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Splash Wedding Studios Photopia OStudio Photography EGH Photography Studio Cairo Photography Club The Darkroom Cairo OJO Creative Studios Cairo Photography Club - Maadi Louay Nasser | Wiredsun Studio Mangawy Owes Photography MO'MEN ESMAT Photography المصور اسماعيل السيد Kodak Express Sheraton Dr.Antoine Georges CPC Studio - Maadi

1. Splash Wedding Studios

· 19 reviews

Othman Ibn Effan, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Splash Wedding Studios: what do users think?
purvi patel: Karim was amazing.Our trip to Egypt started off with a bit of a hiccup, but Karim turned our energy and experience in Cairo around. His positivity, direction and guidance with our photos and attitude made our experience a memorable one. I highly recommend him to capture the moment during your stay in Cairo. You won’t be disappointed.Thank you Karim.Cheers from the Patel family.
elaine keltz: We hired Karim online from the US to take family photos while we were on vacation in Cairo based his style really great online portfolio. Working with Karim was great!! From beginning to end, he was easy to coordinate with, very professional and really kind! He was also flexible when we had to reschedule at the last minute bc our luggage was delayed at the airport. We were so grateful for his understanding and flexibility. The shoot was easy, fun and Karim captured absolutely gorgeous photos of our family! Hire Karim to take your family photos, you will regret it!! We highly recommend working with Karim as a photographer- and he’ll probably turn into your friend too! - Elaine Espinola Keltz: Mrs. DC America 2015
Asie Asie: Thank you splash Wedding Photography for your professionalism and outstanding service. I can not thank you enough for making my day special. My special thanks goes to Karim our Amazing photographer for capturing our memories 😃🙏
Omar Hammam: had the pleasure to do a photo session with and it was amazing
Mostafa Ismail: One of the best wedding photographers in town
Abdelrahman Fahmi: Best wedding photographers I've ever seen before, and very organized and professional that makes them one of most talented artists ever.
mohab mostafa: Thank you Splash team for sharing my best moments, so far they are the most talented team in town, I highly trust and recommend them ❤️
Manar Hussien: One of the most talented team ever, So friendly , professional, Creative and punctual. You really made our day one of the best memorial ever ! i highly recommend them 😍😍😍😍😍
salama salama: Nice
Mahmoud Hatem: Honestly one of the best photographers in town. I highly recommend Splash.
Ahmed Ragab: Very professional staff to make your day perfectly documented
Abeer Samir: best team ever ,they took my wedding pictures it was amazing and a very helpful and joyful team ,the photos were amazing and very clear .....i recommend them for anyone wants to make a photo session for there wedding or for any other occasion.

2. Photopia



· 159 reviews

22 Cleopatra, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

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Photopia: what do users think?
Sherif Wahby: A great community of photographers and good studio.
Mohamed Fahmy: المعدات بايظه ومفيش اهتمام غير بالاوضه الكبيره
Vivi Maltezou: Interesting place with a very artistic photography exhibition. Highly recommended for a visit!
Lawrence Nicholson: Produced passport and ID photos efficiently and for a very good price
Youssef Hesham: Fav place ❤️
Ammar Nasef: Cheerful and artistic, love it 💙💙💙
teto kemo: Very good place for photography
M Essam: Nice place for photography related events. Follow up their social media accounts for updates.
Amr Karim: Luv every single detail about this place
Jermeen Wadie: Great place for photo sessions
Venus El Rayes: A 10 yrs old photography school with an amazing studio the biggest in town for rent with great prices
Adam Mostafa: Great studio
OMAR SALLAM: Nice place and they're friendly
A: Amazing and lovely place for creative minds❤️
eslam thabet: The best place to learn photography in Egypt
سليم احمد: ،❤❤❤
Ahmed Jamal: It was perfect for photography shooting. Staff were very decent, helpful and friendly. Price is fair. Coffee was great
Ali Rabie: Nice place
Tamer Ragheb: Photopia is a photography hub
Akram Reda: An amazing venue

3. OStudio Photography

· 7 reviews

El-Nahda, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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OStudio Photography: what do users think?
Bassem Magdy: Love it, professional services and very friendly
Ali Sherin: Nice people, good service
Moustafa Mohsen: Offers indoor sessions #Fashion #Modeling #Couples #Family #Babies #Newborn #Makeup #Products #Photography #Sessions

4. Tetyana Photography- Newborn And Baby Photography in Cairo, Egypt

· 53 reviews

6th of October Bridge, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Tetyana Photography- Newborn And Baby Photography in Cairo, Egypt: what do users think?
ahmed sedik: Great work 👏
Mary Samy: She is such a nice understanding person and very talented...we enjoyed our maternity photoshoot very much
Fady Melek: She's very professional, decent and talented!
Ahmed Farouk: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Tamer Gamil: Expert photographer
Hisham Farid: Highly skilled, patient & very welcoming. Great Experience
Linda Samy: Very talented 😍
محمد ابويوسف: very good
ADAM NOW: Fake site and there is no service it is just a house and I don't know what is the purpose of lying
mohamed euzyn: Beautiful
Monica Mamdouh: Very passionate and professional 😍
Ahmed Raafat: so nice and very professional i recommend her for anyone needs to have a wonderful memory for his/her child
Midoo fox: excellent
Mahmoud ElShiekh: Not bad 😁
Lutfi Saib: Amazing photos and service
Fady Magdy: Very professional and talented, knows how to deal with newborn professionally
Hesham Said: just a perfect photographer
Mohamed Salah: sweet
mohammed mallah: Excellent photography
Mohamed Sobhy: Skilled Photographer, You can get a good photo for your children with tetyana

5. EGH Photography Studio

· 23 reviews

Ahmed El-Zomor, Al Swissri Marhala B Building No. 23 Entrance B, Apartment No. 16, 1st Floor, 11826, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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EGH Photography Studio: what do users think?
Mostafa Gohar: Just had my business photo taken by the talented Ehab Ghobara @EGHstudios, and I couldn't be happier with the results! His attention to detail and creative eye truly brought my vision to life, He captured my professional image and made the experience fun and enjoyable. Highly recommend EGHstudios for all your photography needs!#professionalphotographer #businessphotography #creativeeye
Wessam Bayaa: "I had the pleasure of working with Ehab for professional photos to use on my dental website, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Ehab is an incredibly talented photographer with a keen eye for detail and a clear passion for capturing the perfect shot.From the very beginning, Ehab took the time to get to know me and understand my vision for the photos. He worked tirelessly to ensure that every shot was perfectly arranged and that the lighting was just right. His attention to detail was phenomenal, and the end result speaks for itself.Ehab's professionalism and commitment to his craft were evident throughout the entire process. He made me feel at ease in front of the camera and went above and beyond to ensure that every photo was perfect. His work truly added a touch of elegance and sophistication to my dental website.I highly recommend Ehab to anyone looking for high-quality, professional photos. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and for helping me create a beautiful website for my practice!"Sincerely,Dr. Wessam Bayaa
Mohamed El-Sheshtawy: لا إضافة تذكر على ما سبق ذكره ، رجل إنسان متقن و ملم إلمام كامل بأصول مهنته ..خالص التحية و التقدير
Sherif AbdelAziz: One of the best professional photographers in Egypt, with great equipment and high skills 👌
Abdelrahman Awad: Great first experience for me. Very happy with the end result and they do just more than taking your photo, by giving advice and educating you on why your photo matters.Will come back again to take more professional photos.
Ahmed Fahd: Very nice experience, totally recommended for anyone looking for professional headshots! Ehab is very professional with great personality and attitude.
Ahmed Dahshan: خدمة ممتازة، وفريق عمل احترافي للغاية
Mohamed Amr: مكان جميل جدًا ومكنتش متخيل ان الصور تطلع بالجمال ده.
Michael Shawki: Ehab is expert in what is he doing , dedicated and very passionate.I highly recommend!
Yasmin Kamel: It was great experience with professional photo session. Very good photography lighting tools. Highly recommend for anyone needs professional photos.
Bonnita Bartelings: very satisfied with this service, helped quickly and delivered quickly. very customer friendly. definitely recommended!
Ahmed Emad: It's amazing professional experience..
Ahmad Hatem: Highly recommended!A truly special experience ✨ M/ Ehab is a professional.. very helpful and classyAlthough I had many preconceived ideas and were not organized for the photo session,M/ Ehab, I first talk to me about my goals and the impressions I want to take from the pictures, and I implement them honestly much better than what I had in my mind+ The studio is psychologically comfortable and has a private room for changing clothes+ Prices are very reasonable compared to the quality of service+ The service is fast and the photos were prepared in record time, even before the agreed dateThank you very much, engineer and it certainly won't be the last time
Haytham Samir: Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Ehap is super personable and very talented at his craft. He made sure that I was comfortable and enjoying the experience. Thanks
Mohamed Hassan: A really wonderful experience.. Mr. Ehab is very respectful and tasteful in his dealings and professionalism.. After that, my photography experience outside Egypt was completely unsatisfactory. I decided to try it in Egypt. Indeed, with Mr. Ehab, the photos came out exactly like ours, so much so that after a session Photography. I decided that we would work on 3 photos instead of one photo.. Thank you, Bash Engineer, for the nice job
Mohammed Ghazy: I did not think that I could imagine such a beautiful picture.. Ehab is an artist and a respectable personality and I do not feel any boredom in the photo session.. I thank him very much and surely I will not be the last to deal with him
Marwa Khalil: Very passionately professional on everything he doesA must try experience to enjoy a photoshoot like a pro 🤓
Abdulkader Baba: I think one of the best , Professional levelDefinitely a good choiceRecomended
Ahmed Nour Eldein: The place is very good... The most important thing I liked is that the one in charge of the place is the one who does the photography, not just a place run by its owner only.2. The engineer, Ehab, loves this profession, and it was very clear that he was interested in getting a good picture.3. From my point of view, the place needs an assistant for engineer Ehab, who cares about the customer’s hair and clothes4. I suggest he add a package for kids only.Good luck M. Ehab
Junjie Lu: Very good quality of photography, professional service, recommend
s salhy: Ihab Pasha Ghbara, the owner of the studio, is a very nice personality, and he was very kind and clear about what was required of me for the session and before it, so that the pictures would look the best 😍I will never forget his reaction when he took this picture and how happy I saw it in his eyes even though photography is not his field of practical expertise but his great passion 😀To be honest, the pictures were a bit late, but it was acceptable because I was not in a hurry.Thank you very much for this special experience, and for sure, God willing, we will work again if I need a professional job in the future🤗

6. Cairo Photography Club

· 226 reviews

Hassan Ma'moon, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Cairo Photography Club: what do users think?
خالد العيسوى: Beautiful and calm
Mostafa Shehata: comfortable place
Samia Al-Maliki: Contact me, it is necessary, I came from Saudi Arabia, especially for you, and I am not able to deliver to you 💔 One day after the workshop, I tried to participate in the program, but I did not receive anything in the mail.
ماهر محمود: Very excellent and high quality
Kareem Ali: Excellent service
hassan mando: I want to know the price of the chair
Muhammad Talat: Respectful and knowledgeable people, and their treatment is classy... Thank you very much
mohamed salah: It's a highly recommended for any photographer courses or any thing related too, decent, freindly, helpful people, with nice atmosphere place,
Rawan Darwish روان درويش: Positive:Professionalism
Karim Hamdy: Best place ever for all photographers & present all photography services (courses ,workshops, talks , events, trips , rent gear , rent studio ,and sell gears......)I loved ❤️🙏
Paula Nasr: Best studio ever 😍
محمد حنفي: Cairo Photography Club... An important place for photography lovers. There are educational courses
Fatema Mohamed: Excuse me, I want to take a photography course, but I want to know the prices
Mahmoud Mekky: The first cafe for photographers and a place to teach photography
تنمية بشرية: good
DiAa awadallah: Very good place
Mohamed Mosa: The best people to learn photography
dalia issa: Best place to get photography courses
Ola Abbas: I loved 💚

7. The Darkroom Cairo

· 79 reviews

53 Noubar St, Al Balaqsah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
The Darkroom Cairo: what do users think?
Abdullah amjad: Very professional and they know what they are doing
PaçocaPvP 0,1K: Went to the place two times already and they seem to be closed for good. Ringed them and no answer, don't waste your time coming here bc the store apparently doesn't exist anymore.
Fatma Al Zahraa Abodoma: I always develop my films at their place.
Lamar Shooman: Good services
sayed eissa: top respect
Dobrinka Chukanova: Love this boys and girls.So kind, so professional.The vintage photo course was a present for the 15-th birthday of our son, who is interested in "the old techniques" ;) .He learned a lot, plus he was happy.Thanks.
Marwan Imam: I love them they're absolutely great and friendly and welcoming
Shams Mohajerani: Best spot in all of Cairo for all your film photography needs 💜
ashraf bela: Excellent
mohamed abdelwahab: The best in town analogue photography services in town, the team is great and helpful and Abdelwahab is a real artets and pleace is so friendly for beginner. Services price is value for money
Dee Salah: Very artistic with helpful artists 💙💙
Ayman Saber: Photography
محمد حميده: Very great place
Sayed Ragab: Wonderful and beautiful place
Mohamed El Dessouky: If you are fan of old cameras( before digital age) you must visit this place to get films and process them after taking your pictures .friendly staff
Youssef Goo: 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Gary Gaballa: They did the job very well
ayman badih: ناس محترمین
Ahmed Barakat: Amazing people, service and quality for Film development
Ahmed Fouda: Pretty much Egypt's main analog film lab providing developing for B&W, C41 and ecn-2 as well as scanning on Epson and Nikon Coolscan scanners. There's also usually a nice selection of cameras and lenses for sale at any given time

8. OJO Creative Studios

· 10 reviews

Hadeket, Al Golf, Steet, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
OJO Creative Studios: what do users think?
صفوت جابر: beautiful
maggie M: A team of professionals that strive to deliver the utmost amazing work. These talented individuals have attention to detail, down to earth & focused on being the best of the best. Thank you OJO Creative Studios it's always a pleasure dealing with you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to capture the memories for all your special occasions by this wonderful team.
hanna shannon: Two amazing photographers, with a big creative cool team. Amazing work always. Highly recommend.
Mohamed Braish: I feel proud when I found such creative and talented minds in my country, Guys you are awesome, Samo Rera, Ashraf El Mahrouky and all team of Ojo.Love you .. keep going.
Amna Al Hawaj: Amazingly talented photographers I highly recommend them.
Dina Guddha: They are creative, innovative, professional, efficient and they don't miss any detail. Thank you for everything.
Fadila Hamdy: The best quality of photos , professional photographers , they pick up every single details in my occasion 😍
Rommy Saleem: Best photographer ❤
Fady Safwat: "I loved how quickly we got our photos!"

9. Cairo Photography Club - Maadi

· 51 reviews

Villa 46 Street 7, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Cairo Photography Club - Maadi: what do users think?
Nasser fouad (TAL7A): A hub or home for photographers add to this vital place for gear and support
Marwan Bastawie: It will always be family ❤ the best place to learn photography in egypt
وليد العجمى: الأصل أنه مدرسة لتعليم التصوير لكنه يشتمل على أنشطة أخرى مثل مقهى للمصورين و خدمة تأجيرا كاميرات و معدات و قسم للبيع و الشراءشراء المستعمل و بيع الجديد و المستعمل فى عالم التصويرنشاط التعليم يشتمل على تعليم تصوير الصور الثابتة و تعليم تصوير و إخراج الفيديوو تعليم تصوير الصور الثابتة يشتمل على أساسيات التصوير و أساسيات الإضاءةو تعليم الفيديو يشتمل على التصوير و المونتاج و الإخراج
AHMED GHAMRY: Great place for All photography & Videography services & courses
Nanes Salah Eldin: A house for all photographersPhotography School for learningRental department for photography and videography gearBig studio for rent suitable for photography and videographyHelpful and friendly stuff
Kamel Azmy: Lovely invironment, cheerful friendly staff offering professional services
Ahmed Saeed: Superb masterpiece
hany elzohery: مكان راااائع
Mostafa Thabet: Perfect
AG _Craft: احلى مكان في مصر 🙃
احمد بيكاسو: ممتاز
Eng. Hesham Aldeberky: معاملة ممتازة جدا .. ولديهم دعم قوى بالاستشارات الفنية والكاميرات وملحقاتها
Eslam Mohammed: مكان جميل جدا من كل ناحية 💙💙
Muhammad Refaei: من أفضل أماكن تعليم التصوير في القاهرة ، لكن الأسعار غالية جدا مقارنة بباقي الأماكن و ده العيب الوحيد تقريبا.لكن ده لا ينتقص من أحترافيتهم في التعامل و تنوع الخدمات اللي بيقدموها.
marwa mostafa: First day ......feeling optimistic and excited
Diaa Deen: awesome
Mohamed Shalaby: Very professional 👍👍

10. Abu Samra Photography

· 17 reviews

84 2nd district, 20 st, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Abu Samra Photography: what do users think?
Rabab Hashem: One of the best photographers out there…. Highly recommended
Narouz Sarkies: Nice place and location
‫عبدالحكيم عبدالجواد (مفروشات الملكة)‬‎: استوديو للتصوير
Sara R.: Friendly, talented photographer. Has many background options, dressing room and even a pool! Offers great modeling/posing advice. Highly recommend.
Laila Youssef: The best ever.

11. Louay Nasser | Wiredsun Studio

· 26 reviews

Shooting Club, 1 Abo-bakr el sedik St. from Amman St. beside, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Mangawy Owes Photography

· 5 reviews

Zahraa Al Maadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

13. MO'MEN ESMAT Photography

· 14 reviews

500 new Maadi القاهرة, 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. KMP Studios

· 18 reviews

2 Hasan Afify, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. المصور اسماعيل السيد

· 7 reviews

24 Mousa ibn Noseir St, Governorate, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Kodak Express Sheraton Dr.Antoine Georges

· 131 reviews

5 شارع الشهيد سيد زكريا، المطار، قسم النزهة، محافظة القاهرة‬،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. CPC Studio - Nasr City

· 60 reviews

92 Hassan Ma'moon, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. CPC Studio - Maadi

· 110 reviews

46 Street 7, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Studio107 Co.

· 17 reviews

Plot 1, District 10, Neighborhood 2, Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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