Best Skateboarding Lessons Cairo Near Me

Skatepark Academy Hall 1 Cairo Stadium Decathlon Nike


1. Skatepark Academy

· 36 reviews

3C8F+23H, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Skatepark Academy: what do users think?
Walaa Mohamed: Very good
Kenzii Khaled: sweet
Mikaello: One of a kind in Egypt, you'll often find semi pros always willing to teach you tricks or give you tips on how to better your form
Catalina Castro: There is not working
Hany Soliman: You will fall means you will fall
Gama Abd elhady: excellent
onzehuistv onzehuistv: Always closed.
Mohamed Salama: Best scatepark I have ever seen but it is a little bit old.
Tarek Rihan: Good place in every detail
Civil Eng Mohamed Elsayed: useful
Yahya Bassiouni: Dont go skating there the condition of the skate park is trash and you have to pay 80EGPIt is only for bmxBut the workers are really good
Yasseen Omar: It was amazing
Ibrahim Barkat: lit place

2. Hall 1 Cairo Stadium



· 42 reviews

3894+XV8, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Hall 1 Cairo Stadium: what do users think?
Faouzia: Such a bad place to hold a show there like cirque du soleil it completely misses the ambiance that show bring. Bad lighting, cold, uncomfortable chairs. The show deserves more credit but because of the location you don’t see it.
Mostafa Elbaradie: Hall 1 is
Sebastijan Piletič: Lepa in zelo umazana dvorana.
محمد كمال جادالله محمد محمد: Honorable party
Osama Abd El-Fatah: good place
Tarek Zakaria: There is no side lighting or at the exits. The stairs are narrow and very cold
Aiman Al-adhami: A very nice place in generalThe bathrooms are not clean
asmaa anwar: A place in the extreme
Mohamed Hamed: Junior & cadet fencing world championships in egypt 2021
preeti vijay: Difficult to location in Map unless you ask people around
waleed elgamal: Hail's place needs more attention
Pina de la: Asistí al mundial de volibol femenirl sub18, muy triste, sin público sólo estábamos los papás de jugadoras y mucha vigilancia.
ملك ملاك: Great
Amir Naguib: great stadium
Yasser Abdelmoniem Ali: مجمع الصالات المغطاه ستاد القاهرة(Translated by Google

3. صالة الباتيناج

· 0 reviews

48CX+GR8, Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 4470511, Egypt


4. Decathlon

· 113 reviews

39J7+WMV, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
Decathlon: what do users think?
Omar Nagy: The interview is good and cooperative, but the place is expensive
Sherif AbdelSalam: Although it is stated clearly that closing time is 11:00 pm, yet still they are closed 30 minutes before time !!!Totally unprofessional & waste of time !!
Ibrahim Alfalodah: Nice store
Ahmed Farouk: Like it
A.moniem Helmy: Respectable people who offer a unique experience in buying, different quality and product experience
Hesham Hussein: High quality
Dr. Rami Shurrab: The store needs more organization than it is
top line toner: Too high prices
Eslam Salah: Great place for purchasing sports wear and all stuff related to sport, hiking, gym, camping, water sportsThe prices is great and the place is full will all the essintial equipments that you will need
Eman sheta: I love this placeU can spend long time enjoying the shoppingThey have all what u need regarding sports shoppingHiking and camping staff are really special theirSwimming suits also are uniqueI don’t like shows there.. they have great offers
عبدالرحمن محمد: beloved
عبوات فوارغ چراكن براميل بلاستيك بولي ايثلين: amazing
Osama Fahmy: Unfortunately, prices skyrocketed
Bahaa Fathi: Good store for anything concerning to sports.
Kareem Nasser: Very suitable for all famous and not so famous sports
Hafiz Sayed: Great service and products
Nermeen Mohamed: Everything you need for sports equipment and various materials
Noha Roushdy: Variety of sportswear and equipments that you can ever think of yet started to be a little expensive than when it started.
Khaled Ellaboudy: Very interresting store. Prices are high

5. Nike

· 4 reviews

4 Nile Corniche, Tag Ad Dewal, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

6. Nike

· 132 reviews

Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Nike: what do users think?
Àhméid Sàïéd: Guru new lookFor Nike Lebanon
MOHAMMED ALQAHTANI: I am standing in front of the store, the staff is inside, and it is closed at 11:30 am. Please take care of customers
Khaled Ezzat: Friendly staff bgd
Abo Hamza: Good place and reasonable price
Maha Amin: Good merchandise, but there is no air conditioner in the women's section
sameh safwat: Sportswear store
Abdulmohsen Alotaibi: Needless to say
Hima Saleh (Ghost): Bad service and no customer care
سعيد النادي: One of the most important models in Egypt
Mohamed Elmasry: The Air conditioner was so bad
Sameeh Ahmed: Nice but was crowded when I went there … only disadvantage is the cashier … needs management
Abdulrhman toriman: Fire prices
Khaled Shaker: High quality clothing at an affordable price
محمد القرني: Items are very limited on my last visit
Mohamed Abdelnaby: It a very nice place and helpful guys are working there
Ramy Ali: Helpful staff but limited collection and high prices
Mohamed fathy: Nice place.
Malek Amr: Stock is a little underwhelming
Hanan crafts: Beautiful, but there must be sizes suitable for veiled women and those who are overweight who want to wear sportswear in order to motivate them to exercise

7. Nike

· 17 reviews

Al Abageyah, Manshiyat Naser, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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