Best Piercing Shops In Cairo Near Me

Riders Studios Tattoo Egypt Inksomnia tattoo shop Tima tattoo & piercing The Inkshop LTD True Skin Art Tattoo Studio Cairo Egypt Piercing Egypt Alice Ink Egypt ® The ink boy stigma Star ink Sam tattoo eg Lotus Tattoos Body Art Shop Sando ink center Osos Studio Tattoo Egypt Chaos tattoos egypt Magic Ink Shop

1. Riders Studios Tattoo Egypt

· 230 reviews

Youssef Kamel, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

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Riders Studios Tattoo Egypt: what do users think?
Edmund Wong: one of the best tattoo experiences I’ve ever had. felt so welcome as well. tattoos were done quick yet the quality was immaculate. super glad we found this. summed up my experience here in Egypt perfectly!
Saif Al Zahabi: One of the most amazing tattoo artists in the city, he is pro, he knows what he do and he always go big!Happy and enjoyed the experience, of course not the last time at all.Services:Solid black work tattoos,Tattoos,Tattoo design,Custom tattoo lettering
Andry 93: Sono rimasto molto soddisfatto del lavoro che ha svolto, il tatuaggio è bellissimo, il tatuatore ha la mano molto leggera e precisa e non ho sentito nessun dolore. E una persona molto disponibile e simpatica. (Studio molto pulito lo consiglio)Service:Tattoos
Corina Stamate: I discovered Twon just at the right time to recreate one of the tattoos that I was thinking about. Not only that he inputed a lot of creative thinking of how to reproduce the tattoo and how to adapt it in order to look best but also had patience and listened to all my requests. Of course, that the level of work is pristine, it is by itself understood.Service:Tattoos
Jamil Sbitan: Incredible work by Antwon. Highly recommended!Service:Tattoos
b turki: Amazing work, very professional and clean, and a great guy to get to know.
Hager Abdalaziz: I went to 5 different studios and all of them was unsanitary or had very ridiculous pricing for the quality of work they offer! I was about to give up until I seen an advertisement for this studio and I got in contact right away. I booked an appointment same day because my flight was leaving that night and tattootwon the artist at riders made sure I was taken care of! I got a very highly detailed and intricate tattoo of a Medusa on my thigh and totally blew my expectations! If your unsure about what studio to choose then I strongly recommend you get in contact with this place!
Bart Spadlinski: Professionalism, quick of response. Attention to details. Great job done and help with the choice of artwork, whilst me being hesitant of the vision. Apart from that, great chats, fun to be around with, banging original music and the musical taste for other artists. Happy, warm, friendly atmosphere in the studio 971/100% rating 😀 😎 👍 👌Services:Mandala tattoos,Tattoos,Polynesian tribal tattoos
Mohamed Hegazy: The accommodation was very enjoyable and I valued the design with greatness. I would definitely recommend him.Services:Tattoos,Male tattoos,Tattoo design,Tattoo finishing,Intimate tattoos,Abstract tattoos,Permanent makeup,Solid black work tattoos
Cătălin Marian Petcu: A real artist! A trustworthy tatoo master in a clean and exclusivist saloon. I enjoy his masterpiece and happily recommend him to anyone interested.🙏Service:Tattoos
Ahmed Farag: It’s My first experience to make a tattoo, but this man is a real artist, very clean and professionalService:Tattoos
Valentin Bouillard: Super tattoo réalisé par un maître de l’art. Il a personnalisé à ma demande en respectant mes critères à 100%. Vaut le détour, un vrai mec avec une sacrée histoire. Respectez son travail une fois sur le lieu, c’est un vrai artiste
Pablo Neussaint: Un très bon salon de tatouage. Le tatoueur est passionné et très talentueux !Le design du tatouage s'est fait rapidement sur Photoshop et le rendu est impeccable.On a affaire à un artiste qui aime son métier et nous met à l'aise.Je recommande vivement !Services:Tattoos,Male tattoos
talia bentson: This tattoo experience with Tattootwon was one of the most awesome I’ve had thus far. To start ~ his willingness to make himself available at the last minute and at difficult times was extraordinary. I was flying out of Cairo that very night and found his services online that afternoon and he made time for me to stop at his shop on the way to the airport to do two of the best tattoos I have now in absolutely record time. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with him and when I come back I shall be sure to get in touch for another one again. I highly recommend this artist!!Service:Tattoos
Pietro Pagani: Perfetto! L’artista è molto professionale e pronto a mettere la sua grande esperienza a disposizione dei gusti del cliente. La posizione in New Cairo è facilmente raggiungibile con Uber e ne vale sicuramente la pena. Consigliato! 👌🏻Services:Tattoos,Color ink tattoos,Old-fashioned tattoos,Solid black work tattoos
Jordan Turner: Twon did an absolutely killer job on my piece. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the entire process. From tattoo design to aftercare, he made sure I was satisfied with every step. The hospitality was second to none. It was a great atmosphere and an absolutely amazing experience. If you’re looking to get work done, this is your guy for sure.Service:Tattoos
Lynn Martin: Awesome tattoos, great art and detailing done with tattoo. Quick painless piercing.Services:Ear piercing,Tattoos
Turner Viana: Booked a last minute appointment with Twon & we could not be happier with our tattoos! Location was clean & comfortable & it’s easy to see how talented he is! Finished 2 tattoos & one cover up in roughly 4 hours. Definitely the best kind of souvenir to bring home from traveling 😁😁Services:Tattoo design,Tattoo cover-ups reworkings,Tattoos
Danah Alban: It was AMAAAAZING I had it yesterday and it was my first time and didn't feel any pain at all, and the design is wonderful and it came out way better than I expected, thank u so much.
kareem alaa: Twon's the best and talnted one i ever saw i didn't saw this work in the middle east really thank you for your work and am very happy that i get inked from one's the best i ever seen❤️
Cody Cunningham: Highlights from TattooTwon:1. Received the address and upon arrival it's very much his apartment. House ink, that's a first.2. After completion the $400-500 quote was now $600. I begrudgingly paid it...I am in the middle of nowhere in a huge apartment complex, what options do I really have?3. Overall the quality of work is decent however the placement was not very good. The only mirror in his apartment was a small round mirror on the bathroom wall and it was impossible for me to see the location myself. You depend on your artist to make sure the final product is in the best spot. Twon very much seemed to be in a hurry and had no interest reapplying the stencil in the proper place.Nice enough guy but he should not be charging $300/hour USD.Service:Tattoos

2. Inksomnia tattoo shop



· 31 reviews

شارع أحمد حشمت, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Inksomnia tattoo shop: what do users think?
Elise Rolot: Super friendly and professional! we‘re very happy with our tattoos, it will be a great memory of our trip to Egypt!
Debbie Dang: youseff did a great job with customizing my tattoo exactly how i wanted it. it was also a nice and clean environment to be in.Service:Tattoos
Cameron S.: Was able to book this on my last day visiting Cairo. Professional, responsive, and friendly. Just be aware the shop can be a little bit difficult to find if you’re not familiar with the area. As others have said it’s tucked away in an apartment building with no signage and the street numbers are in Arabic. But it is there, and I highly recommend!
Leonardo Melo: I was visiting Cairo and decided to get my first tattoo with Youssef. It was an amazing experience since I loved the design and felt super safe due to the hygiene of the place. Really good vibes!Services:Tattoo design,Male tattoos,Tattoos
Mariem ELTagoury: Sandra is amazing. Great vibes and experience.
Ana: I had really good experience with them, nice tatoo, nice people :) Thank you
TaShena Covington: Very nice artist who did a beautiful job on my Arabic tattoo celebrating my first trip to Egypt - I will be back for more !Services:Maori tattoos,Tattoo design,Fine line tattoos,Female tattoos,Solid black work tattoos,Tattoos
Erick Morales: We visited Cairo and wanted a tattoo and found this Amazing tattoo place. Everyone was super nice and professional and my tattoos were PERFECT. Thank youService:Tattoos
LaFonda Quiggins: This place is tucked away in a apartment building. It's clean, sanitary and comfortable. They get back right away when messenging his secretary is super friendly. The artist is self made. What an amazing experience to have while visiting Egypt.
Déborah Pennacchioli: Tatoueur vraiment top et sérieux , les lieux sont propres et il est très accueillant . Je recommande vivement cet endroit !Service:Tattoos
Elaf Ali: How old should I be?
andrewrobinpickup: The establishment was a little tricky to find and seemed a little sketchy at first because it's located in a run down apartment building opposite a construction site. I later found out that tattooing isn't legal in Egypt so that made sense. That said, once we were in the apartment the set up was legit, clean and Yucef was very professional. Really stoked with how my design turned out and finger tattoos are not easy to do! My only feedback is to ask if is smoking is ok before tattooing. The smoking from Yucef's friend made my partner feel a little nauseous while getting her tattoo. Overall we were super happy with experience and recommend to anyone keen on getting a tattoo in Cairo!Service:Tattoos
Bishoy Hanna: One of the best artists and experiences ever ❤️
Tony Caferro: A little hard to find with construction and the inability to publicly put a sign up though they responded promptly, scheduled me in on a days notice and provided me with great artwork. Thanks.Service:Tattoos
noelle mandolfo: Super bummed to be leaving this review. I’ve waited 7 weeks in hopes of resolution at the request of the artist who offered me a partial refund for my experience that ultimately was never given. So here I am and I will offer my honest experience. I was working with Kaloss, one of the artists from this studio for a couple months before arriving in Egypt. I chose this “studio” because of the positive reviews and did a lot of research before committing, this is a big reason I want to leave this review so you can have a clear picture. I put quotation marks because the studio ended up being an unprofessional, run down apartment inside a random building that took us several attempts to find. This probably should’ve been our first clue to leave. Unfortunately, the artist slightly changed the design without telling me so when the stencil was placed I didn’t realized it was missing some small yet key lines on the hands and face. The lines created a sort of distortion to the body and left me super unsatisfied but I couldn’t put my finger on why it looked “off”, I thought perhaps the execution was just poor. Which, if you look, the line width is varying throughout. It wasn’t until I was back at my hotel and could look closely that I saw the missing lines that made the sloppy, blob-like affect. I immediately reached out to her to ask if she could add the line which would only take a few minutes. She sent messages saying I should’ve noticed earlier and that she didn’t have much time before I left the country (which was few days later) then proceeded to ghost me until the time of my flight. This was highly disappointing because I’ve had similar experiences with tattoo artists in the past and I was hoping it would be different this time. After leaving Egypt a friend told me to reach out to the manager of Inksomnia who was much kinder and understanding. He offered me a half refund and apologized for my experience. Unfortunately, in order to get the refund he said to go through Kaloss. Originally she agreed, telling me the refund would take 10 days. It’s now been 7 weeks and still no refund. She finally responded to me today saying it was not her fault and I should’ve noticed. I attached the original design and end result in the pictures below as well as the conversation with her and Inksomnia. I hope no one goes through what I went through. Please be aware that the pictures they post on their social media, I realized later, are just their best work and doesn’t accurately represent what you get. Kaloss is only 24, which made sense with my experience.Service:Tattoos
Charles: On 4-2-22 was great meeting you, Yucef via phone callI really appreciate the outstanding job you your Inker Lady did for me...Totally Awesome!👏🎊🎉☺️🙏..I thank you all so much!Yucef & his Inker was the best!He assisted me from his location & he made sure that I arrived to my hotel as he took the time out to direct my taxi driver/ Uber driver to my hotel. If you need a Tattoo that is located very close to Downtown square of Cairo then I would strongly recommend Brother Yucef & his outstanding Inkers..By the way I felt safe at his location as it g@ve one a private type setting, especially during the covid 19 era ..I am from the USA & he gave me a next day appt about 12 hours later of my call....His Ink Parlour was clean...Their Professionalism & destination was nearby & in the upper class section of Downtown Cairo!It was a very safe neighborhood...His communication in English was perfect & also his understanding for what I wanted was excellent also.I just wished that I. had more time in Cairo,then I would have gotten more ink done.Maybe next time...His prices was reasonable & fair as well...his politeness in Customer service speaks volumes & hehas proven to be a nice guy & not hardcore guys in the Tattoo business world today that you can not trustHe was pretty cool & soft spoken.which is missing in our world today unlike the good ole days! .. He maybe a younger guy but he's showed a great responsibility to his customers and willing to take time to get the job right for his clients right the first time.....Thanks again, Yucef...May God bless you and your team in business!
youssef omara: Honestly, inksomnia is one of the most clean and neat studios.Artists are so professional.Service:Tattoos
Roula ZD: Amazing amazing amazing place. I was always a very picky person when it comes to tattoo artists; i worry about cleanliness and technique, but in Inksomania, I found exactly what I’ve been looking for. Friendly staff, quiet studio with a beautiful scenery of Zamalek, great line work and quality of ink. So far I got 5 tattoos all done by Youssef (@ys_inks on Instagram). Youssef is such a respectful artist, didn’t make me feel anxious or embarrassed throughout the entire process. I’ll definetly be coming back to Inksomania every time i’m in Cairo. Xx
Ben Bayer: Great tattoos and friendly people!
Clara Ochoa: I got a floral piece from Kaloos. She was amazing! And I love my new tattooShe got what I was looking for, and brought to life.I am really happy with the finall results
Youssef Selim: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value

3. Tima tattoo & piercing "fatima amin"

· 77 reviews

Abdullah Elnadim st new cairo, Egypt

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Tima tattoo & piercing "fatima amin": what do users think?
Fa rah: Highly qualified and so friendly. Highly recommended.Service:Vertical labret piercing
Rahaf Mohammed: Best experience, amazing support didnt feel any pain
Mia Allen: Came here for a piercing and a jewellery change, fantastic experience. The lady was lovely and patient and I felt no pain! The place is super clean and very professional. Thank you
Rania Afifi: My 8-year old daughter and I had a great experience with ear piercings. It was quick, painless, safe and I could tell they were real pros. Thank you Tima!Service:Ear piercing
Ghada Karam: Service:Memorial tattoos
Ayyyz Lolo: Positive:ProfessionalismVery professional i loved their workTo7faaaService:Helix piercing
Mirnan Medhat Meligy: Very friendly people and sanitized placeDid not feel any pain at all so professional
Maha Rebba: It was for my 16-year-old daughter who really enjoyed the session and the nice attitude she was met with. The piercing process was carried out in a hygienic atmosphere and with great proffessionalism. Moreover, the after-piercing instructions were stated clearly with full explanation and appreciated patience to answer all the questions that may raise worries. Thank you so much for the excellent service.Service:Nose piercing
Alaa Mohamed: Tima is really friendly and professionalLoved the hygiene level ♥️ She calmed me down and helped me with controlling my anxiety 🤗Services:Ear piercing,Nose piercing
Haya Ahmed: Just had my septum pierced here and it was such a great experience! Tima walks you through everything, I was informed of all the steps I need to take regarding aftercare to make sure the piercing heals well and how long it’d take. She is overall such a sweet person!! 💗💗Service:Nose piercing
Laila Saleh: Fatima is the most professional and artistService:Tattoo design
rasha al shazly: Nice lady and hygienic placeService:Ear piercing
Lauren Nguyen: Great shop! Very clean and a very nice experience. 10/10 recommend!Services:Ear piercing,Rook piercing,Tattoo design
Alyssa Alvarez: Such a cute shop, beautiful jewelry selection. I got a tattoo and piercing done, both are great, Tima is amazing 😍😍Services:Custom tattoo lettering,Ear piercing
Maryam Abougabal: Service:Conch piercing
Hana Zakaria: Extremely professional and friendly. Went back a lot of times. Would absolutely recommend!!!!Services:Tragus anti-tragus piercing,Tattoo finishing,Tattoo design,Tattoo aftercare
Lara Mouaz: tima is absolutely wonderful and sweet, her hand is so light and u can barely feel anything. 10/10 would come here again for any piercing i want. clean studio and very accommodating.Services:Helix piercing,Ear piercing,Tragus anti-tragus piercing
Radwa Khaled: Very friendly very professional love it so muchService:Tragus anti-tragus piercing
Nail Art: Amazing experience, fast and professional 💜Service:Tongue piercing
maha ayman: such an amazing experience and the staff are very very nice and friendly had an incredible experience definitely going backService:Nose piercing
Jwayriah sherif: super professional! Tima made sure that I was totally comfortable during the whole procedure, She also made sure that i knew exactly how to deal with my peircing afterwards.Service:Nose piercing

4. The Inkshop LTD

· 50 reviews

Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

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The Inkshop LTD: what do users think?
Najib Tabri: absolutely ruined my hand … the shop lied to me about the experience level of the artist; i asked for the best egyptian artist to do a traditional egyptian piece, they stuck me with a lebanese kid totally unfamiliar with the symbolism cause he’d only been in the country a week, and he completely destroyed my hand with terrible work. the place is unclean and unsafe and in an apartment in a slum. ultimately, the owner said he’d refund me, because he acknowledged the shop misled me re the artists experience level and that he ruined my hand; but then that owner, Alia Fadaly, went back on his word. shop is filled with butchers, thieves, and liars. avoid at all costs.
Nesma Al Menshawy: Very professional and friendly ❤️ Thanks Anastasia
Arthur van Amerongen: Super professional tattoo shop with great, knowledgeable artists and staff. If you want to get a tattoo done in Cairo, this is definitely the place to be!Service:Tattoos
Wafik Migally: The best tattoo shop in Egypt
Lina Hamid: I had the absolute pleasure of getting tattooed at the Inkshop by Eli. Though i was hoping it would be Alia as i wanted a female tattoo artist to do the Egyptian goddess for me. However, once i met Eli and we began discussing the design/placement, etc, i knew i was in excellent hands. He took the time to make sure i was certain of the placement, asked me the significance of the goddess to me. He even found a better picture to use for the tattoo. The experience was fantastic and to say my expectations were crushed, would be an understatement. I will absolutely be returning the next time im in Egypt! Thank you SO MUCH for bringing my idea to fruition!
Margo Wells: The Inkshop is the best! Alia and the whole team have a great space with a genuine and warm spirit that you’ll feel the moment you step through the door. The space is clean, fun, and you’ll leave wanting to come back for more!Myself, my sister, my mother, and my grandmother have all gotten tattoos here and we all LOVE them.After getting my first tattoo here I visited a couple of tattoo parlors in the states for consultations and decided none of them were worth comparing to The Inkshop! Decided to wait it out until I got back to Egypt to get what I wanted done.Can’t wait to come back! :)Service:Tattoos
Mirna Elrouby: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueAmazing quality and am so happy with my tattoo :))
momo soliman: yesterday i got my first tattoo , at the beginning i had mixed feeling between being nervous and super excited, they are genuinely friendly , super nice and helpful,you feel the warmth the moment you step in the studio , i ended up thinking about when i will get my second tattoo 😅 it was an amazing experience
Hosny Hamada: ❤️😍
Ahmed Ezz: Best tattoo artist in town
solyice: Well it was my first tattoo, n am really happy wz it n z artist, z staff are genuine, down to earth and fabulously awesome, thanks aloooooooooot guys, u made my day, love u all 😘🤘🤘🤘
Abdooo2017 saied: give birth to him
قناة الامانى الطيبه: something very
Mohamed Tawfik: Friendly Staff
Sarah Rachm: Got my first-ever tattoo here yesterday. Obviously the idea of getting a permanent mark on my body made me a little nervous, but once I got to the shop and spoke with Alia about what I wanted, I instantly felt so comfortable! She is truly a professional who knows her stuff and I can highly recommend her!
Marielle: So so sad that this place did not live up to what I had hoped for and read. Contacted them 6 months beforehand to share my idea, give them plenty of time, and to schedule an appointment in advance as I wanted to get a large and very important piece on half my arm and I was only in Cairo for a few days. They said no problem and said they’d hold my dates but for some reason never decided on a time or asked for a deposit to start the work.The communication was never quick, it took multiple messages to get their attention (ok, brushed it off, it’s so far in advance so no problem).Once I got to Cairo, I couldn’t nail down the time no matter how many ways I asked, communication was difficult and sparse, next I was told the artist was sick.. ok no problem I’ll wait a couple of days and try back, no updates no nothing, I had to continuously follow up with them. called 5 times over 48 hours: whenever someone answered the phone, they had no clue what was happening or they didn’t pick up the phone, finally I was told she was now out of town in Berlin. Really? She was severely ill that they closed shop and now she’s on a different continent? All over the same weekend that I had asked them to hold for me?I finally got a hold of one of the assistants and confessed my frustration - he said she was traveling and then he said well maybe not i don’t know I’ve been sick so I don’t know. Promised to call me back. It’s been 24 hours and we leave tomorrow. So so sad this has to be this way. I’m so shocked at the customer service... is this the standard here??
Noha Mahmoud: Alia is AMAZING
Ahmed Awad: Very clean and profeasional and friendly but a lot overpriced
Night hill: This place have avery good tattoo artists but the appointment are not on time ..they can make u wait a lot!
Ali Youssef: The tattoo artist is amazing
Mostafa El Badry: The Best Tattoo Parlor in The Middle East ⭐️

5. True Skin Art Tattoo Studio Cairo Egypt

· 70 reviews

rehab city, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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True Skin Art Tattoo Studio Cairo Egypt: what do users think?
tameem mohsen: Services:Figurative tattoos,Male tattoos,Tattoo cover-ups reworkings,Color ink tattoos,Custom tattoo lettering,Fine line tattoos,Photo-realistic tattoos,Solid black work tattoos,Tattoos
MANUEL MARTINEZ: Very good very nice
Hazem Hussein: Very clean, professional and talented artists
Mohamed Mohamed: Do you have a temporary fee?
Chapo Goose-Man: Timur and his assistant were both very pleasant and professional. They went as far as choosing music they thought would add to my experience which was much appreciated, I am very pleased with the finished product. Highly recommend a visit if you are in the market. Thanks Guys!
Jesse M: T and Mary are fantastic!!Super comfortable place, great conversation and great tattoo!! T did my tattoo and the entire time he was constantly analyzing where he could make sure every dot, line, bit of shading was perfect.He uses this derm sheet that you put over your tattoo and leave there for the first couple of days (most important time of healing) which I've never seen before. I've always done the traditional saran wrap then aquaphor every hour for 7 days or so.If you're thinking about coming here I highly recommend it. I'll certainly be back.
mohab elsherbiny: Awesome and friendly
Ashley Manley: Timur & Marry are quite the duo! My husband and I truly enjoyed every second of working with them. They are extremely professional and welcoming. We had our ideas and they turned them into something beyond our imagination, trust their artistic skills! We get tattoos everywhere we travel and this was our favorite experience yet! They were extremely accommodating and made time for us on our hectic vacation schedule.
Noureldin Hashem: Best tattoo place in Egypt. The artists are friendly very positive and really skilled
Nahi Feder: Great people and very good professionals, cheers from brazil!!
Karim ElWazeir: Fantastic
Ali Elgohary: These guys are real artists and their studio is as hygienically clean as a medical clinic !!! Definitely the best place for Tattoo in Egypt!!!!
Rima Sharkawy: One of the best experiences I have had in tattooing field in Egypt before and after working with them at their shop.. Very clean , professional , never rush their work, really know what they're doing and they love their job and last but not least they will lead you through your tattoo experience in the way it should be from start to finish with a great outcome.
Omar El-Deeb: The best in Egypt.
Ahmed Samy El Adl: got work done by them a cpl of years back, still looks great to this day... highly recommended, super affordable, friendly staff and very hygienic
N EA: Tried and tested both artists- clean, professional and creative.
yara alsayes: Extremely professional and clean. Timur and Mary are both gifted artists who are super friendly and accommodating. Can't recommend it enough.
Mohamed Raouf: You are definitely getting your money''s worth ...very professional , clean and talented
Михаил Нейман: One of the few, who have found their passion in their work!
Nader Ezzat: Best place to get a Tattoo in Cairo. Clean, professional, knowledgable and all round great guys. Can’t reccomend enough.

6. Piercing Egypt

· 219 reviews

15 عمارات امام بوابة فندق الانتركونتننتال مدينة نصر القاهرة EG, Al Emdad & Al Tamween, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Piercing Egypt: what do users think?
mena zohdy: Diversity of products is not big though service is excellent
Noura Hamad: محل جداً جميل والبنوتات جداً بشوشات جيتهم من 5أيام
Passant Azmy: Worst staff & service!! Not recommended at all
Nancy Eldahan: Very clean and very professional.
Aisha Tayel: Clean place, quick service... but a horrible piercing artist😡 I don't know her name, was on Monday 20 February 2023 at 5 o'clock.very rude and doesn't smile, not Professional, she pulled the needle out of my ear with so much force, that it hurts still after three hours.I don't recommend the place, i would not repeat the experience.
Noura Medhat: If you love yourself and don’t want to ruin you moodJUST DON’T GO THEREVERY UNFRIENDLY STUFFNOT HELPFUL AT ALLvery bad experience
Prof Dr Hanaa El-Shenawy: Worst experiece everrr... they are extremely over priced and both me and my friend did piercings in two diff places (nose and belly) and we both suffered from inflammation and extreme pain afterwards!!!
Mohamad Gamal: مكان نضيف و تشكيله كبيره و خبره
Stephanie Samy: It was good but everyone was so rude I was my first piercing and she didn’t even try to calm me down I was so scared and a rule was that I can’t bring anyone in the room with us it wasn’t my best experience
hala lolo: غاااااالى جدا
Alaa M: Got 4 piercings there and they’re amazing. The only place that actually has titanium piercings. I got terrible reaction to “surgical steel” from two other piercing studios so I got repierced there and healed just fine. Also the girls working there absolutely rocks!!😍
Stéphanie El-Sabek: I just love this place, a lot of beautiful piercing, very clean, the staff are very kind, I want to give a lot of thanks to Hager who made my piercings, she is so professional, I was a little bit scared and she calmed me, I really recommend her.
sherouk marzouk: Amazing place to have a piercing I always go there
Joseph Iskander: Unprofessional and rude staff - they’re so clueless we took one look at them and walked out
jina abdin: I will update my review as I tried the piercer Sics and she is amazing, knows what she is doing and takes her time until you are comfortable word of advise ask for Sics and avoid Lubna.Lubna who was stuck up and does not know anything and because of her bad piercing I was in pain for a whole month and it caused problems too and at the end I had to take it out wait until it heals and re-do , ofcourse with someone else....old review:Worst experience...The piercer lubna does not know what she is doing, rude, and unprofessional.She pierced it wrong, the in and out don't align, I have been in pain since the piercing 10 days now.The shop is dusty.No ring variety to chose from.
Ghada Tharwat: just had my nose pierced there today, they use a needle which is perfect since it was tragic when i tried it with a gun before. you have several medical studs to choose from.3 girls went in before me and they all had a pain free experience.Lobna was super professional/friendly/she gave clear instructions on how to care for the area after piercing.It took less than a minute almost pain free and I’m realllly sensitive with very low tolerence to pain and was very nervous but lobna calmed me down patiently.Thank you, you’ll definitely be my go to place for any future piercings
Salma Moustafa: Friendly staff. Clean piercing. Nice comfortable earrings.
Engy Abboud: Perfect, professional and super clean
Salma Awad: They have little taste and there is no respect for the customer, and when I arrived and told her she was a female traveler and would come from afar and a tennis player, and she did not agree to open the shop, I would build him standing next to the dogs outside the shop so that they would not shower on us and they would not see us.
Amatullaah Armand: Clean and Sanitized. I recommend this place.
Arwa Mahmoud: recommend place!! I love it, very professional , thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️

7. Tattoo Studio 36

· 16 reviews

36 El Tayaran St, Manteqet Al Cinema, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Tattoo Studio 36: what do users think?
ابو شيخه: Organized work, experience, and love for work more than financial income. His advice was appropriateThe problem is that the address is not clear, and the neighbors do not know about the store. I got lost when I arrived
Mina Ehab: If you wanna get tatto then u will be happy and satisfied the rest of your life 😍👌🤷✌️✋🤗💥
ghada kamal: I loved the experience so much
Ahmed Faik: Perfect community to help you choose a tattoo and draw it.

8. Hotty piercing clinic

· 46 reviews

برج إيليت - شارع الزهراء الرئيسي بجوار التوحيد والنور الدور الثاني, Zahraa Al Maadi, Egypt

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Hotty piercing clinic: what do users think?
Wafaa Sayed: A very bad experience with the secretarial girl or the owner of the place. God knows best.
Ahmed Hamdy: I went with my sister, seriously, people are very tasteful and have a lot of patience with her because she was nervous 😂 seriously, thank you ❤️
Hadeer Hamdy: They are professional and clean, I trust this place
Eman A bakr: Seriously, it's a very clean place, the materials are clean, the team is cooperative and professional,,, I advise anyone to pierce with them❤❤
Heba Hazem: horrible place with extremely low quality jewelry and terrible environment very unprofessional, went with an almost fully healed piercing to change my jewelry, gave jewelry thats cheap. wrong size and wrong style, and not sterile my ear was swollen for a month and had to take antibiotics, don't recommend , if u need jewelry or a pircing in maadi check out suvipiercer on instagram, much much better
Nagham Abuelyosr: THE BEST EXPERIENCE, extremely professional, I got my conch and forward helix done everything was thoroughly sterilized, it was fast I didn't feel anything at all, hanien also helped me pick the piercings that suited my other piercings ( I almost got a forward helix in each ear WHICH IS NOT THE MOVE) so not only is this a piercing appointment you also get styled with the other piercings that you already have, definitely recommend them!!!
Huda Ababor: THEY WERE THE BEST! very nice to their customers and gives you such a great experience! NO CAP!
عمادالمصري المصري: 👌👌👌
Saj I.: Clean and very professionnel
Amr Mostafa Gaafar: Good and fast service with a little bit high prices.
Noor Mohammed Ali Alhashash: Professional team❤️.
Sofia Maherzi: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Walaa Saeed: Clean and professional place with fair prices
Shahd Magdi: Great experience definitely not the last time
Alaa Saad: Positive:Professionalism
deltaweya trentren: Positive:Quality
Menna Hossam: المكان حلو جدا وكانت تجربة جميلة اوي
noran Mohammed: تحفه بجد💙💙

9. Alice Ink Egypt ®

· 40 reviews

Degla Square, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Alice Ink Egypt ®: what do users think?
Dunya Alhayani: Clean & super talented tattoo artist!
Dina Sallam: Poor execution, evaded to fix his bad work. Not recommended at all.
Samer El Masri: Very impolite, didn't answer the phone, didn't answer in Instagram, not recommended not trusted
مصعب حسن: very good
Nayera Negm: The best tattoo artist all over the Middle East 💥💥💥💥
Fatima Yousif: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAli is very patient and talented. He listens and makes you feel very comfortable. I am very happy with his work and the level of cleanliness and professionalism he has shown. His work is incredible and I keep going back. Thank you for always having time for me.
Huda Ahmed Abouelregal: Positive:ProfessionalismIf you are in maadi and wants really good ink and a great artist here's the place.
Anthony Taylor: They didnt get back to me. It's just a hairdresser that offers ink
Khaled Akram: The best in Egypt ❤️
Mostafa Maamoun: The best in Egypt
احمد عبدالله: forbidden
Mostafa Elsayed: I got my best tattoo ever with alice
Sara Hosny: Such a talented artist with perfectly done details ♥️
Hader Hanafy: The best
Mohamed Ali: excellent.
Ahmed Ali: He is a real Artist.
Moinna Khoudir: Really clean and nice studio. The tattoo artist very professional and open for ideas.Would go anytime again
hesham fathy: Wonderful artist
Martin Lewis: Not a nice place anymore

10. The ink boy

· 329 reviews

585 El-Banafseg Buildings, 1st Floor, Private Gate, in front of Water Way التجمع الاول القاهرة, 11865, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
The ink boy: what do users think?
Lorenzo Shokri: Came in to get a tattoo done quickly as I am on vacation here in Egypt and needed one swiftly. The owner; Hani, was such a sweetheart and was able to detail what I wanted with ease. Atmosphere is also incredible, I totally recommend this place 100%Service:Tattoo design
perween eltrabishy: Services:Tattoo design,Industrial piercings,Ear piercing
Laila Abdelbadee: Very very good ❤️❤️Services:Tattoo design,Traditional Asian tattoos
Retaj Kandil: Service:Tattoo design
Farah Roushdy: Very very professional bgd🖤The whole experience was amazingly 💓
Farah: Amazing experience!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Aya Anis: Very gooodService:Tattoo design
Ann Ann Amgad Boshra Shokralla: Kant tohfaaa and isa mesh a5er mara 🏻
Nyla Ferry: Super expérience ! Le tatoueur est super accueillant et super sympathique.Le shop est très classe, sécurisé et très propre.
Deserea Cramm: First, my tattoo design and details are perfect. It is better than I even imagined! Next, I had some time mix ups due to travel and he was so accommodating and still got me in! Lastly, he was so kind and answered all of my questions about Egypt + even helped me while arranging drives. I 100% recommended and am sad I live so far away or I would be going here for all of my tattoos.Service:Tattoo design
Shady Nabil: Best tattoo artist in town!!! Cozy place nd very professional work!!❤️‍🔥 thanks broo!! Definitely coming back🔥Services:Tattoo design,Tattoo finishing,Sleeve tattoos,Tattoo aftercare,Traditional Asian tattoos,Custom tattoo lettering
habiba elkholy: Great atmosphere and hospitalityHani was very nice and welcomingTattoo came out AMAZINGService:Tattoo design
hagar elsherbiny: So professional, and a great service!all of the piercing have healed quickly & didn’t feel any pain.would always recommend it
Merna Ahmed: Very sanitary, nice and efficient
adel tarek: The artist is honest and in such a line of work honesty is needed . Also very professional and friendly. Lastly was trying his best to perfect his work Wich is smth rare these days . It’s been a pleasure and I’m more than happy with my result nothing left but to come again and book another appointment .Service:Tattoo design
Hadeer Abd Elhamid: Thank you so much for everything, very professional
Sherouk Essam: Very good Services:Eyebrow piercing,Industrial piercings,Smiley piercing,Conch piercing,Tattoo design,Nose piercing,Tattoo finishing,Anchor piercing,Ear piercing,Sleeve tattoos,Tongue piercing,Helix piercing,Tattoo cover-ups reworkings,Septum piercing,Tattoo aftercare,Full body tattoos
Tarek Ghoneim: Worst experience ever

11. Art's Ink Cairo

· 4 reviews

Al Maqdes Al Qabari, Al Hadiqah Ad Dawleyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. stigma

· 22 reviews

36 El Tayaran St, Manteqet Al Cinema, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Star ink

· 37 reviews

3A Street 5, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Sam tattoo eg

· 32 reviews

Dawlatian, As Sahel, Elsahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

15. Lotus Tattoos Body Art Shop

· 4 reviews

23 Gamal Salem, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12511, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Sando ink center

· 5 reviews

17 El-Sayed El-Marghany, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. Osos Studio Tattoo Egypt

· 58 reviews

174 Al Teraa Al Bolakia, El-Attar, Shubra, Cairo Governorate 11231, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Chaos tattoos egypt

· 200 reviews

Ahmed Heshmat, St , Al Zamalek, Al Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Magic Ink Shop

· 25 reviews

شارع Akhnaton, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Heinrich Tattoos Egy

· 116 reviews

Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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