Best Varicose Vein Clinics In Cairo Near Me

1. iVein Clinic - New Cairo

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iVein Clinic - New Cairo
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Address: CMC, 162 N Teseen, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +20 111 006 0088

Business type: Medical clinic

iVein Clinic - New Cairo: what do users think?
Radwa El Hawary: A very respectable place and dealing from the beginning of the phone until I went to Dr. Ahmed above above the excellent, this is not the doctor’s staff with Dr. Gawish too. I thank the best doctors all of them and all the work will be done 😍😍😍😍
Mohamed Eltayeb: An operation was performed on 12/23, and due to the weakness of the laser power, it caused a clot in the vein, and none of the doctors noticed this. After a week of the operation, I was booked into Cairo Specialist Hospital for a week, taking intensive doses for blood thinners. After the week, I devoted 6 months of treatment and a one-month vacation. limit ifThis center deals with the gathering place behind the air hospital, CMC building.All I can say is that God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs
Dedo Dedo: The best experience with the best group of doctors and special thanks to Ahmed Gawish. I made a varicose vein today and I am very happy and more success and progress "Nagat Moftah"
Dina ElKammash: Very good service
Mohamed Elsawy: Good service, place.

2. Care Clinic

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Care Clinic
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Address: 27 Oraby, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 102 739 5041

Business type: Medical clinic

Care Clinic: what do users think?
Mohamed: A care center is one of the best, best, most accurate and most reliable places, especially for Dr. Wissam and all the distinguished doctors present.
Asmaa Soma: The result of liposuction is a masterpiece, delivered by Dr. Wissam and the team with himReally very happy 😍
Mona Samir: The best beauty center in Egypt, may God help you
Eslam Ayman: The best hair transplant center in Egypt
Emad Dagher: A very respectable place that offers most cosmetic services at a lower cost than most beauty centers

3. Nile Cosmetic Center

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Nile Cosmetic Center
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Address: 8 واصف واصف, Oula, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 122 111 9853

Business type: Doctor

Nile Cosmetic Center: what do users think?
Mariam Zaza: I am grateful for Dr Wilson for seeing me on such short notice and treating my wound in the face. Walaa was wonderful in arranging everything. I am deeply indebted to the Clinic.
Ahmed Shawky: I was very comfortable with Dr Wilson who was professional and honest . I had a great surgery and am very happy with my 6 packs. I strongly recommend.
Reneh Rafaat: مركز رائع علي النيل ينم علي ذوق رائع و الدكتور فنان في رسم الجراحة و في اعطائي القوام الجميل الذي تمنيته طول عمري. شكرا للدكتور عادل.
mariam khalil: I went to Dr Adel because of his excellent reputation and honest reviews on his page. Unfortunately I saw the secretary of another Dr writing fake 5* reviews on his site! Dr Adel is honest , professional, and did in the surgery all that we agreed upon. I strongly recommend.
Usama Sl: I had my surgery with Dr Wilson in this fantastic place with the best equipment and amazing views. Anesthesia was very smooth and outcome was as expected . I strongly recommend. Thank you for the perfect care.
Muntazar alsaegh: I feel like the whole thing was a scam just to get you to the door, when I went there they wanted 800 EGP just for a consultation (even though it doesnt state anywhere on their website that there is a charge for consultations) when it is free almost everywhere else in Egypt and other countries I have been too like US, Turkey, Mexico. I refused to pay for the consultation so I left without getting a treatment or even talking to someone about what I needed done. I understand doctors’ time is valuable but they shouldn’t charge you just to see if they can help you or not. I hope others have a better experience than I had.Correction: there is a link on their website with the prices where you go to pay for a booking, they provided me the link now.Update: attached is a threatening email from the doctor’s office for speaking my mind. He threatens a law suite for defamation while he tracked me on Linkedin to post these comments. Wow what a professional.
damdam michaiel: I had a full tummy tuck, back liposuction and breast reduction with lifting.Dr Adel is very professional, patient, detail-oriented surgeon but also very friendly, kind, helpful, caring and decent person. He always takes time to answer questions and gives better advice and never forgets to share with you all the details.The whole experience was amazing. Starting from convincing me with the local anaesthesia, which turned out the best decision that made my recovery much easier and nearly painless. To the very detailed care post-surgery. Everything he does is just made with love. I should also thank Treiza , his assistant, for her professionalism and kindness for making things easier.Finally thank you, Dr Wilson , for making this experience unforgettable. Really glad to have you as my doctor.
Mohammed Abdulla: I had my Gynecomastia surgery at this clinic on 11/08/2020, they are very professional. I had no post-surgery complication whatsoever. I am extremely happy with the results. Thank You Dr Wilson!
Aquahorse 25: Average result. Not as expected. Average level of procedure preparation.

4. COSMETICA HAIR CLINIC زراعة الشعر فى مصر FUE

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COSMETICA HAIR CLINIC زراعة الشعر فى مصر FUE
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Address: 19 El-batal Ahmed Abd-alaziz, Giza District, Please Select 12655, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 100 040 6824

Business type: Medical Center

COSMETICA HAIR CLINIC زراعة الشعر فى مصر FUE: what do users think?
Ahmed Khaled: An excellent experience, the clinic is clean, and the doctors are at a high level professionally and ethicallyOne was losing hope, but thank God, the result was very good and satisfactory
Amr Elsheikh: The treatment is very bad
Saleh Obad: Great people, amazing results
خديجة العوفي: What is special and wonderful in the clinic is that the one who performs the operation for you is a team of excellent, distinguished, cooperative doctors
Vulkyn V: Extremely good doctors
Amr Esmail: Is there eyebrow hair transplantation?... Please reply
Ayman Yehya: Seriously, a very excellent work team, and I follow up with them, and thank God, Lord of the Worlds. I could not believe it, except when I went and reached a very high degree, thanks to our Lord and the entire work team, headed by Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Hadi.
Mostafa Taaeb: The best Hair transplant team in egypt, after a lot of research I finally found them.... After meeting with the doctor I found out that they are the first to introduce a new technique of Hair transplant in egypt... And other Hair clinics where trained and mentored by them.... Thumbs up.... Only thing is that thewaiting time can be long
N M: One of the best hair specialists around, the only thing they should improve is the waiting time.... Otherwise very professional staff
Mohamed Abdrhaman: One of the best hair transplant centers in Egypt
A. Elsayed: Qualified doctors and excellent service
Saad Ibrahim: I got very good service and very good results. I knew the clinic through my friends and they were happy with the results too. Excellent doctors.
Ahad Sameeh: Aisha clinic at the cost of detection. The results of their work are something to be ashamed of.Save your money and see a clinic with value
Mohamed Soliman: Great place
mohamed afifi: A disrespectful clinic today. I had an appointment and I was checking in with the doctor. I am coming from the Fifth Settlement. I was surprised that the nurse said that there is no reservation for today and the clinic has no one.These are people who are not responsible for their work schedules, nor are they respected with the client, so I can judge them that they are not professional

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