Best Theater Classes For Children Cairo Near Me

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1. El Dammah Theatre مسرح الضمة

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118 reviews
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El Dammah Theatre مسرح الضمة
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Address: 30 Al Belaasi, Al Balaqsah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 11613, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Mon

Telephone: +20 2 23926768

Business type: Live music venue

El Dammah Theatre مسرح الضمة: what do users think?
Mohamed Mabrouk
Mohamed Mabrouk: I love the place
heba amin
heba amin: Very exciting and lovely Egyptians signers with folkor songsVery cozy and heart touching
Shemaa Ahmed
Shemaa Ahmed: The comprehensive artist workshop with director L. Mohamed Mabrouk
Наталия Волкова
Наталия Волкова: Великолепное место с отличными шоу. Непритязательность места искупается доброжелательной атмосферой и великолепным искусством. Все артисты - великие мастера своего дела. Мы были рады побывать здесь и с радостью придем еще во время следующих визитов в Каир.
Romaiah Mazzona
Romaiah Mazzona: Very beautiful atmosphere and nutrition to soul
Mldò Fatht
Mldò Fatht: Kisan Laila Rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy R
Hamada Ezzo
Hamada Ezzo: He presents distinguished musical works that I hear from my home, but I have not attended them before, and I hope to attend them in the future
Honey Rdwan
Honey Rdwan: Nice work
Ali Saed
Ali Saed: colorrr
Ali abdalla Ismail (Ali samir)
Ali abdalla Ismail (Ali samir): It shows concerts for popular groups from the heart of Egyptian society, and the advantage is that the theater is small.
ossama abd el aal
ossama abd el aal: Amazing
Amani Fayez
Amani Fayez: A Nubian band presents the Nubian heritage ❤
Mostafa Kamal
Mostafa Kamal: Very nice place
Mahmoud Soliman
Mahmoud Soliman: Great authentic show. I attended (Al-Sohbagayea) band from Ismailia city playing Semsemeya musical instrument, singing and dancing. Amazing simple Folklor show. I enjoyed. The hall is very small and simple but authentic.
ahmad 00123
ahmad 00123: Heritage
crazygurl radwa
crazygurl radwa: A band for Batmayora, the joy of beauty, the spirit of sweetness
Ahmed Emad
Ahmed Emad: For English Kindly Scroll Down⬇Asyad El Zar (Zar Masters
Ahmed Nagy
Ahmed Nagy: The worst theatre ever
معتز بدوى
معتز بدوى: More than wonderful
زينه عدن
زينه عدن: Sweet place
احمد اسماعيل
احمد اسماعيل: The best place in Cairo

2. Mahrani Centre Jesuit Animation School

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108 reviews
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Mahrani Centre Jesuit Animation School
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Address: 13 Al Mahrani, Al Fagalah, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Business type: Movie theater

Mahrani Centre Jesuit Animation School: what do users think?
Asmaa Zaki
Asmaa Zaki: One of a kind culture center. U will definitely find whatever u like there, be it theater, music, dance, film making...etc. just name it and u ll find it there. All this at a very moderate cost!
Sherif Sonbol
Sherif Sonbol: I attended a birthday celebration. Nice and nice atmosphere.
Marwa: Wonderful place
Samir Ibrahim
Samir Ibrahim: A good place for showing and discussing films and for various cultural courses and events
Suzy Morgan
Suzy Morgan: A second home, can't wait to see it shining again
Mustapha Hussien
Mustapha Hussien: All greatness
loay ghoneam
loay ghoneam: More than a wonderful place
Bassma Farah Nancy
Bassma Farah Nancy: Love this place so much. Makes me feel free and comfortable.
إيفان فيكتور _ Evan Victor
إيفان فيكتور _ Evan Victor: cleanliness is goodThe system is goodThe treatment and the buffet is complete
Nadine El Shiaty
Nadine El Shiaty: A cultural center at the heart of Cairo's Ramses. While humble, this center hosts theatre performances. Through different classes and workshops, the Nahda center fosters young talents from all walks of life from clowning, acting, singing all the way to visual and dramatic arts.
Comedian majuba
Comedian majuba: nice place
David Adel
David Adel: I am
mohamed Mustafa
mohamed Mustafa: Good
islam anwer
islam anwer: Histrionic place, having nice show program
bahaa tolbh
bahaa tolbh: Beautiful
marko elking
marko elking: Beautiful place 🌹🌹
Emmanuel Josiah
Emmanuel Josiah: A nice movie theatre
انطلاق الروح
انطلاق الروح: Nice
Momen Zaki - مؤمن زكى
Momen Zaki - مؤمن زكى: A cultural place par excellence
A M: amazing
ali wika
ali wika: okay

3. MAAT|Cairo Contemporary Dance Center

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89 reviews
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MAAT|Cairo Contemporary Dance Center
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Address: 1 Mousa Galal Square, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate 12655, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +20 120 691 8432

Business type: Dance school

MAAT|Cairo Contemporary Dance Center: what do users think?
Donya Aljehany
Donya Aljehany: Every thing was very good and and the surface is very good ask about Noor there
Jael Kasongo
Jael Kasongo: Excellent place for dancing
marina michel
marina michel: Verry Good Dancing Center with professional and friendly inatructor(s)
NadaMoheeb: 😍
Doaa Mohamed
Doaa Mohamed: They have beautiful workshops for dance lovers..even if the workshop is expensive, it is worth a try
عزت عزت
عزت عزت: amazing
waled wwa
waled wwa: Beautiful
Hussein Elshafei
Hussein Elshafei: They offer very good workshops
الساجد TV
الساجد TV: I liked
Ahmed Nassar
Ahmed Nassar: A special place
Nasra Essmat
Nasra Essmat: Excellent 🏫
emad abdelrahman
emad abdelrahman: What is this in the first place, but let's evaluate it, and no one took anything from it
Radwa Abdilkreem
Radwa Abdilkreem: Amazing place ... specially ballet courses 💟
KOREKOSMU yaxatao: CCDC is the one and only contemporary dance center in greater Cairo
noran gaber
noran gaber: The best place to teach ballet... yoga... expressive dance and contemporary dance
Maha El-khadrawy
Maha El-khadrawy: Amazing place
Dolly: The place is amazing the trainers ars great, but there is no AC!! And with constantly working out, it becomes intolerably hot and sweaty
سالي اسامة
سالي اسامة: I love this place
سيد محمد
سيد محمد: magnificence
Moose Moose
Moose Moose: Great school if you're interested in dance.
محمود عبد العزيز
محمود عبد العزيز: good

4. Studio Zat

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87 reviews
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Studio Zat
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Address: 22 El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +20 111 176 6623

Business type: Art center

Studio Zat: what do users think?
Eman Adel
Eman Adel: Of course, my dream is to act, because I arrived to write this comment here and in this place. The comments and opinions are very great in my opinion. But I am from Qalyubia and it will be very difficult for me to go all this way.Also, I don't know if he accepts 16 years or notI wish there were places in Ramses or near Qalyubia, I wish someone would tell me
Ammar: I learnt a lot here such a great family great coaches thank you Zat, recommended ❤️
علاء الدين محمد
علاء الدين محمد: ❤❤❤❤
Mostafa Orabi
Mostafa Orabi: Beautiful
Jozeph Osama
Jozeph Osama: The most comfortable place in the universe
Mariuom Hasan
Mariuom Hasan: A very beautiful and unique place
sameh Elhosary
sameh Elhosary: Photographic story
Michel Emad
Michel Emad: The worst place
Ramy Sharaky
Ramy Sharaky: Cozy and professional
Mai El Geresy
Mai El Geresy: Nice place a little far away and parking there is not the easiest thing
Passion To Cinema By George Sobhy
Passion To Cinema By George Sobhy: There are workshops that are not found anywhere else
Egy Mod
Egy Mod: One of my best beloved place, where I learned a lot and met very nice people
Bassem El-Mahdy
Bassem El-Mahdy: Best place to learn arts
ASHOUR “tv” TRENDAT: Unique experience
Dee Youssef
Dee Youssef: Very professional.
Timor Alsied
Timor Alsied: center of excellence
Hala Omar
Hala Omar: Great place. Love it
Tarek Khaled
Tarek Khaled: good
Hamed Adel
Hamed Adel: A very good place to do meeting and so calm and has good service
mirrortv36: A wonderful idea.. Good luck, God willing
Riham ElSebahy
Riham ElSebahy: A nice place to teach your kids acting

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