Best Escape Room De Risa In Cairo Near Me

1. Escape Games Cairo

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Escape Games Cairo
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Address: om kalthoum hotel 11568, 5 Abou El Feda, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +20 106 699 7132

Business type: Historical landmark

Escape Games Cairo: what do users think?
Karim Osman: Great buil
سامح حمدي: Nice hotelRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Vasily Alekseenko: The only good place about the hotel is location. Considering prices in Cairo it’s more on the expensive side. Everything is old and run down. No one did any refurbishment there probably when the hotel was built. Service is slow, their English is pretty bad for the central location. For the same price we could have stayed in local Airbnb located in Zamalek as well but newly renovated. The pool was surprisingly clean. On yeah on the “clean” part. For any Europeans travelling here for the 1st time, they really need to adjust their expectation on what clean here looks like. All the paces here look great at night with just a few lights but during the day it’s a different story, hotels are not an exception here.
Hesham Salah: Old properly full of rich memories. The Egyptian most famed singer Om Kalthom lived in a villa that occupied this location. Superb Nile view and safe neighbourhood.Rooms: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Location: 5/5 …More
M S: I don't recommend living, just visiting
Ahmed Samir: goodRooms: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Location: 3/5 …More
ayman salem: More than wonderfulRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
meshmesh sorrot: 🌷

2. Placebo - Role Playing Escape Rooms

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Placebo - Role Playing Escape Rooms
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Address: Rd 9, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 1:00 AM

Telephone: +20 109 873 4362

Business type: Escape room center

Placebo - Role Playing Escape Rooms: what do users think?
Basmalla Mohameedd: A real amazing place and all the stories are very beautiful ❤️
Eng.karim Abdelmaksoud: Very nice ❤️
ابو فاروق: Really wonderful experience ❤❤❤❤❤
Abdelghany Waheed: Very nice place and very laid back
Micheal Moheeb: The experience was so much thrilling and mysterious yet we enjoyed a ton ❤️❤️❤️Thanks placebo, looking forward for our next time here 😌
omar sholkkamy: Amazing place with escape rooms has diffrent idea .thats role playing you living the story with all of its characters
youssef sherif: I actually was scared for the first time in an escape room game I loved it!
sara Hisham: Best experience ever for the 1st time ever❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ahmed Tarek: Nice day and so excited ❤️
Ebrahim 1: An exciting story and its events are linked
Abdlrhman Reda: One of the best experiences I have had in my life, really nice place ♥️ Hopefully we will come again
AbdELrahman hammad: Seriously fun and a different situation for Abjad Jaamid
Salah Mansy: I really liked the idea and would really like to try it again ♥️
Fayrouz Magdy: Beautiful place and very respectful people♥️
Ahmed Maher: Highly recommended to try this amazing experience.
Omnia Ezzat: Highly recommended
Salma Elkhatib: Fun experience
Nadeen Khaled: very nice and fun
Nour Tamer: TOHFA🤩
kerolos romany: A very rigid place and very happy in it
Mina Yousef: Long live the place is very, very nice, honestly, the weather is very nice, live 🔥🔥

3. Escape Room

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Escape Room
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Address: 104 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 1:00 AM

Telephone: +20 102 222 2048

Business type: Escape room center

Escape Room: what do users think?
Amira Hafez: The place is really amazing, the team is crazy, it was a real nice experience, the people are extra respectful and the ideas are greatSo much and sweet ♥️
Oliver David: great experience
MALIK AMR: Hate it
Farah Shaheer: The place in the location close to Tivoli has been shutdown and they haven’t included a new location in case they relocated.
Sara Hegazy: ❤️❤️❤️
Abdo Mabrouk: 👍
Ahmed Zakaria: The rooms still as it since the place was opend really not too good
Omar Nagy: Good
Amir Bebo: Unfortunately, I haven't tried it
Hassan Nagi: Boring
Nour Ali: chuck
Azza fouad abdelgawed: My experience with Serena Village in the North CoastIt is a failed administration, in my opinion, that cannot manage its business nor manage its relationship with its owners and clients. It is a management that seeks to achieve profits only without considering the rights of the owners and the provision of basic services in the village, recreational services, or the simplest rights of people to provide lighting for the village in the summer.The administration does not pay any attention to any comment or omission of the right of the ownersRather, it does not concern them in any way inmates of the villageThe important thing is that it sells units and achieves gains in any way, and does not abide by any promises it made to people. Once the contract is signed, it disavows any promise it made before contracting, such as elevators, providing a beach, or free aqua park for owners.Rather, it added that it decided to cancel the stadiums and establish a third stage in its placeThis is contrary to the designs shown when sellingThe administration makes many promises before contracting, but does not fulfill them afterward
Ahmed Osama: Horror only and not intelligence or mind gamesHowever, the design of the place is quite good
نادية حسين: Very nice and fun place, but the prices are high
Nancy H.: ** worst escape room in town **The worst escape room I visited so far!The room was a mess, decorations very poor, the books/riddles were cutted and old that didnt help with solving!The staff were super slow and not helpful, they came to the room to give the hint after asking for it multiple timess!No vibes as the staff open the door and tells you the hint like SERIOUSLY!!!Overall: never again.
geo281: The ambience of the place is fine. The people who run the place are friendly. I would’ve appreciated a more informative introduction about the nature of the rooms and their difficulties. Some of the clues were illogical, but the experience of it not being extremely easy is smart and appreciated.
يوميات ايمان مارتن Martn: Very beautiful
Mohamed Dawood: Non logical puzzles and not well ordered, no music tracks, no amusement
Evan Perez: Es bello
ahmed khaled: The height of lack of taste and lack of respect for appointments.. The reservation is at 9 and I confirmed the accuracy of the appointment.. I arrived at 9 per second. The employee tells me to wait half an hour because there are people before you who were late.. And when he says you told me why, because if that was the case, I would have apologized.. He replies with all lack of taste. This is what happened.. the height of lack of taste and lack of respect
Hassan Kotb: Excellent

4. Escapers™ Cairo

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163 reviews
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Escapers™ Cairo
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Address: Downtown Mall, S Teseen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +20 100 191 2625

Business type: Escape room center

Escapers™ Cairo: what do users think?
Rehab Jamal: EnjoyableMany Thanks
Hossam Raafat: I had a very nice time with my kids, and we really enjoyed it
I_CAN_RESIST: I've been to a lot of excape rooms in Egypt so I can easily rate on three aspects1- horror, which wasn't as I thought it would be, it was just a girl screaming once and turning off the light as well2- The puzzles were tricky, but a couple of them were impossible without a hint, which was ruining the time and experience a little bit. Also, I wished that the puzzles were linked to the story, so there would be a story build up through the room3- The decorations were good and the material of the decoration and the boxes were good tooNotes:A couple of times, I kept yelling for a hint, and the guy that was supposed to help on the other side answered me after two or 3 minutesThe lights were too bright, just like a normal room, and it ruined the horror vibes from the roomOverall, it was a fine experienceIf you prefer a glance of horror, then this is the place for you, but if you're expecting an extreme horror experience, then I can't recommend it with clear conscience
Eslam Atef: Very friendly staff and the location is amazing and the rooms is very exciting
firey suit: Nice tricky puzzles in the escape room recommend go with a large group of friends but the time is only 1 hour
Ahmed Youssef: I couldn’t find it as expected. The advisor of the room skipped the fun part by providing the answers.I paid 800 LE with minimum amount of joy.
Omar Ahmed: Amazing service, very fun. The staff are very helpful especially Khaled!
leen kam: Amazing experience, very professional and realistic, will try again for sure
Othman almujalhem: جربنا dark Museum كانت تجربه سيئة - ٣ اللغاز كانت محلوله و مفتوحه و ضيعنا وقت كثير و احنا نحاول نفهم وهي محلوله اصلا - اغلب الوقت ننادي على الكنترول ما بيردش سايب الكنترول و ماشي و احنا ننتظر الكلو - ليس لدي فكره عند باقي الغرف و لكن dark museum لا انصح فيها .
Moez Abdelrahman El Orbany: I just made a big difference game also called escaper it has 40 rooms and you have no time limit you can drop out anytime
Mohamed Khalifa: Fantastic...
Mohammed Saad: excellent
Muhammad Hassan: Best escape rooms and the best people working there
stupid world stupid life: The escape rooms are so cool. And I went to the "Lost Child" room but they're 2 rooms only, so it was a short experience but fun actually.
Homer Simpson: Found it by coincidence, never stopped going there, it’s really fun place to hang out with friends and spend wonderful time.
Abouzekri Ahmed: Good experience
Dalia Waleed: One of the best places to play ( group / couple) ✅✅* The goal of this game is to escape or exit from the room by solving some mind puzzle or discover the clues in certain amount of time ( usually an hour )* There are variety of rooms depend on the hardness of the game ( lost child , CSI , Etc ) .* We tried the hardest level ( the gang )It was so much fun & adrenaline rush , so much focusing on things to try opening the lock of boxes & figuring out some tricks 😂🔒.* It's mind game , so no physical effort is needed in this kind of games .* No cameras are allowed in the rooms , they tell you to leave your stuff at lockers they have .I recommend Escapers & escape rooms for a different way of having fun & entertainment.😁 💕
Bido Aymannabil: Simply amazing just don't choose the hardest room you are not going to win just accept it 😂🙂
Rofail Amir: Great games and riddles but it needs some restoration
Adham Abuel-Youser: We finished the puzzle right 1 min b4 we are out of time, it was fun and exciting
Mohamed Wafik: Lovely experience . Excellent staff . Very kind and helpful .

5. Sherlocked Egypt

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250 reviews
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Sherlocked Egypt
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Address: 54-56 محيي الدين أبو العز, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 3:00 AM

Telephone: +20 106 500 8866

Business type: Escape room center

Sherlocked Egypt: what do users think?
Ahmed Ashraf: They do not implement the words that were agreed upon, and the experience was boring in the Dokki branch
Mohaned Elsarta: The worst horror house and skip room in the world
صالح يسلم: Nice place and cooperation from them is nicer in the problem that they don't take pictures
SA A1: Sweet, very sweet, you must go to him
Yassin Arafa: The blue elephant is universal
Holia Tamer: المفروض بس مش بالنسبه للمكان ده ، المكان عشان يعمل اجواء رعب جه علي العميل اللي جيله فضلم المكان كله بالرغم انه عارف ان في سلالم في واحده من الاوض و كمان السلالم مخلعه و مش safe(Translated by Google
Mohamed Sando0o: One of the best horror escape rooms place had much fun going there multiple times.The first time i went the i got into the blue elephant room which is one of the most exciting and elaborate rooms i tried and it is big enough to fit 8 players.The second time i went and entered "the ring" room which is much more frightening and full of good scares.
Sherif Douhan: The place is very bad. If I throw a thousand pounds on the ground, I won't be upset.Voice. The mic is wasted, and of course we don't understand what he's saying most of the time. The music is louder than the mic.The games are consumable, wasted, and even the locks are broken due to excessive useAnd on top of that, all the puzzles have no meaning or logicMy response to the owner's comment: Dokki branch, and how can I send you my number?
The_Ghost _Raptor: Very good, professionally made and it was a fun experience. The Ring was a little hard but it was still amazing! The puzzles did require some thinking though but once you get the hang of it it's a once in a lifetime experience.
Abdallh werby: Not really, frankly, the puzzles are not all meaningless, and the place is considered expensive
Azer Kaddis: The puzzles are all numbers and locks, and this is boring and the place is not as terrifying as expected..
Omar Zakaria: Went there with friends, we picked the easier room, a bit overpriced. But the experience overall was nerve-wracking, puzzle solving, very good jumpscares, mediocre room. Overall not a bad experience, can recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good scare.
Shahenaz Shokry: Perfect
monzer abdalla: what is the age
Hany Bahnasy: A very nice experience and the people are very respectful and deserve to do it again
Boudi Sami: Blue Elephant.
Wajd AlMehdar: We tried all their rooms, we enjoyed Blue elephant and the ring but its scary. The staff are friendly
Samy Nicks: Incredible. 100% worth it and great value. Best in area
Nora: AMAZING EXPERIENCE. The ring room was Truly terrifying but soooo fun. Great job ❤👏
المقدم هشام احمد ابراهيم: I still have to try
Moustafa Imam: Definitely a one of a kind experience that's no where else in Egypt

6. Trapped Egypt

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1165 reviews
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Trapped Egypt
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Address: 253 North El Teseen Road, New Cairo, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11143, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 3:00 AM

Telephone: +20 120 000 4434

Business type: Amusement center

Trapped Egypt: what do users think?
Lee gawla: The three stars are for the man who guide us to the room he was very friendly,but the experience was very expensive and not that scary
Samoeel Misheal: very classy
Mostafa B: Recommend for family and friends, only thing you need is to be smart and creative.
Mohamed Salah:  (النخلية سابقًا
Ahmed Zaki: Very overpriced
saif mubarak: Always a fun experience
David King: Nice riddles
Marwan Anwer: Very good game loved playing with my friendsAnd great staff and they have more than 6 rooms
Cc Cc: Best experience we went to bunker 38 and it is so intense you won’t even care if you lose somebody named Ziad gave us 3 min extra time
Youssef Mohammed: I enjoyed a lot with aly and mazen and sebaai and nour they are so kind and funny hala madrid
YASSER Mostafa: We had a nice day
Eyad Maged: The horror house was fun, I had lots of fun adham, Ali and Sameh were the best
Jana ś princess Tv: Begad the best place ever agmad makan tro7o ma3 so7bko elhorror house beta3hom gamed moot w hato5rogo koloko mabsoteen awii w elstaff henak mo7taramen awii it was the best experience ever
Doctor kbeer: Bad experience
Mohamed Hamdy: Need maintenance even if they're v. Expensive
Taliya Ramy 6B: It was honestly an amazing experience I’d rate it 10/10 especially the horror house as it was super realistic with the effects and stuff I’d definitely go there again
Sameh Mohsen: Nice group activities
Ahmed Talaat: We booked it at 9 pm for 2We entered a room called cell block C and it was a terrible experience1- The torch was not working so we couldn’t even see the pad locks and do the codes2- The trap is not synchronised at all so you just get a code and try it in every lock3- The computer in the room was not working properly and it takes you to like a Bios page took us 10 mins to figure out how to login4- There was a radio that we found and we had to type in a code and the keypad on the radio was not even working5- The hints were different than what we expected like sometimes the screen says sing a song to get the code or say a joke to get the code !! Totally off putting6- We paid 250 LE per person for 1 hour which is definitely not worth itThe only good thing about this place was the manager who was very friendly and he listened to our concerns
Nadine Ihab: Nice experience, very friendly staff
Abdelrahman Tharwat: Funny Game, entertaining experience, friendly people, nice place.
Usama Alghoneimy: Great place, had a lot of fun

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