Best Urban Art Venues In Cairo Near Me

قاعة الزمالك للفن Townhouse Gallery UBUNTU art gallery Nile Art Gallery Art Talk Egypt AL MASAR Gallery | Contemporary Art SOMA ART SCHOOL & GALLERY Picasso Art Gallery Motion Art Gallery Mashrabia Gallery Of Fine Art Safar Khan Gallery Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery TINTERA Gypsum Gallery Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts - Makan Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center Mahatat for contemporary art AUC Falaki Theater and Gallery

1. قاعة الزمالك للفن

· 188 reviews

11 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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قاعة الزمالك للفن: what do users think?
ESLAM EL KING (Toyota): 👍🏻
peter khirat: Nise
asma robert: It was nice experience and beautiful exhibit. That was one of my favorite when I meant. 💜
Jalilo Ahmed: Sophisticated art
Jumana AR: Wonderful!!!!
Vivi Maltezou: Fantastic place! The atmosphere of the place is amazing, with calm music in the background and artwork that is fab! The place is clean and very well maintained. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and kind, willing to discuss with the guests the meaning behind the art pieces.
Elsebaei: Awesome place full of arts
Maya Ghoneim: This place always knows how to choose the best artists and their best pieces to display, the atmosphere of the place is otherworldly with calm music in the background and the guide is extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the art pieces and the meaning behind each one of them. This place never fails to amaze me and enlighten me.
François Gautier: Il faut trouver dans Zamalek, mais cette galerie est très accueillante et les artistes qui exposent sont de qualité
Marina Khamis: I loved every piece of art there.
David L: Hard to find. Google Maps shows open but they were closed on birth of the prophet day
Mhmd kafrawy: Nice place, great art gallery
Ibrahim Mohmed: A hall for displaying various schools of art, including drawing and sculpture
mariam gamal: مكان جميل جدا يستحق الزيارة ❤❤ الدخول بدون رسوم
عثمان دسوقى: جميل جدا
zyad khaled: Staff are so rude
Benjamin Micah Bni Yakov: Had a quick peek. Very nice. Will come again to have a better look.
fowz heasaen: جميل جداً
Roberto Lucio: Art in Zamalek is organic. So many galleries and schools of art.
Nouran Gamal: For everyone who loves art and beauty, this is his favorite place
Ahmed Meme: Wonderful and beautiful place

2. Townhouse Gallery



· 150 reviews

Hussein Basha Al Meamari, Marouf, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Townhouse Gallery: what do users think?
Mohammed Zeitoun: Very authentic arts are there
Mahmoud Abdelwahab: A famous venue in the best downtown location for showcasing art
Ramy Mohsen: Excited
Hanan Khashaba: In this place and all over downtown the #cairo photo week, marvelous exhibitions
asma robert: I really enjoyed it. And the display in the art was amazing.👌🏾
Mohamed Whbaa: That is house 🏠 to find opportunity to share your any art by little money
NaiROUZ: Okay
Fercarnaval: Interesting art place to visit, I saw some nice pieces.
a k: Excellent
Mirette O: ابراهيم الطمبوريشنودة عصمتشيرين الباروديفاطمة أبو دومةابراهيم فيليبمني عصام الدين(Translated by Google
Tamer Fouad: Great Experience
mohamed diab: ♥♥
Hameem Mahy: The best showroom in Egypt
Fatma Al Zahraa Abodoma: It is access gallery now, my favorite gallery
Judith Martin: It's been a few years but can't wait to get back to Egypt, Cairo n the Townhouse Gallery. It has a wonderful vibrancy.
العبقرى الحليقى محمد ابراهيم: useful
hosam Shalby: A cultural forum for writers and poets
Mohamed M. Helmy: Authentic place for real 💯👌
Khalid Hussein: 😖
ahmed hafez: رائع
Ahmed Tawfik: A nice place to display artwork and hold workshops because of the large area, and for sure its location in the center of the country is very beautiful and easy to reachThere is a library and Rawabet theatre, and there is also a nice shop that sells art and handicrafts.Situé in centre-ville.. it is a great bibliotheque and a theater and a boutique d'art.

3. UBUNTU art gallery

· 73 reviews

20 Hassan Sabry St. Zamalek Entrance, from Ibn Zinky St, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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UBUNTU art gallery: what do users think?
Andrew Shandy: Great place to find art
Ahmed Refat: A very classy hall in Zamalek
Ahmed Zarok: excellent
Ayman Abdo: good
nancy ahmed: An amazing gallery with a variety of unique art 🌹, it's a one of my favorite galleries 💓💓
SHIMAA M.METIKA: Fashch tight, you will literally suffocate
Eslam Abdel-Wahab: Nice show
David L: Nice little gallery showing work of local female artists
Adam Mostafa: Very nice gallary
Ayman Salem: كان مغلق قبل ساعات الغلق المعلنة
sahar khaled: Best gallery ever🧡🧡🧡
Mariem Khaled: جاليرى منظم وواسع وبيضم معارض لفنانين كبار
Hanan Khashaba: Nice show art room , small but nicely organized, the exhibition is changed almost every 2weeks
ياسر عتمان: Very nice work on the show
Fwoz Al-Abdullah: The gallery is beautiful and spacious, consisting of two floors..Carpet fair but prices are very high..
Issa Khorrassany: One of my favourite art galleries in town. Constantly exhibiting for various artists. Definitely worth a visit if your in zamalek.
Tasneem Hany: للفنانة آيه مصطفى 💜التكنيك الرائع والفريد من نوعه والالوان المبهجة و الجميلة واللقطات الطبيعية 💜(Translated by Google
Erieny Halim: Beautiful pieces
сашко куп: Great )
Tamer Abdel Rehim: Very well organized art gallery ....
Filippo Mi: Lovely ArtGallery in a beautiful apartment in the centre of Zamalek. Enjoyed the exhibition on tapestry

4. Nile Art Gallery

· 27 reviews

14 Mohammed Anis, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nile Art Gallery: what do users think?
Mohamed Ayman: Not much to see there but it wasn't a bad experience
Yara Yasser: ❤️
Mhmd kafrawy: جاليري رائع للفن التشكيلي المعاصر
Caroline Maher: Love this place
حسام نبيل: في الدور الأول، فممكن الناس تتلخبط فيه(Translated by Google
Heshamhanyamer: mfg
ياسر خليل: مكان رائع ومميز وبه لوحات فنيه بديعة مرسومه بأيدي فنانين مهرة ولديهم موهبة خاصه
Nasser Alkharji: معرض الفنان عمر الفيومي معرض جميل وراقي ويمثل الشارع المصري بطريقة جميلة و الوان رائعة
Hanan Khashaba: Small gallery located in one of the old elegant buildings of Zamalek. You can enjoy the exhibitions of paintings, and you can enjoy also the experience of roaming inside those elegant buildings
Elhamy hanna and mm: 👍👍⭐👍⭐👍⭐👍⭐

5. Art Talk Egypt

· 32 reviews

3659+QQF, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Al Gazayerli: Nice display and spacious space
essam zaky: للاسف ليس عندى معلومه
شيماء نبيل: حبيتهم جدا
Huossam Alkhiat: قمه الروعه
Ali Mohsen: The place is very great and very quiet place 💙
Fatma: Amazing works here!
Yosra Mostafa: I loved Heaven's Backyard show. Other paintjngs too and parking was relatively easy.
Abo Ahmed: ممتاز
sherif elshamy: good morning Arabs
محمود عبدالمنعم: مكان ممتاز
Ragy Soliman: Great space, central location, great lighting, fantastic choice of artisit and has a great selection of artisit portofolio/representation.

6. AL MASAR Gallery | Contemporary Art

· 19 reviews

Baehler’s Mansion 157 b. 26 July St. Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11561, Egypt

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· 22 reviews

3 Al Adel Abou Baker, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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SOMA ART SCHOOL & GALLERY: what do users think?
David L: Impossible to find, their phone doesn’t work
Moheb Atef: Amazing
Bassem Khallaf: Great art gallery with nice vibes
mariam abubakr: Lovely people!
EMAD ABU GRAIN: Good Art gallery
Mona Daoud: Great Art School and very interesting exhibitions.
Muhammad Abbas: Love this place.
Yassin Dawoud: I like their space. Their balcony has a really nice vibe.However the place was a bit too hot.
Sherief M. Abdelbaki: Great space for art and also meetings.

8. Picasso Art Gallery

· 240 reviews

30 Hassan Assem, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Picasso Art Gallery: what do users think?
حسام المصرى: قاعة بيكاسو لعرض وبيع اللوحات الفنيه الجميلة
Iman Nabil: For those who are interested in contemporary visual art in egypt, this place is recommended for you.In Picasso Art gallery you will see the exhibitions of well recognised artists mainly in traditional artistic practice (painting ,and sculpture), and if you can afford it this is your chance to buy an original art work. They have new exhibition for different artists every month and if you follow their page on Facebook you will know of all their opening dates.
wael gamal: إبداعما شاء الله
Rahma M: Very small place, you can go in for free and see the art. There is no description to the art, only a title.
Haneena Hanee: Great experience
Sameh Mostafa: Wonderful gallery
hesham younis: Fantastic art gallery ❤️
Ahmed Gamal Yassin: Very beautiful comfortable place
mariam elgohary: Wonderful art exhibition
h9a5m: Nice gallery with few paintings
Muhammad Fattouh: This place doesn't get me disappointed with every exhibition they organise.Awesome, famous, and talented artists and painters present their artwork there.You will enjoy your time there for sure.
Ghadeer Hafez: The service is great and the food is very nice
saif emad: Very beautiful artwork
Haytham Adel: A unique experience for different businesses, and the organization needs more coordination
Fwoz Al-Abdullah: A gallery to display artworks in Zamalek.And next to it are several showrooms as well.
Roberto Lucio: Two amazing rooms in the heart of Zamalek.
Marina Khamis: I loved it, The artist is really talented, I enjoyed his art- P.S: it's free , and has no place to sit down
mohamed wally: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tasneem Hany: للفنان ( حلمي التوني
Mohamed Zidan: Beautiful
حسام نبيل: Any free art place always deserves five starsThat is why Zamalek is my favorite areaThe exhibits are constantly renewed, so we must go as often as possible

9. Motion Art Gallery

· 45 reviews

Zamalek, 26 A،, Kamal Al Tawil, Mohammed Mazhar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Motion Art Gallery: what do users think?
kamal seif: How beautiful is the Nile from here
Umar Alam: Beautiful art work nice place to visit.
Roberto Lucio: Appreciating contemporary art in Egypt is a fabulous experience.
‫محمد عثمان ”‪Takako Takako‬‏“ ابو قاسم‬‎: Really amazing
Kareem Ali: Great place ... Can feel art there.
Ahmed kamal: Nice spatia 😌
ramadan salem: Masterpiece
Mohamed Aboutaleb: Amazing place amazing service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
حمزه محمد حمزه محمد: Absolutely wonderful
BomB o: Quiet and beautiful
Mahmud youssif: مكان حلو جدااا و كل الي انا عايزه موجود
Youtube Sultan: كنت اعمل بجوارة انه معرض فنى رائع
Ahmed Amr: ❤❤
Ahmed Ragab: Very nice ♥️
Dr. Gillian McIver: Beautiful exhibition.
morad morad: Great place, best to visit again
hany helmy: A beacon for art and artists. If you are an art lover, I think you should see what motion art offers
KOREKOSMU yaxatao: Rxcellent..

10. Mashrabia Gallery Of Fine Art

· 21 reviews

8 Champollion Rd, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mashrabia Gallery Of Fine Art: what do users think?
Nada Gamal Abdel Nasser: نصابين وبيسرقو لوحات الفنانين من غير مقابل.
Nassarx: A nice place to visit and explore Cairo art scene.The place staff are amazing and so friendly.
‫باسم الشرقاوى (‪Bassem Elsharkawy‬‏)‬‎: Good
Omkar Naik: Mast aahe
Muhammad Magdi: Nice gallery
Rajat Basavaraj: Nice gallery with good collection!

11. Safar Khan Gallery

· 49 reviews

6 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery

· 5 reviews

1 Al Sharifain, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website


· 5 reviews

17 Bahgat Ali, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Gypsum Gallery

· 17 reviews

5 Ibrahim Naguib, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. Access art space

· 1 reviews

6 Karim Al Dawla, Marouf, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


16. Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts - Makan

· 448 reviews

1 شارع سعد زغلول, Al Inshaa WA Al Munirah, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center

· 85 reviews

3 Mohamed Abdo Street, Off Al Azhar street, Al Dar Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate 12411, Egypt


18. ARCADE art gallery

· 19 reviews

25 Oraby, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

19. Mahatat for contemporary art

· 37 reviews

Apt. 3, 2nd floor, 43 Al Miqyas, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. AUC Falaki Theater and Gallery

· 39 reviews

24 Falaki Street, Bab El-Louq Down Town, Cairo Governorate 11511, Egypt

Address Website

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