Best Home Laundries In Cairo Near Me

Mughsila Speed Queen WishWash Laundry مغسلة ملابس في المعادي Laundry Express Dress Well El Maadi The Laundry - المغسلة 5asec Laundry Elegance Dry Clean 5asec Dry Cleaning B&R dry clean Spotless Dry Cleaning Citystars Heliopolis Giza Necropolis

1. Mughsila Speed Queen

· 18 reviews

36 Street 200, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mughsila Speed Queen: what do users think?
nayera magdy: Be careful ! I would like to share my personal experience to warn everyone from dealing with them. I sent my items for laundry to be surprised that they lost one claiming that it was stolen from their car !!! Stay away , untrusted
Арсен Жусупов: It doesn't exist any more. Instead, there is a laundry service now.
Jenny Barrera: Self-service does not exist anymore (may/2022)
James Coleman: Walked here. Its not located here anymore
Abdulmajeed Bamuneef: It was not a good visit. The place is closed and the number listed does not work either!!
Mahmoud Eltayyar: Nice place in Maadi
Abdulkader Lokhandwala: Nice place to have a cup of coffee and get your laundry done
TuTu-Coaches caregivers: Happy Homemaker. Im impressed! This place is well worth it. Take a day off mom and wash here! or get your oversized blankets washed. Straight out of NYC we are in the buidling :)
Ramy Amer: Have a drink in nice place while cleaning your cloth!! I highly recommend this place
Ahmad Gamal Swelam: Wash n coffee is really a good time to get while waiting the wash
Ahmed Shebl: فكره حلوه بس غالي
Mohamed El-Doh: Multiple choices for cleaning your clothes with a hotels quality in a commercial shop by an international brand
Omar omp: verry good crevice , centrical location , bravo

2. WishWash Laundry



· 9 reviews

Banks Center St, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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WishWash Laundry: what do users think?
Ahmed Baher: Professional services
Nihal Halbouny: I had dealt with Wish Wash for more than a year and a half now, the experience at the beginning was amazing until last December. Last December my New Balance brand new pair of Shoes got stainned and who else would clean it for me and I trust very much except Wish Wash. I sent them the pair of shoes and guess what, it came back with faded colors and stains at the back that weren't there before!! Called them and they said that they could fix it for me, i said great. Sent them the pair of shoes back and they COMPLETELY damaged it!!!! Didn't hear from them for 2 weeks and kept calling and texting until i was able to reach them and they informed me that it was damaged. Now what??? They gave me 3 options to choose from, i choose the option that they would pay me 70% of the total amount of the shoe. They paid me half the amount after giving me a hell of time and now they are not answering for the other half! I asked them that there has to be an official paper from their side staying that i took this amount of money, but still nothing!!! Honestly, i wouldn't deal with them again!!!
WALEED ELBADRY: The express service costs extra 400 EGP.
Ron Raffensperger: Great service, everything carefully ironed and the shirts were wrapped as though they were new. Prompt pickup and delivery and good prices.
Hussein El Gody: Couldn't find it, and no one answer the phone
Ahmed Bahaa: 👍👍
Sara Aggour: Beyond excellent service

3. مغسلة ملابس في المعادي Laundry Express Dress Well El Maadi

· 11 reviews

6 شارع 4 المعادي خلف مسجد الفاروق المعادي القاهرة, 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
مغسلة ملابس في المعادي Laundry Express Dress Well El Maadi: what do users think?
Ahmed Algarm: Excellent dry clean, really worth dealing with, its prices are somewhat acceptable in exchange for the service, the only problem is that it closes a little early at 8 pm, but otherwise it is worth the experience
Ahmed Mazeka: beautiful
Abduljalil Alkhbi: Awesome, but the prices are high
Abdulnaser Al-Malki: The laundry is good, but the price is a bit high
نوال العبداللطيف: Very good
Anas Nora: Excellent .. the taste in dealing .. and the speed of delivery .. and a high level of cleaning .. thank you
Mohamed Naguib Massoud: A good dry cleaning and ironing
Shady Mohamed: Excellent
Eslam Ezzeldin: Good service
Lareina Bellecour: This place is top notch 👌👌👌
Cassius: Great quality of service with very friendly stuff and we communicated well in English. Thank you very much for coming to the rescue :)

4. The Laundry - المغسلة

· 6 reviews

6 Al Sad Al Aali, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
The Laundry - المغسلة: what do users think?
Javier Martinez: Este negocio ya no existeEl vecindario donde estaba es muy descuidado y complicado
Kamel Albiladi: Beautiful laundry, excellent cleanliness and respectful staff
تامر امام: excellent service
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5. Rose Laundry

· 19 reviews

Al Abageyah, قسم الخليفة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Rose Laundry: what do users think?
Fadel AlfrranAlshreef: نصابين وكذابين أسعارهم زيادة عن المغاسل الأخرى وخصوصا اذا عرفوا انك مو مصري و غسيلهم سيء ورجعوا لنا الغسيل بعد ثلاث أيام وفيه ريحه مو طيبه وتخيلوا لبس رضيع عمره شهرين غسيل وكوي ٣٠ ثلاثين جنيه مصري والشراب على ٢٠ عشرين جنيه والملابس اخذوا مني ٦٠٠ جنيه نار وحرام فيهم نفس الملابس في مغسلة ثانيه اخذو ٢٢٩ جنيه حسبي الله وحده ونعم الوكيل
Noha Yasser: توصيل في المواعيد وخدمه ممتازه
maha saleh: مكان رائع قمه في الاحترافيه والذوق
youssef mohamed: والله بجد ناس محترمه وشاطرين جدا
nonoelsokarah: A quite perfect customer service. I sent them a two old, dirty and hopeless pairs of shoes and in two days they sent me a brand new shoes, that I didn’t believe these are the same shoes. Thank you 🙏🏻Service:Laundry pick-up
سلامه زيادة: مكان محترم لتقديم خدمه تنظيف الملابس
Rania Badr: Very clean clothes and good treatment with customers....
Hussein Elbehery: Good deal👍👍👍
Sobhy Elsayed: suitable prices
Rania Abd Elmoniem: 👍
AHMED NADER: Very respectful, organized and very safe people
Dalia Haggag: Experts
Mero Mo: Great transaction, reasonable prices and very clean work
محمود ربيع: Positive:Value
مريم مصباح: احتراف ومهنية
Ali Abd Elnaby: دراي كلين
Adel Mohamed: رائع
Ahmed Mahdy: Good stuff
kareem medhat: غالي شويه بس نضيف جدا
Walid Osman: Good service. Prices are high
Mohamed Tawfik: The best

6. 5asec Laundry

· 26 reviews

Ramo Building, 12 Omar Ibn Elkattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
5asec Laundry: what do users think?
eman shawky: Positive:QualityService is very good in terms of punctuality of delivery, follow up & materials used to enhance items' storage. Thanks 😊
Wagdy Ibrahim: Usually they are excellent but lately some clothes not clean!
Ahmed Samir: Absolutely terrible. One of the worst overall experiences that I’ve ever had in my life with any service provider let alone a dry cleaning service.Don’t be fooled by the name, very few global services manage to retain their services quality after being run by Egyptians and this is definitely not one of them.They have ruined designer items that are not only worth tens of thousands but are completely irreplaceable. Yet, ruining these items is nothing compared to the attitude of their customer service and management. A bunch of peasants.We only use them to clean replaceable and non personal items like linens, table cloths and small carpets. As far as clothes go, we wouldn’t trust them with a basic white T-shirt.
Ahmed ELMaghraby: Worst experience ever This is a big scam poor customer service over pricingAs they charge me 100 pounds for one single jacket plus 65 delivery and Nonsense TaxNot recommended at allI wish if there was less than one star
Nargiza Turayeva: I'm totally upset from this dry clean service!!! My white blazer after dry clean became with grey spots!!! Please never use this dry clean!!!!
Hend Tarek El Saloussi: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Ooooje H ahmed: Positive:Quality
Osama Hassaan: Good
Hossam Abdel Ghaffar: Since a long time I stopped dealing with Zayed branch because they always dealt arrogantly as the "French Franchise".Now people in my company started unfortunately dealing with another branch,and probably those people in 5asec still deal as the French Franchise whom we have to thank God for its existancpe in our lives and accept any faults and even arrogant reactions and very high management ego; which I can't find a good reason for :)Anyways, since this is not a hospital and I am obliged to deal because of a critical open heart operation; I stopped dealing again.I wouldn't take of my time or even prempember to review but for their best of luck I got a push notification to do this so it was a good opportunity to vent.Update 1: After the managment reply below,they need to be aware of a couple of things If they target the niche segment of the market who are willing to pay more for quality and good service:1- We go the process of calling call centers or customer care first before getting frustrated enough to give a two stars rating and describe the issue... Actually we are educated enough to do so, and we try to be fair and keep our decency (simply check hundreds of reliable reviews and you can touch this).2- This market segment you are targeting do give the highest weight to treatment and customer care, not to the brand name and quality of chemicals as those chemicals can be matched, but good customer care secure loyalty. We pay high prices only for customer care (surprise).3- As an advice, before replying to a customer on a review, check the fairness and reliability of his past reviews, maybe this will make u know more about your customer and the way we can reply on his comments and solve his issues without the ego in the reply.4- You get a one star after the managment feedback.5- The above doesn't mean any sort of disrespect, actually i respect all businesses whatever the strategy, it is just my point of view that reflect the views of many of my segment in the market; yet maybe we are not your target so I can't nor may intend to disrespect the brand...6- Would like after all to thank the business for taking the time and exerting the effort to reply and wish them the best of luck.
Hoda Hakim Taraboulsi: Positive:QualityI never had any bad experience w 5sec the people working there very pleasant and respectful sometimes overpriced but as long as the stuff gets done and in time .
Marwa Hussein: Positive:Professionalism
Sobhy Hakeem: Very respectable company
Passand Al Hammami: Excellent dry clean they never ruin your clothes ! A bit on the expensive end but worth it. They take some time so same day services are not available
Safy Basuone: A great and useful experience, and God willing, it will always be with you. But I hope you pay attention to the price because it is very high. I thank you for your mastery of work.
jam joum: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness5asec provides us with Excellent service. Really we appreciate it sooooo much.Maha jamjoum.
Youstina fouad: Worst laundry experience and worst customer service!I sent an expensive suit for dry clean, they sent back the trousers with a hole in it and when you call them they say it’s not their fault! And the call center is HORRIBLE, very rude with no apology even, and they say they have nothing to do for you even if they tore something for you!They are literal thieves, don’t use them ever!!
فريدة الغازي: Very outstanding service
Shady Keshk: Last year they sent me someone else order. And sent my stuff to someone else suits worth 25k where going to be lost in a very expensive service.This year they took a carpet with stans the goal was to remove the stains. I recived the carpet with the stains and very poor cleaning. I tried basic cleaning stuff on the stain and was able to remove it. So i paid 350 for nothing.

7. Elegance Dry Clean

· 57 reviews

47 El Sheikh Aly Abdel Razeq St., Al Matar, HELIOPOLIS, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Asmaa Maamoun: They are professional , super nice , but bet expensive. If you are locking for a place to clean your soirée dress , super expensive suits , your home rugs, and your original sneakers yes they are the place , but I don’t recommend them for the casual everyday clothes cause they need time & money.
Hayah Ahmed: Elegance Dry Clean Sheikh Ali Abdel Razek Street....Elegance dry clean delivery works within El Nozha ,Misr Elgedyda area
Farouk ElGohary: They clean everything ,remove most stains and keep everything in good condition
Shery Helmy: Mmmantaz
Mahmoud Elkarimy: Professional and fastOverall nice customer service experience
Dalia Abulezz: My pullover has yellow stains because it was bleached. At first they denied it, but when I called the owner they admitted it!!!Not professional at all!!!
Emy Fahmy: I randomly picked up their number from google for a quick dry clean service , so I called them saying that I want to clean 3 coats today and get them back delivered on the same day so the lady said that it would cost 80 EGP per coat so I was like that’s still kind of expensive but it’s fine i need them urgently so they brought them back in with a check of 480 saying that instant services are doubled ! So I was like why didn’t you inform me from the beginning? نصابينService:Delivery
Mona Nashed: Extremely professional and timely!
silvia samaan: They are very professional but expensive
Badr Khaled: Best Dryclean in Egypt
Mohamed Eisa: Excellent, especially from the assembly, because they have a trust
ayman wisa: expensive
Nory Ehab: PerfectAlways the best
Ihab Coutry: Not bad at all
حسين السيد: Lovely service
Mohamed Abdellateef: Critical:ValueUnduly expensive. I don't recommend.
Yehia Hamzawy: Professionals
Meriam Nashaat: Service:AlterationsCritical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Fastoka Omar: اغرب إدارة اتعملت معها في حياتي الموضوع اني سلمت ليهم جاكيت في بقعة حبر ماكينة طباعة والموظف قالي هشوف حتطلع ولا لاء قبل ما امشي المهم حط عليها حاجة وقالي تمام هتطلع ومشيت وبعدين جيت علي معاد الاستلام البقعة مطلعتش بردة طلبت اكلم المدير ومن هنا المشكلة بداءات المدير قالي البقعة مش هتطلع والموظف الي قالك أنها هتطلع هيتجازا قولتلة انا مالياش علاقة برد فعلك مع الموظف الجاكيت معاكو بقالوا اسبوع ومنضفش قالي يعني اعمل اي اصليلك غلطة وحصلت ..قولتلة المشكلة أن الغلطة دة كذا مرة حصلت معايا واوجة عن البقعة فين وقولهم واجاي معاد الاستلام قلاقي البقعة موجودة وبعدين يخاد دورة تنظيف تانية وتتطلع البقعةالمدير رد عليا انت غلطانة انك جيتي طالما ف مشاكل بتطلع في الخدمة وبيقول للموظف وريني الاوكنت بتاعالعميل عشان اشوف يتتعامل معانا قد ايوغير كدة كمان بتعصب عليا ف الرد وبقولي انت استفزتيني انا عمري ما شفت في حياتي صاحب عمل أو مؤسسة خدمية تكون دة رد فعلة مع عميل مخدش خدمتة صح أسواء إدارة واسواء تعامل مع عميل واكيد أسواء خدمة
Sayed Slama: ممتاز

8. 5asec Egypt Laundry

· 33 reviews

Street 233, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt

Address Website
5asec Egypt Laundry: what do users think?
Sherif Elabd: Services:Wedding gown cleaning,Laundry pick-up,Ironing
mahmoud shoukry: Services:Laundry pick-up,Laundry wash fold,Ironing
Belal Yahya: Very respectable people and experts in textilesAnd the same customer service ♥️♥️✨✨
Florian Tijl: reliable pickup & delivery service, always reachable via whatsapp!Services:Laundry pick-up,General bedding cleaning
Ooooje H ahmed: Service:Special care fabric cleaning
Hatem Thabet: Service:Organic dry cleaning
Muhammad Ibrahim: Perfect!Services:Laundry wash fold,Special care fabric cleaning,Ironing
khaled mahmoud: Services:Laundry wash fold,Eco-friendly cleaning,Ironing,Leather suede cleaning
Mahmoed Lila: Services:Comforter cleaning,General bedding cleaning,Hat cleaning,Laundry pick-up,Organic dry cleaning,Embroidery,Carpet rug cleaning,Special care fabric cleaning,Wedding gown cleaning,Ironing,Drapery window cover cleaning,Wedding gown preservation,Delivery,Industrial laundry,Eco-friendly cleaning,Laundry wash fold,Clothes pressing
Hesham Eissa: Never again. They ruined my wedding suit and the wedding itself and didn’t abide by the rules listed on their website and refused any sort of compensation. Disappointing customer service especially from an international brand.
Customer Service: Services:Comforter cleaning,General bedding cleaning,Hat cleaning,Laundry pick-up,Organic dry cleaning,Carpet rug cleaning,Special care fabric cleaning,Wedding gown cleaning,Ironing,Drapery window cover cleaning,Wedding gown preservation,Couches/sofas,Delivery,Leather suede cleaning,Alterations,Industrial laundry,Eco-friendly cleaning,Laundry wash fold,Clothes pressing
Riad Rifky: Very expensive, but good service.
Hend Halim: Terribly expensive and they ruined my clothes!
森下昌美: They damaged my jacket and tried to cover it up.It's really vicious and insidious.
German Dental center: غالى جداً
Noura Yehia: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Ahmed Ismail: Unbelievable price rate laundry , there is no such thing named by working under a foreign laundry agency and unfortunately we believe such a thing .. last point they are so poor at fixing hard spots on jackets as they previously claimed that they can fix it ! And what was really funny when I took the jacket to another local laundry and guess what !!! The spot is gone and the jacket become new one more time . Maadi one. Guess what ! Two days ago 29/5/2021 I forgot that I wouldn’t go their anymore but unfortunately I gave the laundry two formal suits and I delivered them today 30/5/2021 with hair all over the two suits and man in charge told me try to shake them in a fast way to get rid of the hair ! Just waaaaaw can’t believe it but is all my fault coz I 4got to stop dealing with them . Button line beware to handle them any expensive clothes coz u will be really sorry later .
Kimo Lolo: I added an excellent quality white abaya to them
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz: The cleaning service is very good, the staff is very professional and the delivery service is fast
Ahmed Mohamed Alshinawy: Nice machines
Nada Fawzy: I had the worst experience ever !!I sent 3 white curtains for cleaning they come back still dirt (black) and smell awful!I also sent a summer quilt that came back without its cover so dirty and smelly .When I called the branch they told me that they know it’s dirty !! And i can send them back abd will be charged again for delivery Who they will send in 15 minutes .I waited for Two hours with no response or care .

9. Laundry Shop maadi

· 2 reviews

Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11599, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. 5asec Dry Cleaning

· 5 reviews

42 Dr Michel Bakhoum, st, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
5asec Dry Cleaning: what do users think?
Nour A.: We communicated on two customer service numbers in all available ways for several months, poor treatment and service, the lowest levels of professionalism at work, and the violation of Egyptian and international customer rights laws..…Edit in response to the owner's comment:
Mahmoud Noah: Had higher expectations of their capabilities to remove stains but they weren't up to it.Service:Laundry wash fold
Mostafa Mohamed: Very bad experience. The misconduct of the staff towards customers harms the franchise brand. The excessive pricing could not be objectively justified.
Ehabelbob Esmail: The prices are very high, but their work is excellent
Mohamed Essam: غير محترمين بالمرة. يتم إضافة رسوم SMS Service بالإجبار على الفاتورة بدون علم أو موافقة العميل على أساس إنه رقم بسيط و الناس مش هاتاخد بالها أو هاتتكسف تتكلم فيه. زود على كده إن كمان مافيش SMS بتتبعت و بالتالي هم بيحصلوا رسوم خدمة مش بيقدموها أصلاً (تصنف كنوع من الغش التجاري). تم تقديم شكوى بالأمر و طبعاً ولا حد أهتم أو اتكلم يعتذر.
Fahd Gamsl: اسعار غاليه جدا

11. B&R dry clean

· 4 reviews

7 Al Bergas, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Spotless Dry Cleaning

· 3 reviews

Arkan, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. the laundry

· 1 reviews

Al Sad Al Aali, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

14. El Rehab Dry Clean

· 19 reviews

السوق التجارى, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Kenoz

· 5 reviews

1 El-Montaza, El-Nozha, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

16. 5asec

· 1 reviews

رقم 151، معادي الخبيري الشرقية، حي المعادي،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


17. Citystars Heliopolis

· 81852 reviews

Citystars, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Giza Necropolis

· 62861 reviews

Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt


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