Best Vegetarian Dietitians In Cairo Near Me

Shady Labib Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mansour دكتور محمد أحمد منصور - كايرو دايت The Lean Factor Body Blocks Dr. Gasser El Barbary Antifat Zööba Dr Iman Kamel Dr Nutrition دكتور نيوترشن للرشاقة Diet Delight Osana Family Wellness & Cafe Dr.Maha Radamis Clinic

1. Shady Labib

· 18 reviews

6 Mohammed Galal, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Shady Labib: what do users think?
Sara: I came to Dr. Shady after I had run out of tricks. I've been to a dietician before, tried a good number of fad diets since I was thirteen, and read countless articles on weight loss and body image. My going to his clinic initially felt like admitting defeat—I thought, after all I've tried, and at 32, I should've figured it out by now. I'm so glad I took that step.In addition to Dr. Shady's extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, I think his biggest strength is how well he listens, truly listens, to the patient sitting across from him. He does not provide cookie-cutter diets, no one-size-fits-all solution. He provides guidelines, explains their significance, and helps the patient build an entire lifestyle around them, one that is not only healthy but sustainable, one you can spend a lifetime with. He understands that, even though ideally one should work out daily, we don't live under ideal circumstances, so he suggests little tips and tricks to work with what you have: an office job, juggling motherhood and a job, etc. It's not all or nothing, and that is exactly why his suggestions work. The change in habits is gradual, realistic, and smooth.Losing weight is only one thing I've achieved with Dr. Shady's help, and maybe not the most important one. Shedding the habits that have weighed me down for so many years is what I'm most grateful for.
Dalia Kamal Talaat: I have tried many diets in my life, but never had such progress and enthusiasm except with Dr. Shady.. It is not only loosing weight it is the lifestyle I have enjoyed and the very good quality of food I've learned to eat and to enjoy as well.. Without Dr. Shady I wouldn't have reached that level of happiness and success and wouldn't loose 20 kilos in only nine months.. This really never happened.. Remember this is not diet.. It is healthy nutrition with long term positive results and forever lifestyle .. I highly recommend to visit Dr. Shady.. Thank you my dear doctor
Jessica Yeramian: I Wonder when can I get an appointment if your booked till August. (That's what website says).
Mostafa Ibrahim: Doctor Shady Labib to me has gone beyond doctor-patient relationship ..To give you a bit of background, my name is Mostafa Ibrahim and I am diagnosed with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (it is a lung disease that is currently causing me to be on oxygen support all the time preventing me from going anywhere).I have found Doctor Shady online and I asked if he was kind enough to make a home visit after explaining my situation, not expecting he would actually accept since usually no doctor does, he did and he visited me in my home ... I was sick and thin and tired and together I have improved ..... Mind you I have other challenges since eating itself is a challenge to me because of my lungs and how tired they are, but with Doctor Shady I did improve.I am proud not just to call him my doctor, but also my friend.
Islam Eissa: Different Perspective to Nutrition & having a life style diet.I was looking for guidelines to follow in my life, & Dr. Shady Thankfully provided me with that.Specially when touching base on the several attempts & examples that most of people went through, that eventually in most cases fails (i.e. Normal Diets & programs).I attended Dr. Shady's sessions in groups in my company, it was very insightful with lots of different & new info that helps you understand the logic why & what kind of foods are healthier & helps your metabolism, that we have always perceived they are forbidden!!I'm really happy with the experience, & i'd urge anyone looking for healthy dieting & loosing weight to head to Dr. Shady.
Farah Abd El Gawad: One of the best and most responsible decisions I've ever made was committing to a healthy lifestyle and having Dr. Shady's support and guidance in the process. If you want to be healthy, focused, and strong this is the doctor for the job. You will feel and look your best. He is definitely committed to your success.
May El Wardani: I love with my experience with Dr Shady... i can say that i tried lots of diet plans sometimes i loose the weight but i always gain it back....what Dr Shady offers is a whole different's not a plan it's a lifestyle. The best thing about Dr Shady that he listens to you and your struggles with weight lost...he tells you what really works for you.... it is a new experience totally different than the conventional dietations.
Magda Hassan: I have been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowl syndrome) for 6 years. Pain sometimes went as bad as having to go to the hospital. I have been to several IBS experts in the UK and all they managed to do is make me eat unhealthy gain wait and be constantly bloated and constipated. I lost hope to ever be able to solve this problem. Until I was recommended to go to Dr. Shady Labib you managed to help to get rid and manage my symptoms within 3 months. I would like to go as far as saying he gave me my life back and helped me to establish a healthy relationship with food without fear of pain. And I am forever grateful for this.
Abeer El Kayaty: As a client who has visited almost every dietician and nutritionist in Cairo, I must admit that I was very sceptic about Shady Labib Nutrition as well. They all say they will customize your diet plan and make it suitable for your lifestyle, yet I still end up stopping everything after 2-4 weeks. So I was afraid I'd end up with the same disappointment and frustrations I end up feeling from visiting doctors who leave me with no results, or to be precise, I leave them.Yet, the edge of Shady Labib Nutrition clinic is that it doesn't give you a plan to abide by, and this is so liberating, it leaves you focusing on what you can eat to nourish your body and makes you forget about what you need to prevent/stop yourself from craving (let's be realistic, don't we all crave it more when it's prohibited?).I have been committed to the gradual change of habits with the clinic for the past 9 months and for the first time I am getting results I have never seen before, not just in weight loss but also a lot of other changes related to my behaviour and perspective on things.However, if your target is a quick fix like losing 5 kilos and going back to your normal eating habits, then I wouldn't recommend it. Also, it's worth noting that most of the food options given could be on the higher price range, so it could be a bit difficult if you're trying to bring your whole family on board.But still, Shady is very flexible and tries his best to accommodate his clients' needs, so I'd also advise you to be very honest and direct with him during your consultation because that affects your whole future plan. For example, I hate doing sports and although it's a core aspect of weight loss, Shady never thought it's a good idea to push me to do something I hate but managed to find alternative ways to help me reach my goal.
Sherine Abdallah: Shady Labib is not a doctor ( even though he is) but his way of handling his clients makes you feel like he is more of a teacher and a mentor.He listens very well to know each person's challenges and then starts with them step by step by building new good habits and replacing the bad ones.He is very commited to what he is doing and that's why it drives me to be commited even though sometimes it gets challenging.Shady has taught me a lot of precious lessons about health , fitness and nutrition and the most important thing I am learning now is consistency.The most sustainable results will come from the person not the dietian/nutritionist and that's what Shady strives to do. Educate and professionally guide.Aside from all that, he has the latest methods to track your weight and body measurments because sometimes it can get tricky with a regular scale or the Inbody.Overall, whether you're a regular person with normal weight, overweight, athelete, underweight it's good to have a nutritionist and a consultant like him. After all we all eat everyday, we might as well do it right.
Adly EL-KHOLY: Dr.Shady is by far the best nutritionist i have ever been to, he is not only making you healthy and lose weight, he also help you change ur life habits and live ur dream.He knows well the obsatcles, teach you about how to become healthy, teach you food and show you the way.Thank you dr.shady
Hana Fahmy: This is the place to go if u want a committed, respectable and ethical nutritionist who works with his clients on a case by case base. I personally struggled for over a year to lose weight post pregnancy, and finally visited Dr. Shady's clinic. I now lost weight, feel healthier, and most importantly not following a traditional boring diet.
aziza shaat: Not just very dedicated and committed to his job but also highly passionate about it. It is definitely a different experience than previous ones. He gives you the time and attention to details. Definitely highly recommended to try. He provides a different perspective and approach. And definitely a great one.
Yasmine Aidaros: Totally love my experience with Dr.Shady. He is so much committed to his clients and their needs. He provides an A class service in terms of punctuality and responsiveness. I also like how he takes the time to explain everything with patience. My all time favorite nutritionist!
Mira Riad: The best nutritionist ever!

2. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mansour دكتور محمد أحمد منصور - كايرو دايت



· 69 reviews

ب عمارات العبور, 2, Heliopolis, Egypt

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Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mansour دكتور محمد أحمد منصور - كايرو دايت: what do users think?
Ahmed Hameed Mughales: رسالة ابعثها مليئة بالحب والتقدير والاحترام ولو أنني أوتيت كل بلاغة، وأفنيت بحر النطق في النظم والنثر لما كنت بعد القول إلّا مقصراً ومعترفاً بالعجز عن واجب الشكر...مهنة الطب من أكثر المهن الإنسانية التي يعطي فيها الدكتور بدون مقابل، ويقدم كل ما يستطيع فعله من أجل الحفاظ على حياة المريض دون الاهتمام بهويته أو جنسيته أو ديانته.وأتقدم انا بأسمى Ahmed Hameed بكلمات التقدير والاحترام والشكر للدكتور الرائعMohammed Ahmedكما هي ايضا ايضا مقدمة لموظفة الاستقبال الرائعة.ومن لا يشكر الناس لا يشكر الله، وأنتم جميعًا تستحقون الشكر والثناء.
ahmed nasr: دكتور والله علي علم..وخلق .. وفهم.احسن دكتور رحت ليه بجد...وضميره.بجد ..مش لاقي كلام ااقوله عنه..ونظام العياده والنظافه ...فوق الوصف.شكرا يادكتور وربنا يزيدك علم وقبول
Mariam Mounir: Positive:Professionalism
Raheel Zaher: د. محمد دكتور شاطر جداااا وممتاز واجتماعي معالمرضي والعيادة نظيفة جدا ومش بيحسسوك بملل كل مرة اروح الاقي فيها تجديد وديكورات جديدة باستمرار بجد شكرا لمساعدة دكتور محمد اية علي زوقها وحسن تعاملها مع المرضي
Emad Yasin: Very respectable doctor
MO Helmii: Dr mohamed is superior doctor in dietitian field and his staff also leading perfect quality of their jobs. thanks for everyone in this clinic.❤
Mtc AA: An excellent place in terms of dealing, reception and psychological comfort. I highly recommend it
Hany Rouhy: Professional doctor and excellent assistant crews .
Mohamed Alaa: A very excellent doctor, very sharing and very respectful, may God bless you and fix you, and a doctor who listens and pays attention to his conscience
Saad Mohamed: A respected and conscientious doctor
Haidy Tamer: For me till now it’s a great experience, doctor Mohamed has a huge knowledge in this field and he is somehow encouraging his patients to reach their target efficiently. And the staff is very friendly and caring.
Ahmed Alnaqa: Clinic is clean and quiet. Staff are very nice and supportive.Doctor Mohamed is very professional. It's not about how many kilos you lost, it's about what you lost. With some patience and strong well, you will get a very healthy way to lose weight with him.
Nosha: Such an excellent doctor and the clinic is so neat and nice. And Aya is a wonderful person welcoming you with a smile always.Thank you for the effort you are making with me.
mario atef: he is a professional doctor , the place is comfortable, the assistances are perfect , thanks alot
Mai Mohamed: Excellent and respected doctor and super excellent clinicWhat is the reception at the top of respect and the taste is a wonderful clinic
Ahmed Adel: Really the best diet doctor.. A respectable person and answers all questions without getting bored. You have positive energy that keeps you going.. The clinic is beautiful and the help of Dr. Mohamed.. Aya.. A very respectable person with you from the first time you entered the clinic
Hanoof Sweet: The best dietitian doctor in Egypt, 100 stars, for God's sake
Amr Esmat: The best nutritionist in Egypt. Knowledge and creation. Thank you, Dr. Mohamed
Zinab Hassanmohamed: D. Very respectful and well-mannered
Walaa Lukka: Dr.. Muhammad Mansour is a very smart doctor, he helped me a lot, and the world was wasting with me. He knew how to fix it very well. Thank you, Doctor Muhammad ❤️❤️❤️ and he helped me a lot.
sahar Mohamed: Dr. Mohamed Mansour is one of the most excellent doctors, really, without any compliment

3. The Nutrition Hub

· 1 reviews

behind BLOM Bank Egypt, Banks Center St, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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The Nutrition Hub: what do users think?
Yusuf Arafat: Professionals to every extent

4. Nutritionist Carina Youssef

· 2 reviews

٧٠ ش الثورة الدور ٦ شقة ٩ مصر الجديدة, 11757, Egypt

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5. Diettodoor - Diet to door is Egypt #1 Diet Food Delivery Service

· 6 reviews

Shokry Abd El-Haleem, Ezbet Fahmy, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Diettodoor - Diet to door is Egypt #1 Diet Food Delivery Service: what do users think?
Ahmed Tayel: I ordered meals for three days and choosed 3 options for each meal. I got three days meals which are exactly the same. So, same breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days. I sent a message complaining about the issue , got a reply that they will check and come back to me , no one contacted me, sent a reminder and sent another reminder with no reply at all !
Mohab Abobakr: Edit,Now i have been with diet to door for over than a year, still the best place ever, food is amazing, customer service people are so helpfull, i wish i knew it earlier, Thank you DTD, and for more years to come.New Subscriber to them on the muscle gain program, the best program among all I have tried, lots of verities, Specially customized, with the options that I love, Really appreciate the effort and Thanks to everyone working in this organization.
Engi Ali: I am glad with the experience...Food is great, tastes delicious, packaging is excellent and I lost 800 grams in 3 days, which is amazing regarding my BIG THANK YOU 🙏
محمد الزبيري: ممتاز جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا
Menha Samy: Excellent customer service, alot of tasty varieties. All in all an amazing experience
Zainab Bakkar94: خدمه ممتازه ومتابعة أكثر من ممتازه والديليفري كمان ذوق جداً شكر خاص دكتور/شريهان نزلت 8 كيلو في 30يوم عايزه ابتدي تثبيت
Badr El Din Fathy: Excellent service
Youssef Najeeb: It’s an amazing experience and they work on solving any complaints.I lost 8 kg in 20 days now and I am enjoying the food taste and variety
Dalia Kadry: مساء الخيراولا احب اشكركم كلكم فرد فرد انا بفضل الله و فضلكم قدرت اعمل المستحيل بالنسبه لي و اخس للوزن و اهم للشكل اللي كنت اتمناه انتم كنتم سبب مباشر في تسهيل الموضوع دهثانيا الاكل كله ممتاز تجربه فريده بحكيها لاي حد بيسالني عملت كده ازايثالثا انت حكمل دايت عادي لاخر الشهر و بعده عاوزه ابدا برنامج التثبيت علشان مش عاوزه ارجع تاني بعد كام شهر زي ما كنتاحب اعرف التثبيت حنعمله مع بعض ازاي
Abdelmonem Gabr: The worst service I have ever seen in my life, no customer service basics
hdbs closed: good
Venka Textile: Loving the experience so far
Neven Bakkar: Customized plan from Dr. Sherihan is astonishing

6. The Lean Factor

· 2 reviews

4 Omarat Alyamani st, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


7. Body Blocks

· 5 reviews

Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Body Blocks: what do users think?
Lina Afifi: I have been requesting all day for someone to talk to to place a complain and no one is getting back to me. I paid for an online session for 500 per website and now they want to charge me 1800!!!!
Heidi Elshafei: Very good
Natasha Shirazi: Best healthy eating programs in town. Top quality ingredients, yummy and a step above the rest.

8. Dr. Gasser El Barbary

· 5 reviews

Administrative Zone, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Dr. Gasser El Barbary: what do users think?
Rasha Alaa: Doctor Jasser.May God honor you and put it in the balance of your good deeds as much as you benefit people. Seriously, you are very good. I wish you all the best.

9. SincerelyV

· 4 reviews

25A Street 84, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Antifat

· 11 reviews

Villa No. 8, Street 275, Maadi, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

11. Zööba

· 3059 reviews

16 26 July St, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

12. Dr Iman Kamel

· 9 reviews

شارع ٧٧ج, Al Goalf, Maadi, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Dr Nutrition دكتور نيوترشن للرشاقة

· 4 reviews

327H+72J, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Dr Mohamed Omar Salem

· 5 reviews

35 Mohammed Farid, Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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15. Diet Delight

· 26 reviews

New Cairo near, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Osana Family Wellness & Cafe

· 594 reviews

11431, 4 El-Nady, Al Nadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Dr.Maha Radamis Clinic

· 17 reviews

6 Nabil El Wakad St, Al Golf, Ard, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

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18. Freshii

· 3 reviews

68 Al Merghani, St, Nasr City, الوادي الجديد، Egypt

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