Best Baseball Shops In Cairo Near Me

Wilson Egypt Wilson Decathlon Cairo Festival City Sports Mall Sports Mall Nike Sports Mall Baba Saleh Decathlon Mall of Arabia Nike Asics Decathlon Adidas DSQUARED2 STORE CAIRO Metallic - ميتاليك


1. Wilson Egypt

· 45 reviews

4099 شارع الكورنيش ، المعراج ،، شارع الكورنيش، محافظة القاهرة‬،, Egypt

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Wilson Egypt: what do users think?
yasin 3mr: In from the paddle tragedy 21,23
Haytham Ghorab: Excellent place for tennis tools
Irfan Ali: Nice place 👌🏻
Mohamed Hussien: excellent
Waleed Rashad: Very good brand and nice people
محمود شحاتة محمود شحاتة: The most beautiful place in Egypt
Yomna Emad: Nice collection
Ahmed Abdullah: sweet
Khaled Farouk: Showroom of Wilson the famous brand
مصطفي صالح: 🇪🇬
waleed amin: Respectable people
Ahmed Abd Elsalam: Good

2. Wilson



· 66 reviews

38C9+5JV, Rabaa Al Adaweyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Wilson: what do users think?
Mohamed Ibrahim: All of tennis accessories found there
drtahseen samir: Excellent and Premium
Yasser Ali: ونعم الناس
Hugo 7: Not there
Ahmad Rabie: Best place for stringing racket
جرجس اسحاق: Authentic products ♥️
XMANOSPROX YT: اسعاره غالية جدااا
Yasser Mosataf Wafiq Abdel Aziz (water): هايل
fajar amin: good
New Idea: very expensive
NABIL NASHIRI: I want Ask U. Have u badminton ball?
Mohamed Abdallah Seoud: They can fix any racket
Ahmed Moneim: One of the best store for sports goods
Hazem Magdy: خدمه جيده و سريعه
Mahmoud Sameh: Excellent
niazy maher: مكان جميل وبه كافة الأدوات الرياضية وخاصة مضارب الاسكواش والتنس وتصلييح المضارب ولكن المكان صغير جدا واسعاره غاليه
吴XQ: 很不错,但稍微小了一点
rody mousa: Because it's too expensive
Eyad Nasser: Reasonable and acceptable
Mohamed abu saif: Good and fast service
eiad zahran: Good shopping place

3. Decathlon Cairo Festival City

· 2349 reviews

Cairo Festival Mall, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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Decathlon Cairo Festival City: what do users think?
Wael Ali: I love this branch as it is big enough to hold everythingBut strangely I found it not well organised as usual
Yasser Omran: Respectful place and top people
Hans Heinz Dilthey: Die Preise haben ganz ordentlich angezogen...auch in Euro umgerechnet. In Europa kauft man bei Decathlon günstiger. Beratung war kompetent und unaufdringlich.
bomb voyage: It has everything
Daniel Urdaneta: Just coming from that shop. The staff is horrible and the security is awful. A bunch of people who don’t know customer service.
Ahmed Ismail: The place is very beautiful and really needs a lot of time to shop, and I think it is the best place for shopping in Egypt
Ragab Hafiez: Place for sports wears
Hady Hassouna: Great shop
Tony Mehsen: A shop for all kind of sports for very affordable prices
Ahmed Shawky: Great quality. Prices vary but over all they are moderate
lbrahim Abo Mohammad: excellent service
Moushir Abdallah: Very helpful staff... thank u
Amir Sayed: Very good & high quality wear
محمد على محمد: A variety of clothes and sports equipment in various fields, prices that suit the luxury of the international brands offered, and wonderful presentation methods
ahmed amazizo: Amazing shop with resealable prices. A lot of sports clothes and equipment over there only place in egypt have that much. Everything there are labeled with descriptions and advice for use. Also they are doing a real discaound. They have a place where you can try the sport equipment.
Mohamed Waleed: Its an all in one store where u can find all you wish for just in one placeSports wearHikingSurfingHorse ridingAny sport you can think of
N. Meriden: Great in every thing... perfect store for all athletes
Amr Ibrahim: من أفضل الأماكن لشراء الادوات الرياضية خصوصا الكوتشي جوده و سعر ممتاز
Big A: جيد
Khalid Shafik: مكان غاية الجمال متوفر به جميع الماركات العالميه
Ahmed Omar: I’ve bought a ball a few times from here and they always get punctured. Don’t waste your money on buying footballs from here especially the Kipsta balls.

4. Sports Mall

· 2039 reviews

80 Shehab, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Sports Mall: what do users think?
Ali Mahmoud: amazing
عقارات المهندسين: There are sports clothes and shoes
Pop Man: Beautiful
Jana Hesham: This place is more than wonderful and offers different prices for each product, and this is a very convenient thing due to the high prices that we see. I want the simple things that you will find. I want the brands. You will find it also one of the best sports places. I have another comment on the treatment of the staff, some of whom are very respectful, and those who do not like you, so they need to improve their manner and receive customers in a more welcoming manner, but today I dealt with a young man from the staff who was very respectful and very welcoming. Unfortunately, I do not know his name, but thanks to him for his kind treatment.
MOHAMED ZAHER: Best sports option
Mohamed Kotb: Great
حافظ السبكي: ممتازه
Mohamed Ghorab: Wide variety of products, as well as different brands and colors. Offers and sales too at this period back to school
جوده رفاعى جودة: مكان فى كل حاجه
Mahmoud Kiki: المكان يضم بضائع جميلة واصليه ومتنوعة ولكن الاسعار مبالغ فيها جدا
amr shaaban: خامات ممتازة
A Naeem: فيه تقريبا كل البرندات ممكن تكون موديلات اقدم بس اسعار كويسه
Ahmed El Naggar: مكان ممتاز والموظفين محترمين جدا
EHAB El Molla: Needs Immediate Renovation for the whole place. Other than that it's still a good choice
Mohamed Nabil: All you need for sport under one roof
Nisreen Ferozpurwala: Nice place
Wael Rehan: ممتاز
Ahmed Hussein: Products are good, but one of the store sellers is acting like a gold digger girl who runs after rich looking men

5. Sports Mall

· 278 reviews

80 شارع شهاب, Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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جوده رفاعى جودة: A place for every need
Mahmoud Kiki: The place includes beautiful, original and varied goods, but the prices are very exaggerated
amr shaaban: Premium materials
A Naeem: Almost all brands may be older models, but the prices are good
Ahmed El Naggar: Excellent place and very respectful staff

6. Nike

· 32 reviews

عمارات ميلسا, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nike: what do users think?
Anas time: Very nice staff are very helpful
Ahmed Rashed: 4 years ago💫, I started to buy Nike brand and actually I like it but🎤 today I hate📢 everything because of what happened of cheating🤬, dishonesty,☠️ lack of integrity 🤡attitude, they changed the👀 size to a higher one 😱while I am getting two from same brand and model😣 but different sizes,😳 how come! Take a good care🙇‍♂️ when you deal with them🙇‍♀️, never trust 😼them again and for me never deal with this branch and maybe that brand 💔again
Seif Brazily: For me, it is the best sportswear company ever. I love it and it is always my first and last choice in sportswear❤️
NIMAH MAGHFURI: ملابس رياضيه فخمه وراقيه اجود واريح جزم تلاقيها عندهم والوانها مودرن وشيك
Nehal Gamal: Favorite Footwear brand
Yasser Mostafa: Very few products but good service
Ramy Habachi: Best Place To Buy A Sneaker
amr hifny: غالى جدا
Ahmed EL Hawary: great collection
Mohamad Ayman: حلو لس غالي
Mohammed Altamimi: Their prices are expensive
hesham A.Azim: I love this brand but they are exaggerating the prices
Mina Masoud (‫مينا مسعود‬‎): Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area
salama Group: Excellent sportswear
Mohamed Essam: Rude and unprofessional staff. Item's prices are way too high.
Sherif Halim: The best products
Loai Khaled: Way way too expensive but nice products
Mohamed Magdy: there is no variety
Kamel Nabil: Their collection is always great.
Ramez Mankarious: Nike women

7. Sports Mall

· 658 reviews

386M+Q9V, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sports Mall: what do users think?
Maha El-Rayess: اسعار كويسه و ناس خدومه جدا
Sherif Goher: Very good pupole
mohamed abd elghany: كويس و متنوع بس غالي شويه
Ahmed Mamdouh: Need a female customer assistant personnel
Ali Hatem: It's a nice and clean place, but the system of selling in installments needs to be modified, especially the valu service, which is only available in the Dokki branch
mohamed khyralaah: All you need from sports tools and devices, all international posts
Ahmed Mansour: It has everything a person needs in terms of sports equipment, varying prices, and international agencies
Michael Abdelmalak: I Was looking for weights for my legs and it was the only sports shop that could help meThe stuff there is definitely good and very qualified for helping
ادريس الشاردة: A place where everything related to sports activities is available with a beautiful diversity and the most beautiful materials for everything related to sports in this place
Mohamed Hafez: Everything related to sports is available
Handball Magazine Egyptian: The sports wear and equipment shop in Egypt that I know of.. flexible ,honorable, and excellent refund policy .. well done management..
Mina Halim: Everything related to sports is available hereThe prices may vary according to the item neededSome items are very expensevie and other are very cheap
firey suit: Best sports shopping center in cairo
Omar Ramzy: Love it , relaxing and has good vibes
Mohamed Mahfuz: جامد
Dr. Wagdy Youssef: Staff are very friendly and helpful
Omar Saeed: In terms of variety, it's the best place. But nothing else than that, the store is so dirty, the staff is few, disorganized, sometimes expensive but yeah again they have plenty of products for real.
alsayed alb adwy: مش حلو اوى
Haitham Abdelkader: My favorite place when want to buy any sports related stuff!!!
Asmaa zaky: اسعار غاليه جدا

8. Baba Saleh

· 951 reviews

5 ش جامعه القاهرة, ميدان, 12211, Egypt

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Baba Saleh: what do users think?
Abdelrahman Nashaat: Reasonable and reasonable prices
mohamed alsaadani: Excellent products and reasonable prices 👌
Menna Hamdy: It's very useful 😀
Rebel m: One of the best stores for sports suppliesVariety and reasonable price
Mohamed Fouly: بضاعة جيدة جدا
Mohamed Magdy: أرشحه بقوه لشراء المستلزمات الرياضيه
sami foad: اجمل ترنجات
عبدالملك المهدي: مكان فيه جميع الأجهزة الرياضيه
Mohamed Farag: محل عريق يوجد به جميع الادوات والملابس الرياضيه واسعارة ممتازه
Mohamed Ali: مكان معقول للتسوق
محمد أحمد علي أحمد: هو متجر ملابس رياضيهوكل ما يخص الرياضيمن ملابسكوراجهاز رياضي
Kerlous Louiz: مكان جميل
Mohamed Hussien: من افضل اماكن بيع اوزان الثقيله
Mustafa Mohamed: Cheap sports equipment
Ahmed Gad: Very good, but I need to talk a lot
Pharmacy & Life John Nagi: بابا صالح محل لبيع الأجهزة و الملابس الرياضية بأفضل الأسعار .. مكان ممتاز فيه أسعار قليلة جدا و الجودة كويسة الى حد كبير. شنط رياضية و ملابس و عجل و اوزان لرياضة رفع الاثقال، كرة قدم و غيره مضارب بينج بونج كل حاجة خاصة بالرياضات و السباحة.الاسعار ممتازةمشكلة المكان انه ضيق شوية و وسط منطقة ميدان الجيزة اللى هى زحمة و مفهاش ركنة للعربية.أنصح به
Ahmed Hussein: All you need for sports equipments
حسين محمود: محل لبيع الملابس والأدوات الرياضيه بميدان الجيزة
العمده ابوالمجد جمال ابوبكر: حاجه جميله
Mahmoud Fakhr: مكان به كل الأدوات الرياضيه

9. Decathlon Mall of Arabia

· 48 reviews

26th of July Corridor, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate 12566, Egypt

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Decathlon Mall of Arabia: what do users think?
Ahmed Orabi: المنتجات بتاعتهم ضعيفة جدا و الضمان بتاعهم اشتغالة اي حاجة يقولك دا سوء استخدام
zahra barr: The only place in egypt that follows real customer rights maybe because they follow french and not egyptian rules
Salma El-Maddah: The kids had lots of fun there and we found what we were looking for.
Cats&nails For nail care and courses: Oh dear, and the staff are all grumbling, and receiving and treating them is so brutal
naglaa Sabra: متوفر به جميع المنتجات الرياضيه بكافه الاسعار
Hend Farghaly: فيه variety كبيرة في الاسعار والخامات ممتازةوبحب فكرة اني انا وابني ممكن نجيب نفس ال sports shoes لان مقاساته من ٢٨ ل٣٩
ramy hassan: افضل ملابس رياضيه
hassan hamdy: محل ملابس وادوات رياضيه مميز بمنتجاته المسميه باسمه
RF V: Mucha variedad y calidad. Buenos precios
Khaled Hassanien: Best of luck
Emad Atef: Variety of products and excellent prices 💯💯💯
ahmed zaki: All you need in one place concerning sport wear and equipment
Hany Elsangary: اسعاره غاليه جدآ بس عنده كا مستلزمات الرياضيين بس مش بالجوده العاليه بالنسبه للاسعار العاليه
Nagy Khattab: بضاعه جيده واسعار مبالغ فيها جداده من فصيلة المحلات اللى تتعامل معاها وقت لما يكون فى سيل أو عروض حقيقيةغير كده اديك بتتفرج وخلاص 😊
Mohmmad Abdelwahab: طبعا منتج جيد لكن الأسعار في مصر اعلى من اسعارهم برة وطبعا مش ذنبهم
Muhammad Refaei: Great place, they have all the sports equipment, in addition to shoes, bicycles, and many different sports equipment.Prices are relatively high, but they are normal for the value of the products and the name of the brand.
Mohamed Omar: I liked the place very much, but the time to pay, I stood for about an hour, while the cashier was confused
Fadi McKean: Lot of variety that you will only find hereFriendly and professional stuffMy favorite place
Hassan Ahmed: The best
Teddy Liu: The shopping center is too big. Easy to lost inside

10. Nike

· 127 reviews

Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Nike: what do users think?
Àhméid Sàïéd: Guru new lookFor Nike Lebanon
MOHAMMED ALQAHTANI: I am standing in front of the store, the staff is inside, and it is closed at 11:30 am. Please take care of customers
Khaled Ezzat: Friendly staff bgd
Abo Hamza: Good place and reasonable price
Maha Amin: Good merchandise, but there is no air conditioner in the women's section
sameh safwat: Sportswear store
Abdulmohsen Alotaibi: Needless to say
Hima Saleh (Ghost): Bad service and no customer care
سعيد النادي: One of the most important models in Egypt
Mohamed Elmasry: The Air conditioner was so bad
Sameeh Ahmed: Nice but was crowded when I went there … only disadvantage is the cashier … needs management
Abdulrhman toriman: Fire prices
Khaled Shaker: High quality clothing at an affordable price
محمد القرني: Items are very limited on my last visit
Mohamed Abdelnaby: It a very nice place and helpful guys are working there
Ramy Ali: Helpful staff but limited collection and high prices
Mohamed fathy: Nice place.
Malek Amr: Stock is a little underwhelming
Hanan crafts: Beautiful, but there must be sizes suitable for veiled women and those who are overweight who want to wear sportswear in order to motivate them to exercise

11. Asics

· 1 reviews

Johayna St, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt


12. Decathlon

· 62 reviews

39J7+WMV, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

13. Adidas

· 161 reviews

5 Abdel Hamid Badawy St., Al Matar, HELIOPOLIS, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Reebok

· 8 reviews

Hassan Aflaton, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp


· 2 reviews

MALL OF EGYPT, Mall of Egypt Unit, 042 El Wahat Rd, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Metallic - ميتاليك

· 8 reviews

8 شارع محمد الحلبى - بجوار كبابجى العربى و كنيسة مارى مرقص - شبرا مصر, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Nike

· 17 reviews

Al Abageyah, Monsha'et Nasser, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Reebok

· 3 reviews

Rokn Al Safa, Oula Al Haram, El Omraniya, Giza Governorate, Egypt


19. Sport One

· 114 reviews

X8H8+G9J, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

20. Reebok

· 9 reviews

ميدان المعادى جراند مول, المعادى, القاهرة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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