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Faculty Of Pharmacy Cairo University Cairo University Cairo University Hospitals German University in Cairo - GUC الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة Sysmex Egypt LLC

1. Faculty Of Pharmacy Cairo University

· 323 reviews

بجوار مستشفي قصر العيني الجديد شارع قصر العيني،, Nile Corniche, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate 11562, Egypt

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Faculty Of Pharmacy Cairo University: what do users think?
Haidy Hussein Salah: Invite me to enter it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
بكيل ابوعبدالله: Very very good, God willing
T`O t`a: An ancient and beautiful college, all of which are historical buildings, the oldest college of pharmacy in the Republic, and it has many green and spacious places ✔♥️
ياسين محمد فرحان الكمالي: beautiful
Mahmoud Diab: Cairo University - Faculty of Pharmacy
Elsayd Mohamd: At the highest level, God willing
Meso Elleithy: Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo UniversityStudying is really tiring, so whoever enters it will prepare for itThere is a very high level of mixing, so whoever enters will preserve himself, his values ​​and morals inside itAttend lectures and study the exams, and don't follow the fashion. We will compensate in the final, because obtaining grades during the term relieves you of terrible pressure at the time of the final.Good luck, Lord
محمود أنيس: The number of graduates has increased greatly. We hope that the accepted number will be according to the needs of the local market.
زكي قبوري: The Faculty of Pharmacy of Cairo University is distinguished, supervised by the university, and its academic level is good
alhaj saadan: The Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, is a pioneer in pharmacy education in Africa
Ahmed Hamedh: College of Pharmacy
Kareem Adel: An ancient university and a college that deals relatively professionally.All employees, whether academic or administrative, are respected.
إبراهيم عصام: هي مؤسسة تعليمية أو جزءا أساسيا من مؤسسة تعليمية. استخدام لفظة كلية يختلف في الدول الناطقة باللغة الإنكليزية. ويجوز للكلية أن تكون على درجة، منح التعليم العالي كمؤسسة تعليمية، وهي مؤسسة داخل الجامعة الاتحادية، وهي مؤسسة تقدم التعليم المهني، أو المدارس الثانوية.في الولايات المتحدة وأيرلندا، «الكلية» و«جامعة» فضفاضة قابلة للتبادل، [ 1 ] في حين أنه في المملكة المتحدة، نيوزيلندا، أستراليا، كندا وغيرها من كومنولث الدول، «كلية» قد تشير إلى ثانوية أو المدرسة الثانوية، وهي كلية مواصلة التعليم، مؤسسة التدريب التي تمنح مؤهلات التجارة، أو مدرسة المكونة داخل الجامعة.لا يعرف حاليا أول بالتدقيق الصحيح أول كلية أنشأة في الدول حاليا أو في العصور القديمة.الصيدلة الإكلينيكية: صيدلة المستشفيات.الصيدلة الصناعية: الرقابة النوعية.النباتات الطبية: تحليل الأدوية.السموم والدواء: التحليل الإكلينيكي.ممارسة صيدلية المستشفيات.(Translated by Google
Mohamed Abu El Saoud: The smartest pharmacists in Egypt graduated from it, and elite professors teach there.
Hazem Ghanem: Noisy
خالد يوسف عبدالحفيظ شلبى: my work place
NanoOo YOlo: My college ♥️😍
Hazem K. Mohamed: Kind of covalent relationship
Caroline Emil Lucas: Professors are one of the best
omar abd almnam: A very beautiful place for knowledge, and it honors the student who comes to it
مصطفي الديب: An electrician at Abu Al-Rish Hospital

2. Cairo University



· 2360 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

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Cairo University: what do users think?
Eslam Elmasry: Love it ❤️❤️
Adel Abbas ahmed: Good
Louis 2010: It's amazing, but everything is expensive, even open education
Joel Andrews: Me been speaking 𓄿𓂋𓏏𓌗𓀁 for all me life and they teach me Wheat men Engand languege?
Pradip Dutta: Excellent
Hassan Said: It is no longer what it used to be. Even the educational level has become not good, in my opinion. Mismanagement
hassan Alsaid hassan (hassan abosaif): amazing
Shaelie: bad
Osama Ahmad: The oldest university in the Middle East and the first university in the Arab world, we hope that it will regain leadership and maintain progress
mohammed omara: Kx
mohamed elsoaf: My old university
Mr Designer: very good
william reath: Is the best university in Egypt and is the third in Africa i love it
Jana Hesham: My university and my favorite place
ali hussein: The best university in the Middle East and Africa
Khalid Gamal El-leithy: sure sweet
Free Mind: Nicc
محمد حلمي: An ancient university
нαiτнαм هيثم: My college and I'm proud
Mohammed khamees: Historical educational edifice
Sayed pendary pendary: The oldest university in the Middle East

3. Cairo University Hospitals

· 42 reviews

Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo University Hospitals: what do users think?
Zahran Ahmed zahran: Asphalt 😡🤬😠😡🤬😠
محمد مدبولى: Because it is free of inhumane treatment
مدرسة الصيد saad vito: good
احمد الجيزاوى: Very, very, very crowded
boo !: I really liked a lot of them
M Hani: The only good thing about this place is that it's free. Everything else has been an abomination of an experience.
عدنان الاشقر: Does the hospital give newborns who are born in the hospital the hepatitis C virus vaccine or not, because I want to know if my son is vaccinated or not?
Ahmed Abdel Moneim Elgammal: A very big world.May God reward them for their effortsBut you need more good management and follow-upThe same as the case of #Egypt
Ayman Abdelhafiez: A hospital that is more than wonderful and has the largest medical expertise in Egypt, but unfortunately it is oppressed and oppressed because of the enormous pressure on it, as it is one of about ten government hospitals that serve no less than thirty million citizens
زيزو زيزومحمد: It is a place that receives more than 10,000 patients and companionsvisitor to the place
marehan gamal: Cairo University Hospitals are the citadel of medical science, but they lack more possibilities to serve patients and comfort staff
فضل ابوهيبه: Very very very excellent
محمد خالد: Beautiful
سليمان السبع ابوعلفه: It's crowded and there are unscrupulous doctorsAnd honesty, but also, there are very respectable personalities, for example, the esteemed hospital director
mahmouda aboelwafa: Clinics are open every day except Friday from 9 am and dental clinics are free of charge through the request of the college and the staff of the college
Seiwa N: If anyone need to get PCR test, I recommend Children's cancer hospital. It costs only 800 EGP, while Cairo University hospital costs more than 1000 EGP.
PIOTR ZALEWSKI: Covid 19 testing site for 1200 EGP. You can get Fit to fly certificate. You must bring the photocopy of your passport because the can't copy documents on the site. Next day result.I do recommend this place.
Mohamed Mostafa: Very good one of the most beautiful places in the world
كامل زناتي: It provides free treatment at the expense of the state.. under the auspices of professors specializing in all disciplines
Mohammed Mustafa Abdel Razik: Stress

4. German University in Cairo - GUC الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة

· 1170 reviews

التجمع الثالث القاهرة الجديدة Al tagamoa, Gamal Abdel Nasser, New Cairo 3, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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German University in Cairo - GUC الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة: what do users think?
Wael Nosseir: Gre5
أبو عاصم طارش: جامعه متميزه
Harith Salah: Bad review about this university no one to answer my calls to ask about the MBA program real struggle each time they refering me to different office... I got a better response from other universities
Handsome Squidward: Good university. Wonderful. Marvelous. Fabulous. Good shape.I like and I give 10/10
sheko kabashi: Am I the only one who thinks the building design is, maybe, Not ok?
Marko Milosavljevic: At this University, great focus is placed on encouraging students to paint. It would be stupid if an art academy rejected one of them later.
JD: Now, this building is complete
Mahmoud Soliman: Are there courses outside the university subjects?
James Contro: Building Looks Great From the Sky
Waleed Samy: Awesome
إبراهيم عبد الله: From a scientific point of view, it is excellent, but in terms of discipline and commitment, those who study it are not good because of their bad behavior in the street, such as disrespecting others, as they disrupt traffic with random parking lots on the road, and this causes obstruction of traffic.But as an educational university, it is excellent and every person's dream is to be affiliated with it
عماد رجب: A good place, a respectable education, and a professor with a great deal of knowledge
Mr. White: The best university in Egypt
Micky 1980: A university with a low level of education Auc or Bue is much better than degrading treatment like that
Elmjak Ashraf: Excellent place
علي الشرقاوي: A very good community, system and distinction
Elwy Ali: Something sweet
ekram mohamed: Very good university and educational level
Crunchy: kosomaha dy gam3a
Yasmine Mahmoud sami: How do they make concerts with this sound in the middle of a residential area, we are in West Arabella, and the sound does not know whether to study or sleep if this happens,,,,,

5. Sysmex Egypt LLC

Building s5-6, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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