Best Scuba Diving Beginners Courses Cairo Near Me

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1. Scuba Fun

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Scuba Fun
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Address: بجوار فودافون, 17 ش 233, دجلة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 100 141 3590

Business type: Diving center

Scuba Fun: what do users think?
ashraf eldah: Best scba diving one stop shop, courses, daily and safari diving trips.Friendly yet very professional service.
Fredy Boulos: Professional
Adriano Olivieri: Very nice place and good prices
Salah Mounir: One of the best diving centres in Cairo, decent selection of equipment as well.
Muhammed Kareem: Owned and moderated by the very well famous captain Sameh Mesharrafa. Gear, trips and courses.
Sameh Mesharrafa: Diving courses and tripsDahab .. Sharm El Sheikh .. HurghadaWith the sale, rental and maintenance of diving equipment
Amr Eldeeb: Nice place to learn scuba diving and meet new friendsGreat host
Mohamed Tarek Hassan: I don't know how to contact the store
Basel El Husseini: Really good diving store with authentic and good quality diving and snorkeling gear. The owner makes diving trips every month to Dahab, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh. Also, he gives Scuba Diving courses and has a three star instructor license from CMAS.Really good dive shop with authentic and good diving and snorkeling equipment. The owner makes diving trips every month to Dahab, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Also, he gives scuba diving courses/courses and holds a 3 star instructor license from CMAS.
Mahmoud Naguib: The wonderful teacher Captain Sameh MusharafaDiving center and diving and swimming equipmentgood luck for everbody
Sherif Aboul Gadayel: It is always fun to dive with Scubafun. Thanks captain Sameh..

2. Dive Mania

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17 reviews
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Dive Mania
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Address: 18 218 street, Degla, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 10:30 AM

Telephone: +20 110 116 0503

Business type: Diving center

Dive Mania: what do users think?
Miroslav Stanojevic: I went on a diving safari on Brothers, Daedalus Reef and Elphistone with a group of divers from Serbia.An unforgettable dive, thanks to Haithman and the other instructors
Nicolas Julliard: Magnifique plongée ! Très professionnel, rapport qualité prix imbattable, et les récifs à Hurghada sont trop beaux. Je recommande pour toute plongée ou PADI.
ahmed ismail: Good for technical and recreational holiday they are very professional and funny well organized
Hosam Attia: I contacted Haitham few months ago to do TDI advanced Nitrox through Extended range courses, unfortunately I choose to go a different route, thinking that I was going for the best, based on an image that it’s owner wanted to portray to public. After a sour experience with couple of diving centers that it is plaqued with money diggers, who can care less about, anything including your safety, and only care about money, regardless how it’s collected and who will get hurt, financially, emotionally and even physically, I finally made a full circle to Haitham, after a mutual friend spoke very highly of him.Finally, and after I wasted few month and lost over 15,000 LE, before I met Haitham, I finished 2 of my 3 planned courses.It’s not just that I finished them, and happy to have a piece of plastic ... Absolutely not the case. Haitham is one of the most caring, genuine, sincere, honest, ethical human beings that I have met, in the short period of time, that I have started being involved with the diving community in Egypt. He is not after your money. He genuinely care about helping you, achieving your goals, without compromising on your safety or making short cuts, I would dare to say, he went tbe extra mile, that wasn’t even included in my courses, but he knew that it was essential and basic to built on, so rather than sucking my blood like others did, with nothing in return, he did what they were supposed to do, with no extra charge.I can’t stop saying enough good things about this decent human being, who helped me, not just to achieve my goals, but to restore my faith in humanity, specially in the diving community.I will always be in debt for him ...I hope one day that my kids, will have the pleasure of learning how to dive with him ...I gained a new good friend for life .....Thanks again Captain Haitham ....This review was NOT even solicited, and I have zero affiliation with Haitham, or the dive center. It’s simply testimonial of grateful man, who was saved in the right time by the right person.I would highly recommend Captain Haitham for all your diving skills needs to whatever extend he offers,Thanks again Captain Haitham and to the mutual friend who helped me, to make the U turn and complete the circle back to you
Ahmed Fathy Kamal: Best school and instructor, you really learn and amazing follow up and coach Hitham is really good at what he does
Camille Hautefeuille: Good diving center to pass your first PADI
Hossam El-Nadi: fun trip
ingy sadek: We had an amazing experience in our safari trip with dive mania , everything was in place and the dive locations were awesome. I also had open water and advanced open water courses which were very smooth with haitham afifi .
Baptiste Dumas: Very nice instructor and center. Ideal for people living in Cairo!
mariem mansi: Thanks a lot Haitham for the great trip I really had fun in sharam el naga 🙏🏻💙 very professional divers
ibrahim sakr: He is the best instructor ever , Mr Haitham Afifi , he knows quite well how to handle groups and individuals, he knows how to communicate with them , almost like speaking with them , showing us amazing aquatic spots , thank U Haitham ❤️❤️❤️🦈🦈🦈
Ahmed Zahran: Best dive center in cairo
Ramez El_3ady: best place 4 geting diving professional
Sameh Mostafa: Good center
Fouad EBB: Sencillamente maravilloso, el monitor Haytam, es un tio fantastico paciente y servicial.

3. Maadi Divers

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Address: 18 ش 218, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 25198644

Business type: SCUBA instructor

Maadi Divers: what do users think?
Charles Bels: Hi,3 friend and I have been on a 4 days liveabord trip with Magdy and his crew. We have been diving before in Egypt as we live and work in Cairo.First i would like to say, the 2 diving instructor that took care of our group were professional and nice, the chef was making good food an a daily basis and other staff were always really helpful and kind.The boat was OK but definitely restored in 2019 as Magdy said to us. When i first met Magdy to discuss about the itinerary and diving he seemed to be organised and promised a lot of things.As experienced divers we wanted to know the different diving locations and agreed together with Magdy on a itinerary. As it turns out he changed the itinerary without warning and reduced the numbers of dive on the main diving location (SS Thistlegorm). An argument was needed to do what he has initially sold us, each time saying it was not his decision but the boat captain or it was due to current conditions and that kids couldn't do the dive that were sold to us.Magdy sold us a diving trip with dive locations requiring to go deeper than 12m depth with sometimes current. However he knew at that time there would be 5 very young kids (8-12yo) diving on the boat which were not allowed to go deeper than 12m.While i perfectly understand everyone needs to have fun, i'm not blaming the kids for being there as i would have loved to have the same experience a kid but i blame Magdy for promising stuff he knew he couldn't deliver.In addition we rented the full set of gear for him for 30e a day and it was in such bad condition with air leaks at every single dive and each time we had to insist to change the joints. Magdy kepts saying it was only a small leaks, even the instructor he hired was a bit annoyed. He did give me his personal set which was working fine but acted like it was a favor and that nobody else would do such a gesture... Mate im paying good price for functioning gear... i dont care how you manage it but i want a functioning equipments!Finally, it is normal to tip the staff and we were happy to do it. however i dont think setting a fix mandatory tip (5euros per day per person) with the list of name written on the envelope is the way to do it.anyway, overall it was a good trip and we did dive with a bunch of dolhpins that came played with us and we were all satisfied. we did 2 of the world top 5 dive during this trip. For those who come from abroad the red sea is one of the best dive location n the world and i highly recommend it. The family on board did enjoy too. However us we recommend magdy to not over sell his activities to his future clients to avoid disappointment and to maintain his equipment better. We prefer to get what was promised to us without argument or negotiations, after all this is Egypt and this kind of experience is sadly a common trend.thanks
Tarek Elfakharany: Now dive mania
Susan DeLane: Great place to get PADI certified with Magdy.

4. Scuba plus

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33 reviews
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Scuba plus
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Address: Dr Michel Bakhoum, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +20 2 37480818

Business type: Diving center

Scuba plus: what do users think?
Sara Aboubakr: My favorite dive center ever.And the main place where I get all my gear. The after service is great and they truly care about their clients.
Ahmed Khalifa: All what you need is there
Ahmed Atia: Scuba Plus diving club, I have been thir client and friend for 2 years.They plan amazing dive trips.They provide wide range of diving gear and suits.Scuba diving courses with PADI & SDII highly recommend them.
Walid Abdel-Wadood: Super service as usual
Mo'men El Attar: One of the best diving centers in Cairo and Egypt, multiple choices of diving and archery equipment, very friendly and skilled staff, and well organized, they will help, teach, train, and assist in diving courses and trips till no limit .. thank u Scuba Plus
Amir Gerges: The place to go to if you want to learn diving in cairo
Ahmed Wageeh: My second home and testimony is in Majrooha 2😄😄😄😄
Belall Rassoul: Best place for diving needs the owner Tamer is not just an owner but one of the best people ive met in my life. He is very helpful , friendly and most importantly honest.
waled Ahmed: Good place to shop for diving gear
Ismail Zohdy: One of the best dive shops and centers in CairoFriend staff.. always helpful and always answering fairly even if it means you wont buy anythingAlso they plan some of the best diving trips and Safari
alan r. smith: The people I encountered at this dive shop we're all very helpful. They seem to have an adequate inventory of diving apparatus that are reasonably priced
Mahmoud Gad: The best go to place in Cairo & Giza if not all over Egypt for any diving related activity, if you want to buy equipment they got the largest variety, latest models and almost any brand with best available prices and amazingly they also have installments plans, if you want to have a course they serve PADI, SDI and even CMAS, their instructors are top notch, they don’t just teach to dive, they teach science, physics, biology and even good attitude, making you a better diver, and help you enjoy any dive, I’ve never experienced that high quality of service as the ones I experienced in Scuba Plus during my courses with them, and finally, these guys somehow managed to do the impossible by delivering unforgettable experience throughout 5 diving trips in a raw over the past 3 months without even a single moment of discomfort. Diving could be a dangerous and fatal hobby, but with these guys it’s nothing beyond comfort, peace of mind and lots of fun.
tamer khalil: Very friendly, professional and helpful.
Marwan Mohamed: It's a great place for all your scuba diving needs, you can buy most of the things you will need from these brands Aqualung, Xdeep and Mares from here.
Nikolai Burger: Friendly and competent
Egypt Sherock for Architecture Consulting: Really useful...
Ashraf “Don Kamilos”: Very friendly and professional staff. The shop is very well stocked with most of what you might need for diving...
taha shakerali: Good shop
Ashraf Mahrous: An accredited diving center in Dokki
Karim Othman: Good service
Sofia Zaki: Great place to learn how to dive ! I enjoyed very much my first experience with DiveMania. I got my Padi open water diver at a reasonable price. Most of all, Haitham is a very nice guy and I had a lot of fun diving with.

5. Egyptian Diving and Lifesaving Federation

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23 reviews
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Egyptian Diving and Lifesaving Federation
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Address: 18 Dr Moustafa Al Dewani, Al Iwani, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +20 55 0233557

Business type: Emergency training school

6. Scubatec - Egyptian Co. For Diving Equipment & Compressors

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54 reviews
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Scubatec - Egyptian Co. For Diving Equipment & Compressors
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Address: 19حسن افلاطون, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +20 2 22903420

Business type: Dive shop

Scubatec - Egyptian Co. For Diving Equipment & Compressors: what do users think?
Mohamed Sami: Game experts
Mohammad Al selek: A very helpful staff and you can find archery equipment from A to Z
ibrahim mer: Very nice place and everything you need is there
Youssef Halim awi: Helpful & quick
Shimaa Ahmed: Excellent store in organization and good treatment
Tarek Abd El Latif: Very helpful.
AHMED ELSHAHAWY: The best service in this field
zand Y: Mashallah, the shop is above excellent, and the people there are above respect
Tamer Ghanem: Quality in materials, integrity and respect in sales
shehab sadek: i buy archery equipments from them maybe they're a little overpriced but that's kinda the only solution to get archery stuff from
Mohamed Samir: It is not here any more
Moataz Abd El Aziz: They are very excellent and distinguished by their credibility, skill and honesty
أبوعبيدة الأزهري: I don't know
AHMED M Refaay: Has a variety of diving and And Archery 🎯 equipment and the staff is professional and helpful... The prices are a bit high though.
Mahmoud Safwat: You can find everything
جمعه حسان: Beautiful
Andrew Dickinson: Great service when we stopped for archery supplies. Very helpful!
Karim Tolba: Average
Ahmed Atito: good place with acceptable price range
Hajar Sharood: For archery equipment and diving equipment. Has a good variety
Ahmed Elmayyah: It's a nice place, the salesman is nice, they sell archery and diving equipment there.

7. bdiver

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35 reviews
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Address: ST. - Nargas 6, Villa 156 عبد الله بن مسعود, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 111 057 8860

Business type: Training school

bdiver: what do users think?
محمد عرب: excellent
Mohamed Nagy: The best place to try snorkeling
جمال العسال: good
Ahmed Adel: Amazing place 😍
Adly Darwish: Great place to learn divingThe best place to have your scuba certification
Shadwa Barghash: PADI diving certifications; popular & accredited wordlwide
Amr elnaggar: Lovely and comfortable place
Ahmed Salaka: Very professional safety service and a great experience for me
Mostafa Abdo: Positive:Professionalism,Value
Medhat Gaber: تمام
Nono Ghannam: Amazing people

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