Best Musical Theaters In Cairo Near Me

Cairo Show Theater The Marquee CFC Theater Cairo Opera House Open Air Theater Gomhoreya Theatre Falaki Theatre MUST Opera House Cairo Puppet Theater Balloon Theatre National Theater Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts - Makan AUC Falaki Theater and Gallery Fabrica Theatre Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center Zamalek Theater , مسرح الزمالك Cairo Jazz Club VOX Cinemas Mall of Egypt City Stars Cinema

1. Cairo Show Theater The Marquee

· 861 reviews

2CG6+PQV, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo Show Theater The Marquee: what do users think?
Nosaiba Atef: Nice for bazars
Udit Soni: Very nice, organized and their event selection is great☺️👍
Ahmed Mustafa: Fabulous
Sara Samy: Lovely theater
Mohamed Youssef JR: Very nice, organized and their event selection is great 👍🏻
almond nirvana: What can I say? I’m so happy Max Jobrani was able to come to Egypt. The venue itself was perfect and very well organized with food and beverages available and the parking was smooth
Essam Lolo: A masterpiece, a very beautiful place, in a parking lot, next to the dancing fountain, and many restaurants there. It was a masterpiece. The organization there is more than wonderful, very respectful, and the place is clean.
Shaymaa Alshawarby: Fake.. really sweet, oh, oh
Mohamed Madkour: Very nice theatre
Ahmad Abd-Allah: Huge theatreThe best thing that AC is really great although the temperature is high & sunnyHuge number of seating
Mahmod ibrahim: Decent place.
Ali Wael: Hamza Namera Concert was great.
Mostafa Seyam: Good place for concerts, but the parking doesn’t suit the capacity of the theater.The acoustics of the theater is not perfect
Heba Abdella: Hamza was amazing...the place was very comfortable
Mohamed Zada: Entry doors are too narrow and lead into twisted corridors. Nevertheless, the sound system was excellent and Angham was unbelievable!
Ah Al: Very bad and disrespectful. The employee treated us. We asked about Angham’s concert. The employee was rude to us. I do not recommend dealing with them at all.
Andrew Romany: The place is sweet overallHowever, it is a bit cold because it is not a closed theater, it is more like a temporary theatreThe last row is too far awayEven if it's cheaper, I don't recommend it to anyoneBecause you are almost 200 meters away
Mahuos Mahuos: Nice and wonderful theatreGreetings to all
Ahmed Khalil: The theater is very poor in equipment, the bathrooms are lacking in cleanliness, and the theater is not air conditioned and is not elevated.Plays by other big stars for amateurs at a symbolic price. The price paid is not commensurate with the quality provided. I do not recommend going to it.
Abdulrahman Shafie: Great venueIt's big .. back seats can see the show clearly and the sound system is more than good.
Ro3ood Almezan: Good

2. CFC Theater



· 54 reviews

Unnamed Road,, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

CFC Theater: what do users think?
Randa Soliman: Hb bazar was excellent
Ammar Yasser: It was not good and not bad
سيد هاشم: excellent
Abdelrahman Soudi3z (S3oudi3z): I like the show
Khaled Nour: رائع
program nerds: Top class security
Elhamy hanna and mm: ⭐👍⭐👍⭐
Ali Alsherif: Awesome
Ayman El Malky: Nice open air area surrounded with restaurants.
Usama Ibrahim: good
Ahmed Sami: Very nice place and organization
Rania Ayad: Loved it
Black Prince: Beautiful. Classy. All the details are very well thought of. Thank you for taking us into the magical world of theater at the moment we left the parking lot and entered the gates of this theater. Thank you for disconneting us from our cell phones. Thank you for being so organized and so dedicated to giving us the best theater night and for bringing the magic back into our lives.
Dina Allam: Amazing
Hosam Hamdy: Great theater, acoustics, reception, restrooms.
Amira ElGuhary: An honorable place for all Egyptians
Karim Alsayed: اجمل قاعات سينما في القاهرة
Varinia: A great view

3. Cairo Opera House

· 1079 reviews

Opera Square, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo Opera House: what do users think?
Aamena Elshamy: Always beautiful. The concerts are so good. Also, there are 2 musuems, which are having awesome exhibitions with Egyptian cultures. I definitely to recommend it to pass by if you're walking in Zamalek or even Downtown.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
الشريف عبدالله: دار الاوبر هي اجمل مركز ثقافي في القاهرة وتشمل مجموعة المسارح والقاعات الفنية والمعارض والندواتكما تشمل بها نقابه الفنانين التشكيلين وبها قاعة العرض الفني المستديرةومتحف الفنون التشكيلية وقاعة الموسيقين
Ahmed Elzalabany: The opera house is organized and the musicians that perform there are great. Highly recommended!
Amani Samir: سينما الهناجر مكان جيد يحتاج لتفاصيل حتى يصبح مكان احترافى
Hinke Leipoldt: Museum was helaas nog niet open. Verder een rustige plaats in het hectische Cairo.
Dr. Clifford Feltner: Much better than the previous years
Abeer Ahmed: One of the finest places
amr galal: I work there
David Shadrakh: Beautiful experience i had ever seen in this evening, hope to repeat it soon ☺️
Fagr Khaled: You attended a concert by the Tanbura band, which was beautiful and joyful
yasser yasser: Al-Hanager Theatre.. located in the Opera House.. offers good theatrical experiences.. the picture is from the “Tashweesh” show.. and it is really a confusing show.. but the performance is good and the decor is bleak, but appropriate to the theme
aly kosta: stated
esraa zakaria: A beautiful experience that I would like to repeat again
Mohamed Gaber: Culture platform in Egypt
Rana Badr: I honestly can't understand what happened to the real opera!! All parties began to start at least an hour late, and they kept letting people come in normally late. The one who is sitting trying to enjoy the show and merging with it, and suddenly you find five or six entering who want to run to reach their places, as the amount of two chapters of the truth makes one hate opera. At least the security forces are supposed to sit these people in any place until the intermission, but of course this does not happen! Other than that, of course, people are working to talk throughout the show, which they don't know how to shut them up or watch the show, and the security forces are sitting on their phones and not doing anything and leaving anyone who wants to do anything to do. Why is this low we have reached??!!!
hima nokia (‫إبراهيم العطار‬‎): Excellent, splendor in beauty, long live Egypt, my country, the mother of the world
Gamal Fouad: wonderful place
ahmed ragab: It is very beautiful. I hope that the theaters will be developed and renewed regularly, in a way that befits the place, its prestige and its heritage
Adel Ahmed: Definitely not as glowy as it used to be a decade ago, but still is the most shining star of the cultural scene in Egypt
Mohamed Hassan: Beautiful

4. Open Air Theater

· 59 reviews

26RF+XQQ, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Open Air Theater: what do users think?
زياد الغرافي: جميل وحفلات رائعه بس مش مناسب في الشتاء
مش لازم تعرف: تحفة وتوراس في ام الدنياه
Ca t: 💜 ❤️
Ahmed Asl: Ahmed Asal Bani Shebl
hany hassan: A wonderful party and a tremendous organization proud of this huge edifice in Egypt and an enjoyable night from the Arab Music Festival and the concert of the artist Saber Al-Rubai
Fady Moawed: Great atmosphere ❤️
Mahmoud Yamani: Very good
Mohamed Z sanad: Classy place
Mostafa Talaat: Need to be renovated
Fady Abonar: Amazing place to listen to music and dance
Bishoy Baghdadi: الوبرا مكان جامد جداً
Basam Abdo: بروفا حفلة نسمة محجوب
Nermine Anwar: Enjoyed listening to my favourite singer Ali El Haggar
Sarah “SoU” Yehia: Awesome venue. Very organised..
Nadia Lotfe: Very sweet
Nissreen Hamid: Nice decore and sound quality
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5. Gomhoreya Theatre

· 2520 reviews

12 El-Gomhoreya, As Sahah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Gomhoreya Theatre: what do users think?
hend mansour: One of the most ancient theatres
Khaled Khaled: The stage is beautiful and organized
Ahmed Nassar: Nice and well organized theatre.Unfortunately, it is difficult to find parking spaces.Beautiful concerts and great bands.-Unfortunately, attention must be paid to the quality of the sound, as during the religious chanting party it was difficult to hear the singers and the sound of the instruments was not in harmony!
Samah Hasan: Nice
محمد حسين: God
Amr Teko: It is difficult to see because of the arrangement of the chairs, especially on the upper floor
Ali Mahmad: Thank you for your interest
Hani Shaker: Nice place to hear new voices
سليمان العطوي: A psychologically comfortable place, thanks to those in charge of it
Sameh Roufail: The ultimate in luxury theater and wonderful performances
Foney Hot: Great place
soha zaky: A large and ancient theatre
Mashhour Abu shaaf: A beautiful and wonderful experience, long live Egypt, the pioneer of arts.
Moustafa Mounir: Lovely place and so much classical atmosphere ❤️
naglaa omar: A place for holding parties, and it is a very respectable place, and the service is excellent
taher mohamed: The beautiful place that always reminds us of the origins of authentic music
wael avocat: Theatrical performances
dsoke7890 dsoke: Very old theatre
Menna Yehia: Beautiful theater and great concerts
ماجد إبراهيم: Great place and great parties

6. Falaki Theatre

· 45 reviews

ش ، الفلكي وسط البلد،, Al Falki, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Falaki Theatre: what do users think?
yasmine Elhamy: Rich experience in all aspects
Rafeek Chehata: Nice Performance and Very Clean Theatre
Heba MHH: I loved it🤩
اسراء كمال: It is very beautiful and the performances there are amazing
Sara Ramadan: A special place and good treatment from the supervisors of the place. An enjoyable free experience. The celebration is suitable for children
د. حنان مرزوق: Undoubtedly outstanding.
Wael: Excellent theatre
Gamal Gad: Nice place.
John Dramzo: A very nice and well-equipped theater
amr afifi: حلو
fady helmy: nice place near tahrir square
Usama Sayed: من الاماكن المميزه ف التعليم
Noha Kato: Easy to access
Khaled Hegazy: Good but small one. There are some independent film festivals take place there.
Hany Nabil: مكان جميل
Mohamed Refaat Ismail: Cozy and warm
محمود الحبشي: مكان ممتع
ابو رحيم: حلو اووووى
Zeyad El-Sayed: Thank you for supporting art and artists
godzilla elbadr: Very beautiful

7. MUST Opera House

· 976 reviews

First 6th of October, october, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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MUST Opera House: what do users think?
Yossef Yossef: The place is inside Misr University for Science and Technology in 6th of October, and it has a theater, one of the best for holding concerts
Hesham M_Official: Excellent
ابوالمجد ابونسمة: Friday
Ahmed Fathy Ahmed: very Nice Opera House
Mohamed Nasser: Luxurious and spacious
Ahmed Rizk: I was a nice experience
lili ahmed: Security is friendly, toilets are clean chairs are comfortable the theater is extraordinary i like it there
عبد الرحمن هاشم: Opera House, Misr University for Science and Technology
Nagwa Hassoubah: High quality place...wonderful
Ahmed El Hawary - احمد الهواري: Lovely place and also have music learning lectures.. 👌👌
Mohamed Elsayed: A large theater and a large and organized garage, but the chairs are not comfortable
Mona Helal: Nice place, inconvenient chairs.
Alaa Hussein: Marvelous
Amira Hamed: Wonderful experience, Alhamdulillah
Ammar Al Zhrani: We attended the play Anstona by Donia Samir Ghanem, Mr. Bayoumi Fouad, the hero Sami Maghawry and Mr. Karim Afifi. A beautifully written play. The presentation was very nice.
Ahmed Kanfer: I attended the play Anistona. The hall is beautiful, the reception is good. The lobby is unassuming. Lighting and sound distribution could be better. Hold on to your reserved seat. With nepotism, they can sit you in another place, so that you can turn your chair to people more important than you and set each other up!
مؤيد مهدي: Anistona's play is very beautiful and classy and a very classy place
Noha Haddad: Excellent performances and the place is well established and well managed
MOHAMMED ALENAZI: It was an exceptional experience. I attended the play Instuna by Bayoumi Fouad and Donia Samir Ghanem, directed by Mohamed El Sobky.
Ahmed Eltagory: Good place to attened a concert
M Adel: It's nice, but the level of chairs is not the best thingBut the play Instuna is currently being shown on itAbove very goodUpscale level

8. Cairo Puppet Theater

· 312 reviews

ش 26 يوليو, العتبة, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo Puppet Theater: what do users think?
Mona Yousry: مكان جميل لتقديم عروض مسرحية للاطفال
Mohamed El sayed: العرض جميل بس لازم العروض يبقي فيها شويه كوميديا علشان الاطفالويبقي في اتاحه للتصوير مع اللي ليقدموا العرض
عبدالرحمن عبدالله: مكان جميل جدا للاطفال
Ahmed Imam: A very good time for children 💙Good actors and lovely atmosphere
mohammed abdel kader: New experience. Nice show
Abuzar Elshaib: جميل جدا وتجربة رائعة لاجواء الاسرة مع اطفالهم
mohamed zezo: العمر كله
Waleed Muhammed: المسرح نظيف واماكن الجلوس مريحه وواسعه نسبيا، الصوت جيد، ولكن ارتفاع المنصه منخفض ولا يراعي طبيعة العروض لان أطوال العرائس قصيرة فالعرض يقع في مستوى أكثر انخفاضا بكثير مما لو كنت تشاهد ممثلين طبيعيين على المسرح، كما أن المدرج يحمل صفين من الكراسي في الدرجة الواحدة، ومع الأخذ في الاعتبار طول العرائس القصير، لذلك فإن مشاهدة العرض من اي من الصفوف الخلفيه سيكون صعب جدا، أيضا مع وجود الاطفال والكبار فإن الاطفال الصغيرة لن تتمكن من مشاهدة شئ مطلقا عند الجلوس على مقاعد اي من الصفوف الخلفيه بسبب حجب الرؤية ممن هم اطول منهم (حيث كما أسلفت عليك ان تنظر لاسفل لمشاهدة العرض وليس لأعلى)، لذلك انصح بالحجز في الصف الأمامي فقط خاصة للأطفال الصغار، أما بالنسبه للعرض فهو احيانا يكون باستخدام العرائس المعلقة واحيانا يقدم بواسطة ممثلين في ازياء تنكريه كاملة، العروض للاطفال لكنها تحاكي الواقع بشكل صادم فقد تجد مثلا اعمال بلطجه، الفاظ وأساليب سوقية، افكار متطرفة، وما إلى ذلك، بالطبع هي لا تقدم كصورة إيجابية، لكن يمكن للأطفال التقاط الكثير منها، الاصوات مسجلة مسبقا ويتم تشغيلها بالتزامن مع العرض، أما الأداء فأظن أنه متباين بشكل كبير، احيانا يكون ممتاز جدا واحيانا مقبول أو اقل.
Ali Abd ElAziz: عروض ممتعة جدا و فريق عمل محترم
Rasha taha Judy: جميل والعرض تحفه
Bio Rotterdam for Energy Consultancy: Wow
Said Mahmoud: Good and sweet.
Ahmed Othman: This is a wrong address, and according to God, and He is the best disposer of affairs in whoever put this address, because he put it on July 26th Street, close to Talaat Harb Street, the place of a clothing store, and the correct location for the puppet theater is opposite the end of Azbakia Park, next to Kentucky, Al-Jumhuriya Street, and almost opposite the stairs of the Ataba subway
Mariam Balubaid: Excellent, and the show is wonderful for children … Ticket prices are 42 and 32
Emad Omar: The Cairo Puppet Theater is interested in children's theater and arts. It is recommended to visit it
Ahmed Shrkwy: Very interesting. The theater's biggest problem is the difficulty of access because of the crowding outside the theater from the street vendors who prowl the streets
Mahmoud Saeed: A masterpiece experience
Ahmed Fawzi: Great theater for kids
Aya Shaaban: Outstanding artwork and masterpiece
علاء الدين عبدالوهاب: Adjacent to the National Theater at Ataba, the ticket costs 30 pounds, and the show is on Thursdays and Fridays only
Ahmed Elborae: A beautiful, purposeful and joyful show for children.Highly recommended

9. Balloon Theatre

· 3557 reviews

Corniche El Nil, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Balloon Theatre: what do users think?
علي قطوش: nice place
Hanan Hamed: The student's house in Agouza is very bad
Spider Man2009: Nice theatre
Shady Omar: Need development
Thor 2: The best automotive and factory engineers in Al-Haneen. Thank you all, M/ Muhammad M/ Mustafa M/ Sameh
‫صفحه محمد حسن ”محمد حسن عبد الرحيم“ الشخصية‬‎: The Balloon Theater is one of the state theaters. Therefore, it is the cheapest entry ticket price.
Ahmed Rostom1988: A cultural theater affiliated to the Ministry of Culture
wafik kamal: I spent most of my life inside it, it is a part of me
Ahmed Abaza: Sweet place
ahmed abo nwaia: Very nice
عبدالله النعيمات: The Balloon Theater is an ancient theater. Many giants of art sang on this stage, including the Brown Nightingale, may God have mercy on him.
Mahmoud Badawi: Accounting office
Moamen Ashraf: Literally one of the best places I have had cupping and massage, and every time I go, I literally like Captain Meadow ❤️❤️❤️
ميدو مهدي: Speed ​​in response
nahla morsy: Children can be taken
Hany Ahmed: decent
Talal Naim: Interesting plays and very beautiful shows are held in it

10. National Theater

· 768 reviews

Al Bostah, Ghayt Al Adah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

National Theater: what do users think?
yasser mazeka: My favorite place for fine art
Mohammed Bigaso: The oldest theaters and the best of them
zakaria maroof: The National Theatre.. where luxury is
Mohmedabdo Abdo: I work at the National Theatre
Mohamed Ibrahim: Heritage speaks
Zara S: The police station look like a castle ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
يوسف لطفي: Great show and excellent management
عبدالله النعيمات: A masterpiece of historical relic that tells about the development of ancient Egyptian art
Wael Kadry: A historical edifice and negligence on the part of the theater management, for which the head of the National Theater is punished
Hossam Hassan Elkassas: One of the best historical places
Ayman Salem: I attended a performance by an Austrian troupe at the Experimental Theater Festival, and once before, I attended an introductory visit to the theater and its history.
Ahmad Wadoud: Cool design
Mohamed Saad: Excellent playsAnd the prices are goodAnd the place is very clean
ابومروان الذهبي: A wonderful historical theater with very beautiful and magnificent decorations
الفادي في النور: ممتاز جدا
Hanan Khashaba: One of the oldest theatres in Cairo، built by khedive Ismail on 1869
هيثم أحمد - haitham ahmed: الموظفين غير محترمين بالمرة
AMR AL ZAINY: كم سعر التذاكر والدخول بيكون الحجز ولا ازاي
Mohamed Mortada: amazing

11. Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts - Makan

· 448 reviews

1 شارع سعد زغلول, Al Inshaa WA Al Munirah, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. AUC Falaki Theater and Gallery

· 39 reviews

24 Falaki Street, Bab El-Louq Down Town, Cairo Governorate 11511, Egypt

Address Website

13. Fabrica Theatre

· 9 reviews

26 Sherif Basha, Street, Downtown, Cairo Governorate 11251, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center

· 85 reviews

3 Mohamed Abdo Street, Off Al Azhar street, Al Dar Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate 12411, Egypt


15. Zamalek Theater , مسرح الزمالك

· 54 reviews

11223 el zamalek, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11223, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Cairo Jazz Club

· 757 reviews

197 26th of July Corridor, Madinet Al Eelam, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. VOX Cinemas Mall of Egypt

· 7482 reviews

Mall of Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

18. City Stars Cinema

· 42990 reviews

Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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