Best Mobile Phone Stores Cairo Near Me

Eltamimi Stores mobile shop Mobile Shop Radio Shack Mobile Shop Mobile Shop mobile shop Authorized Huawei experience store Cairo Festival City Orange HUAWEI Authorized Service Center-Cairo-Nozha Mobile Shop Mobile Shop


1. Eltamimi Stores

· 5 reviews

25 Al Bustan St, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Eltamimi Stores: what do users think?
Khlood Khalile: professional stuff and good quality
abdelrahman Ahmed: The best mobiles and the best treatment in Egypt

2. mobile shop



· 117 reviews

052 Ghamra Bridge, Al Qbeisi, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

mobile shop: what do users think?
salah 2381: 👍
Sameh Hozayen: There is a reasonable variety of different devices and accessories, although some products are high in price and some are not of the desired quality despite their high price compared to other similar alternative places.
عصام غالى غالى: full of all
Ibrahem Ali: One of the wonderful shops in the treatment
Hazem: A good place to visit 😊
Ashraf Rafat: It does not have abundant exhibits, despite its privileged location, which needs development
Kirollos Mikheal: Good mobiles and offers
Marwa Allam: A little bit expensive but the devices are really really good..they don't wasted nor ruined easily
Mahmoud Qenawy: Weather there very hot
Manal Ashor: Foolish things
Mohamed shreif Khater: amazing
عثمان الفقي: An excellent place to sell all mobile devices of all categories and sizes and all mobile brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Infinix, Oppo, Nokia and even all tabs of all shapes, brands, sizes and colors, even Apple in all its shapes, sizes and prices, and they have all accessories for all kinds Mobile phones include batteries, headphones, screens, touch screens, or even flash drives that work on mobile phones or computers.
niazy maher: It is very normal and it cannot develop itself and you cannot pay any bill for it even though it is located in a very special place
Ayman Mahmoud: Free of all products and the argument is no stock
MOHAMED ZAKI: It's very expensive shop 🏪 for 📱 mobile
Baher Bahgat: They have no credibility and one thing is said and another is done
Seham Shaker: Nice place and all the people there are helpful and friendly
Abobakr Madyan: Excellent
Magdy Aboelela: good
mhmmd Mostafa: The worst Mobil gas station, immersed in gasoline mixers, and from experience
farid mahmoud: excellent

3. mobile shop

· 106 reviews

34 Al Bustan St, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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mobile shop: what do users think?
كرم حسين: Of course, it was excellent, but now the branch has closed and another new mobile store has replaced it, also called Takeme. TECH ME
Hadeer nasr: It is very nice and the deal is good, but the address should be in more detail, because this is the Xiaomi branch in Al Mafrod, so the address should be clearer than that
Sameh Hozayen: A reasonable variety of devices and accessories with the high prices of some products despite their undistinguished quality compared to similar stores.
Ahmed Takl: decent
أسامة الشريف: Beautiful
أحمد بن فؤاد بن عاشور المزين: It's okay with the prices
محمد صبري محمد: To some extent
Karim HardWare: A mobile shop is one of the secured places and you can buy your needs from it while you are reassured
r r: Original things with warranty, but a little more expensive than the market
ali mahmoud: An excellent place in installments on a lot of credit, but the problem is that it is expensive on the outside, and I don't know why
Mohammed Hamd (Memo Al-Sharkawy82): A place where everything from a needle to a missileOf course, the prices are very high
كابتن تامر العسال: Very beautiful
Shereen Helmy: Variety of products with wonderful customer service
IBRAHIM Shapaan: All kinds of mobiles
mohsen husain: High prices
Abdullah Ehab Hajjaj: Everything is new
super city stars: Haithem
Khalaf ABO EL HASSAN: I went to a mobile shop to buy a Lenovo tablet

4. Mobile Shop

· 123 reviews

115 Mohammed Farid, 146, وسط البلد،, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Amr Fouad: middle
Khaled Ibrahim: It is located on Mohamed Farid Street, near Tahrir Street and Abdeen SquareSells mobile phones and mobile accessories to international brands
د ياسر عبيدو Yasser Abeadou: Good deal but the place outside is crowded
Mohamed Elsawy: There is no merchandise....
Mohamed Mahmoud Hanafi: This is the worst place to get anything from! They sell illusions and exorbitant prices, which they analyze with bogus services that do not exist
Nabil Mostafa: Mobile store
hamada Tantawy: A check place with approved needs and bank installments
Asem Barakat: All kinds of mobiles and their accessories
Tarek Abdel-salam: Very bad experience.. The shop is gone out of business without any notice. After a long walk to the place.. It is locked.
Abdu Radwan: The branch of Mohamed Farid closes at 10 pm
weka fox: The prices are higher than the market and the treatment is poor
abdulrahman ismael elsayed sakr: Great shortage of exhibits
mohamed abdelattif: It is one of the secured places where you buy mobile phones and accessories for the mobile phone, and it is a very, very, very, very secured place. The people there are very nice. They always make a lot of offers in a mobile shop or a computer shop. They are both following each other.
Mostafa Almasry: Not bad
SADAM Mohamed: Quite excellent
Alaa Khaled: You will find what you need from mobile phones and mobile accessories
mahmoud elbadry: Shop all brands of expensive and guaranteed mobile phones
omer Zidan: Nice handling

5. الابرار

13 Youssef El-Gendy, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

6. Radio Shack Mobile Shop

· 260 reviews

23 ش عبد الخالق ثروت،, 11613 011 ABD ELKHALEK THARWAT, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Radio Shack Mobile Shop: what do users think?
GTD Amro: Doesn't have phones, please edit title
Waleed Joumaa: Can I have a WhatsApp number to send you a job?
Mostafa Sayed: I had bought a headset from their Sennheiser cx sport and there was a problem with it after 3 months, I returned them and replaced it when they were sure of the problem.
Baha Saad: An excellent place and you are guaranteed to buy something from it to live
احمد عطا الفحام: Somewhat good
Mina Georgy: Not have variety of product
Tarek Ahmed: Good
د.منصور محمد: Mobile sales and mobile requirements
Mohamed shaker: phones
ابراهيم علي: acceptable
Abd El Monaam Al' Alaily: Have good electronic devices
andrew girgis: High prices & I think they will end
Mostafa Almasry: It's expensive but not bad
Amr Amro: It has excellent equipment
Mariam Abdel Razek: 👍🌹
Rashed Badri: Variety of options
Waleed Rashad: expensive
momen El Husseiny: A good branch, fast service, and prices are slightly higher than others, but it is guaranteed at a high rate

7. Mobile Shop

· 264 reviews

محل رقم 233,234 الكائن فى السوق التجارى منطقة الخدمات المنزلية, داخل كمبيوتر شوب / امام راديو شاك, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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8. Mobile Shop

· 11 reviews

Unnamed Rd, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


9. mobile shop

· 220 reviews

1 ابراج مامكو, Nile Corniche, Maadi, Egypt

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Nero Raël Moretti: Best thing at this store, you can try some of the phones before you buy them, the staff is also friendly
ايهاب هدهود: Just expensive
Ramy Hessin: Original spare parts
مصطفى عمرو: There are many different brands that allow you to make the perfect choice
Mohamed Toson: hilarious
ezzat anwer: A very excellent store in the sale and maintenance
il Re: Bello
Osama Osama: I liked
Ali Mostafa: Unreasonable prices for similar products in the market are much cheaper
mohamed gasser: Excellent service, an organized and air-conditioned place, and there are places for customers to sit
Mostafa Lotfy: excellent service
Mohamed Alkelane: You can't find what you want from the first time
Rashad Ashraf: Excellent service
Ahmes Omar: So expensive comparing with another online stores.
Khaled Moner: The latest models are available with warranty
Kareem Ismail: Over rated
Ahmed Mohy ElDin Ali: Good enough
Kotomoto Gh: The place of smartphone technology, electronic devices and bill payment for Vodafone

10. Huawei Authorized Experience shop - Downtown

· 49 reviews

Sherif Basha, Bab Al Louq, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Huawei Authorized Experience shop - Downtown: what do users think?
Ahmed Gabr: very good
mohamed anber: One of the best Huawei branches in dealing and products
Mahmoud Hussein (Abo Yazan): Good place to have a look on huawei products
Tarek Saleh: View all Huawei products and most of the workers understand their work and provide you with the necessary information
Ahmed Hezza: Some products are not available in store
Ramiz Ahmad: wow
Sherif Samy: decent people
Joseph Ayoub: Items for shopping are really good stuff ..
Mohamed Hassan: Dealing with sellers is bad and they annoy the customer and do not want to understand what the customer wants
محمد جميل الشوادفى: Excellent customer service
ahmed badry: The problem is waiting, even without an Arabic. Excellent place and excellent service
Wissam Amged: Most of the products are not available and it took a long time to get my order
Pergo Elgen: Good location, good customer serviceBut the service is slow
Ahmed Al Jammal: Very respectful and helpful
Hamada Tahha: I bought a laptop from them today
Mokhtar Samy Mokhtar Mohamed Samy Al-Henkary: Veryyyy bad
Hussien Ahmed: Close bad customer service
shaden el kasry: Nice place and needs to display more mobiles

11. Union Mobile Stores

· 87 reviews

25 Al Bustan St, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Orange

· 29 reviews

Ismail Mohammed, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


13. Authorized Huawei experience store Cairo Festival City

· 35 reviews

كايرو فستيفال سيتي، مدينة نصر،, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

Address Website

14. Orange

· 326 reviews

366C+8V7, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. Viva For Mobile

السراج سيتى مول, ش Atiya Al Sawalhi, Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. S 2 Tel For Mobile

42 ش رشدى, مول جوهر, العتبة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. HUAWEI Authorized Service Center-Cairo-Nozha

· 1469 reviews

53, Nozha, Street, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

18. Mobile Shop

· 83 reviews

شارع عمر بن الخطاب، مصر الجديدة, داخل سيتي ستارز -المرحلة الاولي - الدور الاول, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

19. Moment For Mobile

ش عطية الصوالحى امتداد ش مكرم عبيد السراج سيتى مول - برج 1 - الدور الارضى, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Mobile Shop

· 194 reviews

داخل كمبيوتر شوب, 6 Khaled Ibn Al Walid, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

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