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National Cancer Institute Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 Nasr City Cancer Center Cairo University Alfa Cure Center Alfa Cure Center Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital WFP - Egypt Country Office World Health Organization Elsevier Africa HQ Novartis Pharma

1. National Cancer Institute

· 217 reviews

Kasr Al Eini Street Fom, الخليج, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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National Cancer Institute: what do users think?
محمد سعيد: excellent service
amer saleh: good
وعد مصطفي: Good experience and excellent nursing, but the outpatient clinics are bad in dealing with patients. The place is clean
Nour elhaleem: The staff at the institute think that the patient is working for them, there are a lot of wasted papers, bad manner in dealing with patients, delay and lack of taste, there is no dye in the x-ray department for months.
Aymen Mohamed: The service may be substandard, due to the large numbers of patients and the small number of nursing staff. There are many negatives in the stages of detection and dispensing treatment, as well as taking the chemotherapy dose, and there are substandard employees.
Hggghg Vgghh: Peace be upon you. Who knows a doctor about his experience? He has a private clinic that treats leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia. Your brother from Yemen will reply.
Cloudkicker64: Established in 1969, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the foremost cancer treatment center in Africa & the Middle East & is recognized internationally. A Cairo University hospital, the institute is the only establishment in Egypt that gives a postgraduate degree in surgical oncology. People from all over the country & the region come here for treatment & for Egyptian nationals treatment here is for a nominal fee as such the number of people who visit during the day is rather large.Though it has seen better days, its standing & medical efficacy is secondary to none in the region.
محمد بلوظة: Beautiful, fast, and serves all our illnesses
Kareem AboSallam: excellent
mohamed awad: Too much pressure on the placeMay God heal every patient
رفعت صادق: مستشفي حكومي تتعامل مع عدد كبير جداً من مرضي الاورام
Mustafa Mustafa: خلوبالكم من سماسرة المرضى
Zaher Hassan: مصر من افضل البلدان في مجال علاج السرطان والاورام.. وخصوصا معهد ناصر بشبرا
HOSSAM Algohary official: لا جديد
mwafak magdy: اسم الحالة نادية محفوظ محمد فتح الباب رقم قومى ٢٥١٠١٢٢٨٠١٠٢٠٦٩.....مرضة بالسرطان وضغط وسكر وقلب وعندها مياة علي الرئة وحاليا يتم عمل سحب مياة من الرئة فى مستشفى صدر العباسية الحالة حرجة والمستشفى امكنايتها ضعيفة المطلوب الذهاب دكتو الحالة طلب نقلها إلى مستشفى متخصصة لان الحالة محتاجة دكتور اوعية ودكتور أورام ودكتور قلب الحالة حرجة ارجو إيجاد مكان فى مستشفى متخصصة اغثونا...اعزكم اللة ان وجد مكان ارجو الاتصال فى اسرع وقت ٠١٠٦٦٠١٣٤٨٢.....ومعهد الاورام مش راضى يقبلها تحت الراعية وبالعافية ابدوها مسكن ومهدى انا عايز اعرف إلى فى البلد لما يعيا.يموت اكرملو.ملاحظة هى معندهاش حد وزوجها متوفى قريب لو فى حل افادكم اللة
Mohamed M Abdelmotaal: So proud!
ahmedn70 ahmedn70: زحمه ربنا يشفي كل مريضفيه ناس متعاونه وناس عايزه الحرق
Khaled _Abdo: Greetings to all the workers of this great edifice
haitham turbo: How wonderful is the presence of the Oncology Institute in Cairo
Shady Mohamed: ♥️♥️
عبدالولي احمد النقيب: A giant hospital serving large numbers of society in Egypt and outside Egypt

2. Cairo cure



· 4 reviews

55 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad, Al Huwaiteyah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo cure: what do users think?
MOHAMMED SAIF: Quick and professional service
elnasr amman: دكتور محترم
Blanche Abiad: Gym restaurant **********

3. Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

· 1698 reviews

Sekat Hadid Al Mahger, Zeinhom, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357: what do users think?
Shift pro: Very nice, organized, charming and welcoming to all nationalitiesEverything was perfect and distinct, frankly one of the most beautiful things I have seen
drmichaelraafat ghobrial: Nice
Hussein Zezo: The best hospital in the Middle East
noura Adel: The best and the only specialised hospital for children cancer . It is well equipped and highly skilled doctor's cooperative teamwork. The best hospital ever.
mansour: The best in Egypt in the treatment of oncology and hematologyExcellent service, high quality, comprehensive health care for all patients, without any charge
محمد مصطفى: Good hospital, but many waiting lists
Ahmed Ali: A great edifice for the treatment of pediatric cancer
Abdelwahed Tairelbar: Great service for children
Autoglass & Tinting: This hospital should accept credit card on lineFor donations
نائف المجيدي: Does he receive the new status
Android number one: مستشفى علاج الاطفال بالمجان
Hggghg Vgghh: سلام عليكم هل المستشفى تستقبل حالات من برى مصر انا جاي من حضرموت اليمن وعندي بنت مصابه بسرطان الدم الوكيميا
Adam Adham: مكان اكثر من رائع فى النضافة والاهتمام والرعاية
زياد على: مركز النور
عبدالرحمن عادل - Abdelrahman Adel: خدمة متميزة
علي رجب ابو الحاج: مكان رائع بكل ما تحمل الكلمةمن أجمل الأماكن في الوطن العربي بالكاملنسأل الله أن يشفي كل مريض
rania yehya: مستشفى محتاجة مساعده بجد مش شرط علشان هى شغاله يبقى نوقف هى قائمة على التبرعات و بتكمل بالتبرع ضرورى نتبرع حتى لو ب ٥ جنيه هتفرق .... ارجو المساعدة
R.G H: السلام عليكمالمستشفى هذا اكبر كذبه في مصر بل اكبر كذبه في العالم العربي صحيح لم ازره حتى لم ازور مصر اصلا بس كثره عيال الحرام اصبحنا نعرف الواحد من وجههو عمله اعتقد الحكومه لها يد في الامر المهم سوف يأتي يوم و تنكشف الاوارق و عند تلك اللحظه سوف نرا المشاهير في موقف محرج حتى المشاهير استطيع ان اقسم انهم لا يريدون الدعم ولكن كم اخبرتكم الحكومهاكتب غلط صح ما يهم المهم الفكره وصلت
Adham Elhoho: مستشفى اكتر من رائعه
Abdallah Adel: مستشفي على مستوى عالي يجب مراعات واتباع التعليمات قبل الذهاب١. اذا تم اكتشاف المرض يجب الذهاب فورا للمستشفى ولا تجعل اي جهه أخرى النظر او التدخل فيه٢. يجب اخذ ولي الأمر وانت ذاهب للمستشفى٣. الحضور مبكرا
yaser 010: ربنا يشفي كل مريض يارب العالمين

4. Nasr City Cancer Center

· 23 reviews

385G+P7G, Manteqet Al Cinema, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nasr City Cancer Center: what do users think?
abdo farouk: Good treatment from all employees
Mahmoud Hamed: Excellent for all staffGod bless you
صوت العرب Tube: Wonderful experience during my treatment
Mahmod Zeedan: metre
lale 4ever: Respected oncology hospital. Excellent service.. organized despite the crowds.. Thank you, the management of Nasr City Oncology Hospital
Ahmad Alhabibi: Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Is the pain clinic operational on the fourth day?
amr moro: good center
Razan Mostafa: A global center on Egyptian soil
ola Bakri: The place has very good air conditioning, clean chairs, and good bathrooms.
Mahmoud Mohy: Excellent in the service provided to patients
Tarek Es: Respect / cleanliness / great experience / respected management / sane security / …By what we hope to be in all parts of the country.I wish all those responsible for it all the best and thanks.
Hisham Etsh: A large, organized and clean center, but God is sufficient for us, and yes, the agent in every person has neglected his job and violated the section of his profession. Unfortunately, there is no interest in the patient’s condition or health to the point of writing chemotherapy protocols without taking into account the patient’s condition. Unfortunately, the patient died, but the treatment preferred my father’s work from the following completely transformed doses He entered the care of more than 3 weeks due to neglect and failure to take into account the patient's health in writing the doses
Ali zamzam: Great, but they don't have a contact numberBut when I went by myself and we already had a case to be treated, they provided me with their number or the personal number of one of the employees there
Lolo besho: I want the hospital's number, so I can contact the radiation department for necessity, because the confirmed number is out of service
Sarmany Rashied: Clean and organized center
Ibrahim Alaidy: A wonderful experience and how happy and proud of this scientific edifice that Egypt owns this world center with its equipment, great genius doctors, may God bless them and wonderful employees. Strong preventive measures, cleanliness, and luxurious seats for the comfort of patients. Real pride for a great country like Egypt.. All thanks to this wonderful edifice.
Aziza Hafez:
Mostafa Fawzy: An oncology center for canine treatment in all its forms, by doing radiological and chemical sessions, etc. for the necessary treatment, and all of this is covered by the health insurance
Sherif ahmed: God willing, something luxurious, attention and cleanliness like private hospitals, and classy treatment from the medical staff
Hima ElMasry: Good oncology center

5. JICA Egypt Office

· 6 reviews

World Trade Center, 1191 Corniche El Nile St. Boulak, Souq Al ASR, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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JICA Egypt Office: what do users think?
Nomad Gallery: I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your support. Your help has been invaluable to our organization and to Egypt in general.

6. Cairo University

· 2217 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

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Cairo University: what do users think?
Louis 2010: It's amazing, but everything is expensive, even open education
Joel Andrews: Me been speaking 𓄿𓂋𓏏𓌗𓀁 for all me life and they teach me Wheat men Engand languege?
Pradip Dutta: Excellent
Hassan Said: It is no longer what it used to be. Even the educational level has become not good, in my opinion. Mismanagement
hassan Alsaid hassan (hassan abosaif): amazing
Shaelie: bad
Osama Ahmad: The oldest university in the Middle East and the first university in the Arab world, we hope that it will regain leadership and maintain progress
mohammed omara: Kx
mohamed elsoaf: My old university
Mr Designer: very good
william reath: Is the best university in Egypt and is the third in Africa i love it
Jana Hesham: جامعتى ومكانى المفضل
ali hussein: افضل جامعه في الشرق الأوسط و افريقيا
Khalid Gamal El-leithy: اكيد حلوة
Free Mind: Nicc
محمد حلمي: جامعة عريقة
нαiτнαм هيثم: جامعتى و افتخر
Mohammed khamees: صرح تعليمى تاريخى
Sayed pendary pendary: أقدم جامعة في الشرق الأوسط
عبدالرؤف هشام: ممتاز
أكلات لذيذة مع فاطيما: good place to study and very good to improve my English at courses

7. Alfa Cure Center

· 40 reviews

5 Gameat Al Dewal Al Arabeya, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Alfa Cure Center: what do users think?
Mohamed Ragab: Without exaggeration, the best oncology center in Egypt
Ashraf Elsharif: Excellent place positionWell trained receptionistWell educated Experienced medical StaffThe leader is one of the figures in oncology in middle EastMay allah cure all peoples on your hansAmeen
Mido Kh: Doctors are very knowledgeable, and may God grant you success. Thank you very much
Hany Salh: The best oncologist in Egypt, may God bless you
Mahmoud Okasha: Excellent center and excellent medical and administrative service
مصطفي سليمان: The center is more than wonderful in relation to the geographical location and interior decoration, but unfortunately, those who do not have the right to treatment should not be advised, because unfortunately the center is all about money only. Unfortunately, we paid the examination value of 600 pounds. Unfortunately, we did not find any service in exchange for the examination. Thank you
لااله الا الله: A clean center, but does not care about the patient in terms of nutrition and psychology. Dr. Hisham is respectful and jovial, but there is not enough time to ask him about the situation. You are transferred to assistants, especially Dr. Mostafa, who are not completely interested in my patients. They have a serious illness. There is no final listening and neglect of the case. A different number is determined from the last and the last. Doctor Ahmed, in the last chemo sessions, was surprised and shocked that his capsule was not installed, which is an important part of the treatment to locate the tumor.
Yasser Aldomini: The center is clean.. Dr. Hisham is good, but he does not give you a good opportunity to discuss. He will refer you directly to the assistants.. Especially Dr. Mustafa treats him like tar with arrogance and come to everyone until peace does not respond to him and does not answer any question for the patient. The worst thing in the center is Dr. Mustafa..also When you enter the center, you are not defined what you have and what you have to do, such as a nutritionist or a psychiatrist. The most important thing is that you pay the money and salvation.. You are not discussed in all the details and you do not know what is happening.. God counts us and He is the best agent.
Saad Sh: حاليا داخل العيادة وساقوم بالتقييم لاحقا
Zeinab Sabaa: Disappointingالقائمين كلهم في منتهى قلة الزوق
Abu Yabes: يوجد تفريق بين الجنسات من حيث الأسعاروهذا إن دل على شيء فإنما يدل على الإستثماروإذا وجد الإستثمار إنعدمت المصداقية
Nemat Yousif: عدم مصداقية واستهتار حجزنا من يوم الاربعاء وحدد لنا كشف النهارده السبت الساعة ٥ واحنا ونازلين دلوقتي يتصلوا يبلغونا إن الدكتور المحترم لغي الكشوفات كلها واحنا جايين من الصعيد ومعطلين الناس اللي هيروحوا معانا ولغوا شغل ليهم اقسم بالله تعامل زفت استهانة حتي بالمرض حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
capten70000 eledresi: One of the best oncology centers in Egypt is Dr. Hisham El-Ghazaly
Youssef Ahmed: perfect sevice, the doctor is the best in egypt
Ehab: Very good treatment, but the wait may be a little long, but it is acceptable. The doctor is respectful and listens to the patient. Prices are high because the center is luxurious. It means you pay for treatment and luxury service. Also, Dr. Osama Taha is very smart and the price is a little lower for you. The place is not as luxurious as Alpha Cure. God is the Healer
hossam hossny: Professional
joka bill: Dr.. Hisham Al-Ghazali
خالد الحمد: Excellent doctor

8. Deloitte

· 7 reviews

Nile City South Tower, 2005 A Corniche El Nile Ramlet, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Alfa Cure Center

· 9 reviews

116 El Nozha St., El-Nozha, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Alfa Cure Center: what do users think?
Mostafa Abdelaziz: اسوأ مركز وخدمة رديئة ولافي نظام وجرعات بدون دراسة او مراجعه لحالة المريض وادت الى نقص مكونات الدم ورفرفة اذينية فالقلب وضعف عضلة القلب حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل محدش ياخد كيماوي ولا مناعي كيترودا
Mido Kh: نظام جميل جدااا بس السكرتارية محتاجه شويا نظام
Hany Salh: مركز منظم و المجموعه كلها شكرا د هشام الغزالى
Mahmoud Okasha: مركز متميز و مستوى الخدمة و الإدارية ممتازة
Walid Yahia: انا اعمل في هذا المكان
amr elbashouty: Today We had visit on 1:30 am the center closed without any announcing to patients, very bad attidute and not accepted.
Ashraf Elsharif: Well educated personal and highly professional consultant.
Miray Adel Emil: People are very nice and the place is very clean
Ahmed Mohamed: Clinic of dr. Hesham el ghazaly one of the top best oncologists in the middle East
Tamer Wasfy: Although it was my first visit accompanying some family members, the clinic seemed professional and organized with several positive references from other patients.

10. Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital

· 382 reviews

El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, El-Qobba Bridge, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital: what do users think?
التعليم والترفيه: A large hospital with all specialties
Sherif Rasheed: A good hospital with highly educated doctors
mrBASSEM HAKEM: beautiful
shereen: A distinguished hospital, the doctors are in the utmost respect, and the treatment is in the utmost taste. May God bless you
Ahmed Abbas: Very great negligence on the part of the deputies of the Department of Surgery 4. The attending physician did not follow up the case for several consecutive days until a major setback occurred that led to death. I filed a complaint with the medical director, who defended the doctor despite knowing of his negligence.
ramzy fouad: Clean hospital, nurses and doctors at the highest level
Ashraf Hassan: Messy hospital
amr bahaa: Bad service at a deadly cost, unfortunately I do not recommend it
د.أحمد فاروق الزميتي: Excellent medical service
Medo Max: The buildings are difficult and far away, and they are still being equipped, and people are dying on the ground. It is normal, and doctors are coming late, and it is a difficult thing. May God help every sick and working person there.
ahmed hebesha: A government hospital with its own flavorModern medical devices are available
خالد عزام: Good doctor service
Safa ahmed: Do not believe that it is the hospital that offers medicine in Egypt, and try not to let your family go there, especially if they are elderly, because they will not be treated, and worse, they will be harmed by ignorance, lack of humanity, negligence and complications that are not understood and incomprehensible.You will come out with them aliveI called my mother awake and within 48 hours they put her into a coma, even though I told them that the ammonia was high for a while and she was treated outside and asked to be returnedanalyzes and treat them; I was surprised that the analysis was not done for 8 full days, and she was not treated for ammonia poisoning, and instead of direct, clear treatmentThey gave her liquid medicine, although her analysis did not allow, and they caused her to bleed and have complicated complications to the point that I did not know how to transfer her to another hospital until she left me.A complaint was actually submitted to the Ministry of Health through the electronic government complaints, and I see many people in the review here saying almost the same events happened with their families, so I hope everyone submits a complaint so that there is hope that they take their punishment
Ehab Helmy: Oh God, heal him and heal all those who are tired of his illness and whose recovery is delayed, and you alone are his help and recovery, O God, there is no healer except You, Glory be to You.” “I ask You, O God, to heal him. O Lord of the worlds, O most generous of the generous, you are capable of everything.........................................................Lord, heal every patient
محمد سعيد: good hospital
ahmed mohamed: great
asmaa roma: Fast services and reasonable prices
Riham El Sherbeeny: Nursing in the neurosurgery department is not perfect. They have miscommunication, poor treatment of medications, and brutality in the matter of cannulation. They do not cooperate in any way except for one from the orthopedic department, may God bless her.. But the hospital is clean and the rooms are not the worst thing.
Essam Nawar: Plenty of experience, reasonable rats, lot of services and professionals at one place for everyone.
Ahmed Salah: Respectful and helpful people, may God reward them with all the best
هيثم فريز: Good

11. The World Bank

· 3 reviews

2005C Nile Corniche, Ramlet, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. WFP - Egypt Country Office

· 71 reviews

49 Street 105, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. World Health Organization

· 194 reviews

Abd Al Razak Al Sanhouri, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11371, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Elsevier Africa HQ

· 1 reviews

Cairo festival city, Allianz building, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. Pfizer

· 29 reviews

147 El Tahrir, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp


· 12 reviews

67 El-Horeya, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Novartis Pharma

· 58 reviews

3 Al Sawah, AZ Zaytoun Al Qebleyah, Amreya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Ghabbour Auto

· 17 reviews

21 Emad El-Deen, Al Gayarah, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Novartis Pharma

· 1 reviews

30 كورنيش النيل, حى غرب, El Omraniya, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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