Best In Vitro Fertilization Clinics In Cairo Near Me

1. Cairo Fertility Clinic

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Cairo Fertility Clinic
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Address: 54 Mohi Al Din Abou Al Ezz, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Sat

Telephone: +20 2 33366885

Business type: Obstetrician-gynecologist

Cairo Fertility Clinic: what do users think?
Eslam Gamal: good
Алина Иванова: Succeeded ivf... wonderful i am mom of little princess
Erica chan: The best one in this country
Cara Southerland: Do not be fooled by his reviews. By far the worst Dr. I have ever been to. Every time my husband and I had a question we got very rude replies. Has no clue about how to properly inform his patients of the IVF process. All he sees is dollar signs. After getting a second opinion do I know that I actually have a cyst in my ovaries. Didn't even do the first step which is an ultrasound. If I could give him 0 stars I would. Do not let this Dr. ruin you're IVF experience.
Jamilah S: Excellent doctor & wonderful team! i was having fertility issues brought on by PCOS, Dr. Bassam was kind, knowledgable & made sure i understood everything. 3 months after my first appointment with him & after 2 months of fertility treatment later, i was pregnant! Now i am the mother of a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is struggling with getting pregnant!
Asma Boutagra: Thanks to dr.Bassam and all stuff ,everything is very friendly.The process is comfortable and simple...5 weeks pregnant now!!!!!!
Sue Khango: The best Doctor in Cairo...
Sahar Alharbi: I have been to several countries. I have never seen a humane and kind doctor, Dr. Bassam. And after a search for a treatment for delayed childbearing, which lasted 18 years, God Almighty made Dr. Bassam the reason for the healing to take place at his hands and for the pregnancy to take place.
Hend Mohamed: Very good doctor, God willing
Kati Kati: Very professional , polite plus I feel so experienced doctor!!!
Joanna Adams: The best ultrasound ever I did in Cairo
Lurdiana Tejas: I made the appointment and the doctor didn't go
Magda Mahmoud: A very, very excellent doctor, because he takes care of our Lord and his life is late for any help he can provide. Frankly, my pregnancy was very difficult. Dr. Bassam, may God honor him, he did all his efforts and was very patient with me until we were blessed.
Лиля Барханоева: Very good clinic,very polite stuff and profecional doctor
Mamdouh Kotb: Very experienced doctor and religious one
Sherry xxx: Parking is available and the place is very nice to have a treatment , i went for a complicated case and the doctor was very understandable , investigating the case and nice and gave me immediate treatment.Very professional doctor
Камиля Галиева: Dr Bssam was so caring made me feel very comfortable. Helped me understand about my problem and fixed my medical problem right away always takes his time with you. Staff is amazing too. Friendly office by far best care l ever had.
ام مريم: A very excellent doctor, God willing, and of course he is diligent in his work and trustworthy, may God bless him
Adam Lepiev: Ce docteur est pro et simpa. Ma femme est très contente
Sumaia Abdullah: God willing, a very respectable doctor, the price is good and the system is nice 👏

2. Middle East Fertility Center

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Address: 11 Shooting Club St, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 37603403

Business type: Fertility clinic

3. AlBoshra IVF & Infertility Treatment

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AlBoshra IVF & Infertility Treatment
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Address: 3 el-ahrar street from Batal ahmed abdelaziz street, AlBoshra IVF center first floor in Badran hospital building, ٣ شارع الاحرار متفرع من البطل احمد عبدالعزيز الدقي المهندسين, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +20 120 777 0702

Business type: Medical Center

4. The Egyptian IVF-ET Center

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The Egyptian IVF-ET Center
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Address: 3 شارع 161, خلف Mostashfa Al Qouat Al Moussalaha, حدائق, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +20 2 25254944

Business type: Hospital

The Egyptian IVF-ET Center: what do users think?
Ahmed Aziz: I booked and the comments literally scared me
alaa bakr: The worst center that accepts me is very financial and they only care about the money. A bad experience by all standards. Other than paying and downloading the accounts, they don’t care about anything. They don’t really explain anything to the patient. The cleanliness is the worst kind. I advise anyone about them.I was following up with Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Ghar, and I underwent a failed microscopic injection, which returned me to a second-degree embryo, and he is not supposed to return it. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs
Lebid Oussama: There are more negative opinions than positive ones... Where is the problem, please? I am outside Egypt and I wanted to visit the center, but now I am very hesitant...
Ali abdulmajyd Saleh: Awesome, Mashallah, may God bless you
Luxury Boy: Unfortunately, I was intending to come from Saudi Arabia, but the amount of bad comments made me step back and see a second place.
ALAA YOUSSEF: Thank you from the heart
Phuong Nguyen: I don’t know why it took me so long to write a review on here! My apologies for not doing it sooner! We came to Egyptian ivf center in July 2021 and in mid August we found out that I was pregnant and a month later we knew that it was twins. Our heart was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude! My experience was the best experience at an IvF center that I couldn’t ask for more. They were very helpful to me and my husband every step of the way and we felt so cared for. (since we are foreigners in this country). I am so grateful for their kindness and professionalism in helping us to be come parents! Here is the picture of Abraham and Aaron at 10 months old just couple weeks ago.
Wafa Safar: A center that I tried, Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Ghar gave me the worst possible scenario and destroyed me after the tests. It was easy, and I discovered that they understand Zain and know things well, and I advised many people to deal with him
أبو شاهين وبس: Cleanliness and very high attention to the patientMay God grant them success in their work.
احمد عيد: Without conscience, swindlers and thieves, they buy people’s ratings, and on top of all of this, by God, without professionalism or professional etiquette, he says, “Send the file number and call, may God suffice them.”
محمد علي حامد: excellent
احمد علي: Nursing treatment is very, very, very, very, unexpectedly bad
Lina Mohamed: In the first place, if you intend to try anything in the center, this is advice for the sake of God, not a thousand timesThey ask you who referred you here, so that the doctor who referred you takes his commission and his right. What is the issue? It is not medicine for themGod suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs in any doctor who treats any case with themThe second thing you will notice the most is their word, pay and make your money account, and you will see with your own eyes how much they are trying to drain your money and suck your blood. Unfortunately, it will set you up in front of your eyes, and you don't know what to do
B707 B: The worst thing about the center is that they tend to trade and collect money more than being a medical center that specializes in IVF. For example, the doctor takes hundreds of cases on the same day and dozens of operations at the same time, and there is no interest in the cases, and each case is not informed of what they should do and how many eggs or embryos they have is done The response is that we will inform you at a later time as sedatives only, and this is very wrong,, The center is obligated to inform the case with all the information, regardless of whether it is good news or not.
Mustafa Elhadi: لايوجد له علاج ولا علاقه للتحاليل المناعه أو الجلطات بالاجهاض وأن أدويه مثلaspirin أو enoxaparinلا علاقة لها أيضاً بالإجهاضات المتكرره. وحسب كلامه يجب انتظار الحظكان فاضل يقول لنا أمشوا اطلعوا بره...ال ٥٠٠ جنيه بتاعت الفحص هنعتبرها صدقه عن أنفسنا، لكن لا أنصح به أحد(Translated by Google
Mohamed Abdelsttar: I write to people who are dependent on God as I am, and their financial conditions are as they are. Old and employed by doctors, no one knows anything about them, and they are very weak.
MOHAMMAD A: العميل ، ان العميل هو اللي يدفع مصاريف المستشفى ، والاهم منشأة طبية لازم يكون فيها تعامل انساني اكثر وعدم استغلال ، لان المريض غالباً يبحث عن من يكون سبب في علاجه.---در غير موفق - نسخ لصق ونص موحد - لم يتم اضافة وسائل تواصل ومطلوب مني انشر بيانات التواصل في العام ..(Translated by Google
Salma Mohamed: God is enough, and yes, the agent
Yahia Mohammed: Very, very bad center... The treatment of the top in lack of taste by the nursing and reception team... From the first time you enter you will literally call around yourself..After you call, ask the doctor or the doctor for something to talk to you, as if you are working, they have something very poor in taste ... I advise anyone in this center and the people inside you talk about it well.
Mohammed Eid: The employees have a lack of taste in dealing..and you talk to them as if you are exactly disrespectful to them...and after the operation, when you need to contact them, you communicate with a doctor who remains negligent in answering your questions...although after the operation, he is supposed to be concerned with the situation, not negligence

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