Best Cat Trainers In Cairo Near Me

HAPPY PAWS EGYPT FOR CANINE PHYSICAL THERAPY AND BEHAVIOR REHABILITATION Whiskers Shop ( Mobile App ) Mahmoud Fady Academy PetsEgypt Sheraton Heliopolis Pets Are People Too Egypt Kelabi Dog Boarding Pet zone Happet | Online Pet shop in Egypt Safety Care Pets GRAU PETS HUB Pets Home PetsOffice Wataneya New Cairo ESMA Cats Shelter PetsOffice Maadi Happy Tails


· 31 reviews

El HADABA ElWOSTA ,PLOT 4, STREET 30, NO 5637,MUKATTUM ,CAIRO, 30, El-Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Hamza Ahmed: Hua to adopt pets
shady mohamed (Wolfie): Nice ppl and took good care of my dog
ahmed atef: An excellent place for pets and experienced people
sherif shaarawy: I like it
nona nona: Excellent place, cleanliness, attention, care, everything is excellent
Mostafa Ali: Perfect physical rehabilitation center
Hanan Shawky: Trusted place for my beloved pet 😍
aliaa_eltorky Eltorky: Beat in egypt
Emad Kamel: Excellent vet center and boarding

2. Whiskers Shop ( Mobile App )



· 11 reviews

Mohammed Nagib Axis, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Whiskers Shop ( Mobile App ): what do users think?
Ahmed elfar2424: لسه مفيش رد عشان اقيم
Skream: Great place

3. Mahmoud Fady Academy

· 148 reviews

Unnamed Road,, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mahmoud Fady Academy: what do users think?
Nelly Elmenoufy: Amazing facility. Educated, enthusiastic trainers. Calm, positive training. Clean facility, trained dogs, and well maintained, swimming pool.I took my almost 2 y/o female Cocker Spaniel to train for mild aggression with dogs and obsession over her toy ball. I was impressed with how the trainer got my dog under control from the first encounter. As if my dog got mesmerized. I left her to train in Mahmoud Fady Academy for 10 days and started seeing her on day 6. My son and I were coached for 4 days in a row on how to get her under control with almost non-verbal communication. When we went home, I was overwhelmed and thought that it will be too much implement. On the contrary, it felt like a piece of cake. I feel so grateful that I took the decision to train her. It was worth every penny. Special thanks to Abdelrahman and Hisham and to Mahmoud Fady and all the crew who took good care of my dog and returned her trained and happy.
sherouwat ezz: Excellent Place & Team, I highly recommend it
Mohamed Madkour: Was very impressed with the academy and mahmoud fady.. Looking forward to finish our training classes
Ahmed Sherbiny: Left my dog there for 6 days for a promise he will return something else.He did, he returned stinky, pale, lost weight, limping on one leg.Do not leave your dog there
Mohamed Atef VO.Official: Professional trainers... I recommend this place..
Ahmed Elhager: Nice place , well organised
Saied Ahmed: 😍😍
Hanan Mahfouz: After i send my "balady" dog there for three weeks she came back only knows "sit" and to walking and she trained by a fresh trainer. Although I told them she have problems with her behavior. So i paid 6000+ for this!! When i call they said she need e-cooler (another 7000+) and i need to go all the way back to Ahmed Orabi for them to help again and pay again!! I would not recommend them..
Mohamed Samir: Prices are high
Mohamed Howedy: A place where you can see the knowledge in ur dog behave and hw its really work …I was lived in many trouble with rocky but nw i can see the big difference…Thnks so much to Mr.mahmoud fady and all his perfect team work ❤️❤️❤️
Mohamed Sheko: An academy at the highest level, very high accommodation, a place to add training captains at a wonderful reception level
احمد فاروق: Excellent, greetings to all
Ragui Aziz: Not helpful as it should be
Khaled Mahmoud: Ordinarily a sweet place
ابراهيم عبدالعال: excellent
Ameer Gamali: Horrible and unprofessional experience. Glad my dogs are back safely now but I will never be using their kennel again.
GOALS: Perfect dog training academyProfessional trainersDog trainer Mr. Mahmoud fady trained by the dog whisperer Cesar Milan one of the most well known and best dog trainers in the world
Medhat Abdou: Clean and well treatment for my dog.
Haitham Nahas: Lovely people and best place to train your dog 😎
ehab taha: أحسن اكاديمية في تعليم الكلام
Omar Almelijy: الكلب رجع جبان جدا و شخصيته مكسوره ، و عدى فتره التدريب و محدش بلغني ان التدريب انتهى و ان المفروض استلم الكلب و كلمتهم بالصدفه عرفت ان مطلوب مني مبلغ و قدره لمجرد ان محدش بلغني ان التدريب انتهى

4. PetsEgypt Sheraton Heliopolis

· 190 reviews

قسم النزهة،, ٢ Khaled Ibn Al Walid, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
PetsEgypt Sheraton Heliopolis: what do users think?
Joseph Sabry: Dr. Mina os one of the good veterans, the shop is having multiple options and varieties
Sherine Shehata: Decent staff and reasonable prices
Ilham Ahmet: Sells all pet supplies
Anna: Poor customer service
Menna Ashraf: Very bad experience and an unprofessional team. I ordered food two days ago and after receiving it, I found the larger size and wanted to exchange it with the one I have as a part of a big order that costs thousands. They asked me to pay EGP 60 claiming that they have a policy that says so and no policy on the website or on the application that says anything about exchange/return fees AND I'M IN THE 14 DAYS POLICY!!!! So no worries, I'd rather shift to your competitors instead of wasting time with you over the phone and WhatsApp to EGP 60 issue in a 6k order. Simply you don't know how business is run and you don't follow the Egyptian policy of the 14 days return.
Tamer Mahmoud: Very professional and friendly
Rafik Baky: Friendly peeps
قريب ولكن بعيد: متخصص لبيع الاطعمه للحيوانات الأليفة وبعض الاكسسوارات
Mostafamomo Mohamed: ولا روحتو ولا اعرف ده ايه اصلا 😂
Ahmed: Very good person
صبرى محمد: fun
محمد ابوالمجد: Excellent Excellent
Camelia Radulescu: As any person with a job, I'd love to have someone answer the phone of that shop at 11:30am.
Magid Awad: Their interactions with clients are excellent, based on personal experience
Deana Khalil: Best Pet supplies store in Egypt hands down. Great customer service and timely delivery.
George Samuel: Great 👍
Hesham Elmashed: Classy place
Amr Adel Adly Adly: I was looking for a reason for the dog... Not all models and colors are available, despite confirmation on the phone before visiting, and prices can be reduced as is the case in most stores.
Amir Adel: Nice place with all the pet supplies
Mounir ghaly: Good variety reasonable prices
Abdelrahman Abdelaziz: A Good place to buy everything you need for your pets

5. Pets Are People Too Egypt

· 27 reviews

10, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Pets Are People Too Egypt: what do users think?
Lamis Darwish: I called them to ask if they were a shelter or a hotel they replied in a very rude way to the extent that the girl hung up on me while I'm still talking.Rudeness is the word that can describe their attitude.
Mervat Fahmy: Extremely unprofessional staff. The place smells horrendous and is just a large house. Extremely unfit location for dogs.
Jaime Alejandro Betancourt: Mi perrita York shire terrier Pinky que viajo desde Lima Peru a El Cairo para reencontrarse con mi hijo de 12 años fue asesinafa el Lunes 21 de Enero a las 7:15 de la noche en ese lugar llamado Pets are People too en Maadi. La explicacion que nos dieron fue que habia sido a Mistake. No recomiendo para nada ese lugar. Deje a mi perrita a las 5:30 y a las 7:15 ya habia sido asesinada por otro perro mucho mas grande. Ahora estamos emocionalmente destruidos. Veremos que sucede con ese lugar.
maria jose nicholls jimenez: A friend left her little dog for a few hours and due to their negligence they allowed a dog to attack and kill her. Imagine leaving your dog to be taken care of and you come back and it's dead!!!!!!
Jeslee Vega Vargas.: They are not professional, do not leave your pets here our beloved doggy was beaten there by a staff member, what a terrible experience, I am going to report them to the police this kind of thing should not happen.
Vero Lucero: My friend’s dog were killed by another dog, don’t leave your pet here!!!Run!!!
Nikoloz Kereselidze: My dogs love it here. We boarded our babies November 21-30,2022. They love the staff. They took such great care of them and sent me a few pictures during their stay. Very accommodating to give me updates when I would text or call. Wonderful place to board and doggie day care. I want to thank them for their service they provide and the quality of care provided.Special thanks for owner of "Pets Are People Too" Mrs.Amal.AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF IN YOUR ROLL OF PROVIDING SUCH GREAT SERVICE.I'm highly recommended for all pets owner this amazing place,for your small and best friends.
Raffi Alexanian: A great place to leave your pet for a short travel.
A G: A lovely place to board our pets
thefairysknight: You need to replace the woman who answers the phone urgently!
Linda Shari: First the number here on Google isn't working, so I tried the one from Facebook, the women who answered she talked to rude to us, didn't help us with needed information and in the end she just finished the conversation by saying "bye" by really rude way and then just closed the phone even we wasn't finish talking. So rude. How come this good rate?
Miriam Ibrahim: Critical:Professionalism,QualityWorst experience for us and our dog!!
Maryana Bebawy: Positive:Quality,ReliabilityYou are really the best 3 Thanks Amal & Matthew
Mohamed Hamdoon: sweetest food
Heba Tallah Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub: Amazing pets hotel! The only place I trust my dogs with.
sherif meki: Not bad
Omar Ahmed: Such heaven for pets
Aisha Ruhia: I just call you to know where the hell is your place to have a look or book an appointment but the rude lady who answered the phone was just unpprofessional n didn't even let finish what I was asking about she just kept saying no you can't come here with your dog no your dog can't use our services n I said ok can we just know where is it exactly cuz we're here now n been looking for it for an hour walking around the area n we just wanna see it from the inside then the very respectful lady answered no sprry you can't come we have a Halloween event! Oh my god lady! We're a potential customers who came looking for your place as it was recommended by other customers of yours!! And we could've attended the Halloween bloody event!
Al fursan Medical: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
IMS COmpany: Positive:Quality,Reliability,Value
Amal Mohammed: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,Value

6. Kelabi Dog Boarding

· 16 reviews

Reef, Sakkara Road, Far3 Kamel next to Al, العربي, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
Kelabi Dog Boarding: what do users think?
Gigi Farid: Excellent service. Very dog competent and friendly staff. My Zuzu is a sensitive and a nervous dog yet she had a very good time. They took really good care of her. Would def bring her again.
Dogs Academy: Clean and Carefully organized place for dogs 👌
Sameh Elhoussiny: It's a wonderful shelter
Iman Refaat: Excellent service… loyal staff, effective communication, very respectful appointments, a place to check on your dog, they come back and reassure you every day, and the dog comes back clean and healthy.
Hesham Gasser: Good place for dogs 🐕
Saber Ammar: wonderful place
طارق ياسين: Featured site
Karim Musa: Their prices are $100 a night
Soliman Abdelgaliel: تمام
Nancy Nabil: A really good place for our little ones
Hussien Mohamed: Extremely nice and safe place for your dogSpecially thanks for Mohamed and Mr. Waleed about taking care for my dog.They take care of any dog as if it's own dog and the place is very clean and they have very good ventilation rooms and good meals for dogs.Thanks and good luck
eman hashim: Great
Mina Mounir: amazing place to keep ur dogs safely
Emaded820 Emaded820: Nice and healthy place for dogs
Adham Youssef: Very nice place for your furry friend to stay in if you are planning to be outside the city for a few days. My daughter's 3mo Griffon stayed there for 5 days. The owner, Walid, is very friendly and supportive. Kept sending us pictures and videos of the puppy everyday. Also offered advise on training and protecting our puppy. Great place, keep up the good work!
Ali Ibrahem: Thank you very much, my dog ​​had parvo, and thank God it eased and stayed completely, and thanks to all the people working in the hotel and all the doctors working in this place,, Thank you very much
Sherif Megahed (ZRover): Nice and comfortable place for your pet.
Ahmed Guide: Nice place
Haitham Gaber: I recommend 👍🏻 Perfect services

7. Pet zone

· 10 reviews

3 Bahgat Ali, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Pet zone: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali: Pet supplies store
Hamza GU: Bad Seller. They tripled the price just because I am a foreigner. Cheater in selling. Bought a few times here but will never go there again.
Ozo Khaled: Pet zone 😍😍🐶😃
Reda Anwar: The pest store for your pet 😍
Shady Atef: All my pet needs are here ❤️❤️
david naeim: The best store for your pet 🐶

8. Happet | Online Pet shop in Egypt

· 37 reviews

El Yassmin 3, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. K9 Legends

· 5 reviews

First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

K9 Legends: what do users think?
Ali Bamohammad: Dealing with the utmost luxury
finn: they sell the best pets supplements
Sa3a - liqalbik: magnificence
Mariam Sadek: Making Bassem
MAGhostSE: Nice products, cheap prices, good management, and best service, you just won a time life loyal customer.
Sheta Shakal: (Translated by Google

10. Zima Pets center

· 106 reviews

Street 15, Cairo Governorate 11835, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Zima Pets center: what do users think?
Mohamed Farahat: excellent service
محمد المقدم: استاف مهذب
Ahmed Osama: Original product for pets :)
rami radi: All you need for your pet
Amr Abou elnaga: ze elzaft
محمد عبدالبارى: معاملة غير طيبة
Eman Esmail: لسه مش جيت عندكم.. لكن حابة استفسر. هل فيه خدمات قص شعر وتسريحات وقص اظافر للكلاب؟؟
Ahmed Batal: Very good
jana abd elkader: Don’t recommend it at all, my cat was there on boarding and a dog bit her and she died.
mohamed farghli: رائع
قصة وعبرة: خدمة ممتازة جدا
Ahmed Tag: مكان جميل و ناس اجمل
dalia elnemr: محلات و عيادات كتير في مكان واحد
Nouran Ibrahim: اسعارهم مبالغ فيها وكدابين كدب الإبل، بطلت اتعامل معاهم ومش ندمانة خالص الحقيقة
Taher Abdollateef: I did not like the lack of interest in the cleanliness of the place .. Also, the difficulty in finding parking .. Except for that store, there are no good things
Ahmed Hassan: The whole place was grilled
Ahmed Waheed: More of a doggie supplies ..
Mostafa El-ashry: The hotel and service are needs higher attention
Mostafa Mahmoud: Very very special pricesThank you Zima 💙💙💙👍
Asel Hosam: Thank you for the presentThanks mostafa❤❤

11. PetsOffice Total AUC

· 1 reviews

90 El Ganouby St, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. بيتس بلانت‎

· 45 reviews

عمارات أول مايو - برج 8, 4, El-Nasr Rd, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Safety Care Pets

· 23 reviews

Al Huwaiteyah, قسم العمرانية, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp


· 14 reviews

19 Becho American City Cairo, 17621, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Pets Home

· 136 reviews

Golf land, 5A Mubarak street from, Asmaa Fahmi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. PetsOffice Wataneya New Cairo

· 2 reviews

Mehwar Moustafa Kamel, cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. EGY Puppy - Maadi

· 12 reviews

17, street 233, Degla Square, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. ESMA Cats Shelter

· 197 reviews

Al Mansoureya Rd, Nazlet Al Ashtar, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. PetsOffice Maadi

· 72 reviews

Shop no 69, street 206 Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Happy Tails

· 2 reviews

30 Hassan Assem, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

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