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1. Tabibi Maadi Clinic - عيادة طبيبي المعادي

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Tabibi Maadi Clinic - عيادة طبيبي المعادي
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Address: عمارة 40 Street 254, دجلة, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 2 25178635

Business type: Home health care service

Tabibi Maadi Clinic - عيادة طبيبي المعادي: what do users think?
Elizabeth Rauh: Unhelpful and rude staff.
Jassin Ragab: great service, and great doctors. I would highly recommend this clinic.
Mohammad Jaddua: Great customer service! They arranged for Dr. Ahmed, who was very professional, to make a house call. He saw us the same day and that made all the difference.I highly recommend.
Eva Razah: Stay away.aucune expérience...
Hammad: Stay away, there are way better more reliable services out there. If you care about your loved ones look elsewhere.
Kevin O'Connell: This is the lowest quality of care I've received in my life. Doctors don't follow through on serious diagnosis, they lost my lab results (twice). My appointments have been cancelled or rescheduled with little to no notice.
Taher Hezbor: the attitude of NSA the medical lab contracted with Tabibi was not professional and I doubt they followed the minimum standards of credibility and professionalism and so the lab result of my little son was not correct and i had to repeat the test in a different lab and different center after the incorrect diagnostic by the Tabibi Doctor and as a result medical my son still suffering and his case got worse. yesterday I made this complaint about it by a phone call they promised to call back after 2 .hours but they did not
m m: Some doctors are not professional or have experience
Rob Stevens: Made appointment, turned up early. 3 people waiting before us. Didn’t get in until an hour after the appointment. Not ideal as sick baby and they called 3 times after booking to make sure we are coming. Will be looking for another clinic
Dr.Nashwa Sayed: Professional doctorsNot time consumingPerfect appointmentHome visits
Khaled Elkafrawy: 24/7 caring doctors
Depan Mandalia: The worst service ever, lab results took 3 days when they told me next day, tabibi did not follow up at all with the lab knowing my 6 year old was ill and we were worried. I called 4 times in 3 days and was always told they will call me in 30mins and no one called back. The only reason I got my results and a next consultation with the doctor is because I said I will come to the office or speak to my embassy. - on another not the doctor was good and had answered all questions we had. Maybe it's the egyptian way.
Dina Naji: Was impressed by the wait time according to appointment as well as cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. However, my son's ear infection went undiagnosed causing him unnecessary pain for several days. Follow-up is great however.
Ms. Melissa Balan: Had a home visit for my son a few weeks back. Doctor arrived on time, was friendly and very professional. If you plan to submit the receipt for reimbursement through a medical plan, you may want to ask them to not check home visit unless you know your coverage includes home visits.
Dina Bakr: Good doctors & follow up
Mohamed Osman: you can count on them
Hossam Nabil: The best clinic for children

2. Misr International Hospital

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524 reviews
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Misr International Hospital
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Address: 12 Ismail Abou El-Fotouh, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +20 0216010

Business type: Private hospital

Misr International Hospital: what do users think?
mahmoud elderwi: One of the best hospitals in Egypt
Raed Baza: Unfortunately, the place is disorganized and does not care about appointments. Time has no value. Clinics are irregular. Appointments are lacking in order, accuracy and quality, despite the presence of some qualified doctors, but the administrative staff must be changed from top to bottom.
okl latino: A very excellent hospital
امل الاسمري: A hospital all they care about is money
Hassan Eisa: The preparation room is very specialMarwa Ibrahim outpatient clinics
Atak Santino5: Thank you, the outpatient nursing kit, M. Iman Al-Husseini, M.A. Khafagy, M. Iman Hamdy, M. Mena Ashraf, M. Abril, M. Manar. Thank you for your cooperation.
Eman Abdo: A very bad hospital because Hani William Smart, the failed oncologist who treated my wife with high doses of radiation and caused her severe infections was the cause of her death.
Menna Osman: A place I can't tell you, I'm very tired. I went to do an interview. I sat for 5 hours just to meet someone, and at the end he talks to us like that and aggressive with us. It's too wasteful for us.
Sanaa eltaher: ExcellentJust expensive
Kariman Hesham: We were in the annex of the hospital, the place is clean and the service is good
بلسم الحسن محجوب: It was a great last interview
Ahmed Essam Eldeen Elgalaly: A very bad hospital because Hani William Zaki, the oncologist who treated my mother-in-law with high doses of radiation, caused her severe infections that were the cause of her death.
Merna Nasser: Dr. Rania Refaat, a dermatologist, does not know anything about medicine at all.
ahmed sameh: Very bad emergencies compared to hospitals of the same level. Incompetent nursing staff. The absence of an emergency doctor. Waiting in the emergency for a long time to enter the examination, and after entering, waiting again for an unavailable doctor. There is, frankly, nothing. The hospital is progressing from bad to worse.
elnasr amman: A hospital staffed by doctors who trade patients, headed by Dr. Hani William Zaki, the oncologist who killed my wife for exaggerated radiation sessions, which caused her severe infections and her death.
babypyramid: I called to inquire about the presence of Gardasil serum, he called me 6 from different departments, no one knew what it meant at all
kamal saleh: System and ease of handling
hanan Ahmed: The first and last time I dealt with them, poor organization and irregular appointments. You feel like you are entering a very bad government hospital
Mohamed Koraim: To Al-Salam International Hospital, I thank all the hospital personnel and those in charge of my treatment, from the first time I entered the hospital. I thank all the care and security personnel, and Mr. Shady Mohsen in the security department and the beautiful and wonderful nursing department
،kimoo kimoo: I would like to thank all the nursing and cleaning staff at Misr International Hospital, especially the nurse, Mrs. Jihad, for the accuracy of the work and the follow-up before and after the surgery. Many thanks to the hospital management and oversight of the new VIP buildingMk Room370
Ahmed Mahmoud: An organized hospital and a group of excellent doctors

3. TABIBI 24/7 New Giza Clinic

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Address: Bricklane New Giza KM 22, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 23222715

Business type: Medical Center

TABIBI 24/7 New Giza Clinic: what do users think?
Khaled Elkafrawy: Very well equipped clinic. The TABIBI 247 doctors on site deliver a very refreshing approach to medical care. Well trained, great listeners with high empathy toward the patient#TABIBI 247

4. Specialists

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Address: 19 Meret Basha, Ghayt Al Adah, El Mosky, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt

Business type: Auto repair shop

5. Cairo University

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2360 reviews
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Cairo University
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Address: 1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

Schedule: Closing soon: 6:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 35676105

Business type: University

Cairo University: what do users think?
Eslam Elmasry: Love it ❤️❤️
Adel Abbas ahmed: Good
Louis 2010: It's amazing, but everything is expensive, even open education
Joel Andrews: Me been speaking 𓄿𓂋𓏏𓌗𓀁 for all me life and they teach me Wheat men Engand languege?
Pradip Dutta: Excellent
Hassan Said: It is no longer what it used to be. Even the educational level has become not good, in my opinion. Mismanagement
hassan Alsaid hassan (hassan abosaif): amazing
Shaelie: bad
Osama Ahmad: The oldest university in the Middle East and the first university in the Arab world, we hope that it will regain leadership and maintain progress
mohammed omara: Kx
mohamed elsoaf: My old university
Mr Designer: very good
william reath: Is the best university in Egypt and is the third in Africa i love it
Jana Hesham: My university and my favorite place
ali hussein: The best university in the Middle East and Africa
Khalid Gamal El-leithy: sure sweet
Free Mind: Nicc
محمد حلمي: An ancient university
нαiτнαм هيثم: My college and I'm proud
Mohammed khamees: Historical educational edifice
Sayed pendary pendary: The oldest university in the Middle East

6. Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo

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682 reviews
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Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo
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Address: 5 Tawfik Diab St, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +20 2 27973300

Business type: Embassy

Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo: what do users think?
Morad Mahmod: Perfect
Dr. Clifford Feltner: The location was hard to find. The service was great and helpful.
Salim Faysal: I'm a US citizen & my mom is in Egypt I try to bring her here to visit me my wife & my kids she went there today for enterveiw they ask here 1 question no more & they Refuse here why is that they didn't even ask here why you going there so I think this embassy not doing a good job I hope I will got answer?
Arshad Milad: The process was so smooth. We reached 90 mnts before the interview time. We reached at interview desk by 945 and were free in 5 mnts. all staff was very supportive and they were managing the crowd very well. Great experience.
samir abbas: Good service, but I want to know if I have the right to submit an appointment reservation after it was previously refused
Hanafy Fouly: I understand the need for US citizens and consulate to be protected. the whole neighborhood is secured for protection of US consulate and its working citizens. When a US citizen in foreign country asked them for help or protection, then no help or protection without reason. The US passport has statement that the bearers should provide the passport for aid and help. The US citizen services do not provide what is written in passport papers. I do not understand!!!
MOHAMED HASSAN: STAFF DONOT KNOW THE LAWMy Family were selected for a DV lottery and they did not think that my sister does not have a right to enter the interview however her paperwork were sent from KCC. I do not understand what kind of Training the US embassy staff training get but something needs to be done with the department of State. I changed the interview location to a different embassy outside Egypt.
ha77an shalaby: Honestly, everything goes inside the embassy in a clockwise manner, exactly. Everyone knows a story inside the embassy, ​​and the fullest is eliminated.
mohd shalaby: تشديدات امنيه مبالغه
نهي هاشم البوب: Yes1
Ahmed: They have an excellent transaction ✨️👍
الراهب اغناطيوس انبا بيشوي: Very beautiful and well organized
اسامه عبدالرحمن: Somewhat useful new experience
hussam Gamal: 😒
Moataz Refaat: Great
Summer’s Channel قناتي: The quality of providing assistance to US citizens in Egypt has gone downhill post-covid. The pandemic is officially over, yet, the embassy is still conducting business as if we are still in lock-downs! No walk-ins appointments allowed, online appointments available for only few days a month and ofc are fully booked for months ahead. Even the website is super crashy n keeps redirecting me back to home page. The one-star review is for having a working phone number and a live representative that actually answers (although super rushy).
Mahmoud Ramadan: Great interview and deal professionallywithout affectation
Mohamed Hamza: A provocative woman refuses simply for refusal, in a manner that lacks tact and tact, as the other window is set for favoritism and middlemen.
ورنس المايسترو: A bad embassy, ​​and it has a fraud in a professional way. You pay the American government money, and the ghoulish old employee comes and refuses the treatment in less than ten seconds.4 months of treatment for this interview. The least I did was open the file and see my papers.What a disrespectI have admission to the university. I have a bank statement of 700,000 Saudi pounds, equivalent to 6 million pounds. I have a letter guaranteeing a university degree.I asked the old female employee. I told her why the refusal. Can you explain? She said, “Goodbye.” Ok, can you explain, bye, and give you a patch. You have no right to appeal the decision, but you can pay a second time, hahaha, and the lying American embassy returns and rejects you. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

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