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Osana Family Wellness & Cafe The Mala Flexana Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Centers Smart Gym ladies Ezzat Salama street BeFit Maadi Smart Gym Smart Gym Diesel Gym For Ladies Deers Egypt Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Center سمارت جيم Smart Gym Giza Necropolis Be Fit BeFit Swan Lake

1. On The Mat

· 15 reviews

st., off, 5 Almorsaleen, Shagaret Al Dor, st, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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On The Mat: what do users think?
Marlen Botros: Relaxing place with a professional team.
Bahaa Ibrahim: The service is amazing thou and the staff are really nice and friendly. Youssef was very helpful and helped us to choose the best food 👌🏽
karen joseph: Mojito is so nice and it served by Ahmed hassanen ❤️
wael hamza: Prices are very very expensive
Maryam Al-Hashmi: A beautiful natural place
Kareem Abd el Hakam: Difficulty confirming a certain instructor's class for two weeks.No one picks up the phone .
Jan Sherif: Wonderful shop
Omar M: Great atmosphere and instructors. They've become my go to yoga studio.

2. B-URN



· 12 reviews

4 Omarat Aliamni, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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B-URN: what do users think?
Moose Moose: If you are looking for a different upbeat unique type of exercise this is the place to go. the instructors are all top notch, the best in their field. And the workouts there are dynamic, fun and stimulating. Do check it out!
Hazem Zedan: Nice place ❤️
Nadine Britain: Not bad but leaves something to be desired as far as customer experience. Slight difficulty signing up which was brightened by a kind support member who resolved the situation. But then arriving there was no interaction from the counter person and there is a setup for cafe but nothing operating. Just that it could be better
Moh Saafan: 😶
حميده صالح: بها اجهزه حديثه
Mohamed HassaN: Expensive for nothing
Dorothy Shea: B-urn is an amazing workout! Having long been a fan of Pilates and even certified as a Pilates Mat Insructor, I found that the intensity of B-urn met a need I didn’t know I had. The instructors are great and encouraging; they motivated me to keep coming even when I struggled with keeping up, and they worked with me to modify moves when I had a shoulder injury. In fact there is a whole community that has been built up around B-urn that is very supportive.

3. Osana Family Wellness & Cafe

· 594 reviews

11431, 4 El-Nady, Al Nadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Osana Family Wellness & Cafe: what do users think?
raquel: Nice place to hang out at with great food and drinks. Also family friendly!
Tamer Morsy: Beautiful place with grounding energy, super friendly staff
Amr Mohsen: Amazing place that serves the Egyptian community. Wellness, good food, play area for the kids. Yoga classes, massage therapy, acupuncture, palm reading, numerology. And that's just the tip of the iceberg
liesbeth de jong: Osana is an oasis with a beautiful garden where you can eat healthy food, vegan, gluten free, lactose free ... all is available and mostly homemade. You can go there to have breakfast, lunch or even an early light dinner.Definitely a place for families and children, but you can also come with friends or just on your own to work, read or reflect on life.I appreciate their human and inclusive approach. People working there are men, women, immigrants,... of all ages. They are happy and motivated to help you. Even the cats seem to be at ease in Osana, while they are fed every morning. I also like their small gestures, like a glass of water for free.Osana offers a wide variety of classes and wellness treatments. I did air yoga classes under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic teachers (Aya Soliman and Enjoy Elkady), which were definitely fun and a good training for my body.I also did Circular Breath classes with Sami Soliman, an extraordinary inspiring teacher who is creating a safe space to feel and liberate stuck energy and emotions. You will be surprised by the transformative power of this practice. I also did a one on one session with him, which was equally powerful.And the lymphatic Drainage massage with Hala Metwally was wonderful; I appreciated her kindness, punctuality and the light touch of this massage.And I am very grateful that they open the Earth studio in the early morning for free to do your personal silent practice. I enjoy this inspiring studio to start my day with movement, and dance.
Jane Wieser-Evans: For the past 4 month I have had a facial at Osana @ LE1,100. All very nice and relaxing, no complaints.Today I went for my monthly treat - having received a reminder yesterday, by email & whatsApp.When I went to pay I was informed that “Oh, we’ve changed our prices!” The facial now is LE2,400!! I couldn’t believe my ears - a 110% increase! Furthermore, I was not informed of this! This is shocking and utterly disgusting. I know prices are going up but by 110%? I will most definitely NOT BE GOING BACK THERE!
Explore MyHood: We visited Osana mostly to have a meal and relax for a little while. Although we know they have other services such as yoga classes, this was not the purpose of our visit. The place is located in an old-fashion villa in Maadi that still has a nice front yard and adult trees to give a nice shade. There was a small craft fair going on and families were gathered mostly to have some relaxed time, have some food/snacks and allow their kids to play. The vibe was relaxed and welcoming. We had some of their “brunch” dishes such as a burrito wrap, the falafel wrap and chickpea omelette. Although we are not vegan or vegetarian, we enjoy trying various foods, and overall the taste was good for an informal occasion. This place definitely found a niche market in Maadi and have a nice location with a variety of activities for this specific market. Lunch menu does not start until 1 pm, so our options were limited at noon time
Maha El Sholkamy: I love Osana and frequently visit the place to order coffee with either oatmeal or almond milk. But I'm disappointed that I continue to be charged extra for ordering dairy-free milk in my drink. Customers shouldn't have to pay more for choosing a healthy, animal- and environmentally friendly option.By charging an additional fee for vegan milks, Osana is likely deterring some people from trying them in their drinks. Everyone should be able to order nondairy milk at no extra charge. And let me add that this has been ongoing before the price hikes in the country, in fact, since day one you ever introduced non dairy milk. You charge the cup as if it includes 3 ingredients (coffee beans, cow milk, non-dairy milk) when it's only 2 (coffee beans and non dairy milk)!An animal lover place such as osana can afford to offer vegan milk without tacking on a surcharge, and I hope you'll consider making this move to "earn points" and not only keep customers who already order dairy-free milk coming back but also encourage others to make healthier, more compassionate choices.Unfortunately , you continue to raise the price of non dairy products puching people to opt for dairy milk which is not a humans right in the first place. You are stealing baby cow milk by including dairy in your kitchen . Please considee calfs and google about the horrors influcted on cows in the dairy industry all over the world.Thank you for your consideration.
Dora Gavriil: All vegan dishes with fresh tasty plant alternatives. Wellness environment with facilities for children. The yard is lively with little ones. Best for families
Yasmina Kabbara: Incredible teachers and staff, a beautiful environment and the perfect variety of classes & treatments. Overall, a grounding and lovely experience. Thank you, Osana!
Raul Nomad: Amazing place
Grace Klauer: Osana was really such a great experience. It’s truly like a little oasis within Cairo. It’s located in a quiet and cute area with beautiful greenery around it. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll meet the friendliest and most welcoming people so you instantly feel at ease. The place itself is lovely with a cute restaurant/café that serves a variety of healthy and delicious foods and drinks. It’s also a great place to take your laptop to get stuff done as there’s seating inside and outside and the wifi works well. If you’d prefer to be active, there are an abundance of yoga classes to try. Osana truly offers so much and whether you are staying for a short or long period, you will definitely feel welcomed into the Osana community 😊
Ahmed Badr Mabrouk: My favourite cafe in Egypt. Positive vibes
Mustafa Barzanji: Lovely food and coffee. One time I was sitting outside and I heard a yoga/pilates instructor scream maniacally at his students... Which I found hilarious
Adrian D: Such a great place to spend time with your family, enjoy delicious vegetarian/vegan food or relax with a cup of coffee!Especially if you have small kids, they'll love running around the playground or using the wooden structures.Their juices are really good and freshly made (if you don't want added honey, just let the server know).The staff are very friendly and accommodating and most of them speak or understand English.It is truly one of my favorite places in Maadi!
traveler Aki: had a great experience in the dark room meditation session, the sound of flute was very relaxing
شفاء ودواء: اوسانا يجمع بين عدة متع مذهلة اولا واسع ومرتب بشكل انيق عائلى خاصة لمن لديهم اطفال سيحصلون على ما يشغلهم والعاب مناسبة ومحبى اليوجا لهم ما يناسبهم من مدربين كذلك التدليك موجود وممتاز اما النباتيون فهم اكثر المستفيدون من هذا المكان لانه يقدم طعام نباتى خالى من الجلوتين كذلك يوجد مركز تسوق صغير به العديد من المنتجات المحليه والزيوت الصحية فى تقديرى هذا المكان يدار بذكاء ويوفر رغبات الامهات الحديثات الامومة وهو معظم رواده من الاجانب ونسبة قليلة من المصريين
Rana Emad: Great wellness center. There are many different classes ranging from Pilates to yoga to chanting to dance and much more!There’s also a vegetarian cafe/cafeteria area. They have great vegan, gluten-free options as well.Outside there’s a nice green area that people can chill at as well as a play area with sand for children.Inside the main building there’s small shop with lots of local businesses selling their products (ranging from sustainable materials, clothes, essential oils, books, etc).
Nesrine Khaled: Really lovely place with amazing vibe. One of the few places that have glutne free and vegan food. I wish they had more variety in menu though. Wish they also have sugar free (as in using stevia or monk fruit instead of dates and honey!) dishes/deserts. Wish they had keto friendly salads (so no beans and instead more avocado, nuts and olives). The Gardner outside is lovely esp when not busy. It gets really crowded with kids on Fridays but rest of week relatively calmer.
Rana Ghabour: Ohhhh i love this placeVery comfortable.. Children friendlyGet some beach toysThey will enjoy sand playingFriendly stuffVery good foodVery good quality coffeeOnly vegan / vegetarian optionsMassages is very professional & very good
Abdullah Ahmed: A very comfortable place with excellent services, there is a variety of rooms where you can practice yoga, they offer healthy and mostly vegetarian food for all the day, there are many places to sit back and relax or do whatever activity!, and there is a wonderful shop inside and a super attractive garden outside!I'd really recommend this place for everyone.
Heba Ahmed: Quiet and nice place

4. The Mala

· 10 reviews

West Of Arabella, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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The Mala: what do users think?
R A: Very clean and nice place. Recommended
Omar Taha: The best Yoga Studio in Cairo
The Werewolfs tala. hazem: New shopping mall
Maryam Al-Hashmi: Good place.
hassan taha: Great Yoga/ Pilates / fitness / pole dancing

5. Flexana

· 36 reviews

Street 53, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Flexana: what do users think?
Oanh Han: The studio is very well equipped. They have AMAZING instructors. Classes are conducted in English. I love the space and its vibe. Highly recommended!
Mahmoud Ali: Great vibes and great instructors, i recommend this to all athletes. 💯💯💯💯
Любовь Успенская: Love this place 😊
Yasmeen Arafsha: Love everything about this place. I took 5 classes in one month. Great prices. AMAZING coaches. And the place is very relaxing. The vegging, coffee, bowles and smoothies were so good.
Elgendy: Best place for yoga in Egypt no doubt
Karim B: Loved everything about it. Clean, organized, felt very welcomed. Professional instructors.
Omar El Hamawy: Exquisite place with a very very professional environment.Thank you for your hospitality.
Ramadan Kamel: A very important general guide
Mona Mounib Gad: I had a great experience today at Flexana with Ms. Nada Adel, a very effective yoga class, thank you very much
Mena Fanous: Good place … hygiene is good .. price are medium range
Marwa Khost: I absolutely love this studio. It's well organized and offers a variety of classes depending on your yoga level. The center also offers sessions for ladies, with full privacy measures. I highly recommend it to those who are yoga professionals, or others that want to explore this practice journey.
Erin Curley: Having practiced in North America, Europe, Asia, and MENA, Flexana is one of the best studios I’ve ever been to. Every instructor is talented, professional, and welcoming. They cultivate a fun, relaxed, and non-competitive environment. The space is finished to a high standard and the shower facilities are well kept. They offer a wide variety of classes catering to beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Classes are delivered in English and good quality equipment is provided free of charge. I can’t recommend them enough, five stars!
Ramy Rabico: Professional place
Tamer Saleh (Tommy Tomsone): Cosy and clean it's the Best in door place for yoga
athar wafik: Positive:Professionalism,Qualitybest yoga studio so far
amressamofficial: Really nice place. I recommend it
Hodztravelz: A chill new studio that will rock tagamoa area . Such an oasis in the middle of the hussle and bustle of the busy city.
Hussein Gouda: Amazing. Very friendly atmosphere.Wide range of different classes, best instructors ever, the studio is brand new. I can only recommend this place to everyone.
Pola George: Such a cozy place .. Perfect setting and environment to do Yoga .. Highly recommended 😍
Mohamed Hellmy: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Mariam Adel: Great place and amazing service

6. Hers Studios Heliopolis

· 1 reviews

Mahmoud Akoosh, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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7. Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Centers

· 234 reviews

13 Street 254, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Centers: what do users think?
Sami: This is the most overrated and basic gym I have ever visited.It's underequipped, and the machines are hard to handle and very random.There is whatsoever no relation between the machines and the rest of the equipment. It's like every single thing was bought from a random garage sale and then put on one floor.And the music is usually not motivating, it's as if it's someone's playlist they listen to when they are bored or calm (the music is very bad, usually, not every time).I would recommend trying several gyms in Maadi before spending loads of money on Samia Allouba.Overall, it's an okay gym, but I should have tried other gyms.And it has a really negative vibe!AND they make people wipe their hands with toilet paper...
Norhan Ezzat: Went there and got a tour around the ladies only section. It is in a tight area where all machines are very close to each other. Also there was a stinky smell between the changing rooms and the entrance to the equipment area. Wouldnt recommend
Mahmoud Wahba: Obsolete equipmentVery old technology and poor tools
Ahmed Hossam: very good
amany gamal: ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mostafa Elsaad: excellent
Sara Ashour: One of the best gyms in cairo! Dedicated trainers and great classes with very professional guidance. Sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam available. 100% recommend
Suzy Morgan: The place is very clean and classes are very good and alot of varieties but the ladies area needs more care
Taher Hezbor: Best GYM in Maadi
Zahra Saad: A good place to exercise, clean and tidy, and has great attention to customers
Rania El-Rehany: Gym classy classy classy
Gun Pay: Cycling Group session in the morning was fun. Not many people inside the club and that was good for me. Afterwork hours may be crowded, I don't know. All the work out machines are maintained except 1 running machine. Few people clean the machines after they use and that is not good ( it is about the people, not the Gym by the way!)Edit: weekends are less crowded. Good time to work out
Capten Mohamed attia TiTO: More than wonderful and another level of experience at the Riyadh level, really
Ahmed Yousef: Recommended for Classes but as a gym it is below average
Leila Mahdy: The sauna is good, but the bathroom is supposed to be cleaner than that
Type E: It’s not a good choice if you wanna work out there.Quite crowded during the night and the fitting room is not clean at all 🤦‍♀️People there are rude specially the instructors ,they grabbed the machine for their trainees even you were training ❌The most important point:No any customer service at all when I lost my bag ☹️
Long-nosed Pinocchio: The reception center is imperfect!Sometimes they will let you sign up the membership number ,but mostly they ignored🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️even I came here every day they can’t remember me!It’s not an issue for signing up but plz make it the same 🤦‍♀️
Mostafa Rizk: The gym has all the equipment needed with a clear layout and proper spacing between each machine. There is an abundance of different free weights
Aya khalifa: Very disappointed they made the ladies only branch much smaller and put everything in the mixed level all the amenities and views, and the ladies only is clearly downgraded. For me I only join for the ladies only branch because it had a spa and big lockers and total privacy now I have to go to the mixed to find decent showers or spa or even a decent view. Not a smart business move
Haitham El Shall: Mejor para las mujeres
عادل سعد الخضرجي: Good for ladies

8. Smart Gym ladies Ezzat Salama street

· 14 reviews

38 off, Ezzat Salama, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Smart Gym ladies Ezzat Salama street: what do users think?
طارق دياب: تمام
Hanany Hagazy: good
Sue Hachem: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Valuepoor management bot profesional at all
Riham Hassan: Critical:Communication
محمد البدر: نادي نظيف جدا والطاقم محترم للغايه العائله مشتركه فيه وحارس العقار اسمه غازي رجل مبتسم ويخدم المشتركين
S Hataba: Good
Rasha Algamal: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value

9. BeFit Maadi

· 2 reviews

The Field, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
BeFit Maadi: what do users think?
Ahmed Mahmoud: I’m n luv 💪
N: Not the clean ..dust everywhere on machines ..mats..
mostafa ali: Nice location
Mohamed Hesham: Excellent place
Haytham Ghorab: 💪
Mohamed Medhat: The best in the field with the best couches 💪🏻💪🏻

10. Smart Gym

· 265 reviews

27-29 Mohammed Tawfik Diab, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Smart Gym: what do users think?
Jo Jacob: Nice and “smart”
Mohamed Youssef: Vey bad gym now its very old machines never renewed since the gym opened 15 years ago. And all trainer only care about giving private sessions.Many other better gyms in the area with less price.
Ibrahim Samir: A very beautiful sports place, a sophisticated level, respectful treatment
Mahmoud Sameh: Top gym in nasr city
City Scale Models: Great place
Raef sabry: Good place to make in bodyIt's only cost 50 le
Eng Mohamed Hafez: Very nice..a distinguished branch..the staff and the staff are all wonderful
omar hodhod: Great staff, all the machines and weights you will need, fitness room and steam room is a plus
hussein omar: good value
Ahmed Abbas: Terrible in my opinion.
Mohamed Elansary: One of my favorite places to my heart
Mohamed Salem: Clean, but needs to be updated
Saeed Abdelwhab: One of the best. Very cooperative staff.
Mahmoud Hegazy: it's OK
Omar Azim: nice place
ahmed Galal: Great place.Very Clean and somehow afordable..There are some missing machines but overall you will find what you need,there is a fitness room.. not big but serve its purpose....Bathrooms are cleanLockers are good and safeThere is Jacuzzi and steamCardio area is separated than the building area.. which is great..
Mus Sapag: محتاج صحه وزمن عدي علينا
Saif Eldeeb: It's good
Hussam Hassan: Good staff , good gym , all good
د/نجوى حسن خليل: بجد من اروع الجيمات من حيث النضافه والتعامل والفرحه اللى بحسها والجوده فالاجهزهانا بندم انى مجيتش سمارت جيم من زمان وبجد روعه
Find Your Amorada: Love this gym

11. Smart Gym

· 76 reviews

El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Smart Gym

· 5 reviews

٥ Khaled Ibn Al Walid, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Diesel Gym For Ladies

· 49 reviews

39 Abbas El-Akkad, Al Hadiqah Ad Dawleyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11371, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Deers Egypt

· 41 reviews

Street 53, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Center

· 95 reviews

22H7+455, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

16. سمارت جيم

· 515 reviews

Street 53, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Smart Gym

· 259 reviews

8 El-Nour, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Giza Necropolis

· 62855 reviews

Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt


19. Be Fit

· 90 reviews

Club 7, Katameya Hills Compound, Road 90, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

20. BeFit Swan Lake

· 42 reviews

Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

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