Best Hairdressing Courses In Cairo Near Me

1. Toi

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Address: El Gezira El Wosta, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 27377070

Business type: Beauty salon

Toi: what do users think?
Alanoud Alt
Alanoud Alt: Amir is amazing with hair
Mai Salah eldin
Mai Salah eldin: Very well trained staff 👏
Hend Amer
Hend Amer: Positive:CleanlinessThey have an excellent lady who does the best massages ever, her name is Walaa. I highly recommend her servicesServices:Manicure,Massage,Hairstyling,Pedicure
Fajr: Their treatment is nice, but they don't know how to remove it with wax
Hassan Saleh
Hassan Saleh: Very nice, fast and sharing
Elmjak Ashraf
Elmjak Ashraf: excellent
منور العبدالكريم
منور العبدالكريم: The best dye and the sweetest treatment. Thank you, Mr. Joe, for the sweet dye. The place is beautiful, the treatment, and the prices are sweet
No One
No One: Gina for the praise, frankly, professional in dyeing and cutting, curly hair and straight hair, beautiful and wonderful work, Mr. Joe knows his work, Zain deserves the customers and the sweet reputation💙
Nadia Wadia
Nadia Wadia: Amazing
salma fahmy
salma fahmy: قصة كويسة جدا . ارشحها بشدة(Translated by Google
MAHA ABDULLAH AL-SHAWKANI: Terrible! I got in for a hair cut, the lady was unfriendly, and kept complaininginna rude way about the statusof my hair... when it was time for the hair wash, OMG harsh hands on my scalp, told her to take it easy but she wouldn't listen. Oh and yes, imagine getting a hair wash with cold water :/.Lastly went out with an uneven haircut and terrible blow drying.Services:Hairstyling,Blowouts,Shampoo conditioning
Lisa Kalinin
Lisa Kalinin: Didn’t like the place for nails .. my nails are ruined ! Very bad manicure! My nails started to break on the sides so quickly I’ve never seen this before ! I’m not sure the manicure lady knew what she was doing at all…Service:Manicure
Sarah Ghanem
Sarah Ghanem: I’m beyond disappointed. I wanted to have a hair color and haircut with kimi (of course for the hype around him). He did the hair color and sent someone else to cut my hair ( I wasn’t excused) and I don’t like to trust anyone with my hair but I just let it slip. The color was nice, but after the FIRST WASH turned into a completely something else! And the cut wasn’t even and was messed up. I went back to fix the cut and tone my hair ( wishing to have the old color back)! They charged me again, and didn’t even have the same color or even a closer one! I had to give up as my hair got damaged enough and Just left with an awful brassy color. I’m terribly disappointed and regretting the moment I trusted them with my hair.
Y S: My first visit to this salon. No appointment was necessary. Received excellent service, had a colour and cut. Would highly recommend. I will definitely make this my regular hairdresser.Updating my recent experience, I would still recommend this salon. Have always been very happy with the colour and cut, staff are helpful. Would compare the price as similar to UK, happy to pay this when getting excellent cut and colour.9 March 2022This is now my regular hairdresser. On every visit I receive excellent service from the minute I walk in the door.Highly recommend Amir and Joe to colour and cut hair. Every member of staff gives good service. Thanks to Ahmed who blow dried my hair today.30 July 2022Great service as ever. I think prices have risen though
Manuela Rodriguez
Manuela Rodriguez: Brushing impeccable je suis venu de France et j'ai été très satisfaite du taf mais c'est vrai que vous abusez avec vos tarifs à la tête du client c'est dommage !
enas alarashi
enas alarashi: A good hairdresser in Zamalek area. Prices are little high but quality is goodAn excellent hairdresser in Zamalek, its prices are a little high, but it is very good
Yasmeen Alshehabi
Yasmeen Alshehabi: My mom and I have curly, thick, and difficult hair, yet Mr. Joe was able to give us amazing haircuts. He was patient, kind, and very talented. We would definitely come here again.Service:Hairstyling
Susan Hanna
Susan Hanna: Our experience was very disappointing. We came specifically from America to do my daughter’s hair with Kimi because of the great reviews that he has. We made an appointment with him and he just came in and said hi to her, looked at her hair and assigned the task to someone else. Her hair turned out nothing like the picture that she showed them and has been falling out and very damaged since. We are very disappointed…
sara mofty
sara mofty: Excellent staff, teamwork and professionalism, best salon experience in New Cairo
Laila Korraa
Laila Korraa: I am blonde and I went to make highlights blonde to make my hair brighter . First i asked for kimi. But they litterally said he does not do hair diye he only make the colour. Then they said "Amir" is the best !... i end up with being a red head !!! My hair is red instead of being blonde !how could anyone confuse both colours !!!Apart from this they are extremly unprofessional . Most of the staff are not wearing masks. Cleanless is average. And my scalp is hurting really bad !!Oh and amir is soooo rude and was so harsh with my hair !
Hind Al
Hind Al: The first thing you talk about is the price difference according to your nationality. I am sitting waiting for my turn. Three people came to me, each one giving me a different price because I am from the Gulf, without my bad Kimi psychology. And they don't care about customer satisfaction. I got upset, bad behavior and very provocative.

2. Mango Hair Salon

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49 reviews
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Mango Hair Salon
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Address: 36CC+RRC, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 106 579 5792

Business type: Hairdresser

Mango Hair Salon: what do users think?
Maha Ramzy
Maha Ramzy: Khaled is simply the best hairdresser in egypt , I come from Australia 🇦🇺 and Khaled did a wonderful colour and blow dry for me , Thankyou so much KhaledServices:Hairstyling,Hair coloring
ibrahim mohamed
ibrahim mohamed: Service:Hairstyling
Reah Bourji
Reah Bourji: I am so incredibly happy with my hair! Such talented hairstylists. Definitely will be returning. Thank you 😊💓Services:Hairstyling,Kids' cuts,Shampoo conditioning,Blowouts,Perms,Hair coloring
Eman Alsalman
Eman Alsalman: Fatna, her work is awesome, and her treatment is classy..Thanks for her hands ❣️
Shery Al Baroun
Shery Al Baroun: Amazing experience 💖 Khaled is the best and his assistant Fatma just amazing… luv u Guys
Eman Elatawy
Eman Elatawy: Had several haircuts done for me by demoiselle Menna (as I'm someone who wears hijab) & needless to say it's my entrusted place to go for a haircut till this day.Sending much love ♥Services:Hairstyling,Shampoo conditioning,Hair straightening,Blowouts
mikula mali
mikula mali: Excellent
Maryah Abuamarah
Maryah Abuamarah: Menna is wonderful, very professional
نوره ابراهيم
نوره ابراهيم: Brilliant, fast, special, I wish him success
abrar Khalid
abrar Khalid: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ValueFriendly hair stylist fast and professional 👍🏼👍🏼
Constanc Bashta
Constanc Bashta: Service:HairstylingPositive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Monna Elkholy
Monna Elkholy: For 10 years I never chose my hair style and it's always amazing, he is not a hair dresser, he is an artist. And his prices is better than any other salon. His work always making me happy 😊
Masao Shino
Masao Shino: 海外ではあまりない、スキばさみでカットしてくれた
منه سعيد
منه سعيد: ممتاز
Sarah Elseify
Sarah Elseify: The best. I tried once three years ago, never went elsewhere after. Khaled like mind reader, he knows what you need with my illiterate explaining, he is an artist and so patient.
Mira Shenouda
Mira Shenouda: Most talented hairdresser. Brilliant in haircuts, super polite and decent. Customer forever!
Stéphanie Dujols
Stéphanie Dujols: Positive:Quality,Value
Sana Momina
Sana Momina: very good and professional service but the place is very un convenient and smal
Pratyasha Thapa
Pratyasha Thapa: The salon was recommended to me by a friend. Khaled is absolutely amazing! He truly knows his craft and has a ton of experience working globally. He takes his time talking to you and asking you what you want and then gives his opinion. His blow-dry is also phenomenal. His services are extremely well priced. Mango surly is the best kept secret in Zamalek. Five stars all the way!
Borhan meshref
Borhan meshref: excellent
Yunjin LEE
Yunjin LEE: 엄청난 폭탄머리의 아저씨가 머리카락을 잘라주시는데 거의 도사처럼 잘 하신다. 추천추

3. Paul Raynault

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199 reviews
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Paul Raynault
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Address: 3679+F89, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, محافظة القاهرة‬، Egypt

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +20 122 644 0084

Business type: Beauty salon

Paul Raynault: what do users think?
Hala Sabry
Hala Sabry: Best haircut ever !
Khaled Shammaa
Khaled Shammaa: Very professional Very clean
Karina Loren
Karina Loren: Excellent like every single time. For cuts, I'll say he really is the best here in Cairo. He knows what he is doing and understands what you need. And what he doesn't do himself like, i.e. coloring: he instructs his staff precisely, and they follow. What more can you wish for? Maybe I should mention that prices are moderate, considering what and how you are all served with.
N: They damaged my hair not professional in dying .. paul is busy with hairstyling keeping his un trined stuff for the coloring. My hair completely damaged.
Janet Suárez (‫جانيت سواريز‬‎)
Janet Suárez (‫جانيت سواريز‬‎): Anni cut my hair, she has magic hands. She is a girl who takes care of every detail with great delicacy. I will definitely come back to her. And otherwise in general, the whole team is very friendly and the salon gives an excellent service!
sama adel
sama adel: Amazing stuff thanks for all of them
Salma Mounir
Salma Mounir: Thank you Annie for gorgeous color and highlights. Thanks Paul for a beautiful and voluminous hair cut. And thanks to Micheal (blow dry) and Michael (wash) ❤️
Amal Dahlan
Amal Dahlan: Professional and friendly
Zein Abed
Zein Abed: Best in Egypt - extremely professional, highly skilled and actually listens to them and gives his opinion for best optimal results!
ماجد ثابت
ماجد ثابت: possible distinctive
Virginie Boccuzzi
Virginie Boccuzzi: Anni est une excellente coiffeuse qui a réussi ma couleur et mes mèches à la perfection. Je suis vraiment très satisfaite du résultat! L'équipe est top et très agréable.
Manar Kasem
Manar Kasem: Services:Hairstyling,Shampoo conditioning
Soha Elfar
Soha Elfar: I am pleased with the service , and the inclination of Mr. Raynault to prefer natural safe treatment for the hair enhancing the simple healthy look
Ashwag fouad
Ashwag fouad: مكان مرتب .. محترفين في الشعر( عملت شعري ويفي مع هشام ) .. بس هوا المكان مش واضح الاسم ( او اللوحة من برا ) لانه داخل العمارة في الدور الاول .Beautiful salon. Professional stuff( i did wavey hair with Hesham) . The plac is on inside the building on 1st floor .
Reem H. Persons
Reem H. Persons: Very nice hair salon and the service is very good. Did my hair cut and blow dry and it was great.
Yassmine Falzon
Yassmine Falzon: Top professional
Tasnim Mustafa
Tasnim Mustafa: You need to book by phone before showing at the salonThe best hair cut you could ever receive for men and womenThe fav hair dresser is Karim, however Paul himself also works there.The people there are awesome, friendly and very professional
Randa Effat
Randa Effat: Extraordinary French hair dresser and stylist. Gives very stylish hair cuts and has also a trained team of hairdressers who are also excellent in giving haircuts.He is very good giving very short haircuts.He not only is for women, but also for men. He gives them very nice haircuts.The Salon is very clean. Enforces wearing masks and uses disposable gowns and towels as Ovid precautions.
Chrissie Lee
Chrissie Lee: Paul is a real professional, not only the skill, but the behavior he handles hair & clients.Reasonable price & no rip off!!!It's hard to change another hairdresser in Egypt, truly.
Raghda Khairy
Raghda Khairy: Best hair dresser in Cairo
Adam Mostafa
Adam Mostafa: Since growing out my curly hair for the past 2 years. I was never satisfied with any of my hair cuts. It's hard to find a place that can do good curly hair and beard. Paul was amazing!

4. x&Gioushy Hairdresser

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45 reviews
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x&Gioushy Hairdresser
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Address: 99 Banks Center St, اول القاهرة الجديدة، محافظة القاهرة‬،, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 128 410 7716

Business type: Hair salon

x&Gioushy Hairdresser: what do users think?
heba gamal
heba gamal: I had a horrible pedicure experience and the hygiene is zero.
Deena Khayat
Deena Khayat: Best place with very decent people
Kholoud Rashdan
Kholoud Rashdan: I went for a haircut and Youssef did exactly what I wanted and more. He made my experience awesome by his patience and efforts.
aya gad
aya gad: Professional
Haidy Galal
Haidy Galal: All hair service are great
mostafa mahmoud
mostafa mahmoud: Ibn Al Sham Restaurant is a very nice place, but it is difficult to find parking spaces easily and it is a bit expensive
R H: A place of asphalt and thieves, and he used to apply a double-face extension, combing my hair with the sticky substance in it, and the sticky substance he used to put on my hair, and I was crying without pain and he cut my hair off, but he cut the side of the extension and charged me 250, which is normal for cutting. It's a shawl, no one really goes there👎👎👎
ousha khaled
ousha khaled: I was going for the reputation of the place, but unfortunately I got false information from someone working and I arrived at the Heliopolis branch to make a protein, and after I arrived, they told me that the protein team is in the gathering, and you can work in the Heliopolis branch, but I save 30%, and I am going in more timeLiterally they break up with me after that 50% I enteredAnd I didn't take my right at all in time, and the result came out bad because I asked them to take care of my hair from the front and the ends, but the girl was in a hurry and my hair wasn't dry from the substance that was on it well, and she started with BabylissI was very upset, and my hair in front of me and the sides, but it did not workSeriously, this is the first and last time I go to this placenot recommended
Reem Assy
Reem Assy: ❤️❤️
Sameh Moawad
Sameh Moawad: Good
Hala elmahdi
Hala elmahdi: The worst experience by far with a salon in my 5 years of trying salons in Egypt. They seat you in a waiting area that’s hidden, the one sitting at the front is super rude with a horrible attitude. Some of the staff don’t know anything about treatments or how to do olaplex. They have a hair trimming device that doesn’t help trim ur split ends whatsoever, and costs 400 LE by the way for nothing. Payed 250 for the treatment that took 10 minutes and was done horribly. Payed 800 in total with styling (150). Insane, I’ve never payed this amount at any salon to do a treatment and cut my hair and style it. Horrible attitude, horrible service, and horrible prices. Never going back there again. Please don’t go, I don’t recommend you spend your money or time there.
Rowan Osama
Rowan Osama: Seriously, everything is so sweetServices:Hairstyling,Hair coloring
Dina Hassan
Dina Hassan: Girls don't like cutting the ends unevenly, and I sat for 3 hours to get a blowdryer and Babyliss, so they started with me, then you said, sorry, there is someone in front of you, you have to finish it first
Eman Elshafie
Eman Elshafie: My place, ppl are very professional and nice. This is a place of art
ام معاذ
ام معاذ: Service:Hairstyling
Roo Z
Roo Z: Nice people and nice hair styling, thank you 🙏
pipo Elgoker
pipo Elgoker: Very good place
Dalia Raouf
Dalia Raouf: The best
Mohammed Amin
Mohammed Amin: Ok
noor essam
noor essam: Very bad serviceThe manner of dealing is impolite and disrespectfulServices:Hairstyling,Hair coloring
Aya el sherbiny
Aya el sherbiny: Critical:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueHORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I stayed there for an hour with my feet soaked in water WAITING for my turn and girls just walked in and took the turn by manipulation and begging. And finally when i spoke up the customer that TOOK my turn was rude to me and literally cursed me while the staff are watching. I ended up leaving with nothing done.Services:Manicure,Pedicure

5. SK Beauty Academy

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13 reviews
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SK Beauty Academy
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Address: 5 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Telephone: +20 102 098 8134

Business type: Beauty school

SK Beauty Academy: what do users think?
Mayada Swan
Mayada Swan: I was so simplified with you
beaty center patsy
beaty center patsy: So so happy
Hnan Atef
Hnan Atef: The best place, seriously, education is very easy with you
Noha Gamel
Noha Gamel: The best makeup academy
Mohamed Haggag
Mohamed Haggag: The best place in Cairo to learn to become a Professional Makeup Artist

6. Hair 'n Flair Maadi

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173 reviews
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Hair 'n Flair Maadi
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Address: عماره ٦, شارع 210, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 25196362

Business type: Hairdresser

Hair 'n Flair Maadi: what do users think?
Hana Bonino
Hana Bonino: The atmosphere is very professional, yet laid back. Maroun, the owner did my hair & did an amazing job. He listened to what I wanted & executed with precision. It is very difficult to find hair stylists that can actually do what the client asks for. His assistant gave me a great head massage as well. Extra bonus points for that! A great head massage is icing on the cake in my book. Thanks for a great experience. I will be back!
Maha Etewa
Maha Etewa: Lovely atmosphere and you get personalized attention regardless the number of clients in the place
Babsi Schiestl
Babsi Schiestl: Excellent hairdresser, Maroun and Adib are excellent. Great for waxing. Mervat is lovely. Been going there for years.
محمد كمال Mohamed kamal
محمد كمال Mohamed kamal: A wonderful beauty center in Maadi. The best beauty center in Maadi is excellent. The people are excellent, and they are all respectful
Misbah Sheikh
Misbah Sheikh: Love this place and Maroun & Adib! Their team is excellent. I always get the best styles and treatments. Couldn't do without them in Maadi. My go to place.
Nidal Natour
Nidal Natour: I like the place
Bernhard H. Weber
Bernhard H. Weber: My wife was serviced at this salon. Despite of an appointment 1.5 hours wait. Place is overpriced.
Karima Kareche
Karima Kareche: J'ai fait un lissage et la façon de faire m'a paru bizarre au début, le résultat était satisfaisant par la suite.
Isabelle Ribot
Isabelle Ribot: Nice place
Nashwa Abouagiza
Nashwa Abouagiza: Amazing
Leyla Norris
Leyla Norris: I went to trim the ends and before the hairdresser even saw my face they proceeded to wash my hair. The hairdresser came once my hair was completely wet and of course he did not notice how much damage I have and how much trimming needs to be done. I’ve never been to a salon where they don’t consult you before washing and shampooing. As a result I came home and noticed all the damaged and split ends that were still with me. I won’t be back.
Nawal Tawfik
Nawal Tawfik: Excellent service, very welcoming owners.
Moustafa mahmoud moustafa mohamed bassiouni
Moustafa mahmoud moustafa mohamed bassiouni: Very beautiful
S B: Coupe homme à éviter. Pour les femmes je ne sais pas
Shrouk Amer
Shrouk Amer: Super relaxing and professional people inhouse
Sally Gobran
Sally Gobran: The place is nice ,clean ...I did a hair cut by adib in less than 30 mins and he was so professional .
Ghada Bajigni
Ghada Bajigni: Very nice and good service quality
Monmon Mona
Monmon Mona: Professional work and 5-star service
Mirhan Damir
Mirhan Damir: They never fail me: always clean and professional. However, last time I had to wait for 3 hours for my meni-pedi (Meanwhile I did my hair!), where I was told that they will not be able to do it. As much As I was frustrated, I appreciated the polite way of which they informed me of it and their constant apologies. Despite many hours spent almost “in vain”, I was not mad at all!
Hana Limani
Hana Limani: Nice guys but had a very bad haircut experience. I needed a straight bob and ended up with badly chopped hair. I had to go elsewhere right after to fix it. Do not recommend for hair cutting.
Keshk: Great and professional hair cutting

7. Z Beauty Academy

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19 reviews
new review
Z Beauty Academy
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Address: ٤ Saeed Bahgat, Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +20 2 26370302

Business type: Learning center

Z Beauty Academy: what do users think?
Sultanh Alshuryah
Sultanh Alshuryah: Is there room for people in the Gulf countries to register in it?
كارما حبيبتي
كارما حبيبتي: Hairdresser's place
omar mero
omar mero: Very beautiful and really respectable people and their work is beautifulVery tasteful in dealing
Mona Mohsen
Mona Mohsen: Seriously the best place and the cleanest place all people have a great taste and work 🙈
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed: Hussain junior. hair stylist
Nehal Soltan
Nehal Soltan: Good
Barbie Makeup Artist
Barbie Makeup Artist: A more than wonderful place 👋 organized, tidy and clean
محمد المونس
محمد المونس: so beautiful
Samar brkat
Samar brkat: مكان متميز جداااا والناس فى منتهى الذوق والشياكه وفريق محترم يعمل على الابداع والتفوق

8. The Curly Studio

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123 reviews
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The Curly Studio
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Address: El-Bostan, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closing soon: 7:00 PM

Telephone: +20 110 084 8484

Business type: Hairdresser

The Curly Studio: what do users think?
احمد سعيد
احمد سعيد: Extremely rude, I spoke to them on the phone, inquired about the products they use, because my hair does not accept certain creams, and the journey is not wasted. She responds to bells and I don't know how when I know her products, I will know the secret of the universe. I went to them before and the experience was horrible
Mohga Gamal
Mohga Gamal: Not bad
Farrah Khaled
Farrah Khaled: Hard to make an appointment.. they don’t even reply
Rana A
Rana A: Came all the way from Saudi to this studio and i was no disappointed! Each curl of my hair was perfectly defined 😍 a great day for hair day!
Rana Wael
Rana Wael: To7faaaa
Mariam Nabil
Mariam Nabil: The service is amazing🤩
Tayseer: This was by far the worst experience I've ever had with a curly hair studio. Sara butchered my hair. I thought she was a professional. I asked for layers and I told her to keep the length and she shortened my hair so much to the point where I literally cannot see any layers. When they started styling it it was going well. I thought this might fix the terrible haircut that they gave me, but it all went terribly wrong when they gave the RECEPTIONIST the diffuser because they were busy. Of course she didn't know how to dry curly hair and she literally brushed my curls out with the diffuser. Their styling literally only lasted one day.It was the worst thing ever and I'm so so disappointed. Funny thing is, they cut away stray peices after they style it and someone else , not sara (can't remember her name), asked me if I cut my hair myself! I've never cut my own hair in my entire life. Sara just butchered it and it shows! I think they have one approach to cutting curly hair regardless of what your curl pattern looks like.Oh and I also paid 800. For nothing. I hate the cut and I hate the styling.TLDR: don't go.
Lena Ismail
Lena Ismail: by far the worst haircut experience of my lifeSarah absolutely ruined my hair. Besides the fact she arrived about 30 minutes late, she was on a call the entire time she was cutting my hair, which is extremely unprofessional. This lead her to cut one side shorter than the other and now I have uneven hair. I also asked for a trim (my hair was waist-length) and she cut it up to my shoulder!not to mention they are extremely overpricedsave your money and stay away from this place!!Service:Hairstyling
Marwa Sheren
Marwa Sheren: Treatment is excellent 👌Cut hair is very expensive for nothing actually!The place is very small , unexpected !!Services:Hairstyling,Shampoo conditioning
Jennifer Farnum
Jennifer Farnum: Excellent dry cut, wonderful owner, good value.Service:Hairstyling
Sara Sedky
Sara Sedky: Over priced
Menna Karram
Menna Karram: Thanks for ruining my day! Its so simple if you guys can professionally run a business then dont open new branches! If l can give this place zero stars l would 100% would.I was planning to visit their place having very expectations in Dunes mall in northcoast, l called the studio on Thursday to book an appointment there was no answer so l texted them on whatsapp asking for the available slots Friday and Saturday she told me that tomorrow is there last day and l can come anytime between 12 pm till 12 am. The next morning l had a call from them because they missed my call l explained that l got in touch with them yesterday via whatsapp and there was no appointments so l will just go in an hour.I arrived at their studio 2:40 the studio was closed there was a lady thats working in the salon next to them she offered to call Nour who is working in the studio she did and she apologized and said she will be there 10. After staying 30 mins in the sun and the awful hot weather She showed up. I asked for a cut she told me l only style the hair theres no available to cut my hair?! Basically no one there to do what theyre open for! After wasting 2 hours of my time and morney ubering back and forth to this place that l had very high expectations of l stormed out of the place, l called the call center and asked them to get me in touch with the owner they refused.WHY OPEN A BRANCH IN SAHEL IF THERES NO ONE AVAILABLE TO CUT THE CLIENTS HAIR?? WHY ARE U EVEN OPEN? WHY DID NO ONE CARED TO DO THEIR CORE BUSINESS AND CLARIFIED THAT THERES NO ONE THERE TO CUT THE HAIR DURING OUR PHONECALLS? AWFUL!
Mohammed Osilan
Mohammed Osilan: A beautiful crew and their work is very wonderful
Khaled Abdelrahman
Khaled Abdelrahman: The best place to help you take care of your curly hair and teach you how to do few things at home. Definitely going to repeat our visit
Christine: Amazing , very friendly team and professional
Aslam Loma
Aslam Loma: رائعه
Nour Mahmoud
Nour Mahmoud: It was amazing❤️
Rodina Hamdi
Rodina Hamdi: I had the best experience with Sara & the great team
Ghadeer Ahmed
Ghadeer Ahmed: 👍👍
Fatma Sherif
Fatma Sherif: Amazing
rana rana
rana rana: Sara is an expert she listened carefully and surprised me with a big layered hair😍

9. Kriss Beauty Salon

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360 reviews
new review
Kriss Beauty Salon
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Address: 22 Baghdad St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 100 115 1360

Business type: Beauty salon

Kriss Beauty Salon: what do users think?
N Waguih
N Waguih: they are very professional in korba branch
Lydia Ibrahim
Lydia Ibrahim: Had the best low lights color with Moataz. Exactly how I wanted it. So talented
Prof. Mohamed Adel Elhadidy
Prof. Mohamed Adel Elhadidy: Very talented and professional
maggie adel
maggie adel: I gave them 5 stars because of Ayman onlyHe is the best hairdresser in the townHe does exactly what you askI always come to him when I want someone he trusted with my hairI came to the place because Ayman is excellent and honest, he is the best person in the placeServices:Hairstyling,Manicure
Marian Ramzy Marian Ramzy Wahba
Marian Ramzy Marian Ramzy Wahba: I love Kriss very much, and I am afraid for him, even if someone is close enough to him. He is very polite, polite, and all of him has good taste. May God give him wellness. I am very happy when I see him there in the branch. I feel unusually optimistic that my day will be sweet, honestly, but this feeling is only with Kriss.
Mariam Ezzat
Mariam Ezzat: Moatez is the best there
Israa Suleiman
Israa Suleiman: Tried hair color and it was horrible. I really do not recommend this place. Also the staff are not professional. The girl who washed my hair was hinting that i shouldnot heat my hair there because they leave at 9 pm and it was 8;15 pm and bear in mind i was there from 4 pm. First time a hairdresser to use olaplex with the color and i didnot feel olapex effect at all. He should also have showed me the olapex bottle. They do not know how to comb a curly hair and they do not mind brushing it fast even if it cuts it, just clever at giving negative comments. Also they dyed my hair twice and still could not get the desired color which is very frustrating since no one wants to exhaust their hair like this and at the end not even get satisfied. Horrible experience.
Salma Said
Salma Said: Update:: the operation managet got in touch with me and offered me hair treatment to help with the damaged hair and I went back and they were really nice. I would recommend curly haired customers to be careful with lighting the hair and to not leave the decision for the hair colorist.........I went to have a haircut and do my usual highlights. First Hamada didn’t care to see what haircut I want and said he will only color. He did my highlights and ignored all my requests. My hair got extremely dry and ruined, the color way lighter than I requested. Overall my experience was bad and the prices are way to high. I cut my hair afterward to get rid of all my dead and damaged hair!!
Sherif Enin
Sherif Enin: Service:Pedicure
Nouf talal
Nouf talal: Very good salon with good prices
Bonita: Nice. They used to serve drinks to all customers but I think it's a bit less expensive than it was which is great.
living with 11 cats
living with 11 cats: نصابينطلبت لون وعملولي لون تاني من عندهم بعيد عن اللي كنت عايزاه وكمان السعر اتحطيت في موقف محرج ادفع ولا ما ادفعشي يعني ايه صبغة وهايلايت لشعر قصير ٢٧٠٠ جنيه بجد حرامية وخربوا شعري اهربوا محدش يروح
Eve Alex
Eve Alex: Definitely the worst beauty salon I've been to.First of all, they take the brushes from each other and brush the hair of clients with the same brush without even cleaning, they try to hide it but it's really bad.Secondly, it is overpriced. I've been to many hair salons that are considered over priced but this one is the the worst and most expensive.
النفيعي العتيبي
النفيعي العتيبي: من اجمل الاماكنسائح سعوديSnap:fahad0ff
Archana Rungoo
Archana Rungoo: Worst hair cutServices:Hairstyling,Manicure
Nada Nabil
Nada Nabil: The quality of that haircut it's not worth the money. Also they don't know how to properly work with curly hair.
Mariette Daoud
Mariette Daoud: Best service and great work. I am really grateful as Kriss agreed to help me elongate my hair with the same texture.
Rahma Khalid
Rahma Khalid: العاملين هناك شاطرين وموهوبين جداً خاصة في الشعر والاستقبال لائق وراقي. انصح القراء بتجربة الصالون.
Sohaila Megahed
Sohaila Megahed: Service:Hairstyling
Hany fouad
Hany fouad: Overpriced
Rooma Bayoumy
Rooma Bayoumy: Very rude staff .. starting from the reception person with zero smile .. no professional customer service.. I think they should stick to old customer as they could never build new with this attitudeService:Hairstyling

10. Al Sagheer Salons

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278 reviews
new review
Al Sagheer Salons
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Address: 3 Al Narges, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 37614046

Business type: Hairdresser

Al Sagheer Salons: what do users think?
Hoda Esaa
Hoda Esaa: الخدمه لطيفه ♥️ 😘
Kumail Mufaddal
Kumail Mufaddal: There are nice people there, with good hairstyles and a nice staff. The fact that they are fully aware of what they are doing is also crucial, but when I came the staff were unprepared took the about 5-7 minutes until they were ready.
حجز فنادق
حجز فنادق: Respectable people
Ma k
Ma k: They have over charged me when the guy knew I was coming from a short vacation from abroad. My hair color was uneven , the guy didn’t adhere to the color that i asked for saying that he knows better! If I could give them negative stars I would have!! Please don’t ever go there.
glimmer hope
glimmer hope: Very few bad words on itDespicable and disgusting treatment of female workersShe did my manicure and hand cleaningThe manicure is a bad material and my niece, who is 5 years old, gives me a more organized manicure than herThe manicure is lumpy and ruinedAnd during this, the female worker complains, as if I forced her to workI never recommend dealing with themTheir prices are too high compared to their poor serviceAnd I did my hair and it fulfills 450 poundsWithin a quarter of an hour, my hair was back exactly as it wasUnscrupulous and bad quality
Marwan Ghunaim
Marwan Ghunaim: Clean, many branches, excellent location, and skilled workers
Heba Ashraf
Heba Ashraf: Somewhat good
Reem Dowidar
Reem Dowidar: I asked to get my hair curled like a classic Marlin Monroe look, he used a wide straightener although my hair is short, he didn’t use serum or styling product to keep the curls, two hours later my hair was super straight with No single curling.I could smell my burnt hair, and he didn’t listen to what I really want carefully.Super disappointed in such big name!
Masooma Khalid
Masooma Khalid: The worst experience in consulting, bad, bad, bad to the extreme, a big difference from Mohamed Al Sagheer, Zamalek branch. This branch deserves less than a star.
محمد الكردوسى
محمد الكردوسى: Perfect
Mona Mady
Mona Mady: Horrible service. So incompetent, I don’t know how something this big can be so bad.
Ghada nour
Ghada nour: Its the worst experience ever from staff more than the serviceSorry to express my frustration from el sagheer fourseason branch salon and worst staff I have ever met . Actually not expected such service and cold treatment . Thanks for not being thereService:Hair coloring
Naqeeb Safi
Naqeeb Safi: Closed before the time
Yara: I’ve been doing my gel nails and hair there for 10 months while I look for nearby alternatives. I styled my hair and trimmed the ends there multiple times and it’s average quality and price. As for the gel nails, the nail specialist is very friendly and nice, she listens to my requests and does her best to achieve them, however is extremely aggressive with my nails and I usually leave there with nail injuries that last up to 10 days; no matter how pretty her work is, a bleeding nail always looks ugly, needless to say painful.An appointment is needed in advance to get your nails done there, usually 2 days before at least. Haven’t tried their pedicure service - only toe coloring which was also painful.
مصطفى محمود هاشم
مصطفى محمود هاشم: excellent
Maha Amin
Maha Amin: I received a pleasant treatment and an excellent charitable cut
Ahmed Elgabaly
Ahmed Elgabaly: Reliable haircuts with consistent quality 💇‍♂️👌
Hanin Abubaker (‫مطبخ حنين‬‎)
Hanin Abubaker (‫مطبخ حنين‬‎): Great team. Asmar did my hair and he is very talented.
Tawfiq Mohammad bin D
Tawfiq Mohammad bin D: هل يوجد قائمة اسعار ؟
يزيد زيدان
يزيد زيدان: انصح فيه ومن دون تفكير كافي ان جميع المومثلين والاعلاميين يتعاملون معه فعلآ يستحق التحيه
mostafa Gamal
mostafa Gamal: Very good in hairdressing

11. Tarek Nail Center

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54 reviews
new review
Tarek Nail Center
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Address: El Teseen St Americana Plaza Mall, 1st Floor New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +20 122 404 0008

Business type: Beauty salon

12. The Rasta Zone

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95 reviews
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The Rasta Zone
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Address: 5 Youssef Kamel, st, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 109 198 0574

Business type: Hairdresser

13. Chez Richard

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69 reviews
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Chez Richard
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Address: 38MV+76W, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +20 127 043 3339

Business type: Beauty salon

14. L' avenue salon

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80 reviews
new review
L' avenue salon
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Address: South 90, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 102 477 4407

Business type: Beauty salon

15. DermaHealth Lasers & Cosmetology

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43 reviews
new review
DermaHealth Lasers & Cosmetology
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Address: 139 El Tahrir, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +20 101 555 0537

Business type: Medical Center

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