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Arteeqa Music School Cairo Music Centre Faculty of Musical Education كلية التربية الموسيقية جامعة حلوان Arab Oud House معهد الموسيقى العربية Talent Music Center Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School (DAAS) NASTO SAXOPHONE CENTER Sonata Music Academy صول ميوزيك Sol Music Cairo Music Centre المدرسة الموسيقية الألمانية بالقاهرة Tempo Music Academy Fabrica Theatre

1. Arteeqa Music School

· 0 reviews

23 Ismail Mohammed, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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2. Cairo Music Centre



· 3 reviews

14 شارع الزهور - عمارات هيديكو - متفرع من, Salah Salem St, طريق المطار, Qism El-Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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3. Fabrica Vocal Academy

· 0 reviews

26a Sherif Basha, Al Fawalah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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4. Faculty of Musical Education كلية التربية الموسيقية جامعة حلوان

· 18 reviews

27 Ismail Mohammed, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Faculty of Musical Education كلية التربية الموسيقية جامعة حلوان: what do users think?
Mona Nabil: كليتي
sherif zainelabdeen: رائع
tawadros magdy: كليتى الجميلة
UMI music: No one enters it
Esmat Badawi: The most beautiful college in the Arab world
Men3em Music: ❤️❤️
Moanes El Sarky: They are good experienced proffisors and I experience the amateur sections they can teach you how to use a the music instrument you chose no matter is your age.
LAILA KHATER: I enter it myself
سطور الأمل: قريبه جدا اركب اي حاجه زمالك وانزل عند مسرح الزمالك
Mahmoud Elshabrawy: كلية زي الخرا منصحش حد يدخلها
يحيى زغبه yahia zoghba: Beautiful
Emy Ali: Excellent
moses alex hawari: Hi my Name is moses alex form sudan
shehab shafik: Happiest years of my life god bless this place
Mohammed Moussa: افضل كلية موسيقية علي مستوي مصر والوطن العربي
Nancy Farouk: الكلية الأم ❤️
Shehab Ashraf: My faculty ❤️
Ahmed Kamal: beautiful
Khaled Haggag: 💖💖
Just Human: مكان جميل وشاعري

5. Dom Tak Cairo

· 1 reviews

10 Mahmoud Azmy, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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6. Arab Oud House

· 45 reviews

Zoukak Al Dwedar, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Arab Oud House: what do users think?
mohammed ammar: The graduation of the son of our colleague, Adel Kebdeh, in the presence of the artist, Naseer Shamma, in a beautiful heritage atmosphere, in one of the ancient houses that received attention and restoration, as the owners of the house, whose construction dates back more than 260 years, turned it into an archaeological and historical landmark
Sherif Riad: The Arabian Oud House is the home of all artists and great professors graduated from it. It is an ancient, warm and very elegant place.
hala elfaham: Amazing place
Fatma Albuainain: club house:It is located within a group of Islamic houses, where it is adjacent to and adjacent to the house of Sitt Wasila, and overlooks the house of Zainab Khatoun on Muhammad Abdo Street in Al-Azhar. It was established by Ahmed bin Youssef Al-Sayrafi in the year 1731 AD. Year 1881 AD.The house consists of two floors:1. The first floor contains the corridor, the mill, the stable, the crop harvester, the courtyard of the house, the summer hall, the staircase, the harem staircase, its annexes, and the basement room.2. The second floor includes the mandala and a staircase that leads to the main hall and a corridor. There is a prominent building from which we reach the upper floors, and it has a waiting room with a wooden ceiling that opens to the outside with an exposed opening.The restoration of the house began in 1986 AD, and the restoration was completed in 1993 AD. A ministerial decision was issued to convert it into an artistic creativity center in 1996. Since that date, the house has become an archaeological and artistic shrine at the same time, and several cultural and artistic celebrations have been launched from it.
عبدالسلام عبدالله: A place full of beauty from all its walls and entry into itFrom the beauty of the place, your feet do not force you to get out of it🌹🌹🌹🌹
Karem Mahmoud: Al-Harawi House is one of the ancient ancient houses in Cairo. It is adjacent to the endowment house of Sitt Wasila, and overlooks the house of Zainab Khatoun on Muhammad Abdo Street in Al-Azhar. It was established by Ahmed bin Youssef Al-Sayrafi in the year 1731 AD. This house is attributed to the doctor, Abd al-Rahman Pasha al-Harawi, and he was the last person to whom ownership of this house devolved in the year 1881 AD. The house is currently used as an archaeological shrine from which cultural and artistic celebrations are launched... The Ministry of Culture is also conducting lessons for the Arabic lute with the participation of Mr. Naseer Shamma
abdel moneem al alfy: (Translated by Google
mohamed saied: Very nice place and excellent reception
مبارك بن جوهر: Music wafts from the walls of the place
momab osman: So beautiful ❤❤
خالد عبدالعال: A cozy place of ancient oriental heritage
ahmed sameh: Très bon
Youssef Osama: A wonderfully preserved antique place
Fady Ramsis: wonderful place
Hakim Misr: جميل
Ashraf Karman: من بيت الهرواى التاريخى الى بيت العود ؟يجب الحفاظ على ماضينابيت الهراوي هو أحد البيوت الأثرية القديمة بمدينة القاهرة، ويجاوره منزل وقف الست وسيلة، ويطل على منزل زينب خاتون بشارع محمد عبده بالأزهر. أنشئ على يد أحمد بن يوسف الصيرفي سنة 1731م. وينسب هذا المنزل إلى الطبيب عبد الرحمن باشا الهراوي، وهو آخر من آلت إليه ملكية هذا المنزل سنة 1881م. يستخدم البيت حالياً كمزار أثري تنطلق منه الاحتفالات الثقافية والفنيةThe Arabic Oud House was created in 1999 in Cairo by the Iraqi oud player Naseer Shamma[] It is the first school completely dedicated to teaching oud as a solo instrument, which is a relatively recent development of the instrument.[ Initially based at Cairo Opera House, it has since moved to an old building of the old city of Cairo.] It has gained an excellent reputation as an oud school.[] Oud players like the Turk Yurdal Tokcan or the Moroccan Saïd Chraibi gave masterclasses there[3] and several oud players of the new generation graduated from there, like Tarek Abdallah, Ghassan Youssef, Hazem El Shahin or Nehad El Sayyed. The Arabic Oud House opened branches in Abu Dhabi, Alexandria and Constantine.
majed bokhari: Positive:Quality
OmarYahia: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
K.eng. talot: جميل جداا
mansour alzogibi: بيت جميل يقام فيه حفلات عادةً الساعه سبع مساءً
مهندس عصام: بيت العود العربي مقام تحت إدارة الفنان ناصر شمه فى منزل الهراوى الأثرى بعد ترميمهوتقام فيه الحفلات الموسيقية والمسابقات لاختيار العازفين

7. معهد الموسيقى العربية

· 729 reviews

22 Ramses, Oraby, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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معهد الموسيقى العربية: what do users think?
Islam Solo: A lovely small theatre and full of history all over the place
ياسر خليل: A wonderful place to hold musical concerts that express originality and heritage. It is located on Ramses Street in downtown Cairo.
Samia Hassanein: A beautiful place that bears the fragrance of the recent history and the elegance and elegance of those who built it and filled its sides with the sweetest and finest melodies.. A unique architectural style and exquisite decorative miniatures.. A brilliant orchestra with everyone in it; Maestro, skilled musicians and singers, young men and women... a night of rapture and serenity.
Amgad Ahmed: Very nice party
Zaid Atta: فقد أنعم عليه برتبة البكوية..ويرجع الهدف من إنشاء المعهد كمحاولة جادة لحفظ تراث الموسيقى العربية، حيث تم افتتاحه علي يد الملك فؤاد الأول عام 1923 ميلادية والذي سمي حينئذ (المعهد الملكي للموسيقى العربية
Jafar: The building inside is utterly fantastic and there is also a museum upstairs. The shows I have seen here have been good but the speakers are distorted and the volume far too loud. Recently they have a had a photographer flitting around the audience, like an annoying fly. She has a digital camera but for some reason only known to herself, she keeps the loud shutter noise on, as if she were using a real camera. The building itself is worth a visit. The shows are a bit hit and miss with the sound system.
Ahmed M. Ahmed: One of a kind
Essam Kabli: On Saturday the 29th of October 2022 we came to attend the famous (Attia Shrara) music festival, however we had to wait at the front doorstep of the music school of Cairo for 30 minutes tell the school manager found our tickets which was sent through a telephone call by a friend. During the 30 minutes the management made us stand on our feet waiting at the entrance, while the entrance was not equipped by a chair or a place to sit down (my wife and I are 60+ years old) I requested to let us at least inside the facility to visit the beautiful museum which was made specially for the history and great work of the famous Dr. Mohamed Abdulwahab, the answer was a big (NO) they said “the museum and the concert hall are tide up with the same tickets”. Finally, I was about to leave after standing at the main entrance for all that time, they found our tickets and let us in, I believe all the people at the ticket office including the management of the music school of Cairo need to be trained on how to deal with visitors and show the least amount of HUMANITY.By the way the 5 stars I gave on this review is for the beautiful school facility, Dr. Mohamed Abdulwahab museum and of course to Dr. Shrara and his team ONLY.
Tyssir Darwish: arabic music instituteIt is currently affiliated with the Egyptian Opera House. It was established during the reign of King Fouad in 1922 and was renewed in 2002 during the era of President Hosni Mubarak.The institute teaches the origins of Arabic music for talented people and preserves the musical heritage to inform this art as well as their personal belongingsI had the opportunity to visit the institute’s museum on the upper floor, and I visited the artist’s suite, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, which includes a lot of his heritage, such as musical notes in his handwriting, his lute, piano and organ, as well as pictures of him in various stages of his life, medals, and gifts he received from kings and heads of state he visited. As well as some of his belongings and personal suppliesThis museum needs other visits to contemplate these holdings and see the rest of the wings of the museum to inform Arab music
Ahmed Mahfouz: Super excellent place, very very elegant
abdelrahman saleh: The Music Education and Talent Discovery Center holds concerts and authentic music. It is affiliated with the Egyptian Opera and participates in many international festivals.
Mohamed Saber: The theater is an architectural masterpiece that presents art from the beautiful time and elegant dealings
Gogo Hany: May I know if they are open today, rich courses or not?
Sayed Kamel: great artistic value
Sawsan Bikhet: The artists sound great. Very nice evening
Esam Daood: The party was cancelled without telling us before arrival 🙄, very difficult parking
Emad Hakiem: sweet
Sherif Talaat: Umm Kulthum concert by Aya Abdullah and Hasnaa
Alaa Reda: A unique experience for me, especially since I am a fan of the beautiful time. I attended Kalthoumiyat’s party, and the party was organized, and the level of prevention was very high, and the crowd was cooperative ❤️,The diversity of male and female artists at Kalthoumiyat’s concert is a beautiful thing. The concert is two hours long and consists of 4 songs and two singers. There is a break between them for three hours. In general, it is a nice experience and I repeat it every month.
Amged Ahmed: nice party

8. Talent Music Center

· 1 reviews

Al Mostashfa Al Itali, As Sarayat, El Weili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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9. Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School (DAAS)

· 8 reviews

Shaalan Path, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate 11639, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Sayed Fathy: I am from my childhood and I am a fan of Al-Hussein neighborhood


· 16 reviews

91 Masr We Al Sodan, Hadaeq Al Qubbah, Hada'iq El Qobbah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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11. Sonata Music Academy

24 El-Geneina, Asad, El Sahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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12. Alwan - ورشة الوان

35A Mansour, Bab Al Louq, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate 11513, Egypt


13. صول ميوزيك Sol Music

1 علي بدر، الخازندارة، الساحل،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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14. Cairo Music Centre

· 21 reviews

14 Street 15, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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15. المدرسة الموسيقية الألمانية بالقاهرة

5, Road 301 – New, Maadi, Egypt

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16. Tempo Music Academy

· 29 reviews

Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11723, Egypt

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17. Kythara Institute For Music

· 25 reviews

35 ش الجيزة, El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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18. Fabrica Theatre

· 9 reviews

26 Sherif Basha, Street, Downtown, Cairo Governorate 11251, Egypt

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19. Motzart Study Music

· 1 reviews

Al Mesaha, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12311, Egypt


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