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NEUROMED | نيوروميد Seniors Clinic NEUROMED | نيوروميد

1. NEUROMED | نيوروميد

· 16 reviews

Nile Corniche, Athar an Nabi, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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NEUROMED | نيوروميد: what do users think?
ازاي -How mo-ra: Great place on the main road and decent service
mohamed imam: excellent service
Mourad Moataz: Professional service and great staff.The place is really nice, clean and comfortable.Staff was professional and really nice in dealing with their clients.I think the only thing missing is a bigger easily-visualized sign to recognize the place from a distance.Special gratitude and appreciation for (Mr. Abdul-Rahman) for his committed follow-up and welcoming attitude.Dr. Mourad Moataz
MIDO MIRO: Wonderful and excellent center where doctors and serviceEspecially Dr. Ramez
Mohammad Ali: Center of Excellence for Sleep Medicine and Neurometry of the Optic Nerve; Professional doctors and highly respected staff

2. Seniors Clinic



· 12 reviews

مستشفي دار الفؤاد مدينة نصر، البرج الطبي، عيادة ٦٠٧، الدور ٦ تقاطع طريق النصر مع, Youssef Abbas, Egypt

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Seniors Clinic: what do users think?
Laila Aly: Great clinic and professional doctors
Mohamed Elsaadany: Excellent doctor. I strongly recommend him
Sohila Saber: They have great experienceTreat patients in a very polite mannerThank you so much
Waleed Shawky: Excellent center for the elderlyI recommend him from experienceThank you Dr. MohamedHigh in morals and humility
Mohammad Fahmy: One of the best geriatric clinics in Egypt

3. NEUROMED | نيوروميد

· 52 reviews

2 El Fayoum, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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NEUROMED | نيوروميد: what do users think?
Nasr Hashem: تجربه سيئه جدا الدكتوره وصلت ساعه متأخره وعلاج أى كلام ولما أرسلت تقرير الأشعه على الواتس مافيش حد عبرنى حاجه زفت
Marian Botros: the worst experience ever,with Dr Ramez reda unprofessional team. I did reservations on Monday at heliopolis branch foe Thursday appointment they called me 30 min. before my appointment to cancel it because doctor won't come careless about the patient on pain which I clearly told them. so they transferred our appointment to the nearest time on next Sunday at Tagamo3. I sent someone to pay and confirm the reservation.I came to find that the doctor has left because he waited 10 minutes and the called me at 12:30 to say that he left I was at the clinic 12:33 and he refused to come back because he waited us 15 min
Fatma elzahraa Mahmoud: ربنا يسترها انا ذاهب الان لعمل دراسة النوم وتقييمات الناس للاسف مخوفانى من التعامل معاهم ربنا يسترها بس الحاجة الوحيدة اللى متاكد منها خدمة الكول سنتر للاسف سيئة فعلا وبالاخص البنات ارخم خلق الله ربنا يسترها
Merry Zekry: لا انصح به معاملة الدكاترة سيئه لا يوجد احترام للمريض ووقته
Ahmed Raoof: Hazem el hewaig working there, is the Worst doctor ever. He ignored a report with suggested non-harmful treatments and instead, he prescribed a medicine that had complications, and didn’t even fit the symptoms the patient had.
Michael Zakaria: اسخف خدمه عملاء على الاطلاق وغير متعاونيين تماما
Muhammad Ashraf: So expensive and non professional at all
Draz Ahmed: تم الكشف عند د أحمد علوان بفرع مصر الجديدة و هو سئ جدا فى التعامل مع المرضى ، لا انصح بالمركز اطلاقا
B. P.: Poor attitude, absolutely zero respect for time and beyond poor time management. Expect long wait time.
Aya Ahmed: The call center service is very, very bad, and they have no problem canceling the appointment shortly beforeAnd in the end, I called to file a complaint that the railway was closed, and something without a transfer
Mariam TAB: مكان محترم جدا ومتعاونين ودكاترة ممتازين
Ebram Gabriel: The worst staff and the worst treatment. It is not as if it is a charitable dispensary. It is noteworthy that the charitable dispensary is organized and cooperative
mohamed adel: Worst experience everUnfortunately, the worst center in appointments, bad service, and no respect for appointments...I don't recommend it
Noureldin Eissa: Edit: January 2022Again, neuromed canceled my reservation for an NCV (booked a week earlier) hours before the appointed date ! They suggested postponing it to next week. They were nonchalant and irresponsible. You guys probably don't comprehend how critical and urgent these tests are ! It seems this practice is systemic now.‐---------The call center representative committed a mistake while booking my appointment !! I arrived there, didn't find the doctor on time, and I was told s/he will be arriving 4 hours later. I left with annoyance.In less than an hour, a representative called me to explain the situation and they admitted the issue and apologized in a very professional way. They allowed me to make an appointment on the same day and gave me priority in queue. When I arrived there, they apologized again and explained how the booking process work. It was convincing enough for me to believe it was a very rare mistake.As for the doctor, I went there for an EMG test and the doctor was very professional, talkative and friendly ! I got the report very quickly. All in all, aside from the issue I faced, they seemed genuinely caring. They are now my favorite neurology center !
عبدالرحمن الحربي: One of the best medical centers, all the doctors are excellentManagement and scheduling are very, very bad
essam emam: Dr. Ramez is one of the most distinguished doctors
ازاي -How mo-ra: A wonderful place and all the staff are respectful. Thank you to everyone and excellent medical service
Peter Soliman: Thieves
Shreef Elsayed: Unfortunately, a sleep study is being done for a very large amount of 2,600 poundsWithout meeting any final doctor, as he undertakes the study, neither is a technicianThe validity of the study is monitored, or even a doctor is seen to find out the symptoms, but a doctor is never seenI do not know how a supposedly large and reliable medical center is run by mere technicians and there are no doctors at allUnfortunately, this place is not completely reliable
محمد حامد: Very respectful, they understand their job
محمد صالحين: So far, it's great, though it's very expensiveResults are not importantWe are waiting

4. Dr. Ramez Reda Moustafa

· 26 reviews

18 ش المنصورة،, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Ramez Reda Moustafa: what do users think?
Mahmoud Abdalqader: Urgent and does not listen well to the patient
Maha Hamdy: Clinic appointments?
Adel Sagr: I waited an hour, and when I asked, they said that the time had already changed.They changed the date and did not inform me. I lost a journey and an hour of waiting in vain.
Khaled Shalaby: Best doctor

5. Malachite Institute

· 6 reviews

٢٣ شارع اسماعيل محمد الدور ٤، الزمالك،،, Ismail Mohammed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Malachite Institute: what do users think?
ابوحمدان ابوحمدان: Wonderful doctor

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