Best Paint Shops In Cairo Near Me

Scib Paints Egyptian Co. For Hardware & Paint دهانات جوتن shabana stores Samina Stores Sipes - Universal For Building Materials & Chemicals Jotun Colortek Egypt GLC Paints Showroom - Mohamed Ismail Jotun Multicolor Centre – Al Gado Fustat Center for paints and decor GLC Paints Showroom - El Mohandes Scib Paints دهانات روزانا Orient For Chemicals & Paints

1. Scib Paints

· 26 reviews

17 Bahgat Ali, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Scib Paints: what do users think?
Perizat Hamdy: All I can say is that 6 years later, the paint is cracking and peeling in the whole house. I cannot blame the painters as they were recommended by a Scib representative. So either the paint is really bad or the people they recommend are really bad.
Osama Selim: Excellent.
silvia Guirgis: It's a good professional company
Naguib MOFTAH: Good paints
سليم عقل: good service
Ehab Roauf: good place
A Aly: Good paints and reasonable prices
good juju: This is the SCIB administrative office building, not a retail store to buy paint. The nearest SCIB Paint store is on Bahgat Ali Street at the intersection with El Nargas Street. I uploaded a photo of the retail store.

2. Egyptian Co. For Hardware & Paint



· 10 reviews

7 ش الباب الشرقى, العتبة, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Egyptian Co. For Hardware & Paint: what do users think?
Ahmed Wally Beshta: جميع مستلزمات الابواب الخشبية - اكر - كوالين - اكسسوراتاسعار و معاملة متميزة
Ahmed gamal: رائع
على رمضان: محل اكر وكالون
Ahmed Adel: الحج مصطفي
amr adel: الشركه المصريه للحدابد والبويات

3. دهانات جوتن

· 2 reviews

38 Emtedad Mahmoud Fahmi Al Meaamari, Ghamrah, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


4. shabana stores

· 181 reviews

شارع الخمسين،, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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shabana stores: what do users think?
Asmaa AbdelAziz: Excellent people and service
محمد عبدالفتاح: very good
Michael Youssef: Nice tools, prices while staff need to be more helpful
Mariem and menna TV: It has what you need to finish your apartment
Hesham Aamer: V expensive
Abd Elmonem Mohmed: A place where all the finishing requirements are available at reasonable prices
Ahmed Salama: High quality painting accessories 👌🏼
osama Farouk: A place that sets you apart
هيما البرديسي: Beautiful
Sherine Mohamed: Many products
Razq yahia Yahia: A very good place for all family needs
Abo Abdullah: It was good place to buy decoration items like paints for wall , door lockers , doors Gibson boards
محمد صلاح الرقيبي: new experience
Walaa Elmeshmeshy: excellent
Mohammed Mohsen: Good store has all necessary tools needed
على سمسم: rigid
Velocity: Great store!
ahmed taher: No respect for the customers, the sales rep. left me while I was asking him about some products & the supervisor didn't take any actions while seeing me leaving the store.Limited products collection with high prices.
Tamer Abou Zahra: It is next to the house and I bought a lot of things from it, but compared to other places, it is much more expensive. If you have small things, buy from other stores in Becho or Al-Zahraa Market. If you have large quantities, it will be from Al-Gamea Square, Al-Ridha or Al-Arabi, and you will know the price difference at that time.This is not the quality either.Note, if you bought something and installed it and it came out with waste, they will not take it from you on the pretext that it was installed. This is on the basis that you can know the goods are intact by just looking.
Mostafa 3rnos: It's okay, I just don't mind
Moomen Shehata: Best place

5. Samina Stores

· 24 reviews

400 4th district, 5th compound, NEW CAIRO, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Samina Stores: what do users think?
رمضان الزعفراني: beautiful
عماد العمدة: respectable place
Ashraf Mobariz: Bifi grass
Gamal Elgaml: A strong team to distribute paints in Egypt with insulation materials
Mostafa Nehad: Very nice place, excellent service
Tarek Aly: bad
Hussein Bakr: I have been dealing with them in the requirements of paints, insulation and building materials for a long time, by virtue of my work in contracting and finishing, and I trust them
Sherif El Shamy: Great service. Almost all products are available.

6. Sigma Paints Egypt

· 17 reviews

Rd. 279, Ezbet Fahmy, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sigma Paints Egypt: what do users think?
HAREB GROUB (‫حرب جروب للتوريدات العامة‬‎): I still don't know
bahaa ppg: International company for industrial coatings
new man: Well done
C Su: Good place

7. Sipes - Universal For Building Materials & Chemicals

· 167 reviews

104 El-Thawra St, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sipes - Universal For Building Materials & Chemicals: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali: In Front Of Swvl Parking
solar tec انظمه الطاقه الشمسية: good
محمد مندور: International quality on Egyptian soil
Ahmed Shiref: From the paint companies, specialists
Adel Harb: Hospitality is at the highest level, very respectable personalities, and the quality of the products is at the highest level. Thank you to everyone. May God protect and protect you.
Джосеф Тадрос: Closer to the airport if you are coming or traveling and want to move to and from the airport
Ahmed Shalan: One of the best, most professional and distinguished paint centers
Wael Samier: Something special and the staff are respectable people
جابر عمران: ok people
Bibo Ninja: it was good
عادل ندا: nice placeI just don't know how to damage it and come back again
Aldeeb_VLOG 2020 (Aldeeb-VLOG): Seriously buy and you are assured
ahmed khaled: The degree of color that I chose in the exhibition did not come out the same degree after I painted it in the apartment, and something very bad
Adham and Aya mohamed: Care has been taken well and help in choosing the best suitable product for me. It is a company of the highest respect. A real development has been made in the paints used. Thank you, Sipes.
mostafa mahmoud: Excellent service
Mostafa Mohmed: On Thawra Street
Amr Elkhlily: Excellent

8. Jotun

· 29 reviews

Sky mall - Family court - 5th settlemtn - New cairo, New Cairo, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

9. Colortek Egypt

· 68 reviews

Number 10 Villa 4, Maadi, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Colortek Egypt: what do users think?
Hassan Ortega: Beautiful paints
Ahmed Labana: Headquarters for artwork and various decorations
سيد النمر: amazing
Mostafa Hassn: Excellent and great taste
مؤمن مشهور: More than a wonderful place
Tarek Sika: Great customer service. Great display of products!
omar mahmod: Far away and writing the location
Mai Mohamed: 👌👌👌👌
صلاح فهمى: Scam company
Ahmed Shawky: Great place
eslam salmayi: Very beautiful
khaled yahia: A workshop that manufactures all kinds of marble and granite
Laila Badawi: Any paint effect you could ever dream of.. your creativity is the limit.
Natasha Shirazi: Simply cool. Innovative ideas for your next renovation!
seif ascar: Great place for innovative paints and textures. Very well informed and friendly staff. Highly recommended resource.
DG KIM: These guys are awesome. Especially the young lady was super kind and helpful. Will visit again.
Basem Said: A wonderful place and its products are the latest German decoration products
Ana X: It's great
mouatafa Mahmoud: The best raw materials in the world

10. GLC Paints Showroom - Mohamed Ismail

· 1 reviews

ش الصليبة - متفرع من شارع الخليفة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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GLC Paints Showroom - Mohamed Ismail: what do users think?
Mazen Sawhha: Cheaper and sweeter decorations
محمد على: A lab like all, very respectable people and excellent prices
Amr Mohamed: Superior quality materials

11. Jotun Multicolor Centre – El Alamy

· 25 reviews

21 Abo el atahia abbas el akkad extension, Nasr city, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Jotun Multicolor Centre – Al Gado

· 34 reviews

Maspero Television Building, 1143 كورنيش النيل ماسبيرو بجوار, ووزارة الخارجية, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Fustat Center for paints and decor

· 26 reviews

طريق مصر القديمه, Kom Ghorab, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

14. GLC Paints Showroom - Abou Sayed

· 6 reviews

ش ترعة القبة أمام مسجد الحرمين - خلف سور المخابرات, Hada'iq El Qobbah, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. GLC Paints Showroom - El Mohandes

· 1 reviews

محل رقم 2 - قطعة 9358, Al Gamea Al Haditha St, El Mukkatam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Scib Paints

· 5 reviews

Street 90, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. دهانات روزانا

· 8 reviews

116 elsudan street, المهندسين, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

18. Shabana Stores

· 91 reviews

Africa - Emtedad Moustafa Al Nahas, An Nadi Al Ahli, ،مدينة نصر, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

19. سكيب للكيماويات

· 1 reviews

4 Gamea Nashaat St., Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Orient For Chemicals & Paints

· 64 reviews

1 Helmy Zein El Din St., SHOUBRA EL KHAYMAH, KALIOBEYA, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

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