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Nile Kayak Club Production office - Decathlon Egypt Decathlon - Cairo Festival City Mall Decathlon Roxy Quicksilver Roksi

1. Nile Kayak Club

· 1 reviews

12/8 Corniche El Maadi, Dar El Salam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nile Kayak Club: what do users think?
Aamena Elshamy: A recommend place for Kayaking. The area itself is awesome and the coaches are so professional & organized. Don't miss the experience!However, you should book at least 24 before the ride. Also, from 7 - 8 am and 4-5 pm is just perfect in summer ;). Enjoy!

2. Quiksilver



· 0 reviews

Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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3. Production office - Decathlon Egypt

· 184 reviews

39RM+RJ5, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Production office - Decathlon Egypt: what do users think?
فيدهات متنوعه: dose not fit
Amr Mahmoud Ezzat: Although I was buying the freshness of the sea, he said a return or exchange within 60 days.. When I went down with the sea and returned it to him, he said I used it, don't return it.Talking that it is easy is very wrong and even the defect cannot be repaired, although it is the guarantee. Frankly, I walked very upset
walid azab: A diverse place with all the needs of athletes at reasonable prices
Mahmoud mohamed Salem toman: One of the most beautiful stores I visited is Decathlon, City Stars branch. I bought a 70-liter camping backpack. I did not find it anywhere else, and the children were playing in the place. The place was a big club.It is enough to welcome the workers with taste and welcome and explain the product. The brother at the cashier is top in taste and politeness. I wish you more excellence and prosperity. Greetings
Khalid Elroba: Very solid and has everything you need for most sportsIf your time is tight, find out from the web what you need in the branch before you go or notThe same idea as Sports Mall, but more organized and a little more expensive
حسام ميرة: A special place
Grace Awad: The worst visit today is to the City Center branch...we used to like to go in ⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔ The place is to watch and the children spend time in a special children's play place. The system will change. The parents are not standing, they are the responsibility of their parents....After they will see you, we enter another place. The reception, taste, and dealing with children is 180 degrees better than yours......Apply the system and the rule in a way that is not alienating 😡😡😡😡 If you have a buffet...cells...and respect the customer's won't do thatWorst visit to City Center branch
Ahmed anwer: very interesting place with high quality equipments
Mansour ALSHAMRANI: The place does not exist, it has been moved to City Stars Almaza.
Abdelrahman Mubasher: Ordered a Ping pong table and was surprised that they delivered it without sending someone to put it together as its almost impossible to do it on my own. Worst delivery and worst customer service. No one is picking up the phone to help.
Sadam Hussain Al-Azhari: decathlon Cairo Egypt, Cairo festival city
Farid Habachi: Amazing store, great prices
AbduLlah Levin: французский бренд
Amr Foad: closed
Mostafa Kotb: not fair to pay 1500 EGP, having scheduled delivery while having stock then find another customer on my subscribed Facebook pages received it from Almaza branch after 1 day of my purchasingSo it should be controlled and professional while managing your online orders as it should be aligned with your respectable branchs on the same time of purchasingCurrent status order paid and waiting for stock more than 7 days
Sherifa Shafie: I ordered a yoga mat carrier from Decathlon and paid online and received an email confirmation as well as the bank confirmation for my order. I was surprised when FEDEX informed that I needed to pay upon delivery! I called Decathlon and they were able to resolve the problem, and said that the order will be "delivered again free of charge" however, they could have gone the extra mile to waive the shipping fees for example, as resolving the problem was not an additional "service" but rather part of the selling/buying process agreed upon. Not sure I was so happy about the non "favour" they were doing me.
Asem Safsafi: Everything is fine except for the cashier staffYou feel that they are busy and disgusted with the job
Ahmed Shehatah: One of the best places I have entered that specializes in sports equipment
Amr Abostait 201-701-105: The delivery services is very poor.It has been two weeks since I made my order, and I haven't received it yet, even, it's written on the website that it should be delivered in less than 5 days.
mohammed mamdouh: A special place and very nice sports shoes and their prices are very good

4. Decathlon - Cairo Festival City Mall

· 2416 reviews

New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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Decathlon - Cairo Festival City Mall: what do users think?
beko beko: Its prices are more than 125% more expensive than Germany. It is supposed to be one company and its prices are fixed in all branches. Not every country has treatment and prices other than the other.
Wael Ali: I love this branch as it is big enough to hold everythingBut strangely I found it not well organised as usual
Yasser Omran: Respectful place and top people
Hans Heinz Dilthey: Die Preise haben ganz ordentlich angezogen...auch in Euro umgerechnet. In Europa kauft man bei Decathlon günstiger. Beratung war kompetent und unaufdringlich.
bomb voyage: It has everything
Daniel Urdaneta: Just coming from that shop. The staff is horrible and the security is awful. A bunch of people who don’t know customer service.
Ahmed Ismail: The place is very beautiful and really needs a lot of time to shop, and I think it is the best place for shopping in Egypt
Ragab Hafiez: Place for sports wears
Hady Hassouna: Great shop
Tony Mehsen: A shop for all kind of sports for very affordable prices
Ahmed Shawky: Great quality. Prices vary but over all they are moderate
lbrahim Abo Mohammad: excellent service
Moushir Abdallah: Very helpful staff... thank u
Amir Sayed: Very good & high quality wear
محمد على محمد: A variety of clothes and sports equipment in various fields, prices that suit the luxury of the international brands offered, and wonderful presentation methods
ahmed amazizo: Amazing shop with resealable prices. A lot of sports clothes and equipment over there only place in egypt have that much. Everything there are labeled with descriptions and advice for use. Also they are doing a real discaound. They have a place where you can try the sport equipment.
Mohamed Waleed: Its an all in one store where u can find all you wish for just in one placeSports wearHikingSurfingHorse ridingAny sport you can think of
N. Meriden: Great in every thing... perfect store for all athletes
Amr Ibrahim: One of the best places to buy sports equipment, especially shoes, is of excellent quality and price
Big A: good
Khalid Shafik: A very beautiful place with all international brands available

5. Decathlon

· 113 reviews

39J7+WMV, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

6. روكسى

19 شارع العسيلى العتبه، غيط العدة، عابدين، محافظة القاهرة‬،, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
روكسى: what do users think?
Omar A: The places here are all the same

7. Roxy

· 127 reviews

47F6+38C, Bahtim, Shubra El Kheima 2, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Roxy: what do users think?
علاء ابوعقرب alaa aqrap: Probably
Hesham Mohamed: Tetizen
عماد سرور: picture
Abdo Man: The food is very nice
ayman saber: Commircial area, one of the famous places in Cairo
mostafa. mohamed: The Roxy area is one of the vital areas, and it is very suitable for hiking and shopping
sami Elmohami: Quiet at night, busy at peak times
‫ابو عبدالله ”موظف شبرا الخيمة“ موظف شبرا‬‎: Its price is somewhat reasonable
Tamer Sobhey: Featured site
Mohamed Rashdan: Lively and beautiful square
Mohamed Abdelaal: 👍
Ashraf Yakout: لاباس
Belal Ayman Eisa: Remember the days
اسلام رزق اسماعيل: excellent
محمد أمين البنداري: Egypt is very beautiful
youssef mohamed: fancy
MFarouk: A great area with a lake of a little things
Amgad zaki mehany Zaki mehany: in all your needs
Khlood Tarek: If you want the expensive, you will find it. If you want the cheap, you will find it
Hamza Fawakhre: shopping

8. Quiksilver

· 1 reviews

ش عمر بن الخطاب, مصر الجديدة, القاهرة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Rip Curl

ميدان المعادى جراند مول, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Quicksilver

· 5 reviews

2CH4+7P2, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


11. Roksi

· 88 reviews

5CHC+598, As Salam Ash Sharqeyah, Qesm as Salam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


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