walking and shopping, and a group of high-end, unpopular restaurants
Sayed Saad: One of the best places
Ahmed Nabil: Shopping fun
ah nabil: great experience
Mohamed Ahmed: The place has remained very nice and well organized. The offers on the products are not very discounted, but they are somewhat encouraging to buy. Also, some products are really priced less than others, other than the usual quality and excellent presentation. Honestly, thank you to all those in charge of this place, and from success to success is always continuous.
Mary Cho: 쇼핑하기 편함, 마디에서 좀 멀어서 불편
Yousuf Awad: I liked
ahmed nour: Very great place
Kareem sallam: For many years he has maintained his level
walid sapry: I love this mall very muchWho would like any helpMy number is 01111200906
Loon Loon: Carrefour always the Main Store there ★★ 10 years ago I used to Smell Jasmine every Morning Once I cross the Gate . City Center Housekeeping Now adays ignore the Air Quality
Mohammad Abdallah: integrated market
NAIF PrO: A beautiful and well-known mall, where most of the needs are available, Carrefour and Star. Box and various restaurants and it is often very crowded
Hassan Fawzi: One of the best places to shop. It has many categories of products. Starting from the world's most famous Carrefour store, to restaurants, cafes, electronics stores, and clothing stores. It also includes some places of charitable institutions such as the Resala Association, Life Makers, and the Egyptian Zakat and Charity House. DeFacto branch will open soon, which will replace Zara, and Halawani Al Abd branch will also open, which will replace Cold Stone Ice Cream. Among the restaurants in the mall: Zahrat Lebanon and Cinnabon. Among the clothing stores inside: Town Team, Levi’s, Adidas, Calliope, OR, Cottonil, ANTA, Men’s Club, H&M. From electronics stores, there are: Mobilati, Xiaomi, Raya, BTechX. From accessories stores, there is miniso. Among the cafes, there is Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Unfortunately, it does not have a cinema, but it does have Magic Planet, which will be very suitable for children. The food court has many restaurants such as Papa John's, KFC, and McDonald's.
Amira Ahmed: هو مكان جميل للتسوق
Taha Ahmed: فيه نصابين كتير
Egypt Eyes خدمات تسويق الكتروني (Photo tour): كل ما تحتاج من سلع غذائية وسلع معمرة و ترفيه و مطاعم و معاملات بنكية و دواء و ماركات عالمية في مجالات عديدة
ahmed shalash: good

9. Downtown Katameya

· 27560 reviews

Area A-City Center, hk٥5th District, Road 90،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Downtown Katameya: what do users think?
Osama ChamsiPasha: Great place for everyday and everything
Ali Hamoud: A very elegant and quiet place. We had lunch in a Kuwaiti restaurant with delicious seafood. And worth a visit.
زيزو حمزة: Beautiful and boring place
HAZEM SAAD: Nice place, but the prices are very high
Trizha Crivelli: Bad restaurants all around
Amr Nabil: Love it definitely. But the idea of sayes inside the mall parking area and inside the ( paid ) garage itself!! is really disappointing and not professional.
Omar Emam: Masterpiece
Dina Youssef: Good atmosphere for adults and kids to enjoy restaurants and kids area
Amr Essam: A high quality mall with offices, restaurants and a shopping center it has a good parking spot and the place itself is located in the beginning of new cairo while the place outside is crowded once you get it you will feel good as they have water and green sightings so go there and enjoy your stay if you need a certain brand google it first before going there as they don’t have all the places
Marwa Jahwary: It's classy, ​​and this is a strong class, meaning one goes to change the atmosphere on his snoring 😂
Amr EL Abd: Beautiful place for shopping and also very good restaurants and Cafes
تمارا ابوزيد: مكان تجاري رائع
Nada Fathi Ali: Extremely pricey parking considering that CFC, City center Almazah are parking free and it's only 5 egp for an hour in Citystars parking, and they charge 20 for the first hour and 15 afterwards!!!
MaNse MaNadi: ❤️❤️
Hhafez Hassan: مكان جميل
Ammar Mohammad: If you are looking for a place that explains the mind, you will find it here.
Ali Alordony: Rating: ★★★★★Downtown Katameya, located in the heart of New Cairo, has become a bustling hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. As a frequent visitor to this vibrant destination, I am pleased to share my review of Downtown Katameya.One of the standout features of Downtown Katameya is its impressive selection of shops and boutiques. The mall boasts a diverse range of local and international brands, offering something for everyone. Whether you're in search of high-end fashion, electronics, cosmetics, or home decor, you'll find a wide variety of options to satisfy your shopping cravings. The layout of the mall is well-designed, making it easy to navigate between stores and explore different sections.In addition to its excellent shopping opportunities, Downtown Katameya also offers a variety of dining options to suit all tastes. From trendy cafes to international cuisine and fast-food chains, the mall has a plethora of restaurants and food outlets to choose from. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, there are plenty of options available to satisfy your cravings.Furthermore, Downtown Katameya provides a range of entertainment and leisure activities. The mall features a modern cinema complex, offering the latest blockbuster movies in comfortable theaters. This is a great option for both families and individuals seeking entertainment options. The mall also hosts events and exhibitions, adding to the overall experience and providing a lively atmosphere for visitors.Downtown Katameya is well-maintained and clean, creating a pleasant shopping environment. The mall's facilities, such as restrooms and seating areas, are well-maintained and easily accessible. The staff members are friendly and attentive, providing assistance when needed.Parking can sometimes be a challenge during peak hours, as the mall can get crowded. However, efforts have been made to accommodate visitors with multiple parking areas and valet services, which helps alleviate some of the parking issues.One aspect that could be improved at Downtown Katameya is the availability of seating areas throughout the mall. While there are some seating spots, additional seating options would be beneficial for shoppers who wish to take a break or relax between their shopping endeavors.In conclusion, Downtown Katameya is a lively and popular destination that offers a diverse range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. With its impressive selection of stores, diverse dining experiences, and entertainment facilities, it provides a well-rounded experience for visitors. Although parking and seating areas could be improved, the overall atmosphere and offerings of Downtown Katameya make it an enjoyable place to spend time and indulge in retail therapy.
Balqes 12: It is also a beautiful and wonderful place suitable for children and girlsAnd families I love this place is a quiet and beautiful placeIt contains a lot of coffee and referrals as wellToy stores, as well as clothing stores and beautiful amenitiesNice and clean place, highly recommended.

10. The Park Mall

· 1006 reviews

First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

The Park Mall: what do users think?
عماد درعزيني: Quiet cool
Mahmoud.raafat 77: Very good, great place to entertainThe place is changing rapidly and wonderfully.The place is a useful result for searching for an upscale place to stay in Cairo and near the American University in New Cairo.
Amr Abd El Khalek: beautiful and excellent
Sole Mostafa: Excellent new mall
Ahmed Reda: good and calm open area
Hosny Elkott: One of the most luxurious and prestigious malls in New Cairo, a residential resort and an excellent hotel
rehab elmaleh: The place is empty and all the shops are closed.
Nada Allam: Full of facilities in different ways
Eslam Adel: Very quiet and clean place
سامح المسامح: هاااااااااادي🤗
Ayman Mohmmed: Park Mall
Malik Moka: It has Spinneys Market, Volt branch, and some shops and cafes
Tamer Mehanna: Nice mall but not very well maintained. Typical of Porto malls. Most shops are vacant so not really for shopping unless for the Lulu supermarket which is decent.
Ahmed Hendy: very fun 🔥
Heba Faqih: It has my favourite bail salon on the second floor
eslam aboelftoh: Good place and very good market
Mohamed Hany: No one is there, literally no one
Kholoud Rashdan: Cool

11. Katameya mall

· 8 reviews

2C3C+QJG, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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12. City Centre Almaza

· 23112 reviews

Passage Inside Almaza Airport, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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13. Midtown Mall

· 639 reviews

2G72+8HJ, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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14. Cityscape Mall

· 3941 reviews

Al Mehwar Al Markazi, Al Horreya Square, Egypt

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15. Cairo City Centre

· 15 reviews

حارة الدرب الجديد، الكفور، مصر القديمة،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


16. Porto Cairo Mall

· 8398 reviews

Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

17. The Corner Mall

· 1625 reviews

Al Sadat Axis, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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18. HC Furniture Mall

· 638 reviews

Mall of Arabia - Gate 1, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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19. Maxim Mall

· 3999 reviews

First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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20. Dandy Mega Mall

· 25929 reviews

28 Cairo - Alexandria Desert Rd, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate 12677, Egypt

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