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Paul Raynault Etre Belle Russian Beauty Center Toi Jacques Moreno Mèche Salon de beauté Real Massage Centre Zamalek Kriss Beauty Salon Ahmed & Abdou Coiffure Tarek Nail Center Angel Spa & Beauty Center Swan House Beauty Center

1. Paul Raynault

· 199 reviews

3679+F89, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271020, Egypt

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Paul Raynault: what do users think?
Hala Sabry: Best haircut ever !
Khaled Shammaa: Very professional Very clean
Karina Loren: Excellent like every single time. For cuts, I'll say he really is the best here in Cairo. He knows what he is doing and understands what you need. And what he doesn't do himself like, i.e. coloring: he instructs his staff precisely, and they follow. What more can you wish for? Maybe I should mention that prices are moderate, considering what and how you are all served with.
N: They damaged my hair not professional in dying .. paul is busy with hairstyling keeping his un trined stuff for the coloring. My hair completely damaged.
Janet Suárez (‫جانيت سواريز‬‎): Anni cut my hair, she has magic hands. She is a girl who takes care of every detail with great delicacy. I will definitely come back to her. And otherwise in general, the whole team is very friendly and the salon gives an excellent service!
sama adel: Amazing stuff thanks for all of them
Salma Mounir: Thank you Annie for gorgeous color and highlights. Thanks Paul for a beautiful and voluminous hair cut. And thanks to Micheal (blow dry) and Michael (wash) ❤️
Amal Dahlan: Professional and friendly
Zein Abed: Best in Egypt - extremely professional, highly skilled and actually listens to them and gives his opinion for best optimal results!
ماجد ثابت: possible distinctive
Virginie Boccuzzi: Anni est une excellente coiffeuse qui a réussi ma couleur et mes mèches à la perfection. Je suis vraiment très satisfaite du résultat! L'équipe est top et très agréable.
Manar Kasem: Services:Hairstyling,Shampoo conditioning
Soha Elfar: I am pleased with the service , and the inclination of Mr. Raynault to prefer natural safe treatment for the hair enhancing the simple healthy look
Ashwag fouad: .. بس هوا المكان مش واضح الاسم ( او اللوحة من برا
Reem H. Persons: Very nice hair salon and the service is very good. Did my hair cut and blow dry and it was great.
Yassmine Falzon: Top professional
Tasnim Mustafa: You need to book by phone before showing at the salonThe best hair cut you could ever receive for men and womenThe fav hair dresser is Karim, however Paul himself also works there.The people there are awesome, friendly and very professional
Randa Effat: Extraordinary French hair dresser and stylist. Gives very stylish hair cuts and has also a trained team of hairdressers who are also excellent in giving haircuts.He is very good giving very short haircuts.He not only is for women, but also for men. He gives them very nice haircuts.The Salon is very clean. Enforces wearing masks and uses disposable gowns and towels as Ovid precautions.
Chrissie Lee: Paul is a real professional, not only the skill, but the behavior he handles hair & clients.Reasonable price & no rip off!!!It's hard to change another hairdresser in Egypt, truly.
Raghda Khairy: Best hair dresser in Cairo
Adam Mostafa: Since growing out my curly hair for the past 2 years. I was never satisfied with any of my hair cuts. It's hard to find a place that can do good curly hair and beard. Paul was amazing!

2. Etre Belle Russian Beauty Center



· 3 reviews

3 Al Shahid Eshak Yagoob, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Etre Belle Russian Beauty Center: what do users think?
Legal Elite: This is the worst place i have ever visit🙈 don’t recommend at all ... this is ridiculous and not professional stuff at all.DON’T GO, DON’t RECOMMEND

3. Toi

· 317 reviews

El Gezira El Wosta, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Toi: what do users think?
Alanoud Alt: Amir is amazing with hair
Mai Salah eldin: Very well trained staff 👏
Hend Amer: Positive:CleanlinessThey have an excellent lady who does the best massages ever, her name is Walaa. I highly recommend her servicesServices:Massage,Manicure,Pedicure,Hairstyling
Fajr: Their treatment is nice, but they don't know how to remove it with wax
Hassan Saleh: Very nice, fast and sharing
Elmjak Ashraf: excellent
منور العبدالكريم: The best dye and the sweetest treatment. Thank you, Mr. Joe, for the sweet dye. The place is beautiful, the treatment, and the prices are sweet
No One: Gina for the praise, frankly, professional in dyeing and cutting, curly hair and straight hair, beautiful and wonderful work, Mr. Joe knows his work, Zain deserves the customers and the sweet reputation💙
Nadia Wadia: Amazing
salma fahmy: قصة كويسة جدا . ارشحها بشدة(Translated by Google
MAHA ABDULLAH AL-SHAWKANI: Terrible! I got in for a hair cut, the lady was unfriendly, and kept complaininginna rude way about the statusof my hair... when it was time for the hair wash, OMG harsh hands on my scalp, told her to take it easy but she wouldn't listen. Oh and yes, imagine getting a hair wash with cold water :/.Lastly went out with an uneven haircut and terrible blow drying.Services:Blowouts,Hairstyling,Shampoo conditioning
Lisa Kalinin: Didn’t like the place for nails .. my nails are ruined ! Very bad manicure! My nails started to break on the sides so quickly I’ve never seen this before ! I’m not sure the manicure lady knew what she was doing at all…Service:Manicure
Sarah Ghanem: I’m beyond disappointed. I wanted to have a hair color and haircut with kimi (of course for the hype around him). He did the hair color and sent someone else to cut my hair ( I wasn’t excused) and I don’t like to trust anyone with my hair but I just let it slip. The color was nice, but after the FIRST WASH turned into a completely something else! And the cut wasn’t even and was messed up. I went back to fix the cut and tone my hair ( wishing to have the old color back)! They charged me again, and didn’t even have the same color or even a closer one! I had to give up as my hair got damaged enough and Just left with an awful brassy color. I’m terribly disappointed and regretting the moment I trusted them with my hair.
Y S: My first visit to this salon. No appointment was necessary. Received excellent service, had a colour and cut. Would highly recommend. I will definitely make this my regular hairdresser.Updating my recent experience, I would still recommend this salon. Have always been very happy with the colour and cut, staff are helpful. Would compare the price as similar to UK, happy to pay this when getting excellent cut and colour.9 March 2022This is now my regular hairdresser. On every visit I receive excellent service from the minute I walk in the door.Highly recommend Amir and Joe to colour and cut hair. Every member of staff gives good service. Thanks to Ahmed who blow dried my hair today.30 July 2022Great service as ever. I think prices have risen though
Manuela Rodriguez: Brushing impeccable je suis venu de France et j'ai été très satisfaite du taf mais c'est vrai que vous abusez avec vos tarifs à la tête du client c'est dommage !
enas alarashi: A good hairdresser in Zamalek area. Prices are little high but quality is goodAn excellent hairdresser in Zamalek, its prices are a little high, but it is very good
Yasmeen Alshehabi: My mom and I have curly, thick, and difficult hair, yet Mr. Joe was able to give us amazing haircuts. He was patient, kind, and very talented. We would definitely come here again.Service:Hairstyling
Susan Hanna: Our experience was very disappointing. We came specifically from America to do my daughter’s hair with Kimi because of the great reviews that he has. We made an appointment with him and he just came in and said hi to her, looked at her hair and assigned the task to someone else. Her hair turned out nothing like the picture that she showed them and has been falling out and very damaged since. We are very disappointed…
sara mofty: Excellent staff, teamwork and professionalism, best salon experience in New Cairo
Laila Korraa: I am blonde and I went to make highlights blonde to make my hair brighter . First i asked for kimi. But they litterally said he does not do hair diye he only make the colour. Then they said "Amir" is the best !... i end up with being a red head !!! My hair is red instead of being blonde !how could anyone confuse both colours !!!Apart from this they are extremly unprofessional . Most of the staff are not wearing masks. Cleanless is average. And my scalp is hurting really bad !!Oh and amir is soooo rude and was so harsh with my hair !
Hind Al: The first thing you talk about is the price difference according to your nationality. I am sitting waiting for my turn. Three people came to me, each one giving me a different price because I am from the Gulf, without my bad Kimi psychology. And they don't care about customer satisfaction. I got upset, bad behavior and very provocative.

4. Jacques Moreno

· 118 reviews

Yamama Centre, 3 Taha Hussein St., Zamalek, Egypt

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Jacques Moreno: what do users think?
gina haggar: Beauty salon for women. good
Chinnu Madhukumar: I took hair coloring service from this place and it was the worst experience ever had. I have been doing hair color for almost 7 years now and never have seen the technique of backcombing each section of hair and then applying hair color. This process was really painful while doing the hair wash, broke several stands of hair as wet hair becomes very difficult to comb. After all this tedious work, they realized that the color was not as expected, then they decided to cover up their mistake by just applying hair dye! This was insane. All the time they told me that they applied conditioner and stuff. The whole process took almost 4 hours. They charged me 1400 LE and asked if I was happy which is a ridiculous question. Once I started to wash my hair I realized that the dye started to bleed out and the actual golden hair color( which they covered up) started to show up.After consulting my hairstylist back in India, I realized that my hair was completely damaged and I am finding it difficult to maintain now.I am sure there are many people out there with similar experiences. Please share the review so that people don’t get cheated.This is an honest review. Also sharing 0 stars for the review, but since Google doesn’t allow you to do that sharing 1 star.Service:Hairstyling
Sheddo Ta: Great experience, definitely coming again
Rebecca Jane: Amazing, my regular place. Great value only 100 egp for a wash, blow dry and straight.200 for a wash cut and blow dryAll the guys are great but in particular Abdul is fantastic, he is so quick and always leaves me feeling soooo happy with my hair!Services:Microblading,Manicure,Braids,Dreadlocks,Body waxing,Hair extensions
Heba Zaki: Few colors and not organized well, but staff are friendly.
bothina gad: We are friendly, the treatment is good, and the prices are reasonable
Donia Maher: Services:Pedicure,ManicureCritical:Professionalism,Quality,Value
Aya Sami: Highly recommend for hair coloring and treatments. I tried protein and it was a nice experience.
Noushine Sefiddashti: Ibrahim did a great job with my highlights 👏
محمد نصر: For classy people only
Jasmine El-alfy: I waited a lot, whether for washing or for blowdrying, and there was no workmanship, and the place was poorly ventilated
MFarag: Best Gel Nails Extension in Town. The service is very good and most of the staff are customer oriented. They also have all kinds of Pedicure & Manicure services. Other hairdressing services available too but I didn’t try them. They surely excel in Gel Nails Extensions. Their prices are very reasonable too.
Samantha Ward: Terrible. Stay at home and cut your own hair, you'll do a better job!
saraya abdeen: good
Sam Ed: While I was waiting for my wife to get her hair dressed, a MALE worker (and one of many) came to me telling me that males are not allowed inside. I don't think a policy can get any more stupid than that.
Awatif Alzaabi: Excellent in everything
M Mira: amazing
Sara Razk: Beautiful
Nagwa Ibrahim: good place.. good quality
Ruba Bassam: The salon is very bad, and it is not clean. I had a skin infection all over my body.

5. Mèche Salon de beauté

· 81 reviews

4 Mohammed Anis, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Mèche Salon de beauté: what do users think?
Farida Farag: Services:Eyebrow threading,Hairstyling
Aya Meheisen: Amazing place, and super friendly staff. I had a lovely haircut done by franco who was super talented and listens to what you want
Marian Mina: Love to go there. Charbel is super talented. And so is everybody there
Hoda Ezz: Professional stylists, friendly neat staff!
Cherif Nelly: It's a real experience 😉
Hifa H: The salon is beautiful and classy.. Clean work, reasonable prices.. Especially the hairdresser Mamdouh 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for his hard work..
Rania Fouad: First of all, it’s not “la coupe”; not any more.However, when you call them, the receptionist confirms that this is “la coupe”.Second, the team there is very arrogant and really provocative.Actually, the best thing there is the valet !Really quite a bad experience.
rana walid: I went to the dusit branch for a haircut and the guy working there seemed very hesitant like he did not know what he was doing, he cut my hair with a razor andliterally gave me the worst haircut ever. Please do not let him cut your hairand if you have to cut At the dusit branch the. ask for Johnny
JOUDY M TAHA: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Ahmed Tantawy: Prices are good for women
Jasmine Elgazar: At the Dusit branch, the most fantastic staff! Made my special day even more special with their professionalism and their kind and friendly attitudes.They accommodated me last minute and gave me the best services possible.HIGHLY recommended👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Khadiga Rehab: Zamalek branch in specificNot MohandeseenVery professional very goodThe best with Manicure / Pedicure and Ingrowns (After trying a bunch and other branches)Brushing and styling hair too
Mohanad Ibrahim: Non-professionals all their concern is, you pay more money
bella gazz: فرع المهندسين خلف مسجدمصطفى محمود رائع ومحترف
Asmaa El-Khatib: Problem with manger
Mariam Soliman: Terrible experience!!!!!!!!
Mina sawers: مكان رائع لتصفيف الشعر
Yunjin LEE: The decor is good, but the price is very high
Shosho Metso: Excellent and beyond wonderful
Mariam El Masry: Very rude and unprofessional. They are not honest, take advantage of you in every way possible. Liars and thieves. Only care about money without presenting any good service.
Mounira Elhamshary: لم اصادف اى كوافير فى براعة ( شاربل ) فى قص الشعر

6. Amira Beauty Center

· 6 reviews

33 ش الحسن بن على, El-Nasr, Bab El Sharia, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Amira Beauty Center: what do users think?
Mahmoud Swilam: Very excellent place

7. Emad Beauty Center

· 1 reviews

شارع عطا الله حنا ، شبرا, Elsahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

8. Real Massage Centre Zamalek

· 59 reviews

23 El Gezira El Wosta, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11568, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Kriss Beauty Salon

· 360 reviews

22 Baghdad St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Beauty Salon Josy Cairo

· 13 reviews

18, 206 Street, Degla Square, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Ahmed & Abdou Coiffure

· 37 reviews

Menyat as Serg, Elsahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Tarek Nail Center

· 174 reviews

47 Micheal Bakhoum St Off Mossadak St, Dr Michel Bakhoum, Sq, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Hashem & Zarif Beauty Center

· 3 reviews

121 ش خلوصى, Gesr Shubra, Shubra, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

14. German Beauty Center

· 37 reviews

X729+64W, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. Angel Spa & Beauty Center

· 50 reviews

New nirco building, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

16. Swan House Beauty Center

· 16 reviews

21, El Batal Ahmed Ibn Abd Elaziz St. , mohandessin,Egypt Gizs, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. Royal Nails Beauty Center & Health Club

· 5 reviews

3 ش حسن يسرى, الزمالك, القاهرة, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

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