Best Piano Shops In Cairo Near Me

Piano Marzouk Music Store Al Fanny Store Guitar shop masr elgedida Distingo Music Stores Guitar Shop Egypt Distingo Distingo Music Stores Nando Music Centers Yamaha Future Music Stores بيركلي ميوزيك ستور Reverb Music Floyd Music Store Art Mania Music Store Al Huda Co. - Piano Art & Table Art Gawharet El Fan - جوهرة الفن جوهرة الفن مدينة نصر النادي الأهلي - Gawharet Elfan Adel Sakr Guitar Custom Shop GCS Musical Bag

1. Piano Marzouk Music Store

· 64 reviews

34 Abd El-Khalik Tharwat, St, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Piano Marzouk Music Store: what do users think?
الليث الجريح: How much is the educational oud for beginners?
Nour khalid: Is the organ piano available and what is the price?
ابراهيم محمد: sweet
Reem Roro: Do you have guitars for beginners, and if you have them, what are the types and how much are the prices?
Abdoo Boda: Music
Bader Elamin: Musical instruments I don't like and I don't find myself in them
abd el mageed Mohamed: محل للادوات الموسيقسة بشارع عبد الخالق ثروت
Yahya Apd alsalam: مكان ممتع
Hatem Salah: مكان جيد لشراء الالات المسيقية لكن السعر عالى شوية
HB620: Good
haitham aly: Nice
mahmoud abdelrazek: جيد
Atef Saleh: مكان جميل .
Reeham MG: Helpful
ahmed hemida: I did not find a stick
Gasm Elsyed: Beautiful place with advanced equipment and classy treatment
Dr Ahmed Omar: I want the cheapest oriental keyboardIt has sikaHow much worker?
Mahmoud Younes: i have bought many musical instruments from this place and they are of quality
omr haitham: cheap
Ahmed Eishra: I love how they show the instruments.

2. Al Fanny Store



· 275 reviews

9 Ibn Hagar, Al Askalany, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Al Fanny Store: what do users think?
sanabel Co: A respected agent for international brands
Kamil Yassa: Top class service and professionalism!
Hatem Farid: Authorized Roland
Martin Micheal: Inappropriate way of talking on the phone ... They kept me waiting to talk to somebody else and they closed while i was still on the call.
Peter Nabil: Nice place with great service
kola Alhag: مكان جميل لكل من يحب الموسيقي
Ahmed Abdelrazek: very bad place, they can't even fix their own products.there's no guarantee for All products they provide to the markets.they're so fake people.
Yousef Samir: مكان رأئع وتقدر تجيب كل حا٠ة محتاجها وبدائلها المتاحه بسعر جميل
Melody music store Hurghada: Thanks Eng, Sherif for your warm welcoming, and your great service.
Music MoSaedChindy: Nice musical store
Amr Mahmoud: Good store
Tristan Banks: If you need help with your equipment, they service many different brands here. Very nice people and good help.
Mari Mina: Gentle and helpful people ,showed me more than one option with variable pricesIt was very recpectfulThank You
Omar El Alfi: Tried to ask about ordering a guitar from abroad. Representative ignored specific questions and tried to use pressure tactics to get me order asap. They also tried to increase the price after giving me a specific quote because of an increase in "raw materials" and "logistics". I can understand logistics and even then the guitar would have been shipped in a cargo container with many other instruments but the raw materials comment was complete nonsense. I've been following the guitar for a while and haven't seen any price hikes including with online retailers where the guitar is out of stock and would have to special order directly from the factory. No problem though. Ill continue getting my guitars from abroad. Much cheaper that way anyways.
Fady Magdy: The most beautiful branch of musical instruments
Michael Issa: مكان رائع.
Ahmed Foudeeb: It is very nice place, music equipments, loud speakers, also they will treat you very well, I appreciate them for letting me try a lot of guitar amplifiers and also guitars, so pretty store.
george bishoy george fouad: good morning i would like to know the prices of the sombaty darbouka size 23
Yuki Tenshi: I difdid come to the store yet..but I want to ask about the price of a piano and the other kinds of pianos? Like digital pianos and so on..waiting for your reply and thank you.
Dr Ehab: مكان ممتاز بمعنى الكلمه جوده ومصدقيه واسعار منافسه مع جوده عاليه
Anas Farg: ممتاز

3. Guitar shop masr elgedida

· 116 reviews

Refaat Saleh, Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Guitar shop masr elgedida: what do users think?
Mohamed Abdelmoneim: Nibras is probably one of the nicest people i’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, He’s incredibly helpful and informative. As well as being wickedly talented in the world of guitar. Couldn’t praise his services and pleasantness enough. This place is a must stop for any and all guitarists in Egypt!!!
wemie ms: Wonderful place and a very helpful, friendly staff🙌🏽❤️
omar ayman: Best guitar shop i tuned my guitar and it was the best experience and nibras was amazing and very kind
Marwan Hossam: the best guitar shop in egypt ,the place is so amazing and thanks nibras for the help
SalahElDin Shadi: Thanks to Nibras, I now have 3 practically brand new guitars after changing the strings. He was nice enough to give me a discount despite his efforts. Very nice group of people working there.
ekko music: Really, my experience with this place is very nice, and all the guys in it are very tasty
Muhammet Topal: Mükemmel bir yer, istediğiniz müzik enstrümanını bulabilirsiniz. Çalışanlara ayrıca teşekkür ederim, çok yardımcı oldular
Ahmad Swedan: Very good collectionVery helpful staff
Andrew Kuzman: Nibras is so friendly and the shop is so cozy and has good sets of guitars and amps
David George: The store is amazing, they have some of the nicest guitars in egypt And the staff is really helpful and professional
Marv Peteroza: Versatile collection of gear very helpful staff special thanks to Nibras for helping me find what I was looking for
Alya A: It was a great experience, Nebras was helpful in the whole process of making a good choice while picking a new instrument. Recommended
Dany Joseph: They're very professional in their field. Adding to this, their honesty and politeness makes you comfortable. Their prices are reasonable.
Jackdaw 999: Very friendly
Youssef Baher: Shokran guitar shop el guitar bgd gamed.A7 la nas net3amel ma3ahaW quality helwa awiii shokrn @Nibras, @Amir Habib. branch masr elgedida🎸
Reem Fikry: Thank you so much to nibras! I was nervous as a beginner but felt comfortable right away and they helped me pick my first electric guitar and I love it!
Nader Magdy: Best music shop in Egypt ❤️🎶
Omar Mamdouh: Chill vibe. Professional staff. 100% recommended.
Habiba Ahmed: The best music shop and I want to thank Mr.Nibras for the honest advice and he chose to me the best thing kurzweil kA-130 piano he found to me best quality and price thanks for the amazing guitar shop
A W (Enigma): friendly staff great atmosphere and quality pieces
Mohamed Ashraf: Very positive experience Sherif was very welcoming, supportive & helpful.Definitely recommend a visit to the store!

4. Distingo Music Stores

· 171 reviews

Emerald twin plaza mall shop #126 New Cairo 1st settlement North Police academy, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Distingo Music Stores: what do users think?
نور عبد الله: Nice service but the prices are not nice
Erasmo Vargas: Too busy to make a sale. Don't come to this place you will be highly disappointed, border line broken. No products not expert seller.
Naglaa: A Good guitar shop they also had bass oud violin and strings.
Sherine Ballard: Didn't open until 12o'clock so had to wait. When he did arrive he said he was late because of his circumstances it wasn't his fault he was late. No apologyPoor poor service and ride behaviour.
Karim Wassim: Excellent music store with friendly staff
abdul kadir zaylani (azay): Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Paid parking lot, Paid street parkingMore
Chapter End: Bassem is the most wholesome person you may ever meet to be honest. Always on point and always seeking to make an issue relatively nothing. Highly recommend this place for any one whose starting or expert level for their music passion.
M A C: Professional place .. helpful staff
Silva Batani: Manager is great, very supportive. Highly recommend
Hasan Burak Sökmek: Basem and Magrabi are always helpful. My favorite music store..
Gunseli Sökmek: İt's nice place
LOAY SAX: مش محل للالات الموسيقية بس... عنده مكان للبروفات.غير انة عنده من الابره للصاروخ لل midi Solutions.النجمة اللى ناقصة بتاعت اللات النفخ و قطع غيرها و حلولها.
ahmed sallam: Very nice people there .. also products aren't overpriced.
Joseph Edward: The place is beautiful, the treatment is above excellent, and everything is available.
Youhana Adel: Perfect place to find any musical instruments , gears and studio gears
Kareem: Best place for musical instruments and equipments
Lena Schok: Sehr gut
A.Y.T. Tech: المحل نظيف جدا و جميل و الراجل كان مساعد جدا و شرحلي الاسعار و الادوات كويس . الاسعار في الرخيص و فيه الغالي .انا تجربتي كانت ممتازة انصح اي حد يجربه .
Idealogist: helpful staff and a lot of variety, overall the best music store in new cairo
Islam Sayed: People are friendly and honest. The store contains more than advertised on the FB page. I bought my first Special 20 Hohner Harmonica from New Cairo store and I love it.
Neithhikret Seti: Professional Music Store managed by experts .. It includes two small studios teaching all kinds of instruments.

5. Guitar Shop Egypt

· 291 reviews

3FC5+C3F, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Guitar Shop Egypt: what do users think?
Mohamed Abdelmoneim: Nibras brought my guitar back from the dead and made it sound better than the day i first got it. That speaks volume of his guitar wizardry!!
Aly Ashraf Abdelkawy: Extremely professional worker and a great experience overall
Yousef M. Farag: shout out sheriff, really fun, impressive skills
Youssef Mamdouh: Very friendly and welcoming place. Ask for Sherif, he is very professional and gave me an excellent service to my guitar. Love the Guitar Shop stores
Ahmed Elsawy: I met Sherif at the place and the truth is he is a very polite person who loves his field and really helps👌🏻
Maha Soliman: Very helpful 👌, experienced, friendly, variety of guitars 🎸
Omar El Alfi: Very friendly and helpful staff. Sherif really helped me pick out a great guitar.
Ahmed Kasem: مكان محترم جدا بيفهمو جدا ف الجيتارات. نبراس ساعدني اختار الجيتار !
Islam Sweify: Great experience, Nebras was helpful
Hani Wanly: جميل
Omar Keif Music: Great place and nice service, glad to buy from there
ma3rouf gaming: very polite and helpfulthe shop is clean and goodsherif thank u for ur help
salah samir: مكان ممتاز
Khaled Sami: Very helpful and friendly. Great store
zero 01: The place has a great variety of different guitars, i met shrief (one of the sellers in the shop) today. He is a great guy with great experience with electric guitars. The customer service is amazing! I’d definitely drop by again
Фавзи Мохамед: Clean and respectful place
The MICK malik: A lot of help from sherif best guitarist thank for the amazing guitar 🖤
Hazim El Ghamrawy: Great place, very homely and sherif is a great person who taught me alot of stuff even though it was my first time there
Mostafa Koksha: Andaf makan bgd nas mo7atram gedanNader Sherief Amir NibrasEt3amlt m3ahom keteer bi7asesony ene sa7eb makan quality mo7tarama sho3’l mo7taram i highly recommendThank u guitar shop
Menna Tantawi: Great service and they truly understand music so they will help to pick exactly what you’re looking for
Hussam mustafa: Needed a guitar string and setup, Sherif there made a huge effort to sort out my guitar and returned back better then new, very talented person and very honest in his work

6. Distingo

· 161 reviews

140 26th of July Corridor, St, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Distingo: what do users think?
hussain khan: I bought a classical guitar from them. The shop owner is very kind and helpful. You can buy guitars-electric, acoustic and classical. dumbek,oud and other musical instruments. Even if they don't have it available they can order it for you. The prices are reasonable✨
Moemen Mohsen: المكان اتقفل
Simon Hany: مكان جميل فيه جميع الآلات الموسيقية بجوده عاليه
Mark Maximus: much love for my ibanez 🎸🎶
Mohmmed Mehani: مكان ممتاز والعامل فاهم جداParking space Difficult to find parking Parking options Free street parking …More
Amgad Barakat: The place is special.I am not really a musician but I saw the outlet and I was curious to go inside and ask.The gentleman was really supportive inside and he gave me all required information.They have 4 outlets in total the one in zamalek is the first.Thank you and appreciate your tolerance and support.I got all the information required.I can pass by the other outlet in Tagmo3.Thank you for all.
Ali Nassir: What kind of Oud strings do u guys have and can u Chang them for me at the store
Hazem Helmy: Corrolos is a very good guy who is polite and helpful...
Dagi De: Place is nice and equipments are of quality 👌
Muhammad Kandil: Way overpriced but has everything you need
markus magdy: the employee wasn't a nice guy
Amir Mohmed: Very respectful and courteous and helps him seriously
Shady Thomas: Very respectful staff and service...I had a payment problem and they were very patient with me and cooperative as well.Thank you so much
Deer: I haven't gone there yet, just asking do you have harps here? Since it's a rather rare underrated instrument here I'm having such a hard time finding sellers.
Omar “Vinnie Fox” Farghal: The store is amazing! The variety is great! And the staff are so professional.
‫احمد وائل مصطفي‬‎: A respectable place and very zouk people ❤🔥
Ahmed Ali Hassan: Unfortunately, I went to the branch in Zamalek according to the announced times at 11 am and waited in front of the branch until 11.30 and it did not open.. no one answered the announced phones...
ahmed ezz: Understanding people and a high level of professionalism, respect and taste in treatment
Ahmad Jafar: really good
Meshari Almuzaini: The service is excellent

7. Distingo Music Stores

· 184 reviews

70 رقم 9, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Distingo Music Stores: what do users think?
bichoy Magdi: Distinguished musical instruments..mainly guitar...all types of guitars and their accessories...they are a small studio... Rentable for 100 egp per hour....they have a drum set for practice..piano..other instruments
Francesco Cortini: Very kind and professional, they followed me during purchasing of my guitar giving advice. Really appreciated.
عن تجربه: It has an impressive collection of musical instruments
JHR TV: 친절한 직원 다양한 악기들이 있습니다. 그리고 적당힌 가격
soha ahmed: Very good place
Matt Brock: Google says you're open at 11.50am on a Saturday, but you're not. Can you change the opening hours?
Basel Ibrahim: Pretty quick service and lovely location. Will come back for sure.
Keshk: Great musical instruments
Ahmed Yahia: The best music Store in Egypt
Nourhan Ayman: Great service
Erwan Morvan: Very friendly staff. Good advice, not pushy. Highly recommended
Tamer Youssef: Very helpful staff
Mina Emil: Great place
Shehab Abdullha: no answer
Asmaa Soso: ♥️
Muhammed Kareem: A great collection of guitars
Hamza Ali: It was a bad experience buying OudI needed to buy a stringed oud that would be a dodoAnd the whole thing is favaI tell the one who sells this, not the airThey say that I am a drummer, and I don't understand oudAdvice, put people who understand music and are not players or drummers
이정현: Very good place.And workers they are very kind .

8. Nando Music Centers

· 182 reviews

36أ ش بهجت على, الزمالك 36A, Bahgat Ali st., Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Nando Music Centers: what do users think?
Kyrollos Kolta: One of the best and smartest agents in Egypt for audio devices
Ibram Samir: They have great experience of making cables for instruments and musical equipment... also prices are not bad according to the quality.
Remon Fahmy: The first time I dealt with them and I loved the place, people are top in taste and respect, I want any information, cable or products related to sound with them, they are among the pioneers, I mean, from the first people in the field of audio in Egypt
Kamel Safwat: Very respectable company
Abdelltif Shams: excellent
Osama abd el hady: the date
Omar Eisa: ❤️❤️
احمد الشوربجي: تجربه رائعه
Michael Essam: Professional and Helpful staff
Sherif Fawzy: they are professional and honest
Hany Kamel: Very professional
mahmoud elsharkawy: Sales of musical instrument accessories
mohamed wahid: Normal service
Gogo Ayad: Thanks Nando'sexcellent serviceHigh quality audio devices✨🌠👍👍
Omar Mahamed: I didn't have any problem there
Omar safwat: High accessoryAnd the Aspicon jacks are high and respectable
محمد ياسين المرعشلي: Sincerity in the transaction
محمد حامد: Beautiful
Ksa 99: Walk yourself
Jamie Colpean: Very nice workers. Be Advised..they have minimal floor stock on hand. I was told that they are currently importers and supply guitars / equipment to other local shops. They did have some cables, a couple smaller Marshall amps and some PA equipment but NO guitars, drums or bass.They were helpful in giving me directions to get to another storeL Distingoديستينجو located at 140 26th of July Corridor, St، Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt
مصطفى عبد الكريم الحلبي: لم اع، اذكر

9. Yamaha

· 406 reviews

38WP+57J, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Yamaha: what do users think?
Sherif Elgammal: التعامل محترم وصادق
Mohamed Attia: المصدقية والامان عندهم
John Magdy: مكان محترم ومعمله جميله وبيسعدو الناس اي افضل حاجه ليهم
كاريزما - KARIZMA: The best place to sell music supplies
Samer Maged: Original.
Wadalgash Alli: Good and excellent
Mohamed Mosaad: decent
Farid Fouad: Yamaha is from the best brands in sound, public address & musical instruments
JHR TV: good staff...
Adel Ahmed: Although in a very bz area inside Heliopolis, Still you can easily find parking before you go shopping so that u make sure whatever you are searching for is already there
ahmed mostafa: Nice and respectful place
النهر الخالد: A very old shop in the Ismailia Square area in Heliopolis and famous for selling Japanese keyboards Yamaha
Eng-Bulis Batista Jenaro: Come and see
شركة الفتح للانظمة الذكية: Al-Fateh Company for the installation of surveillance cameras welcomes you
Lo Lo Lola: A great place to buy a guitar for my son and me as well
Mohamed El Oguiel: Perfect and professional as usual
George Samuel: Great 👍
Amin Elnekhely: Very Respectable . Professional and warm reception
Ghada El-Sherief: The place is closed 😠
احمد شطا: ناس محترمه

10. Future Music Stores

· 33 reviews

158 Mohamed Ali, Ghayt Al Adah, Attaba, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Future Music Stores: what do users think?
rabab alshabhi: عاوز استفسار عن الاورج ءRing way TP810 او ٢٠كمان الاورج يكون شرقي وغربي واقدار احنا عليه اصوت جديدة
Amal Star: غالى جدا
Ma7ody X: كم تبدء اسعار العود
Ahmed Gaber: روعه
Ahmed Badwy: Very good and respectable store
Milad Mamdouh: The machines are fine
Ahmed Lotfy: Good shop
Shode _c: I want to know the prices of acoustic guitars, please reply
Mohamed Kwedar: It deserves more than ten stars... respectable people and a professional job.
Said Ibarhem: Very respectable place
طه بيبسي: Great service and special treatment, thank you ❤❤❤
Ashraf Elsaiad: Gameeeeeeeed
Mohamed Mostafa: Well done 👍🏻👍🏻
Nader Tarek: Great reception and excellent products ♥️♥️♥️ Good luck
Mohib Sina: One of the best companies selling high quality musical instruments. And sophistication in dealing and most importantly after-sales service and the availability of all the requirements of those interested in music
Aliaa Lotfy: Highly recommended
samaa mostafa: Very friendly and helpful and you will find all you need here😍Best of the best♥️
Youssra Adel: Very sweet shop, sweet prices
amro gamal: middle

11. بيركلي ميوزيك ستور

· 106 reviews

30 Hassan Assem, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

12. Reverb Music

· 64 reviews

30 Al Sad Al Aali, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

13. Floyd Music Store

· 107 reviews

16 Al Mesaha, square, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

14. Art Mania Music Store

· 9 reviews

Galleria40 Mall - Sheikh Zayed - Giza - Store N107 Cairo, 00000, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

15. Al Huda Co. - Piano Art & Table Art

· 52 reviews

38 ش الفريق على عامر متفرع من, Makram Ebeid, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. TOFTrading - Tarek Ramadan

· 97 reviews

32 Gaafar El-Sadek, Street, 7th District, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11727, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Gawharet El Fan - جوهرة الفن

· 662 reviews

Attaba, 158 Mohammed Ali, العتبة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. جوهرة الفن مدينة نصر النادي الأهلي - Gawharet Elfan

· 386 reviews

Mohammed Mostafa El Sayed, An Nadi Al Ahli, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Adel Sakr Guitar Custom Shop GCS

· 251 reviews

4b Emarat EL-Tameer, Zahraa Al Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Musical Bag

· 251 reviews

الحي الثاني،، الحصري، قسم أول 6 أكتوبر،،, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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