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Dr.Ahmed Sharkawy Clinic

1. Dr. Fayek Maurice Dermatology Clinic

· 17 reviews

ش El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Fayek Maurice Dermatology Clinic: what do users think?
Rahma Jamin: Dr. Fayeq Morris is a distinguished doctor and the best dermatologist in Egypt
Jasmine Talley: The doctor is very professional and helped me with my rosacea after years of suffering.
raymond habil: Very professional and decent... never rush and give you all the time you need ... very important he replies to the phone by himself
Mina Tadros: Very professional and friendly, thank you Dr. Fayek for your amazing service
Youssef Abdelmageed: Unscrupulous and dishonest doctor, I was asking him about the price of hair removal by electrolysis. I mean, if you remove a chin literally, you will reach 100,000 pounds, and of course, because he knows that I will not come if I know the price, so he insisted on that, and with all my heart, O Lord, you will push them against your illness, and you will find them
ali ahmed: Dr. Fayek is the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Egypt
Samsoma Love: Dr. Faeq is the best doctor we turn to in times of distress, because he is the only one in whom we have complete confidence, as they say, a friend in times of distress, and he is really a friend to every patient until he brings you to recovery.
Makarious Mounir: A thousand thanks, doctor, for your hard work and effort, and praise be to God, the results are in a very short time
Alaa Hendawy: The best dermatologist in Kafr El-Sheikh from his experience, by GodA full year with the doctors of the whole country, and God willing, the result will be within one week 👌🏻
Jana Tarek: The best dermatologist in all of Egypt, God willing, may God protect him. Very excellent. Excellent is a few words for him
My Moon: Dr. Fayeq Morris is the best and most talented doctor in Egypt. He has the latest equipment in women’s beautification. He is full of taste and a true gentleman.
Karar Ali: Thank you, doctor, for your recovery of my father and your follow-up with us, praise be to God. Greetings to you......Karam from Iraq
Fady Samy: Dr. Faeq is very very smart, has great experience and treats him very well
رافت نجيب: The best doctor for the experience of an excellent doctor
مهاب محمود: Very excellent and completely guaranteed, and I was going to have a wound that no one knew how to treat, and the doctor, thanks to God, cured it
DR.ELSAYED ABDELFTAH: The great scholar in the science of medicine for dermatology and venereal diseases is one of the most prominent doctors in terms of knowledge and experience. Indeed, something is mentioned that he is one of the most prominent doctors. Indeed, I received him in many visits to me and my friends. I did not find experience and competence except in this man. He has all the respect and appreciation. this
Jacqueleen Henin: The best dermatologist and the best laser center in Heliopolis
Krsten Koko: The best clinic and treatment, Dr. Fayek is very smart
Ritaj Yasser Abd el Aizz: Dr. Fayek is the best dermatologist in all of Egypt
Essa Mohammed: Distinguished doctor and a top in the world, all respect and appreciation to you, doctor
Wafaa abdelazyz: I swear to God, my life has not seen any better than Dr. Fayek, with his 100/100 experience of all dermatological and venereal diseases. I swear to God, I did not lie for 22 years. This is my doctor and the doctor of the whole family. May God keep you in good health and the best conditions.

2. Dr Sherin Mansour



· 0 reviews

N Teseen, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr Sherin Mansour: what do users think?
احمد ياسر: ممتاز

3. Dr. Abeer Attia Tawfik

· 4 reviews

6 ميدان النبوى المهندس, Al Agouzah, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Abeer Attia Tawfik: what do users think?
أيمن شمة: She is a very excellent doctor and all the clinic staff
Gofran Mustafa: A very nice, honest and honest doctor who works as a cleaner

4. Dr. Sanaa El Shaaer

· 1 reviews

6 gamea el nour st., HADAYEK EL KOBBA, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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5. Dr. Tarek Beshr

Fahmy, Al Manyal Al Gharbi, Old Cairo, Giza Governorate, Egypt


6. Dr. Adel Ahmed Halim Emam

· 9 reviews

60 ش الخليفة المأمون, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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7. Dr. Mahmoud Fawzy

· 33 reviews

1 ميدان الحرية, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Mahmoud Fawzy: what do users think?
asmaa mokhtar: Doctor Mahmoud is one of the best dermatologists, except that he has a conscience with the patient.
Hana Ahmed Naguib: محترم جدا ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌷و ممتاز
Mohamed Rostom Kamal: Fair
Ahmed O. Dahab: A very polite and professional man
ali Alkatheri: Mony
Nagwan.N Labib: I can't hear the patient
Ahmed Zamzam: Good
Ahmed Azklany: It's fine, but it's better than this
Menna Khaled: It’s too easy from cornish al nail
Haytham Ebrahim Abdelgayed Aly (Haytham aly): A good clinic
Mahmod Mohmed: excellent

8. Dr Maher Mahmoud clinics

· 14 reviews

عيادة ١٤, مبني سي إم سي, N Teseen St, Egypt

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Dr Maher Mahmoud clinics: what do users think?
Z D: حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل هقولها كل يوم ومش مسامح في الفلوس اللي اخدتها مننا وفي الاخر تعملي حظر بسبب اني بشتكيلك علي صفحة الفيس بوك و علي الخاص كمان .لو انت واثق من نفسك مش هتعمل كدة.لما اجيلك بطفلة عندها سنط و تقول ليزر و مش هيطلع تاني و تدفعنا فلوس اد كدة وبعدها باسبوعين ولا اكننا عملنا حاجة .مش مسامحك وكل يوم هتحسبن عليك في الفلوس اللي خدتها ع الفاضي ان شاء الله ربنا قادر يجيب حقي منك .حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
huda kasim: دكتور محترم وذوق وعلي خلق وعلم. واسع الصدر لجميع الاستفسارات وقمة في التواضع ربنا يجعل الشفاء على يديه ويبارك لهوحتي الناس إلي شغالين معاه في منتهى الذوق
Mo Na: دكتور استشاري ممتاز ومتطور في الطب العلاجي والتجميلي علم واخلاق مبدع بكل ماتصفه الكلمة وسهل لنا طرق التواصل معاه عن طريق الواتسشكرًا دكتور ماهر معرفتك مكسب ❤️❤️
Mohamed Adel: حقيقى دكتور محترم وكله ذوق وتواضع بالاضافة لعلمه الغزير. اشكره على تعامله الكريم معنا فى زيارتنا له انا وبنتى الذى لم يمانع اطلاقا بالتواصل معه عن طريق التليفون نظرا لظروف السفر.
Shaimaa Salah: دكتور محترم و شاطر بس مشكله المواعيد
Hassan Alshehri: دكتور صاحب خبرة وعلم مشاء الله وسهولة في الشرح والتشخيص
Randh Mostafa: A very excellent doctor and very good taste. He listens to the patient perfectly. The secretary is really good and helpful. The place is clean and organized
noura b: A smart doctor, an artist, and a top class 👍🌸🌸🌸
كلمتي klmty: Amzaing Clinic I prefer to go dr Maher his clinic is clean and Dr Maher Has Respect And Amazing manner
Eyad Maher: Best Doctor ever.
Ehab Magdy: Almost like this, the best dermatologist to deal with is a very good doctor, very respectful, and most importantly, very advanced, and the best in diagnosis deserves thanks 👨‍⚕️❤️
Asha Ali: Best doctor i ever seen in Egypt by safwan

9. ZO Skin Centre

· 3 reviews

White by Waterway 2 F14, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

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ZO Skin Centre: what do users think?
Tamina Mahmoud: Bad time management, very hard to get hold reception and unprofessional overall
s. Y.: One of the worst clinics you can deal with , shame they carry a strong name like Zo, when they reflect badly onTook 3 weeks literally for them to answer a query about the availability of a product bia phone or wats app , after which i ended up going to the clinic my self to check for , paid in full and they delivered the cream that costs 3500 with an expiry date after one month !So unprofessional & disgusting money grabbing behaviour
Iman Mohamed: Please consider this 1 star a zero.I thought sharing this with other people as I can’t help but think that there is a dermatologist in this clinic is still up there injecting people and can ruin their planned occasions.So let me start by this, I’ve had 2 botox injections at zo clinic before and had amazing results. This time I did it for my engagement. I wanted to treat my forehead lines (about 2 small lines that show up when I raise my eyebrows), I didn’t have the chance to go to the dermatologists that I’ve had botox with them before so, trusting all the dermatologists at this clinic, I’ve had an appointment with someone I don’t know. When I went there, I was clear that I don’t want anything to affect my eyes.She started injecting me and then when I went to pay, I realized it was 4x more than the last two appointments. It was ok. I paid and left. 4 days later I noticed that both my eyebrows have dropped, resulting in having hooded eyes, a very heavy weight in my forehead and that it’s simply frozen. Also I’ve noticed that one eyebrow dropped more than the other brow. So my face was asymmetrical. My face simply looked angry and ugly.I reached the clinic via instagram and the branch manager called me, she said that she understands my frustration and I booked an appointment with one of the dermatologists I’ve had injections with before. When I went there, she told me that there’s nothing she can do but to wait. I realized that this time I was injected with 40 units of botox, while the other 2 times I was only injected with 10 units!!! That’s 4x more than the amount of botox I need!! I asked for my money back and they immediately returned the money because they know exactly what happened!I’ve postponed my engagement to god knows when. My face still looks ugly and it’s been 3 weeks now. I can’t stay silent about this. Her name is Laila El Galaly. The branch was Waterway 2, New Cairo, Egypt.In addition to that, throughout the three weeks, I’ve experienced swelling in my eyelids, redness around my eyes, redness inside my eyes, and tears that drop constantly with no reason. I even went to the hospital to check on my eyes!!What a shame…
Nahla Nagy: The place is clean, elegant, and beautiful, frankly, but I think there are some exaggerated needs for them, such as their products, but their services are beautiful, the doctors are distinguished, and the general atmosphere is very nice, frankly, in terms of cleanliness, reception, and comfort here in general. It was a nice experience, and God willing, I will repeat it again 🌹
Zeinab Hefny: If I can put less than one star I would have done it. Ugly ugly place from every aspect and horrible unrepeatable experience from every aspects. Totally unprofessional front desk staff, they give overlapping appointments and mess up the order so you end up waiting for more than two hours with a tittle disrespecting attitude then you deal with totally inexperienced junior group of doctors that are literally learning in their patients. I totally don’t recommend this place to any one.
yasmine z: Horrible experience in Zo clinc cairo. Dont do Morpheus8 there! My face full of scars
Msh Abu Fahad: Thanks for all staff in the zo skin center in Egypt mall for there’s professionalismAnd perfection.
mira Mahfouz: Very very lazy staff. I have been trying to make an appointment for the first time and they barely reply to you. Terrible experience...
Tacoon Clan: I Had a really good experience at ZO Skin Centre,Zamalek branch with hair restoration program and it did give effective results.
gina Badie: Hi girls,This is my review and detailed experience with @zoskin*** I tried to post this in @letscareandshare but she neglected my post!I booked through phone & went to my appointment in December-Cairo -Egypt-(new Cairo-teseen road branch) my face was suffering from skin discoloration, dr Moataz checked my skin and decided to start with filler for under eyes then come again in Jan for chemical peeling.I was saying okay and the only thing I was worried about is skin allergy as I suffer from allergic reaction to strange things like gel nail polish & hair dies.In December I visit went okay (it was a long wait, looked to me like the dr was alternating between clients, keeping in mind that I just gave birth and it’s hard to leave my new born for long time)In Jan the reservation lady called to arrange an appointment for the following day (Sunday 10th Jan morning), I was like why u assume that someone calls me today for an appointment tomorrow, isn’t it more professional to share that 2-3 days in advance?! She told me this is our system!Went to the clinic, searching for it, couldn’t find the place... asked the security... found out that they changed their location!!!!!Without telling me during sharing the appointment.Back to calling them to know the new location, went to their new clinic in waterway 2, of course 45 min late!The reception girl was upset with my late arrival, I told her what happened and she apologized. Again with having a new born this wasn’t a pleasant experience.Went to my appointment with the dr, we started the chemical peeling, session went okay, as I was concerned about any allergic reaction, he told me not to worry we will be on phone in case of any issues and he gave me his personal phone number.HE TOLD ME THE MAX WOULD BE ANTI-ALLERGIC CREAM.1 day later my face started swelling, red, itchy... really I’ve never seen this before, I was so scared, at 11 pm the dr decided to go with anti allergic injections & at 3:00 am my husband went to like 7-8 pharmacies looking for the unavailable cortisone injection this stayed for a week.I ENDED UP BEING 4 DAYS ON CORTISONE INJECTIONS, ANTI-ALLERGIC INJECTIONS, CREAMS & ICE ON MY FACE.He was insisting not to let me visit them, not to go to a hospital, and this is not an allergic reaction, this was just an expected yet a bit extra reaction from the peeling!!It was so itchy to the extent that I couldn’t sleep, keeping in mind that I have a new born and it was crazy trying to handle her with me being sleepy & tired all time.Dr was so cooperative & supportive the next 48 hours.After 48 hours, I tried reaching him so many times with no response. He never replied to my messages or calls, no idea why!!!My second appointment should’ve been on 31st Jan... no one called.Now my questions are,1. Why there’s no ALLERGY TEST before applying the material ?2. Why dr insisted it’s not allergic reaction and no need to visit them or go to hospital?3. Why he didn’t pick my calls after 48 hrs?4. Why they didn’t call for another appointment ?5. How can that place be rated as a good place?
Amany Shennawy: Very bad experience chaos all over the center, very bad managed , I’m here now late for more than one hour because of permitting two friends to see the dr with no appointment, very unprofessional managing the center, I met the manager she is very unprofessional
Miral Hazem: The best clinic in egypt when it comes to skincare!Very professional
Dina Elsawaf: Unacceptable waiting time. I was asked to come half an hour early and ended up waiting for almost an hour for my turn.They don’t answer the phone either. Very unprofessional in this regard.
joumana fala: Horrible horrible horrible with even more horrible doctors that have no knowledge of what they are doing . Waste of money never letting them touch my face with a needle again
Yohanna Boktor: A 2 hour waiting isnt accepted when you book your time!
Sara Tariq: Very professional and the creams are amazing!

10. Dr Miranda Nabil

38QR+R47, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

11. Dr. Omar Mahmoud Soliman

1 Talaat Harb, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

12. Dr Heba Diab clinic (Rejuvi skin and laser clinic)

143 Street 17, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

13. Dr. Sameh Youssef

· 7 reviews

Above Vodafone express elzahraa store, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

14. Dr.Ahmed Sharkawy Clinic

· 2 reviews

4 El-Nabawy El-Mohandes, Madinet Al Eelam, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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