Best Exotic Animal Shops In Cairo Near Me

Exotic Land Amazon Pets Shop Ceasar Store for Pets Supplies Pets Club I-Vet Clinic Gamevalley Dokki Game Valley Bershka Game Valley Game Valley Fendi

1. Exotic Land

· 2 reviews

3 amer abu rawash, Giza Governorate 12511, Egypt

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2. Amazon Pet store



· 3 reviews

Al Madrasa Al Fanyah, An Nadi Al Ahli, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Amazon Pet store: what do users think?
rami gh: May I know the prices? Morgan100: Humanitarian

3. Amazon Pets Shop

· 123 reviews

Zahraa Nasr city - Masakin Al dobbaat, Al Hay Al Asher, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Amazon Pets Shop: what do users think?
Salah Rezk: مكان جيد وفيه اختيارات كتيره من طعام الحيوانات الاليفه والطيور
rami gh: ممكن اعرف الاسعار؟؟
Abdalaa Radwan: عادي
محمد عيد: ذ١ذ
Amaz Onn: حيوانات اليفة ومستلزمات
Mohamed Atef: excellent
Mohammed Abdel Fattah: Nice place and reasonable prices
Mohamed Mohamed ibrahim: good
Ehab Kamel: A very special place
Moh amed: Tabanin Molla
Sarah Lindemann: He throws unwanted cats just in the streets.
amr ashry ASHRY: جيد
محمد التربو: جميل
Ahmed Osama: All kind of dry & wet food and toys
Sameh Abdallah: الاكل ممتاز والطواجن جميله
Nagham Roshdy: Bad
Gaafar Gaafar: Bought dog food nice place friendly sales person good location
Hesham Elkadi: They have most of pets requirements but if you order with Credit card, there is extra fees 🙄
Mohamed Ragab: Very beautiful
Donia El-khodary: Nice but overpriced
ريتاج _رودينا _جنه_احمد عائله / سمير عبده: It was completed

4. Ceasar Store for Pets Supplies

· 13 reviews

شارع Youssef Abbas, Rabaa Al Adaweyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Ceasar Store for Pets Supplies: what do users think?
Wagdy Mostafa: Good place
Yara Aly: Staff is not very friendly.Products are ok.
Mina Magdy: Worst please to buy dry food..i found worms in jasera dry food and went to buy more and said if i found more worms in the new one i will bring it back and they refused.
Hussein Ahmed: Animal care, sale of food, vaccines and some accessories
Adel Sayed: به عناية حقيقة بالحيوانات الاليفه
Ragui Bassali: Nice store but does not have a lot of variety

5. Pets Club

· 27 reviews


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Pets Club: what do users think?
Sandra Meleka: Great store. Has everything you need for your pet
Sherif Shash: Full of accessories and variety of different exotic pets.
Dalia Kandil: I love visiting that place even if I don't need to buy anything ..
Tamam Hamada: محترفين✔️
Tia Tamer: They are very helpful and clean and the staff knows what its are doing my only complaints are that they dont know much about the birds as i asked bird trainers and the staff said the opposite and that once they had 4 dead baby chicks lying is a cage but overall i would buy from them and i love visiting the place
takla Magdy: There is no commitment to deadlines
Khaled Helmi: They so many animals and pets supply. Even if they don’t have it they’ll get it for you
biba hesham: Very good
yasmin khalil: The people are nice the animals are treated well. So the place deserves a five star.
Hassan Hazem: 👍
Mariam Sherief: I love how they treat the pets there!
Amr Younes: All pets food brands is in there..
Mahmoud: Very nice people and have Healthy animals
ME AND THE DOG: Best pet shop
Abdelrahman Eid: A place to sell pets, cats and dogsOrnamental fish, reptiles, ornamental fish and birdsDecent place, antique decoration and excellent treatmentInside Beverly Hills, next to Gate 9
omar abdelgawad: the best ever and have alot of pets there

6. Pets Corner

· 28 reviews

First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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· 13 reviews

محطه بنزين موبيل, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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PETS CORNER: what do users think?
Mohamed Gamal: Good shop and friendly staff
Mohamed Masrawy: The best prices
Nour Khaled: The quality of their product isn’t good. And none of my cats would eat the canned food they had called “Teddy”.
Amgad Barakat: Good varietyRespectfulCan deliver anywhereWill get you any missing stuff.Nice placeHave experienced staff.Thank you for all the support.Please keep it the way it is.
Mokhtar Mokhtar: 🐈💥🐕 👍 Different variety of products & professional service👍 🐶💥🐱
Hanii Abo Rehab: مكان ممتاز ومحترم
yahia salem: Bad quality
احم دوس: جميييل جدا
Mohamed Sayed: A good place for pets and good value accessories with the best materials
Nezo Mero: Nice place for pets care

8. I-Vet Clinic

· 97 reviews

Street 258, Corner with Street 276, New Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

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I-Vet Clinic: what do users think?
Hanna: Had 3 machines for card payment. Did let us pay. Only with cash
Menna Awad: Negligent, unprofessional, uncaring, unreliable, unreachable. Because of him my beautiful dog died in so much pain and agony, his last 24 hours were nothing but discomfort and hell, all because this so-called "doctor" refused to answer my questions, help us out, flat out REFUSED TO SEE ME , LOOKED AT PICTURES OF MY DOG'S TUMORS and had the nerve to tell me they were just bumps on the skin. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS HERE IF YOU WANT SOMEONE RELIABLE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Hell, half the time I went to him for something serious HE HAD TO CONSULT OTHER DOCTORS BECAUSE HIS KNOWLEDGE IS MINIMAL AT BEST.Careless, malicious, and a failure in his job. He ignored me a lot and I asked him for a lot of help. I used to go to the clinic and my dog ​​was tired in my hands and needed blood tests and he lied to me and told me not to go to another clinic to do a blood test because blood tests without tests are dangerous, and because I trusted him like a fool, I believed him and later discovered that he is a liar and there are doctors like him who told me This is not true, and who is the doctor who tells you that? I sent him pictures of tumors on the dog's body to ask what it was, and he didn't talk to me for a week, and I had to go to a special clinic to pass me by, and at the end he told me, "No, it's normal, it's just wrong." He fooled me and betrayed my trust in me, and because of his ignorance and lack of concern for his patients, my dog ​​died while he was in great pain. If this “doctor” had a drop of blood, he would have cared, but it does not matter to him, neither you nor me nor any animal. All this and after ten years, God knows what he is doing to other animals. May God suffice you, may God take revenge on you and protect us from your forms
Injy Matar: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,ValueExtremely kind, generous and amazing with pets .. I really loved the the whole experience.. thank u all so much...
Oleksandra Dolynska: 👍👍👍
Leila Samir: Best Vet ever!!
Noha El Hosseiny: I just had my senior 16 year old cat do two surgeries, very risky, and she is now feeling great...forever grateful
Aya Mahmoud: Highly recommended placeVery professional and it was a nice experience
Aya Mohamed: Professional service, very kind
Nada Soliman: They gave my cat a triple vaccination instead of the quadruple which I ensured them several times to get the quadruple and I payed for itWhen I got back to them they said both are same price (however it's known that triple is cheaper)
Nesreen Hussain: To professional
Noha Aly: Amazing
Yasser Elshami: A good placeNot expressiveGood service
Pernois Sarah: Arnaqueur... À fuir
Habiba Moubarak: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,Value
Laurent Munier: Our dear animal care people of Maadi.
Marco Tadros: Professional doctors with a good attitude
Lelly Qassem: Perfect place very professional vets with reasonable prices
Mohamed Salem: عيادة ممتازة فى مجال طب الحيوانات كالكلاب والقطط نتعامل معها دائما واسعاره غير مبالغ فيها
Ahmed Beko: رائع وعمل جيد جدا ومحترف ومتطور ونظيف
George Talaat: Great doctor
Walid Ismail: V good

9. Gamevalley Dokki

· 162 reviews

44 Mossadak, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 3751112, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Rabiba Nasrin: not too good
تعذر الإرسال: The prices are very high, but they are somewhat guaranteed
Samer Tawfik: ممتازأغلي لكن أضمن
muhammed hossam: العابي المفضله
Naglaa El Enany: Nice
Kamal Ali: أسعاره غاليه اوى
Muhammad Baher: 1-the games are expensive2-They don't have any games that I want to play on the Xbox one
Ahmed Ayman: Very expensive. Bad customer service
Fady Atef: احلي جيمز ديه ولا ايه
Sameh elmandoh elhussiny: a wonderful shope to buy games
Emad Saleh: nice place
ahmed Adel: It is a good place and there are high and excellent materials
Alexej Bobrikov: Есть только диски PS 2 и PS 4,хотелось бы побольше
mohamed ahmed: middle
Lars Böck: Nur sehr begrenzte Auswahl an X-Box Spielen.
meme alzeen: blow up shop
ahmed mossa: جميع ألعاب البلاي ستيشن
Anmar Alwani: It has good video games collection
Walid Dergham: Everything is available regarding the PlayStation

10. Game Valley

· 100 reviews

11 ش النصر, El-Basatin Sharkeya, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 4234320, Egypt

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11. Bershka

· 464 reviews

Othman Ibn Effan, Jazeerat Al Arab, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Game Valley

· 151 reviews

96 Al Merghani, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Game Valley Heliopolis

· 99 reviews

58 شارع الحجاز, Almazah, El-Gedida, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Game Valley

· 187 reviews

امام باب نادى الزهور, ٧ Youssef Abbas, Rabaa Al Adaweyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Fendi

· 3 reviews

64 Byram Al Tunsi, Al Baghalah, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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