Best Gangrene Specialists Cairo Near Me

1. Anglo American Hospital

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Anglo American Hospital
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Address: 26WC+GMR, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 2 27356164

Business type: Hospital

Anglo American Hospital: what do users think?
ahmed anwer
ahmed anwer: Excellent service in case of death
kimo ead
kimo ead: A hospital with a wonderful staff of doctors, excellent services and reception
Sarah Elser
Sarah Elser: The drs are harassers, dr magdy asked my friend to undress for a normal check up.
Menna H
Menna H: DO NOT GO THERE Dr. Magdy Youssef is a harasser. He asks you to take off all your clothes for a regular medical check-up and touches inappropriately.
ahmed abubakar
ahmed abubakar: Good hospital
خواطر سمار
خواطر سمار: An excellent hospital, but some facilities need to be developed
sultan alshehri
sultan alshehri: I only put a star to evaluateYesterday, my wife and I went to the hospital. She had congestion and the pain was like the flu. They gave us treatment to strengthen the prostate for men 😂😂I read about the treatment on the internet and we discovered that it was a prostate infection, so I went to the pharmacist to make sure also. He said who gave you the treatment? We told the doctor and I gave him the pharmacy.
Emad Abdelmohsen
Emad Abdelmohsen: A respectable
Sayed Dalma
Sayed Dalma: Excellent
محمد العجمي
محمد العجمي: A hospital for garbage and thieves, no one should go to them, even if they see death. A hospital in Batha is better than it
ahmed morsi
ahmed morsi: God suffices us, and He is the best disposer of affairs in the nursing department and doctors, and God is not worse, and there is no feeling for patients or their families, nor the slightest sense of responsibility .... The patient entered the hospital on his leg, and he died within days.
Ahmed Abo Alsaod
Ahmed Abo Alsaod: Well organized and well maintained place
Hazem Seoody
Hazem Seoody: beautiful
هانى البطل
هانى البطل: 👍👍👍👍
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Khaled: Can someone help me hereI need to make a report to extract a treatment visa
Michele Witte
Michele Witte: Above average hospital according to cleanliness, respectful employees, but the doctor was not helpful, at all.
MOHAMMED ATTIA: Not recomended
Brigi Glass
Brigi Glass: *I do not recommend going here.* They suggested surgery with general anesthesia for a smaller issue with my finger that did *not* require drastic measures. I felt uncomfortable, rushed, and hustled there. They charged a large fee for just the one visit.I went to the Air Force Hospital instead afterwards and the doctor there actually looked at me, listened to me, and prescribed medication. No surgery. And the visit + medication cost less than the fee the Anglo American hospital charged.
Michael Eskander
Michael Eskander: Service is so bad , doctors especially ENT departmentIf you are Insurance client my advice don’t go there .
Mahmoud Gamal
Mahmoud Gamal: تتميز بالهدوء
Abd elrahman Mahmoud
Abd elrahman Mahmoud: البنت الممرضه اللي اسمها رانيا اسلوبها زباله وفي منتهى الحقارة بتتعامل مع المرضى بمنتهى الدونيه حسستني انها كبيره الدكاتره كفايه انها بتبهدلهم وبتعاملهم بمنتهى التعالي

2. Diabetes & Neuropathy Clinic

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Diabetes & Neuropathy Clinic
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Address: El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: +20 127 722 5995

Business type: Medical clinic

Diabetes & Neuropathy Clinic: what do users think?
Yasmine Ahmed Hafez
Yasmine Ahmed Hafez: Very rude doctor, felt very uncomfortable during the diagnosis. Doctor and his assistants make lots of condescending jokes, and do not care about explaining things to the patient despite his ridiculous expensive first visit fees of 1900 Egyptian pounds.
Patou Rifa
Patou Rifa: Excellent diagnostic
Peter Ramez
Peter Ramez: Nice clinic
Saleh Haymoor
Saleh Haymoor: a

3. Cairo cure

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4 reviews
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Cairo cure
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Address: 55 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad, Al Huwaiteyah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 33026814

Business type: Oncologist

Cairo cure: what do users think?
MOHAMMED SAIF: Quick and professional service
elnasr amman
elnasr amman: Respected doctor
Blanche Abiad
Blanche Abiad: Gym restaurant **********

4. Dr. Khalid El Hoshy

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1 reviews
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Dr. Khalid El Hoshy
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Address: 13 ش يوسف الجندى, وسط البلد, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 23958844

Business type: Dermatologist

5. مستشفى قصر العيني التعليمي الجديد

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319 reviews
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مستشفى قصر العيني التعليمي الجديد
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Address: Nile Corniche, Al Eini, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 2 23654061

Business type: Hospital

مستشفى قصر العيني التعليمي الجديد: what do users think?
Khaled Ali
Khaled Ali: غالي جدًا
Kubwimana Hassan
Kubwimana Hassan: ❤️جزاكم الله خيرا ❤️
Sherif Mahdy
Sherif Mahdy: Home
abohamza 201010
abohamza 201010: مستشفي محترمه
Mohamed Elsaber
Mohamed Elsaber: دكاترة معندهاش رحمة واهمال جامد في حق المرضى ومفيش رقابة اوسخ مستشفى
Yasser Atta
Yasser Atta: جيده جدا جدا
محمد المقطري
محمد المقطري: ممتاز
زكي قبوري
زكي قبوري: The new Qasr Al-Ainy Teaching Hospital is a sophisticated hospital with distinguished doctors and a great location
makarem Said
makarem Said: The service is good
Mohamed Sharaf
Mohamed Sharaf: Far from has senior, knowledgeable and experienced doctors
مصطفى الشلبى
مصطفى الشلبى: A place designated for treatment at the highest level
اللورد: Good services and quick turnaround
Abdulrahman Ashour
Abdulrahman Ashour: Very good hospital
Loly Hossam
Loly Hossam: middle
amr zahran
amr zahran: I hope that the service will be at the same level as private and more attention given to government hospitals
Mahmoud Nour
Mahmoud Nour: A very good place that offers respectful and helpful service at a very good and competitive price
عمرو عصمت العطار
عمرو عصمت العطار: May I know the timing of the plastic surgery clinic?
سامي عبدالعزيز
سامي عبدالعزيز: excellent service
قناة عبدالله حمدي للتلاوات
قناة عبدالله حمدي للتلاوات: God writes the reward of those who work in it with conscience and conscience 🤲🏻
جناب الوالي afficial
جناب الوالي afficial: Honestly, what I saw for sure,,,There are people from the poor and strong beasts who fight and eat each other like animals outsideThen they go to the palace and curse at the doctors, as if these doctors were the ones who told them to fight and come here.These cultures made me very upsetBut it really made me sad and disappointedThere are female prostitutes and female prostitutes.katar in the palace,,,
aboubakr galal
aboubakr galal: Integrated medical services, mid-level care units

6. Dr. Yosri Gohar Hospital

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52 reviews
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Dr. Yosri Gohar Hospital
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Address: 25 Abd Al Aziz Aal Saud, AR Rawdah WA Al Meqyas, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 2 23648268

Business type: Hospital

Dr. Yosri Gohar Hospital: what do users think?
RADWAN IRAQ: Well, we add a good deal. Excellent.
Hend Sayed
Hend Sayed: One of the best hospitals I was born in a year ago with Dr. AhmedGhanem is a respected doctor, may God bless him, and after 9 months I underwent a tummy tuck operation with Dr. Muawiya Al-Tamimi, one of the best doctors there. He is respectful, cooperative, and fears God in his work.
Soso Sayed
Soso Sayed: Yousry Jawhar Hospital is a very beautiful hospital, thanks to all its workers, especially Dr. Muawiya Al-Tamimi, plastic surgery, a kind person, and he follows up the patient and responds to WhatsApp at any time, seriously, a respectable person, and the result is more than wonderful and happy that I did the operation with you 🌹
hana Mohamed
hana Mohamed: Good service...
Youssif Abdel rahman
Youssif Abdel rahman: We came from England, we had an operation in Egypt with Dr. Muawiya Al-Tamimi, a plastic surgeon at Yousry Gohar Hospital, the best treatment, hygiene and follow-up. May God reward you for the wonderful effort, a beautiful experience and it will be repeated, God willing.We traveled all the way from England to Egypt and I had a surgery with Dr Muawiya Al-Tamimi. I would highly recommend him to anyone around the world as I had the best experience and I am more then happy with the job he has done. Also I would like to thank everyone in that clinic.
Mervat Ebrahim
Mervat Ebrahim: Yousry Gohar Hospital employs a doctor named Muawiya Al-Tamimi from Syria, who is not registered in the Doctors Syndicate.Unfortunately, I found out too late, and he performed a liposuction for my daughter, he and Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Al-Meligy... and caused her burns on the left and right side. God suffices me and the best agent
UZB Truckers in USA
UZB Truckers in USA: No female doctors. 👎
Wajdi Afif
Wajdi Afif: مستشفى جيدهوالخدمة ممتازه
Dr.Pink Rose
Dr.Pink Rose: مستشفى سيئة جدا من حيث الإمكانيات المادية و البشرية
mirna hussien
mirna hussien: Worst hospital ever, very bad nurses so RUDEEEEEEThey are only seeking money all they want to leave the hospital.I don’t recommend to any one sooo baddd
abdulrahman ismael elsayed sakr
abdulrahman ismael elsayed sakr: Poor lighting, old, dilapidated furniture, and non-existent support services
bahaa bahaa
bahaa bahaa: Worst hospital everAllah is my suffice, and the best deputyNursingAsphalt consultant
Abdelkader Gmal
Abdelkader Gmal: The place is very clean, the rooms are excellent, the medical staff is above description, and the assistants are respectful and very, very helpful
منة الله
منة الله: The hospital is very nice 😅♥️It's like you're in a hotel and the stuff is really excellent, and they really feel what a patient is in pain and what he really needs care. May God bless them all ♥️
Saadawi Abdelmaged
Saadawi Abdelmaged: The hospital has a high degree of cleanliness and respect for patients, and I especially mention all the nursing staff. They do their work with dedication and tenderness to the patients, and we specialize in nursing from whom we knew their names, including Muhammad, Fatima, Sabah and everyone. Said Suleiman
Mustafa Al-jabal
Mustafa Al-jabal: A wonderful hospital, excellent services, great cleanliness, and the medical staff and nurses are more than excellent
Mona Melegy
Mona Melegy: A clean, respectable hospital, excellent service👌, a wonderful view of the Nile😍, the doctors and nursing staff are on duty all the time
Amal Larry
Amal Larry: High hospital, as if you were at home.
basem mohammed
basem mohammed: The hospital is more than excellent, nursing is trained at the highest level, and the service is excellent
Dina Mohsen
Dina Mohsen: An excellent hospital and excellent service in terms of good service, nursing and all its staff
Nour Mohamed
Nour Mohamed: The hospital is more than excellent and the doctors are at the highest level

7. Nasaaem Hospital

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43 reviews
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Nasaaem Hospital
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Address: 162 N Teseen St, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 100 511 1715

Business type: Hospital

Nasaaem Hospital: what do users think?
Aalaa Tantawy
Aalaa Tantawy: Amazing 😍
Ahmed Fathy
Ahmed Fathy: Slow administrators.Slow system. To receive x-rays. I took two days.Even the chair for patients, you tear it yourself. insult
غياث زين
غياث زين: We add a lot and a high medical level
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed: One of the worst experiences that I went through was an abnormal amount of exploitation. They charge me in the emergency for the price of the pin that the hand suspects to measure my blood sugar and the price of the gloves that the doctor wears... There is no power but from God!!!
Amr Bahgat
Amr Bahgat: A hospital that does not respect its appointments and does not respect its patients’ time. So far, I have completed more than two hours to see the outpatient doctor, despite the confirmation of the reservation date and my attendance according to the appointment, but I have been waiting for two hours!!!
Abdulrahman Badawi
Abdulrahman Badawi: Not recommended
Ahmed Meabed
Ahmed Meabed: I had an upper endoscopy today, the fact is the unit is very clean and the kit was very decent and the procedures were smooth.Note: The lady of the unit needs to learn how to deal with my patients and their companions.
Raneem Gomaa
Raneem Gomaa: horrible experience, went in for emergency and had to wait a day to go into surgery. the doctor didn't come to tell us about aftercare and wasn't there for the follow up a week after either. just don't go there :)
glo Max
glo Max: أين التعقيم؟! فعلا تجربة مؤلمة نفسيا و جسديا و معاملة بإستخفاف و بدون مبالغة فعلا شعرت بالمذلة و هذا ليس كلام درامي و ليست مبالغة
Yousri Ahmed
Yousri Ahmed: مستشفي مهملة و قسم التمريض جااااهل و مهمل
Ahmed Abdelhamid
Ahmed Abdelhamid: للاسف يتم تشخيص حالة المريض خطأ !!!
Adel Abdou
Adel Abdou: Good hospital and very good er place
eslam mohamed
eslam mohamed: المكان بجد تحفه ❤️
Moamen Alaa
Moamen Alaa: اسوء مستشفي استثمارى بمصر
Haytham Elsheny
Haytham Elsheny: . Unprofessional administration as I have filled up a complaint with no feedback since around 15 days,. Check out took around 4 hours,. Wrong bill amount (changed after review),. Many items were in the wrong date,. Admin team give the option to pay the wrong amount or to get punished by exaggerated delay.
مهندس وسط الملعب فن الكورة
مهندس وسط الملعب فن الكورة: للاسف المستشفي كمبني جيد جدا والغرف مصممة جيدالكن لديهم الكثير من السلبياتاولها عند الدخول علي المريض لا ينتظر الطارق حتي يفتح له من الداخل ولكن يدخل مياشرة.ثانيا ضوضاء خارج الغرفة معظم الوقت حتي عند وقت الفجر اللي المفروض وقت راحة المرضي يوجد اصوات تحريك اجهزةومعدات في الممر الخارجيثالثا قسم الحسابات سيء وبطيء جدا جداتم الاتصال بهم مرتين وفي المرتين خلال ربع ساعة سيتم الانتهاء من الفاتورة النهاءية وبعد ساعة ونص تقريبا منتظرين موافقة استخدام جهاز تم استخدامه اثناء عملية منظار للغضروف مع ان الموافقة شاملة كل ما طلبه الدكتور قبل العملية.للاسف تجربة ليست جيدة مع المستشفي
AMR MEGA: مكان غير منظم و ادارة متخلفة و نائب مدير تقريبا مختل و حمامات بايظة و كل حاجة بمعني الحرفي قرف و زبالة و من ساعت مادخلنا و كل الناس هناك مستائة و بتتخانق و بتمشي للاسف محدش يفكر يروح المكان دة
Attia Mahmoud
Attia Mahmoud: مناظر فقط ... مستشفى سيئة و دكاترة لبس عندهم احترام للمرضى ... فقط اسم و اسم سيئ جدا
Mohamed Shaban
Mohamed Shaban: Nice hospital and decent reception
Mustafa elbadry
Mustafa elbadry: Oh God, heal every patient who is in pain
Prof. Ahmed Sharaf Eldin
Prof. Ahmed Sharaf Eldin: I went there yesterday 25/12 to get an injection in the muscle. The invoice was 128.67 LE. OK, I paid it. Tonight I went to take the same one but they invoiced me 178.67 LE. When we discussed the situation with the employer he said that today he considered the quantity of emergency as 2 rather than 1 as it was yesterday and smiled. Is this a professional way to do business?!

8. Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة

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863 reviews
new review
Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة
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Address: Taha Hussein Rd, Huckstep, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 0216259

Business type: Hospital

Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة: what do users think?
Zizo law.firm
Zizo law.firm: It is a respectable hospital and the people in it are well-mannered, but it is extremely expensive
ayman alakly
ayman alakly: An excellent hospital, specialized staff, cleanliness, and an international system according to international standards of quality and ISO.Delay in some services such as laboratory, nursing and scouting departments.. The level of general services is excellent and high.. 🌹
محمد رجب
محمد رجب: Super excellent placeplace. It's all system
كنزي فريده
كنزي فريده: The best pediatric doctors are Dr. Muhammad Al-Adawy and Dr. Sondos, for my children and my nephewsI cannot find words to describe my gratitude to the best and best orthopedic doctor, Dr. Adel Al-Hawary. I performed a closed-replacement operation for my son after I could not imagine that he would live after falling from the third floor. All my hope was that he would live. 3.5 years old, praise be to God, may God make him the reason for my son to walk on his feet again after I was losing hope and my ultimate ambition was to live.
Yasser Mohammed
Yasser Mohammed: One of the cleanest and most organized hospitals in Egypt.
Mohammed Saber
Mohammed Saber: The hospital was good, but it turned into a routine hospital. There is no competence in the nursing staff, the medical staff, or the rules or consideration of the patient's right.The goal is the general and virtual form only, without clarifying the rules and laws related to reservation. If you miss your appointment, you have to wait endlessly.. without a specific system, just waiting for a patient’s appointment to be canceled, as if the missed appointment did not take advantage of the doctor’s shadow waiting..a ridiculous and unfortunate thing..and who put Unfortunately, the rules for booking clinics do not know anything about the system. The hospital's goal now is to make money only. It has been turned into a routine hospital.
Sara Amin
Sara Amin: An organized and clean hospital, and the pediatrician who was present at the emergency room when we went was wonderful
Dr.Marina Gerges
Dr.Marina Gerges: Some doctors there are completely disrespectful and rude to the patients especially doctor gynecologist Ahmed Amin I wanted to do sonar to check for my loop, the loop was inserted by another doctor not him but my doc was outside the country nd he told me that he will make a vaginal sonar although he could done it abdominal but he didn't and as he moved my loop from its position by instrument I don't know it's name I told him to stop and shouted then he said ok done ur loop is out of the place and can't be removed out of it's position you have to remove it by surgery, then he said u have to come reserve nd pay for this surgery day and i couldbe dismissed at the same day, of course I didn't believed him as I know what happened he was just wanted money 💰💰 no matter as a result I got pregnant after 3 months wasn't expeced as this was my third time pregnancy because of his dishonesty and disciplines and another bad experience in the internal medicine sector nurse and doctor can’t remember his name he is so unrespectful I don't remember her name but she left me without callin my name although the my name was on the computer nd it was my turn she came nd said to me no u r not allowed to come in instead nd she called other name someone else after that I found the doctor is coming out nd I entered he was going to check something in the other side at the second floor nd leave the patient awaiting for him during his clinic working hours I told him no it's my turn and I am so tired from waiting plus I was standing up holding my toddler as I just wantedto comfort my self but at first was he behaved in a bad manner and showed lack of empathy and disrespectful way really some doctor and nurse there are not well educated about manners in addition they lack slot of information and knowledge about both medicine and they need to know how to respect nd treat patients
Dr AbdelAziz Habib
Dr AbdelAziz Habib: A decent hospital, but the pharmacy services are slow and very bad
Ahmed Tareq
Ahmed Tareq: The best hospital in the town
Tarek Gharib
Tarek Gharib: They have some doctors in Al-Diyaa, especially dermatologistsWrong diagnosis, wrong treatment and grotesque material exploitationDeliberate directing to conduct examinations and analyzes that are of no benefit to the patient, but for their financial benefit
Дарина Ратникова
Дарина Ратникова: I’m here to inform you that doctors don’t know anything about medicine there, the whole system works just to drain your money!I came to this hospital with hard case of chemical hive, and dermatologist instead of making IgE test for allergy, asked me to make general blood test and CRP. Also, she was not listening to my story and what happened to me, she was making assumptions like - this is from hygiene tampons or a bug bitten you, despite the fact I said clear it’s from levothyroxine medicines which I recently was taking. So she subscribed me 2 antihistamines and cream, despite my case required immediate injection of prednisolone.Next day I felt worse, when we came again she started create another assumptions like - this is scarlet fever, this is bacterial infection.I was literally crying from skin edema. So instead of giving prednisolone injection she sent me to pass bacterial culture ( and seems to wait until I die). My CRP test was 143 instead of max 5. So when we went to pass this blood and bacterial test again she run to us and said actually your case is very serious go to emergency.There, they were very slow, making another pointless assumptions. They put me in the hospital for 1 day made me pay 15 thousands EGP as deposit for 2 days.Not listening to me they said - you have bacterial infection, we don’t know which one we will made blood culture and give you antibiotics and corticosteroids (finally), especially with the fact that my skin was not red - it was already purple!No one listened that I have high TSH and I was taking levothyroxine and even in instruction it’s written that it may cause hive.They brought me another dermatologist and endocrinologist.Meanwhile I was waiting for any treatment for 5 hours And this is emergency!After corticosteroids I felt better and next day I run away from this terrible place. They subscribe me antibiotics for a week, and on 5th day I got my blood results showing - there was no any bacterial infection.For all of this mistreatments and pointless doctors who benefit nothing to me they took 15.7k EGP. And here we don’t even count another 800 egp of first dermatologist who was doing nothing but being 101% unprofessional.If you want experience of being on edge of death with your own money - welcome to SGH.
Mohamed Abdelhady
Mohamed Abdelhady: Hospital at the highest level
Mahmoud Akel
Mahmoud Akel: Very clean and organized.Liked the commitment of security staff in controlling visitors.Very professional staff.
Amar Salah
Amar Salah: A hospital with neglect despite its high prices. Please maintain dealing with people, patients and people with disabilities
Ahmed Mamdouh
Ahmed Mamdouh: The doctors and the reservation system are great, and there is ease in Ramadan. There is a bit of a delay. There are no necessary procedures before eight o'clock, and there is overcrowding
Hossam Rasslan
Hossam Rasslan: This hospital is very huge building contains a massive amount of clinics which are very clean comfort and their doctors are kind and cares so much on patients. Incredibly nice hospital.
Maryanna Wassef
Maryanna Wassef: My uncle was admitted here and never made it back out. They misdiagnosed him with Covid. He was in ICU for his final days and every doctor that came in only wanted money before any further testing could have been done. Pointless tests were done. On his last day they were taking him through a crowded waiting area for a CT Scan and everyone knew he didn’t have much time left. Do NOT bring your loved one here if you’re not prepared to pay upfront or watch them go through countless pointless tests because they are money hungry.
محمد حمدى
محمد حمدى: Good high level
laialy mody
laialy mody: You will be cured, God willingBut you will pay too much 😂
Alaa Abass
Alaa Abass: The best hospital in Egypt

9. Degla Medical Center

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24 reviews
new review
Degla Medical Center
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Address: 4 ش 203, ميدان دجلة, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +20 2 25213156

Business type: Specialized clinic

Degla Medical Center: what do users think?
mohamed elsaid
mohamed elsaid: جميل
haitham wardany
haitham wardany: جيد جدا جدا
Ashraf Hussein
Ashraf Hussein: Wrong location
Ahmad Ess
Ahmad Ess: High quality Medical and Dental service
حميده صالح
حميده صالح: مركز طبي شامل
Sameh abdelbaky
Sameh abdelbaky: Good clinic
Mai Anwar Khatab
Mai Anwar Khatab: High quality of service
احمد الشوربجى
احمد الشوربجى: slow
Ahmed Shehata
Ahmed Shehata: This is one of the worst medical centers I've been to. Unprofessional service specially blood test, it took them two times of trials to take a sample and it didn't work. The place looks old and not very clean.Sorry for the disgusting pictures, but this is how the bathroom looks like!!A totally disappointing experience.
Nadia ElBatal
Nadia ElBatal: Reliable service, good doctors and punctual appointments
Riad Rifky
Riad Rifky: Good clinic!
creative moomy كريتيف مامي
creative moomy كريتيف مامي: احبو
ayten swelim
ayten swelim: Great medical skills
eslam mohsen
eslam mohsen: excellent medical service

10. Dental Experts Clinic Maadi

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Dental Experts Clinic Maadi
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Address: 2 Al Lasilki, Street, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +20 100 344 4320

Business type: Dental clinic

Dental Experts Clinic Maadi: what do users think?
xxxxcecexxxx: Dr Nermine offers a friendly, professional service that I recommend to all. I'm always welcomed with a smile and made to feel comfortable. Dr Nermine takes the time to answer any questions I may have and always takes care to ensure I am not feeling any discomfort. Easily earns a 5 star review.
Bassel David
Bassel David: Very organized team and excellent treatment and the doctor made sure I'm okay 24/7 after my operation. Highly recommend five stars
Alice L
Alice L: Dr Nermine did my checkup, cleaning, and did a great job replacing my crown. She followed up several times afterwards on their messaging app. Habiba was helpful and made it easy and quick to make an appointment. They also have an orthodontist that comes in to the office as well.
Sophia Durbridge
Sophia Durbridge: Dr Nermine has been my dentist for around 3 years and I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone needing any dental work. I honestly don't know where to start with my recommendation.Firstly, how patient and kind Nermine is if you are anxious around any part of dentistry. Due to the nature of my teeth ive had a range of treatments with Nermine over the years and have felt supported and in the best care for each one. I had a full meltdown the first time I visited her as I was so nervous about getting my teeth looked at and she was so patient and reassuring that made me feel so at ease.Secondly, for anyone in the expat community, I recently have moved back to England and had to visit the dentist for an emergency procedure who commented on the work completed by Nermine and what a high standard my teeth were at and said I was very lucky to have had such a skilled dentist for my time in Egypt.I actually plan to keep coming back to Egypt to see Dr Nermine despite moving back to England because I genuinely have not had this standard of care at any other dental practice.Nermine has not only helped care for my teeth over my time with her but also my fear of going to the dentist which I can't thank her enough for.Thank you for everything!Sophia
Shady Eltoni
Shady Eltoni: Dr. Nermine is a perfect dentistClinic is super cleanTools are packed and opened in front of meHighly recommend this clinic
Information Technology
Information Technology: 👌
mysara09: One of the most professional dental clinics I've ever seen. I've visited them multiple time; awesome team, committed, very accurate with the schedule (no waiting time), friendly and last but not least very clever dentists with very light hands and smooth treatments. The clinic is super clean, organized, instruments are sealed and sterilized. I'm very proud to see this level of professionalism and dedication.
Mostafa Mohamed
Mostafa Mohamed: non professional
Jannah Reid
Jannah Reid: As a UK qualified dental hygienist I can thoroughly recommend Dr. Reham to the expat community here. Her clinic is immaculate and her treatment professional. She is also able to communicate in English without any problems.
Tarek Radwan
Tarek Radwan: Amazing Place, with Brilliant service

11. El Nozha International Hospital

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El Nozha International Hospital
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Address: 9 El, رشيد, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 22660555

Business type: Hospital

12. El-Rehab Specialized Hospital

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El-Rehab Specialized Hospital
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Address: Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 2 26077910

Business type: Hospital

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