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El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy صيدلية العزبي El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy El Ezaby Pharmacy Al Zahra صيدلية رشدى El Ezaby Pharmacy

1. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 74 reviews

Police Station, 99 El-Abaseya St Next To, El Weili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
Tom Adam: God heal everyone
Izzadheva R Haramain: Excellent!
Vip H i m person: Crowded and slow service
سالي منتصر: Excellent pharmacy
Mohamed Abas: One of the best pharmacies in Egypt
Islam Salah: Very bad customer service
Ahmed Elharery: I was looking for treatment, thank God 👍
سليمان محمد عقله: fairly good
Tarik Gad: Small but good
Mohamed A: Very good pharmacy as all of El Ezaby branches ❤️
momen El Husseiny: Very good
Mohammed Bemo - محمد بيمو (bemo's life style): Cool
ahmed abdelwahab: The axis of the convergence of the regions north of Cairo with its south
ahmed saleh: The best map program
mahmoud tarek: Nice place
Mahmoud Fkar: good
Waleed Saeed: Crowded most of the day
MoHaMeD ELtOkHiY: مخ
Dr Ahmed Elsadaty د أحمد الساداتي: The best pharmacy chain in Egypt
ابو أبرار: زيارة للقاهرة

2. El Ezaby Pharmacy



· 36 reviews

69 Manial El Roda St Pasha Sq, Cairo Governorate 11553, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
Ahmed mamdouh: v.good, sometimes lacks the drugs.
Alaa Mohamed: تعامل محترم
Eman Hagar: تعاملهم سيء جدا و يرفض يعطي معلومات عن الاسعار و يتكلم بقرف و يرمي الاشياء
Ali Nawar: أهم حاجة يبيع وخلاص، الاسعار غالية مقارنة بصيدليات تانية، حاجات كتير ناقصة
Said Osman: للاسف الخدمه بطيئه للغايه كما لو كانوا يؤدون لك ميزه لسماع طلبك .. اثنين صيادلة تحت التمرين مشغولين ملىء استماره يبدو تأمين صحى وانتظرت فى كلا اليومين ٢٠ دقيقه حتى أجد شخص يسمع طلبى. غايه للاسف لن اكرر الزياره حتى لو كانوا يعطونك الادويه مجانا ..د.سعيد عثمان
khalid abdelaziz: كانت فى الفترة السابقة تعتبر. صيدليات العزبى من أهم الصيدليات الموجودة فى مصر إلا أنه فى الفترة الحالية أصبحت غير سابق عهدها وذلك لندرة العديد من الأدوية طرفها .
ItsNotBarny: Al-Najah Pharmacy, unfortunately, El-Ezaby bought all the pharmacies and turned them into purely commercial
Magd Almuntaser: All medicines are local and some are imported
Farh Salah: One of the best pharmacies, honestly, the efficiency of work
رحيم الصالحي: respectable pharmacy
Salma Ahmed: The branch is missing a lot of things
الزنبقة البيضاء: One of the best pharmacies in Egypt with branches in all cities of Egypt..
Ahmed Wesam: El-Ezaby Pharmacy is a large pharmacy with several branches. The indicator is located on Manial Street
خالد أحمد العميسي: I wonder what is the reason for the decline of El-Ezaby pharmacies? There are so many medicines that are not available
Mohamed B: The level of performance and services is declining every day more and more
اسلام و Sezim: Good medicine service
•༻Princess magic༺• Lutf: A respectable pharmacy in terms of therapeutic and cosmetic medicines, but its prices are a little high
Mohammed El-ShiShiny: No specific interaction to judge but overall good place.
اللهم ما ارزقنا الطريق إلى الجنة: Excellent
احمد امين: A respectable
Abdullmoneam Harhash: Saliya El-Ezaby in Manial

3. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 73 reviews

123 Abdel Aziz, Al Saud St, Cairo Governorate 11553, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
GREAT Dentist: I came on 3/17/202312:03 amThere is a doctor who wears glasses and a coatAnd there is almost as much as you understood an assistant employee who wears the clothes of the pharmacy, not the robeThe doctor treats him not sweet caravanAsk about sunblockTo the assistant, the assistant asked the doctorThe doctor said I don't knowGod blessTo the kind replyHow do you not know!Nor when I ask the same doctor about the price of somethingBird coldBaardThe opposite of the assistant is pressured, but his morals are high, and he contains the bishop. Greetings to him. My advice to the doctor is that we appreciate the pressure of the job, but one can work on himself to face the a nice wayGood luck
Ndo: Its branches are everywhere, they praised it for us, but all the medicines I requested from them did not get
AHMED ElSAWY: All medicines are available
Mohmed Abbas: Very respectful
محمد النادي: excellent
Dr. Mohamed Abd Allah: Nice
Mahmoud Abohissen: Very very expensive
عبدالرحمن الثويني: El-Ezaby pharmacies provide local and imported medicines.
Magi Mohd: Such bad behavior, low standardsSo disappointed!!
Mohamed Abu Gabal: Good service and understanding people
Kyrillos Nassim: Good service!
Karam Melad: There is no parking
العلاء بن محمد: The best pharmacy in Egypt
محمد المعصار: An excellent pharmacy, and you find most of the medicines that are not available in most pharmacies, but if you come to buy medicines for more than 2000 pounds, they check them 😁
Mohamed Moniem: Wrong information
Saeed Hadi: Some workers don't know how to read, hate prescriptions
محمد ابراهيم: Excellent company and great services
م . يحيى الزيني: They do not honor their contract
ali mahmoud: Very nice pharmacies with the best pharmacy service
Youssef Hassan: El Ezaby pharmacies are one of the biggest chains of pharmacies in Cairo, but this is one of there smallest branches in Cairo.

4. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 31 reviews

23 El Amin Sami St, Kasr al ainy, Cairo Governorate 11562, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
waleed Abdelwanis: مكان منظم ونظيف جدا والعاملون محترمين للغايه
Mohamed Galal: ممتازه
C. Carrgua: Medications I needed were available and reasonably priced
Saeid Kasem: من افضل الصيدليات علي الاطلاق مقارنه طبعا بالصيدليات الاخري
Kadg Androw: بيتنا التانياداره المشروعات الدور الثامن
Mohamed Nabil: للاسف الصيادلة اللي موجودين معندهومش خبره في قراية الروشتة وعدد الجرعات المكتوبةياريت اي حد بيشتري علاج يراجع الادوية قبل مايستلمها من عندوهم ويتاكد أن الجرعات المكتوبة هي نفس الجرعات اللي محددها الدكتور المعالج
عبدالرحمن الحداد: كل العلاجات متوفره عنده
Ndo: موجوده بكل مكان وتلبي الاجتباحات لكن بعض الادوية لا اجدها وطلبتها عبر التليفون ويقولون موجوده لمااذهب يقولون غير متوفرة
عبدالله ابراهيم: جيد جدا
OMAR: صيدلة ممتازة متوفر فيها اغلب الادوية
Emad Rashad: Excellent experts in pharmacy and cosmetology
Mostafa Ramdan: Good pharmacy but is very crowded and too much waiting
Mahmoud Hegazy: Good and good location
Walaa Farouk: fantastic place
رايد الجبري: very beautiful and wonderful
ABRAAM SAAD: Nice place and the service is very good
2͜͡youssef: One of the best and distinguished pharmacies
Hussein Sayed: Excellent service, very respectful treatment, and all medicines are available

5. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 37 reviews

46 Bahgat Ali, St, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali: لم اجد بعض المنتجات
محمد نجمي: متكامله
Amani Saif: الموظفين متعاونين جداً وحتى لو متوفر العلاج بيحاولوا يساعدوا
Mido Manse123: مافي اهتمام بالمره
Sarah Alhamlan: متوفرة معظم منتجات La Roche-Posayمن أفضل الصيدليات في الزمالك ولديهم عروض جيدة 👍🏻
hasan ali: من افضل الصيدليات في مصر
mohamed adel: pharmacy
Abdelwahab Ashraf: Not all imported stuffBut it is very good, there are things that are not found in other pharmacies
AhMed KhaMes: Good service
abo adel: One of the most widespread pharmacies chains in Egypt. It is distinguished by the unified decoration that makes you recognize it from a distance. Also, the treatment is good from the workers, most of whom are pharmacists doctors, unlike what is common in other popular pharmacies, where the present is not qualified. It is distinguished by the presence of locally manufactured Egyptian medicines and imported medicines as well A beauty section with most of the products available in the market from various Egyptian and international companies. It also has a section for children’s care and a section for people with special needs.
حنان الكون: I really love El-Ezaby PharmacyBut this branch specifically, every time I go I buy from them and they say we don't have the rest, there is no change and they give me sweetsSyrian, I won't collect sweets. Every time I enter, I get something from the pharmacy
Ahmed Omar: excellent service
Nada Khattab: This pharmacy in particular has a lot of products i didnt find anywhere else. Especially beauty products
Mohamed Gamal El Deen: 24 hours service
Ahmed Reyad (SoKeR): Solid pharmacy
محمد فاروق: A pharmacy where you can find everything you need.Excellent service.
Aliaa M. Abaza: A bit pricey but has a lot of items

6. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 47 reviews

134 Al Bahr Al Aazam, St, Giza District, Giza Governorate 12511, Egypt

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El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali: غالبا تجد جميع احتياجاتك
Mhamad Mhamad Mhamad: لايوجد بها اكثر العلاجات نرجو توفير الادوية كونها في شارع البحر الاعظم ويوجد ععد سكاني كبير في المنطقة
The Punisher: Good service 👍
أيمن خطاب: الخدمة جيدة
ali Abdo: افضل الصيدليات
mohammed alziyadi: صيدليه كامله وجميع الادويه موجوده لديهم
مُعـَــاذْ: ماشاءالله من اكثر الصيدليات انتشاراً
Yanboo3 Store: very helpful
Ahmad Hmadh: الشغالين معاملتهم سيئه جداً جداً حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
ابراهيم مكاوي: اللي مش هتلاقيه بره في الصيدليات هتلاقيه فى العزبى
Mohamed Elnady: ❤️
قرآنى جنتى: خدمة ممتازة
حجاج محمد إبراهيم: صيدلية العزبي من أفضل الصيدليات الاستثمارية في مصر وغالبا ما يوجد بها غالبية جميع الأدوية ومستحضرات التجميل ولها فروع كثيرة وكبيرة والخدمة بها علي قدر عالي من المهنية والأخلاق والسلوك الطيب أوصي بالتجربة فهو مكان ممتاز ويوجد به عاملين جيدين فضلا منكم وليس أمرا رجاء الضغط علي علامة الاعجاب أذا اعجبك الشرح
Khalid Albarakati: Big pharmacy with different products and respectful employees
Mohammed Fathi Abdalrahman: Unfortunately I don't expect such that bad quality / service/ decor/ way of payment
Marina Ashraf: Have several medical supplements and cosmeticsThey do offers every now and then
Shosho Wahba: Guaranteed, hospitable and respectful in dealing 🌺
Mohamed Sand: Excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent
MO'MEN M1: Would you like to call me for a quarter and a half hour?

7. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 43 reviews

185 Ramses, St, Daher, Cairo Governorate 11674, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

8. Roshdy Pharmacies

· 3 reviews

183 El Tahrir, Al Balaqsah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 12 reviews

Mourad St Giza Residence Tower Plot 44 D 46, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
ابوالغضب الغضبان: It was completed
Khaled bin Ali: The best pharmacy in Cairo 👍🏻
mohd biker: Good I found what I needed
fouad Global (Mr fouad): The phone is not answeredPlease delete the written phone number as long as you do not respond to the public

10. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 134 reviews

Roxy, 9 El Koba St, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
El Ezaby Pharmacy: what do users think?
Mahmoud Takesh: ExcellentOf course, the whole chain is known for its distinguished serviceAnd I got a vaccine from them after a lot of winding
Nesrine Haky: Dear pharmacists, taking improper short duration of an antibiotic cause bacterial resistance in the whole community! That is cosidered a malpractice. I was prescribed an antibiotic by culture. The call centre refused to send me the whole course at once! !
عمرو ربيع: Pretty good
Omar Sabra: Great service but no more products..
ScorpionFury: Nice place, but a bit crowded
Mohamed Farag: The most gentle people in dealing, they are not completely respectful, and they make people wait a lot and have a lack of taste. I do not recommend dealing with them, and God willing, I will speak to the insurance company to cancel the contract with them
حمدي احمدعلي: Excellent but some medicines are not available
Taher Mohamed Salah: Good pharmacy
amr amr: He was crowded all the time and was late in dispensing the treatment
Ahmed Mahmoud: Respected pharmacy
Ayman Ahmed: Great place and great staff and very helpful.
Islam Ahmed: It has many shortcomings
engy adel: Excellent . Its application works 24 hours a day as well. Cooperating staff, fast delivery inside and outside Cairo. You can buy online with the possibility of payment upon receipt. Through the instant payment machine with the delivery representative 😊
shady elmasry: The level of response to my required request is very unprofessional. I was holding something on the phone, but I found it, and there is something else.
samy gouda: Excellent, especially the Rox branch, which is in the Roxy sign, where most of the medicines that remain missing
Abdallah H.: Crowded, and always wait too long
Romany Emad: Sweet style, beautiful system
mostafa dash: Happy to deal with them and helpful
stamps fan: Premium service
سالي منتصر: صيدليه متكامله للاصناف المحليه والمستورده
Amr Bahnasey: صيدليه العزبي فرع مصر والسودان مكان صيدليه الحياه قديما ولكن هذا الفرع ردئ في المعامله وتمت الشكوي الاداره صيدليات العزبي وبصراحه تم تفعيل الشكوي من قبل الإدارة .

11. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 59 reviews

Talaat Harb Sq Shop, Downtown, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. صيدلية العزبي

· 49 reviews

Ninety St Shop R1, 07 Downtown Mall Cairo القاهرة, 11835, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 12 reviews

208 Abou El-Farag, Al Mabyadah, Rod El Farag, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 141 reviews

22 Mossadak, St, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12611, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 139 reviews

11 Syria, St, Agouza, Giza Governorate 12655, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Al Zahra

· 10 reviews

Ibn Sendar, AZ Zaytoun Al Qebleyah, Zeitoun, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. صيدلية رشدى

· 3 reviews

Nile St, Al Huwaiteyah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. El Ezaby Pharmacy

· 58 reviews

19 Ibrahim Fahmy St, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Roshdy Pharmacies

· 3 reviews

166 Abou El-Farag, Rod Al Farag Al Balad, Rod El Farag, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. صيدلية رشدى

· 12 reviews

Al Mahkama St Shop No. 39 Cairo, 11835, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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