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Global Knowledge ACAD Aspire Training Solutions Egyptian Council For Training & Development Yat Education Centers Top Business Group for Outsourcing & Human Resources School of Continuing Education Expolink - Egyptian Exporters Association OTO Courses AUC Engineering and Science Services Studio Arabiya Institute AMIDEAST The American University in Cairo Cairo University Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Smart Village Campus American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt MAGED SHERIF & CO. Member of NEXIA International in Egypt

1. Global Knowledge

· 93 reviews

3 Extension Abd El-Hameed Badawi, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11799, Egypt

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Global Knowledge: what do users think?
MINA RAFAT: Best training center for Cisco training courses
Esraa Taha: Very neat and organized, quite and clean, friendly test centerThe place is tidy, quiet and clean, and the staff are courteous and courteous.
Ramez Mounir: My exam canceled 2 weeks before it’s scheduled time without any prior notice or valid reason
Suleiman Bashabsheh: Its very good center
Ali Shadad: Great Place
محمد كمال الدين: Above excellent level
Hussein Saleh: Ok
Fady Talaat: After I was done with my exam, the system was down and the printer too, so I couldn’t know what my score was. Overall the center is very clean and the staff is great but such an issue isn’t normal for a big certified testing center.
Ebrahim Osman: Extremely unreliable and unprofessional, wouldn't recommend dealing with them.
Mohamed Hassan: All stuff are collaborative , the place is neat and clean. And it was a brilliant experience
Ali Hassan: Clean and neat, good service
Mohamed Issam: Very bad experience, I don't recommend (testing center).
Samar horya: Really good place..everything is sweet and beautiful
نصر محمد: I want to take the exam again because I accidentally closed the system
Mohamed reda: Clean and neat, and good staffBut pc and mouses need upgrade!
Kareem Anwar: Nice place
Dr. Hisham Mansour: Very good place for Professional Education
Haytham Khalid: Excellent center, very well organized and equipped
mina eshak: best place to have courses
Mahmoud Alashmanty: Beautiful system inside the place managed at a very high level




· 14 reviews

27 El-Ahrar, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12411, Egypt

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3. Global Knowledge

· 9 reviews

17 El Ahram St., El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mounir Mikhael: رائع
zakaria Rabea: شركة ممتازة
HazeM EsaM: Sales agents doesnt know anything about training tourses tracks !
Nibal gh: رائع جدا جدا ممتاز جزاكم الله كل خير والی الاامام
Akram Yousf: Ento wlad l3eeba

4. Aspire Training Solutions

· 73 reviews

82 Abd El-Aziz Fahmy, Heliopolis, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Aspire Training Solutions: what do users think?
Hanna ibrahim khalil: Strong and beautiful company
Nayera Maher: For the first time, I was conscious of the journey to act like a PROFESSIONAL LEADER. The track helped me to inhance my behaviors, identify the steps of problem solving, develop my self performance within a teamwork throughout many superb activities, develop my critical thinking & avoid any cognitive distortion. It made me more aware of my character, and more emotionally intelligent. It assisted me in the discovery of my intelligence types, managing my time, achieving my SMART goals and balancing my diverse life aspects.With deep gratitude, I will be remembering Aspire & Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Hanafy.
mina admon: Helped me for changing my life 🙏
samer salah: St. Fatima
Esraa Selim: nice place
Amgad Boshra Fawzy: Very Good place, Very Good People
MiNa AmiZ: Modern & powerful training & learning solutions
samir boles: Thanks
Mina Mahrous: Best place ever
Mohamed Mansour: I like the people and place
Jan Edwar: Great community with great employees and great ethics
Raouf Greis: One of the most successful companies really and the way of presentation, especially Dr. Shady from Tanta, someone like this ❤❤
sharl shaker: Best company in leadership and building teamsBest teamBest place
Najd Kute: know them
Eng Gerges K: I was passing by him
Engie Tawfik: Excellent instructors and admins with very good atmosphere all around the place, but the food initially needed a lot of improvement specially on the first two days of the course. Overall a great experience for employees to sharpen their skills there.
Mohamed Elsayed: Good
Shemaa Helal: A high level training center
CF Crescent: Very professional team and office with an incredible portfolio of companies they have worked with. They customize solutions for training, team building, engagement, project implementation and much more.
bassem youssef: Inspiring passionate place offering transforming training solutions and consultancies to various sectors of the community starting with unreached local sectors to youth employability inspiring programs to students and alooot of corporate solutions and trainings. Great team of leaders and trainers.
Maha El-khadrawy: Great team

5. Egyptian Council For Training & Development

· 7 reviews

شارع جسر المنوات،, Madinet Al Badrashin, El Hawamdeya, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Egyptian Council For Training & Development: what do users think?
Michael Wassef: Professional tranning organization
mohamed bakier: Great

6. Yat Education Centers

· 41 reviews

15 متفرع من ش احمد تيسير، كليه البنات, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Yat Education Centers: what do users think?
ALI EL NGOMY: very very beautiful
mido kotb: excellent
Mostafa Elsayed: They are fraudsters and the offers they are posting are fake, and they are supposed to have a 40% discount on me because I have the Federation of Arab Engineers card, but they don't accept it.
Hossam El-Din Ahmed: I work as a instructor for Autodesk programs here and I thank all those in charge of this branch of Yat Centers. I wish you more success and accreditation from more major international companies
Mostafa Mohamed: Ideal
Mohammed khaled: Poor cleanliness and average customer servicestrong courses
Sasabhaa Bhaa: more than great
Hisham nadim: ،its my friends experience ..they all said / we gain a lot from education in YAY center .
Ayman Yones: Beautiful and excellent
Mark Messi: Very good center for technology learning
Rouby Marketing Agency: Positive:Quality
Alaa Zaki: Very Good Center.... They are professional. Thank you YAT (Y & T)
Samar Bazzi: تاج
Ibrahim Moussa: مركز محترم
roshdy saliem: Very good
Ali Gouda: One of the mistakes I've made all my life, that I dealt with you without a good question about youNo one will respond to me from the officials of the Maadi branchAnd when you call, there is no response and I sent messages on WhatsApp, it is seen and not answeredYou are smart, but write if you like our service, urge us, and if you like it, talk to us.. God give me patience 😡
Moaz Mousa: Professionals
Menan El-fatairy: Studied more than 1 course and enriched my skills.

7. Top Business Group for Outsourcing & Human Resources

· 162 reviews

17 Abdel Wahab El Beshry, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

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Top Business Group for Outsourcing & Human Resources: what do users think?
Ahmed Hikal (‫أحمد هيكل‬‎): Great company with a perfect customer experience
احمد الديب: beautiful
Adel Mohammady: The place is very comfortable psychologically and very hospitable
Ahmad Mohamad: شركة توب بزنس كول سنترز
Agent XYZ: People there are so nice
Mohamed Metwally: The worst company you can deal with, intransigence in everything and the job of government employees and there is no professionalismI do not recommend dealing at all
Samy atya: good
I I: A long way to go
Yasser Muhammad: A place of the worst, there is no system or one way to track the solution of problems, not to mention the absence of a system to solve problems in the first place, I have been trying to contact the alleged payroll department since the 21st of last April without a response either by phone or e-mail, and personnel affairs all the time She tells me that the problem is not related to them and they have no way to reach that administration, this place is the worst place to be an interface to Vodafone
Rowan Yousry: Hard to contact and are always busy and hanging up and i called twice and my problem wasnt solved
Mostafa Rawy: It's a good place and everyone there is good and respectful people 🤗💜
Mawadda: Very hard to contact. your numbers are always busy and hanging up all the time and don't reply back on what's app, i have a problem that i need to sort out with you and no one seems to want to help me. I contacted two of the recruiters and they just told me to contact you and you're a dead end. I need my papers back it's not that hard!!!!
Hamza Tarek: A good company and its employees are respectable people
Mustafa Salah: The best HR company you can work with
samer emad: Great company
Sherif Elshorbagy: Excellent place and courteous treatment
عبدالمنعم طومان: amazing
Ain Elhayah: Trash company
ebrahim gamal: Very very bad company
Mohamed Gomaa: Classy place
Mrmr Helmy: not good

8. School of Business

· 3 reviews

Parcel 8, 74 S Teseen, new cario, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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9. School of Continuing Education

· 9 reviews

74 S Teseen, NEW CAIRO, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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School of Continuing Education: what do users think?
heba g: The admission is horrible and very unorganized. The services and qualities of the courses are very low.Seriously, a failed and random organization and a service that is not appropriate for a place that represents a large university
شيماء نبيل: I love her
AbdElRahman Mahmoud: Worst customer service I have ever dealed with "woman"
Mahmoud Ibrahim: Welcoming and neat
Dana Abdallah: This university is awesome I take the boot camp conversation and the teachers , their accent ,everything ,I recommend it for every one who needs to Improve his English skills.
Maulanaisme: Recently I am studying here. This school offers wide range subjects and programs, such language improvement program, human development, translation, teacher training, etc.Whoever you are, egyptian or foreigner, you able to register to one of those programs.I recommend this school for everyone who need a short course program or professional certificate specially for career purpose.

10. Expolink - Egyptian Exporters Association

· 63 reviews

90 rd. 105, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Expolink - Egyptian Exporters Association: what do users think?
alaa hamdy: A place where everything related to Egyptian exporters
Rabab Abozed: Excellent, fast service and helpful staff
محمد عبدالسلام: A useful place for exporters, whether by providing services or training, and a professional and organized team
Hany Elmorsy: A unique and useful place for exporters in terms of services and courses
Tarek elrahman: Service place for two sources
Mahmoud Allam: Hardworking people who know their job well
sally amer: Very important for the exporters community
rose mostafa: A very helpful businessmen service center
ashour reda: Very good team 👍
Mostafa Abdalla: aa
محمد عارف عبدالرسول: Egyptian Exporters Association
Hany Semeda: AEC exporters association
Gamal ElAwady: Was good
Wael Rashed: tried to download membership, got error, tried to contact you via web email, got error??
Moustafa Megahed: EFEC

11. OTO Courses

· 11 reviews

14/5 Al Lasilki, St, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. AUC Engineering and Science Services "ESS"

· 12 reviews

AUC Avenue 11835, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Studio Arabiya Institute

· 14 reviews

9398 Huda Shaarawy St, Al Abageyah, Mokattam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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· 401 reviews

38 Mohee Eldin Abu Elezz, Dokki, Giza District, Dokki 12411, Egypt

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15. Dale Carnegie

· 16 reviews

59 Zahraa Al Maadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. The American University in Cairo

· 1475 reviews

AUC Avenue, Road, 11835, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Cairo University

· 2360 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Smart Village Campus

· 399 reviews

32J9+M5V, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

19. American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt

· 74 reviews

33 Soliman Abaza, Street, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12311, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. MAGED SHERIF & CO. Member of NEXIA International in Egypt

· 9 reviews

57 Almoltaka Alaraby،, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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