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G. Marriott Exchange Co Egyptian Exchange Co. El Tadamon For Exchange Suez Money Exchange المصرية للصرافة AL-Ahly Exchange Roxy exchange

1. G. Marriott Exchange Co

· 4 reviews

140 26th of July Corridor, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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G. Marriott Exchange Co: what do users think?
Marc Fam: Not helpful and complicate every transaction

2. exchange money site



· 1 reviews

Talaat Harb Square, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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exchange money site: what do users think?
hamid Ibrahim Ali: Masha Allah, the speed of the excellent reception
Ahmed torke: Worst service ever, according to meGod is the best disposer of affairs. Tired of my father, I sent him a remittance. Peace be upon you. I have a remittanceHe told my parents where he told him from Saudi ArabiaHe said: No, Saudi Arabia is not here, although I amI sold dollars, I don't know which one notHe said to my parents, the spirit of the Qasr al-Nil branch is goneThe bank they sat for more than two hoursHonestly, I didn't see more success than thisThey don't want to see their work, where is the administration from all this world, they have no conscience
Murhaf Baghdadi: Deadly routine, unqualified staff.
الشرفا alshorfa: The worst bank branch I've ever seen, frankly, the worst employees, and in the end the service is not working after a long wait, telling you the system will sign, I don't know where the spirit of the second branch is
Mohammed Sherhan: Indescribable disgust
Jab Mhmd: Except for God's curse on them, they tired me in an exaggerated manner from one branch to another. In the end, I did not receive it
Ibrahem Salah: The worst way to receive money for experience
E Fathi: The literal meaning of the word khara
Ahmed Bashir: Very bad service.Stop dealing with them
Abdalrahman Idris: I'v waited like an hour for nothing!Disrespectful ppl in the Worst place ever!
Ali Abdalgawad: Slow handling
qaeyd jomaey: They are very slow
Travel Design Egypt: Not recommend ..The worst place ever for receiving Mone Gramأسوأ فرع ...
Waleed Thawi: Great service
احمد علي: Garbage service and those responsible for it
زياد زيدان: A very special service in financial transactions
عبدالرحيم حميد العواضي: Worst money transfer company
هاني الحداد: Unfortunately, the MoneyGram service in Egypt is one of the worst money transfer companies, and that is from the experience of each branch that transfers you to the second branch and so on, or the United Bank transfers you and you go there crowded, and in the end it says tomorrow, God willing. Egypt or not to deal with it
Omar Ehab: The worst staff they must be open but they are send me to another branch I don't know why.
Sharif Yahya: Unfortunately, the worst place to receive remittances in Egypt, the waiting period is more than an hour and a half, the complexity, the lengthy procedures, the employees are indifferent, and the productivity is very slow.Note: MoneyGram in most other countries is much better.We hope that customer service will be developed by noting negative reviews ...
Amr Atef Gouda: The Moroni gram service is not working continuously and there is no convincing reason

3. Suez Money Exchange

· 1 reviews

روكسي فوق سوبركارت رويال هاوس, 1 El-Fath, El-Zawya El-Hamraa, El Zawya El Hamra, Cairo Governorate 11571, Egypt

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4. Egyptian Exchange Co.

· 41 reviews

6 Al Bustan St, Bab Al Louq, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Egyptian Exchange Co.: what do users think?
Josenrike Djz: Buen cambio pero no aceptan 💵 que estén un poco rotos. Deben ser nuevos. Si no es nuevo no lo cambian
Juan Sebastian Daza Gonzalez: Wanted to get dollars and they offered me 7? What would I do with 7 USD?
Eid Salem: The currency does not changeAnd make things difficult
Emad Hanna: People are not okay, they take their work from people, and they don't sell to anyone who works in a black market, and you talk to him and he tells you that this is what I have, and I hit your brain on the wall, a world worse than it, you don't get it
Sergio Fernández Pérez: Very good exchange office. They speak some English, the rates are shown in a screen and are transparent, no hidden charges. The rates are very good. They give a receipt for your transaction. Highly recommended for turists. Just note that the building looks abandoned, but the exchange office is running.
Mohamed Salah: If you're a foreigner:- Good place near to Tahrir Square- Trusted as they can't scam you.- Has a specific window for serving foreigners so you'll get by fast.If you're any other human being who want to buy some currencies for whatever reason:- Been there 3 times trying to buy $They'll always give you small bills which they don't need.- They'll pretend they don't have any other for in fact they do.- Either it's a shady place or they just save the currency for their people.
Katie H: friendly transparent english speaking exchange place in the heart of old cairo! highly recommended for foreigners like us clueless about which places do not scam us.
moustafa said: excellent
Tarek Magdy: undercuts with
xavier roig: Very professional, official, government-controlled.Good rates, all posted on the screens. Receipt is given with the exchange.
ehab maghraby: Respectful people to deal with
Пётр Сокольников: Хороший курс (разница между покупкой и продажей ниже, чем менял в другом месте).Всё поменяли честно (с точностью до одного египетского фунта, копейки не дали).
أبو عبد الله: The first exchange company established in Egypt
Rehab Samir: Excellent exchange company
Hafsa Algazali: Professionals.
علي الشريف: Good
Gamzawy TV: The place is decent and the treatment is somewhat good, but it needs improvement
Hany fouad: Good service, but no dollars at all
salim khmis: It gets busier in the afternoon
Hany Sorour: A pioneering company in money transfers and is considered one of the first exchange companies in Egypt. Respectful treatment and continuous updating of currency rates
Alhaj Ashraf: Best, fast and reliable money exchange firm in downtown! The clerks there are professional and helpful.
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5. Misr Exchange

· 13 reviews

48 Kasr El Nil St., DOWNTOWN, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Misr Exchange: what do users think?
Osama Zein: All the information provided is incorrect regarding opening times.
ebrahim ara: منظم و ممتاز
Khaled Faisal: Disrespectful manner of dealing... Dealing with arrogance for no apparent reason, in addition to answering inquiries with a curt and severe frown.
aljassmy x: Inaccurate timings. I went to him on Friday at 10 o’clock, but he told me that they don’t open the system. Come at 10 and a half.
Zee: Rude and asking too many personal questions, scam ripping off on exchange charges
M. G: The style is completely untactful and does not enjoy any professionalism.
Francisco Nunes: Lady who exchange my money was very rude. She didn’t accept one of my 20 USD pills. Very slow service. She even forgot yo give my passport back. Terrible service.
Muhammad Nofal: The address has been changed to 18 Ain Shams St., Helmeyet El Zaytoun, in front of Modern Schools
Khaled A.Elhafeez: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
CHE BEN: Precession in timing
Fadi Azem: Crowded

6. El Tadamon For Exchange

· 16 reviews

151 El Teraa El Boulaqeya St., SHOUBRA, Shubra, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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El Tadamon For Exchange: what do users think?
Anas Ali: The place has been closed for over a year
wolfrespecter190: Closed for one year (all branches) pursuant to the decision from the central bank.Before that it was very good.
O. C.: Excellent Service
Bahy Mo: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
hanna louis: Zouk people!!
Laila Lay: Okey but they should know English a little bit.
Kareem Essam: Very bad service and not good people
esmail anwer: bad service
Ahmed Amin: A purely respectable company
Mohamed A: Very good currency exchange office
Fady Salib: Great and honest people
آمن: usual prices
Handsome: The transaction was very elegant, and the currency exchange they give you at a very, very reasonable price. By the way, the entrance to the money exchange is through the small black door in the corner of the building.
MoHaMeD AhMeD: Excuse me, I'm with him, I want him to change it

7. El Malek Exchange

· 10 reviews

18 ش مجلس الشعب لاظوغلى،, El-Sayeda Zainab, Egypt

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8. Suez Money Exchange

· 18 reviews

1 ش الفتح, Gesr Al Suez, Egypt

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Mohamed Mokhtar: Very bad, not recommended at all.
mahmoud mohamed: A very respectable companyAnd safety beyond what you can imagine
Mohammed Elsadeek: Thieves exchange is less than the whole market
محمد عبدالفتاح: Positive:Quality
Ghada Raslan: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
random random: Positive:Professionalism
Hoda Raslan: Positive:Quality,Value
Elshaier Hoof Care: Very respectable place to deal
خبير: Bad and transfer prices differ from the market, less thieves

9. CIB

· 6 reviews

Gezira St, Zamalek, Giza Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address Website
CIB: what do users think?
Nour Fakharany: this is the worst CIB branch by so far. unprofessional and the wait time no matter when is about 1.5 hours (before ur turn). such a shame because CIB is a really great bank with tarnished reputations bc of branches like this zamalek one.
Oliver Hamoui: I never thought that a normal transfer of an amount (from CIB to CIB account) could take 25 minutes (not included the waiting time). Egypt is far away from having a service oriented banking sector...Update: The staff is doing its best and therefore deserve 5 stars, but due to the bad banking inftasructure and the high fees for transferring money to other banks we are at 3 stars now... space to improve but better than the 1 star I gave before...
Adam Diab: I used CIB is the best bank in Egypt but This is the worst branch I had dealt with. All the services needs approval to be completed and may take a lot of time. 👎Just avoid this branch

10. المصرية للصرافة

· 10 reviews

171 26th of July Corridor, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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المصرية للصرافة: what do users think?
Alaa Felemban: My advice, and no one thinks of spending in this exchange, the Zamalek branch, two fraudsters.. Yesterday I spent an amount, and the amount was set for me by one.God does not bless youFor the sake of the holy month of RamadanAllah is my suffice, and the best deputyAllah is my suffice, and the best deputyAllah is my suffice, and the best deputy
Faouzia: changed there before with a passport, explained to themWhere my passport is brought two different ID’s (my private passport) and still not willing to change. Eventually changed at the hotel which I should have done from the start. No passport is needed since you stay in a hotel. I would advise all the tourist to change in the hotel and save yourself the headache.
Tarek Magdy: They don't need anyone, and the most delicate of them is wrong and lack of taste
Basem Salem: If you want to enjoy the details of your life, relax, read a book, or live romantic moments with your loved one, then you must go to Symonds Café in Zamalek, 26th of July St.
hamada sobhi: I was defrauded instead of 100 dirhams, my wife, Al-Basha Girl, 10 Qatari, and after I walked, because my car took a wrong look at the paper, I found it 10 Qatari.
ameer el mukhtar: They never have dollars, the workers are disrespectful and have no patience with tourists, the phone number does not work. The truth is very poor quality and it is unfortunate, Zamalek has no other place.
milan art: very bad disrespectful people "working" there they didn't have what I need and when I question they started to get rude you don't want visit this branch 1 star.
Samy Mashhot: Good exchange office
Igor G: I came several times, at different times, and the kiosk was closed. Look for a better place to exchange currency.
Marc Fam: Great and helpful team
عبد المجيد: Very very excellent
Adel Mamoun: excellent service
Joshua Crommie: Does not open at 8:30
Wael Omara: good service
EID HASHEM: تمام ورائع
Shaimaa Samy: I want to know the price of the dollar today

11. الرضا للصرافة

· 6 reviews

365F+W4C, Muhammad Mazhar, AZ Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt


12. fawry plus

· 62 reviews

شارع شبرا قسم الساحل الخلفاوي, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Arab Group For Exchange

· 1 reviews

11 Al Alphi, El-Darb El-Ahmar, El Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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14. The Egyptian Saudi Exchange

· 2 reviews

الجيزة, المهندسين, Egypt


15. AL-Ahly Exchange

· 5 reviews

Masgd Al Hamad, Al Abageyah, El-Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


16. Roxy exchange

· 7 reviews

Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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17. El Helal Exchange

· 8 reviews

45 ش الخليفة المأمون, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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18. Super Exchange

· 11 reviews

54 Damascus, El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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19. El Maadi Exchange

· 36 reviews

56 Misr Helwan Agriculture Rd., Athar an Nabi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Misr El Qadima For Exchange

· 6 reviews

45 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St, DOWNTOWN, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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