Best Tapas Buffet Cairo Near Me

Night & Day Culina Pinchos Tapas Bar & Restaurant مطعم بون سوار Bonne Soirée Restaurants 8 Restaurant Rawi Restaurant & Bar Kamala Restaurant & Bar Torii Restaurant Solana The Grill XODÓ Kebabgy Pane Vino Egyptian Nights Carol كارول Omar's Cafe Restaurant Le Steak Restaurant - Le Pacha 1901 SASS Restaurant / Bar Bullona Cairo

1. Night & Day

· 142 reviews

Semiramis InterContinental, Corniche El Nile Cairo, 11511, Egypt

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Night & Day: what do users think?
Gonzalo Glausiuss: Great service from Ramadan!
El Fanan: مطعم جميل جدااا وتشكيله من الماكولات المتنوعه الرائعه
Abdelrahman Tarek: mr khaled very helpful
Tamalo María José Gonsálvez: El buffet del desayuno fue perfecto y el camarero Ramadan súper atento a todas las necesidades
Michael 명택 LEE: Good Breakfast.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
amir ashraf: Very fantasticFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Yaser Oudeh: خدمه ممتازة والاكل طعمه فوق الرائع وتشكيل متميزة في الفطور..... وشكر جزيل للخدمه والادارة الممتازه من مدير المطعم حسن محمد وللشيف أحمد.
Samy Hamed: Very goodFood: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Eman Mahmoud: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Maria Olivia .Pombo: The food here is excellent- huge variety, very fresh, great view of the Nile and lovely cosy ambience. They even have immune boosting juices like Hibiscus. Hossam served me and he was really friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter …More
Ziyad Alhomaid: Amazing breakfast and welcoming team
Abdulrahman Albuainain: Abdulrhman samir Mohammed tallat served us very well with a smile on his face, I recommend you to take your breakfast here one day or another
عبدالعزيز خالد: It is very beautiful and the service is excellent. Thanks to the waterer Bassem and Hossam for their service
haris michailidis Mav: Very rich breakfast. Has everything.Every morning cook for us specials plates.Special thank you to mr.Hanna every day did for us the best.
osama osama: A very nice restaurant, and thanks to the employee, Abdul Rahman Samir
Hagar Mosaad: Perfect service and great food!Special thanks to our waiters Abdo Samir and Mohammed Talaat, very attentive and friendly.
Nermin Fakhry: Nice restaurant. A delicious open buffet. The video is amazing on the Nile
Guillermo Rodriguez: An excellent option in Cairo to have a delicious buffet breakfast. There are many options for everyone and for all preferences. It’s located inside the Intercontinental Hotel. Staff friendly, however don’t expect a 5 star service because You can see everybody busy, So relax and try to do by yourself, finally is a buffet.
H mansour: The restaurant is in Samira Miss HotelBreakfast is 575 poundsPrice is high but the place looks great
انوار المصطفى صلي الله عليه وسلم: Excellent food, some items are low in flavour, the place is clean, the prices are expensiveDietary restrictions: الطعام جيد ولكن بعض الأصناف تحتاج اهتمام الحلويات جميلة
Maram sadiq: staff is very helpful and food is delicious!! great experience!!!

2. Culina



· 19 reviews

1113 Nile Corniche, El Nil, DownTown, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Ζωή Σπυροπούλου: Best Breakfast in Cairo!Worth a visit 👌🏼🔝
Haroon Z: Great breakfast buffet at the hotel. Spread was extensive, and had both standard Western breakfast items and Egyptian dishes, all well-executed. Service staff was attentive and kind. The coffee bar often takes a while to make your coffee order, but all other aspects of service were perfectly smooth.Recommended dishes Fruits Buffet, Salad Buffet, Crepe Station, Egg Station, Baked Fava Beans …More
Ahmed Khalifa: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Mohamed Ibrahim: fantastic placeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Omar El-Shourbagy: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
haroon khan: Hlnice and fresh foodFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Ahmed El Zayat: I didn't go but i heard that it's a good one
Nour: Very expensive for the service and the amount of food, the second star is for the taste of the food.
Rana S: High quality food, excellent service, fresh food
Ling Shen: I had a buffet here yesterday cost over 1000 EGP, it results me a food poison experience after…. My trip was destroyed and stayed in hotel still…
Wael Shnouda: Lunch is very expensive. There is no value for the priceA bottle of water is 120 pounds without the service and the added value
Siyu Sheng: We went for an open buffet. The crabs and shrimps were not fresh at all, and the other food is just mediocre. Service was great in general, but it seems the staff gives priority to certain "more welcome" guests than the others.Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Alber Paules: Attended an open-buffet breakfast at the Nile Ritz Carlton's Culina restaurant. Luxurious ambiance, wide variety of delicious and well-presented items, and courteous staff. A bit pricey but is definitely worth it.
نور الشمادى: A quiet placeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
الخلاصه تيوب مع جمال: Very special
ahmed samir: NiceFood: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

3. Pinchos Tapas Bar & Restaurant

· 111 reviews

58 Beirut, Street, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11341, Egypt

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mohamed mahmoud: PerfectFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Lina Wafik: Nice cozy bar.The quality was lowered compared to other bars at le pacha heliopolis.The sangria wasnt good at all.We booked on instagram page but our names werent found on the reservation papers so we had to wait.We took an offer with all you can eat tapas and Sangria (500EGP/ Pax)The tapas were good, fresh and tasty.Best place is next to the bar.There are some other tables that are more private.
Aly Gazayerli: Good tapas and friendly serviceFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Magd Mansour: Nice place but be prepared to PAYFood: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Omar Waleed: The communication officials in the administration are excellent and cooperative, but inside the restaurant they are not at the level at all. Only Captain Omar, the bar supervisor in preparing juices and drinks, is very good.The office customer service are very good hands but the stuff inside the restaurant is un-qualified at all. Bar Captain Omar is very good hand and care.
Marco Labib: 🌟
Seyran Tas: Great food with fresh and chosen ingredients! Very nice atmosphere, especially the Bar Area. Thank you for having us!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Al Gazayerli: Great hospitality with delicious tapas and freindly service and wonderful atmosphereFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Adel: 1. I called the place for a reservation for me and my date, wanted to make sure everything would be smooth. Was setting outside for two hours until the waiters asked us to step inside because there's a table of 15 people and there's not enough chairs! It wasn't a good situation and we decided to leave the place.2. This was a dry night starting 6PM, around 5:45PM we tried to order more cocktails and beers but the waiter informed us that they stopped serving alcohol, literally 5mins later I saw him bringing 4 beers to the table in front of us as they seem to know each others.3. I liked the food and that's why giving two stars.I will never be there again and won't advise anyone to go until they start to respect their customers. Unfortunately Egypt's service became super poor even in fancy/expensive places like this one. I am not satisfied until they make up for it.
Juan Manuel Garcia Martinez: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Mohamed Zaghloul: Food: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5More
george morcous: One of the best virgin drinks and music tasteAlso the food taste was excellent and served very well
Farida Helaly: very rude staff, miscommunication between the staff members and they take it out on us. the food is below average and also there was hair in one of my friend’s order, which was super disgusting and unhygienic. they also mistaken a lot of our orders.
Ibrahim Abaza: Great place to meet friends and talk, music is not too loud, the owner is a real gentleman, had a wonderful eveningFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Emad “Emad” Aluodi: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
artem sazykin: Food so so
Hala AbuShadi: Nice place for drinks and some Spanish snacks (tapas).They also have theme nights with special offers. Minimum charge apparently only on weekends is 500 EGP. Plus on the menu you must add a 26% in taxes and service.Lugar moderno y agradable para tomarse unas copas y picar algo. Las croquetas de pollo como en casa!.. y la paella, etc. Muy recomendable. Cargo mínimo (aparentemente solo los fines de semana) es de 500 libras egipcias por persona, y al precio de la carta hay que sumar un 26% en impuestos y servicios.

4. مطعم بون سوار Bonne Soirée Restaurants

· 912 reviews

9 Nasr Awad, Ein as Seirah, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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مطعم بون سوار Bonne Soirée Restaurants: what do users think?
Mahmoud Salah: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5More
David Roncal: Enfocado a los grupos turísticos.
Josep Grau: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Recommended dishes Albóndigas Con Patatas Y ArrozMore
Eva C: Nos intentaron engañar al pagar las bebidas subiéndonos el precio. Comida mala de buffet libre al que nos llevaron durante el tour con la agencia. Encima nos hicieron levantar de la mesa a los 5 mientras esperábamos que dos personas volvieran del baño.
juan carlos rabade: Recommended dishes Albóndigas Con Patatas Y ArrozMore
federico lopez-brea corrochano: Hemos comido tipo buffet bastante buena
Rui Ponte Reis: 😂Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
ALFONSO EL GRANDE: Un caos un desordenFood: 2/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5 …More
Julio Martínez Reig: Buffet europeo con comida bastante mala, nos lo incluyeron en nuestro tour y es básicamente para meter a grupos de turistas y cobrarles con la bebida lo que han comido.
Jaime Lucas: Bueno. Nada del otro mundo. Digamos que aceptable. Fui con la agencia, por lo tanto no sé el precio del menu.No tuve un mal recuerdo del lugar.
Alba alcantara: Es el restaurante que utilizan las agencias de turismo para llevar los autocares.El restaurante está saturado, tuvimos que subir y bajar una planta para ir al buffet.La comida era de baja calidad y tenían poca variedad
Jj et Patricia: BofFood: 2/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 2/5 …More
isla mucura: Tourist trap
Hessen Abdelaal: A special place in Fustat housingFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
bill LAU: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Mohmad khaled Shorbagy: A first-class tourist restaurant that performs and covers all tourist groups leaving the castle and the Civilizational Museum and any other groups heading to it.
Toni Rodrigo Pons: Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More

5. 8 Restaurant

· 139 reviews

1089 Nile Corniche, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11519, Egypt

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Frank Reviews: Wonderful restaurant and location overseeing the Nile river. The food was good but not superb. The service was excellent. Overall, very good dinning experience.
Omar Elias: Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Martin Hills: The Filipina staff in this restaurant really made this a delightful evening meal.The main restaurant was full but as we were a party of 8, they put us in a private room at the end of the restaurant.Having lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years, my expectations of Chinese food overseas is quite low. I was impressed with the dishes we had here though and the additional small things the chef and staff did.The restaurant is very tastefully decorated.Well worth a visit.
Mohamed Sabry: Fantastic restaurant
sultan elkhaldi: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes ماكولات بحريةMore
Scott Latimer: Visited 8 twice on our 10 day visit to Egypt. Great respite from the traditional Egyptian fare. Everything was excellent and the staff was so gracious and kind. Service was amazing and the atmosphere was wonderful. Especially liked the hot and sour soup with shrimp rather than tofu. Great value especially the noodle dishes which are enough to share.
HanHan XU: Parking: Best chinese food in town. Must try.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Beef Oyster Sauce, Chicken Pepper Sauce, Pan Fried King Prawns in Spicy Sauce, Ginseng Chicken & Shrimp Dumpling, Fried Chicken Dim Sum Parking options Valet, Paid parking garage …More
Bassma: The best chinese food in cairo. I haven’t been here since 3 years , yet it continued to maintain its excellent standard.Their Dimsums are amazing.Their crème Brûlée is the best i have ever tasted.Staff are great..they have a set menu in weekend.Its enough for 2 people.
Avnish Bahl: I have been to many hi end restaurant in England , Asia , Middle East and Europe but my experience at 8 was simply outstanding the food the service everything was perfect the staff energy and vibe was commendable well done our hostess name Miss Roline was super polite and very efficient , such brilliant experience , thank you .
Amr Alsayed: The perfect place to enjoyFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
helen t: This is a hard review to write.Dinner for 1. Great atmosphere, deco, very friendly and professional staff. Wonderful private table w Nile view.Started well with chicken and prawn dumplings. Steaming hot.incredible mango / coconut water mocktail. Asked to leave out the chilli.Ordered 1/2 Peiking Duck - served 2 ways. Now, I lived in China for 25 years and have had a lot of duck…. This one was just ok.First course of Pancakes were nice, duck was well cut and presented nicely. Tender meat, but a bit fatty.The Sang Choi Bao was the bigger problem - very oily - I’m not sure if it was the duck or cooking oil, but the bottom of the dish was swimming in oil. Lettuce was also still very wet. Had to turn it over to get rid of the excess water.I very nicely asked the manager to show the dish to the chef. They comped me a lovely fruit platter and sorbet.I’m happy to pay for an expensive meal, but I expect the quality to meet the price.I’m afraid I would not order the duck again….
MICHEAL MAGDY LABIB GAD: Food: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Gulfcafe5: Classy and luxurious, but the dishes are normalIt does not prevent you from experimentingIts price is high due to its location in the Four Seasons Hotel
Yahia Arafa: Friendly staff, excellent service, beautiful view, good food quality
Yasser M Fityani: The place is sweet. Great service. Prices are high. Hope is excellent. The type of oils is unhealthy and appropriate.
Mahmoud Megahed: Place is nice if the table has a nile viewService is OKFood is OKWe ordered1- the crab salad but we substituted the crabs with shrimps as there were no crabs -Good2- Seafood Rice - Excellent3- Sautéed Prawns with XO sauce - Very Good4- Sautéed chicken with Cashew nuts - it was salty and sour - Very Bad & Not RecommendedPrice is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE & OVERRATED COMPARED TO THE SERVED FOOD QUALITY
Tamtam Sibghatallah: The place is luxurious, beautiful, and calm. The food is dumplings. The taste of chicken is tender. Also, Szechuan Shaken is the same. The chicken and noodles are not tasty. You have to add sauce so that you can swallow. The rice is dry. The sizzling beef is good, but the salt is extra ... an experience that will not be repeated. The cost is 3400..3 appetizers, 2 main dishes, and 1 rice And 1 noodles, Pepsi, 2 mangoes, and 2 large waters

6. Rawi Restaurant & Bar

· 414 reviews

1 Galae Square, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Rawi Restaurant & Bar: what do users think?
nader pazirandeh: Staff are great . They are so helpful and friendly. Omar azem helped us a lot and I felt very welcome . Thank you until we meet again 🙏
نايف الشهراني: Iftar on the last day of Ramadan was beautiful, the food was varied and the prices were reasonableThanks
Pedro Madero: Wonderful breakfast experience! Egyptian, continental, or just basic bakery, amazing!I am not usually excited to wake up for breakfast but I was for Rawi!Ask for Christina, she is fantastic!
Sheriff Magdy: The location is awesome with a very great viewmusic is good as well regardless that changing DJs during the night will let the songs get repeated for sure.having a belly dancer is recommended with table number 36 for a perfect location close to the stage, bar and in the middle of the restaurant.the bad issue about there is the staff! actually the door reservation staff, they are treating you as if you are entering for free and so ever.
Rana S: The view intercedes for the place, the service is upscale, and they are distinguished by their spaciousness and distinguished service. Only the types offered in the breakfast are not that distinguished.
Steffen Schweizer: The breakfast rawi team is excellent. Very sweet and can only recommend staying at the Sheraton and enjoying a good start into the day.
JAVIER LAZARO: Restaurante de pescado fresco, en la entrada seleccionas lo que quieres comer y te lo llevan a la mesa. Importante que les digas el punto del pescado que te gusta.Todo estaba riquísimo, la sopa espectacular un acierto.
Pankaj Bhalla: Good place for river cruise
Mahmoud Hussein Elglaily: ، العشاء متنوع لكن بعض الاصناف متوسطة ، المكان ممتاز ومطل على النيل ، فريق العمل ودودين و متعاونين خصوصا أميرة ، كرستين ، آدم و عليالاسعار مرتفعة نسبياً عن اماكن مماثلة(Translated by Google
Gurbakshsingh Khalsa (Guru): We were not staying at the hotel, but went there for the buffet.The food and staff are so far the highlights of my trip.(Definitely try the falafel if you have it when there. The best I’ve had ever)
Kiki Hohnen: We came here for breakfast and everything was absolutely delicious. Staff were so attentive, and even brought us some fresh dates to enjoy!The view from the hotel is magnificent. We’ll definitely be back!
Rania Turk: We had a lovely experience at Rawi. Our server, Kamar, was very sweet and friendly, especially with our kids.
Carmen Segoviano: Buen sitio para alojarse, buena comida y atención espléndida.
Lawrence Williams: We spent four days in Egypt and had breakfast each morning at Rawi. The selection of food is amazing and diverse. Omelette bar, fresh breads and a selection of juices tops off a very filling breakfast menu. The staff are very attentive and friendly. My favorite spot.Vegetarian options: There was a great variety of vegetarian options that are sure to please.
Malak El Masry: I go for SALSÀ nights every Monday, the place is lovely. The staff are not always so friendly though
Karim Hussein: المكان رائع
Modi Noby: It was a nice experience for 3 days, a variety of food and an excellent service from all the workers in the restaurant, especially Chef Walaa and Chef Magdy and all the lines in the restaurant
Ahmed El-Akkad: Awesome vibes!
Fahd: Awful place, specially the kitchen
Waled Same: Very very rubbish place for treatment, people and security

7. Kamala Restaurant & Bar

· 64 reviews

El Nil, Conrad Cairo, Nile Corniche, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt

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· 74 reviews

3 El Thawra Council St Zamalek, Downtown, CAIRO, 11518, Egypt

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CASA MIA: what do users think?
S M: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Abby: المكان جميل و الفيو راوغ لكن الطلب يتاخر جدا و الموضفين غير محترفين و تعاملهم شوي غير لطيف اكرر الزيارة فقط عشان الفيو.
Shaikha Aldossari: Great breakfast buffet! 😋
Stefan Koegeler: Very long wait, Dirty table, neighbor told us the wait 90 minutes, so we left
ahmed alsharnoby: Amazing place with beautiful breakfast
Mohamed Harrouchi: Too expansive for the quality. And the prices displayed are without taxes.The worker are Nice.
Jamie Wojciechowski: Arrived at our hotel later in the evening after a long flight from the US. Being hungry and tired we decided to try Casa Mia, an Italian restaurant in our hotelWe both ordered a Margarita Pizza and enjoyed the food. Light tomato sauce with thick cheese and crispy crust. The desserts in the counter looked amazing but those are for another day.Great service too!
Taha Ahmed: عالمي ومحترمين وموقع ممتاز
Faisal Anbar: It was my worse experience in any restaurant worldwide ever. This was on dec 2 2021 about 2:30 pm. There were very few people in the place. We begged for someone to serve us, After we ordered we waited 30 min and nothing happend. I went inside then they brought it. We asked for catchup but I had to go myself to get it. They forgot one of the orders but put it on the bill. Even paying was a disaster in this restaurant.
Mohammad Ashour: خدمة سيئةتعامل سيئلايوجد اي تقدير او احترام للزبائنتأخير في اخذ الطلبات وتقديمها وتاخير في الفاتورةالاسعار مبالغ فيها مقابل جودة ضعيفة جدا
عبدالله: Amazing location with very helpful and good staff who are doing their best, when you want to have your breakfast try to go as early as you can to set on one of the tables on the side of the river, have a good time.. Thank you Eslam for your helpful service ❤️
Mostafa Moussa: Great place, excellent service and professional staff. Thank you, Mr. Michael Al-Raqi, for your kind reception and classy service
Kareem Youakim: Wonderful breakfast buffet. Everything was extremely tasty and delicious.
Betzaida Rivera: A pesar del buen servicio de los meseros y buena comida, en mi plato encontré un cabello y eso no fué agradable, el gerente trajo a la mesa al chef para que viera que era calvo, o sea que insinuó que el pelo en el plato era mío. Al final de la cena no cobró el plato, pero el gesto del gerente no es el esperado por un cliente.
Mark Ramses: Poor Food Quality 👎View was really nice 👍
Harry H: I've just had an amazing dinner at Casa Mia restaurant which is right on the Nile river at the Sofitel hotel. Food and 🏜 were just so tasty ... absolutely excellent. Waiters are very kind, mannered, and they are paying a high attention as well as taking care of every single customer which makes you feel very special.I highly and truly recommend it!
Полина Сухова: Безумно дорогая и весьма посредственная еда. Обслуживание неспешное - чардж включён в счёт (12%)
Rashed Kabbara: 🍽 The dish: I had pasta penne bolognese, and I thought it was very average. I was expecting better quality from a restaurant located in a 5* hotel! The appetizer bread was very dry. The ambience was amazing with the Nile view and felucca boats sailing through👨🏻‍🍳 The service: very good, waiters are very attentive Cleanliness: quite clean🎒For travel tips for different destinations in the world, follow my Instagram account; rashport
Monir منير: sweet
Mariam Sherief: We ordered the seafood pasta and pizza, and they were absolutely delicious! The waiter was really nice and funny too. Overall we had a great experience and don't mind going there again.
Wael Nagib: Perfect view, great service and hospitality. Enjoyed my time

9. Torii Restaurant

· 45 reviews

Cairo Marriott Hotel -16 Saray, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Solana

· 47 reviews

1191 Nile Corniche, Souq Al ASR, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Solana: what do users think?
Aa Aa: Nos alojamos en conrad Cairo. Y aunque las habitaciones están genial y el desayuno hay una variedad enorme… el restaurante para cenar no lo recomiendo. De 3 días, 2 cenamos lo mismo… para servirte la bebida tardan 20 minutos (6 camareros para 4 personas)… y en general Mal servicio. La comida también bastante que desear… pollo seco.
Abdallh Mohammed: Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah
Camilo Fierro: Great breakfast
chris thompson: Ahmed is a special and amazing. The food is always top tier and everything
Ali Ali: excellent
iMedia Stores: Amazing atmosphere
ghalab Elbadry: Beautiful and wonderful
Akorms Akorms: good
Mahima Srivastava: We stayed at Conrad Cairo and dined here daily part of our package. The breakfast was a huge spread of Mediterranean and continental dishes. Freshly squeezed juices and breads were amazing. Delicious fruits were provided. Service was excellent too. Recommend trying this when in Cairo.
Abdelrahman Gharib: Five stars in the full sense of the word
‫حسن LOKA (‪DEADPOOL‬‏)‬‎: the
MR YASSIN: reasonable
mohamed alaa: very good place
tiger laptop: Comfortable and suitable for everyone
Ahmed Atya: A very elegant restaurant with a wonderful view on the Nile at Conrad Cairo
اسلام غباشي: It deserves to be increased
Mahmoud Wahba: مزهل وروعة

11. The Grill

· 301 reviews

Semiramis InterContinental, Cornich, El Nile, Cairo Governorate 11511, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. XODÓ

· 75 reviews

36 Nile St, Al Omraneyah Al Gharbeyah, Giza District, Giza Governorate 12612, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Kebabgy

· 650 reviews

3 شارع مجلس قياده الثوره Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah At Hotel Sofitel El Gezirah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Pane Vino

· 233 reviews

InterContinental Semiramis, Corniche El Nile, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11511, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Egyptian Nights

· 74 reviews

Cairo Marriott Hotel - 16 Saray El, Gezira St, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Carol كارول

· 475 reviews

12 Kasr Al Nile, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. Omar's Cafe Restaurant

· 3 reviews

16 Saray El Gezira, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Le Steak Restaurant - Le Pacha 1901

· 137 reviews

السرايا, Gezira St, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

19. SASS Restaurant / Bar

· 634 reviews

Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Bullona Cairo

· 19 reviews

1089 Nile Corniche, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11519, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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