Best Municipal Sports Centres In Cairo Near Me

Squash Stadium Complex Cairo International Stadium Semiramis Spa International Bowling Center Nasr City Sporting Club (NCSC) Fibers gym Cairo Festival City Mall AUC Sports Center The Science Gym TD Athletics World Gym Nasr City Titans Gym Fight Club New Cairo Osana Family Wellness & Cafe Al Guezira Compound Club Zayed Petrosport Stadium Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Centers Pro Plus Health and Fitness Club

1. Squash Stadium Complex

· 28 reviews

38G7+2CR, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Squash Stadium Complex: what do users think?
Mohamed Shaarawi: The place is very beautiful and has many activities
Александр Булгаков: This club has great history 👏

2. Cairo International Stadium



· 9107 reviews

Mamdouh Salem, Street, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo International Stadium: what do users think?
Mariam Ragab: One of the most beautiful women in Africa and the Arab world, and may God always be good and safe 😀😀😀
هانى محمد: amazing
ABDELRAHMAN ASHOUR: Freedom must come
Joker Jo: Above excellent
Ahmed Salem: Honest atmosphere
Bassant Elaraby: Very wide
Apu zain: A thing of pride for Egypt
maged Tawfiq: The waiting areas are far away
Eslam Elmasry: Something to honor
Khaled Kandil: Should be much better and big room for improvement, they should work on cleaning in addition to creating food and beverage outlets the in house cafeteria should be burned down
Mahmoud Obia: الأرضيةعشبية(Translated by Google
hamada fakhry: The third is north 💪 🦅🦅🦅
Ahmed Hendy: Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal match 🦅❤️
اشرف أبو شعيشع: Al-Ahly only
ramyassem 2021: There is still a problem logging in
Islam Mohamed: Knockout possible
hesham Helmy tabila: The best experience is to enjoy the great Al-Ahly Club in Cairo International Stadium
Hassan Khlil: I hope it will be like the world's stadiums
Akram Farid: Amazing
Mahmod Yahia: Memories 🔱🦅
يوسف الفلاطي: I wish to visit

3. Semiramis Spa

· 46 reviews

Corniche El Nil Street Semiramis InterContinental, Cairo Governorate 11511, Egypt

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Semiramis Spa: what do users think?
عزام الحارثي: A thousand thanks Khaled swimming pool
ehab nasr: Everything you wish for, you will find it without any effort
تركي العنزي: The swimming pool is more than wonderful and the service is more than excellent from the rescue supervisor in the pool, Captain Khaled 👍👍
ابوملك م: Luxurious place..For people who are looking for a good massageIf you would like to know the center well or not, look at the racks and the comments. If they are many and varied, and their number is close to what is written above, then it is real.The worst massage centers in Egypt are#massage _ center _ egypt depends on false marketingMassage #BeautyTouch is very bad and most of its poor customers come from SellersRelaxRelax in Mohandessin steal your money while you're in the bathroomAnd #Golden_Spa some are good and some are badand blue spaHer name is Ghada, she always guides me to rotten places.The best placesCare spa is in Mohandessin, but the call center tries to make you pay extra
el masry: Excellent place, very wonderful service and work teams at the highest level. Thank you. Myrna and K. Khaled and the whole team
Alejandro Lopez: Servicio exclusivo ,personal muy atento , respetuoso y amable!
haris michailidis Mav: It was very relaxing treatment but unfortunately noise from construction
Giselle Rocha: Amazing!!
S AlOthman: My husband and I will definitely return when in Cairo. Top ratings for the experience from start to end for our couples massage. If I'm in need of a massage, this will be my go-to when in Cairo.
Aim: A beautiful hotel, it is true that the prices are expensive from some point of view, but it was an excellent experience for me
Hafeez ul ameen: I love the place because this place really exist.
mohsin Alyafei: excellent
Hussain Faraj: A wonderful view, an excellent restaurant, and a location close to services
Mahshad Delshad: We use indoor pool was good
Jeronimo Morales: Semiramis Spa situado en la cuarta planta del Hotel InterContinental Cairo Semiramis, IHG un Hotel excelente con mucho encanto, gran lujo y elegancia, perfecta ubicación entre el Nilo,el Museo egipcio y la Plaza Tahrir.El gimnasio, jacuzzi, la sauna y el Spa, están ubicados en la cuarta planta del hotel, desde la recepción del Spa hasta los terapeutas del mismo un excelente servicio y atención en esta zona de descanso, recreo y relax.Un lugar magnífico. Muy recomendable. Excelente Spa.Si consideras que esta reseña te ha parecido útil o te ha gustado, por favor, házmelo saber pinchando en "Me Gusta". El simbolito del pulgar hacia arriba.👍¡¡¡Muchas Gracias!!!
Romeo: I had a 5/5 experience with Mary from the Philippines , but unfortunately my father who was also hoping for a deep tissue massage was not satisfied with his therapistHis therapist was experienced but not adequate per my father’s liking though he requested harderStill a good experience for me
Hesham Maqled: Great serviceA bit overpriced
Sabrine Assem: My favorite place in Cairo. Everything there is perfect.
Naturally Eliza: Everything and more 🧘‍♀️
Azooz Mshail: Excellent, thank you, Captain Khaled

4. International Bowling Center

· 7093 reviews

Passage Inside Stadium, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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International Bowling Center: what do users think?
Nasser Alsalmi: Excellent 👌
Ahmad Rashid: Good place, needs more care
Mohaned Sbry: تمام
Ahmad Alsubyani: Bowling is good, but billiards are overrated
Aisha Mohammed: Great bowling place , family friendly , snacks available
Assem Assem: The place there is very suitable for me, all sports and electronic gamesIt is one of the best places to enjoy sports
Anime legends ASA: Very excellent, and the people who work there are really good and respectful. The best place to spend the weekend❤️❤️❤️❤️✨
Burhanuddin Juzer Sharafali: It was a very good experience and it gets a point for the pricing. Not very crowded in the early afternoons but it gets crowded by the evening, overall a great place to enjoy with friends and family.
عائلتى حياتى: Very beautiful
Tarek Mazloum: My sacand home. But anymore 💔
Tamer Shalaby: A wonderful and unique place
Mahmoud Farouk: The place is good in terms of ease of access and the park in the street. The bowling alley itself is excellent, but the lower part of the place where the games are located, most of the games are not working, and there is no interest in maintenance and development of the place. In addition, the price of the games is very old and very expensive.
Ahmed Reda: Very good for bowling, billiards, ping pong and some video games lovers
ahmed attia: dates
Tenno: The place is nice and you will enjoy it... but the workers on the floor below Sarsajia's children play games
Mina: Fun
stamperia roma (t-shirtmaker-roma): Prezzi alti troppo scadente.. troppa gente poca organizzazione.
Hanan Helal: Very nice place 😌
Noha Ibrahim: Really amazing
Amr Dany: Interesting ❤️

5. Nasr City Sporting Club (NCSC)

· 2745 reviews

Ezbet El-Arab, Qesm Than Madinet Nasr, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nasr City Sporting Club (NCSC): what do users think?
Mandos Lolo zozo: A nice social club for all family members, and the sporting activities are also very good
Mohamed Genedy: A more than wonderful and very beautiful place, a social and sports club, the coldest need, frankly, the swimming pool and the children's area.
Hossam Ali: very good
Wael Elgammal: sweet
Mostafa Kamel: A family social club with many sports activities, cafeterias and games for children
Meral Kamal: My life at this club ❤️
Dina: Safe family clubThe club does not have famous restaurants, but recently it opened 2 cafes / snacks restaurants, snacks, and hot and cold drinks, which raised, albeit slightly, the level of the club and met the needs of members in eating healthy and clean meals during spending the day in the clubThe club is characterized by beautiful green flowering areas.The pitches are mostly good and some are newly developedTrack is goodThe swimming pools are average and face frequent problems in heating the water in winter. The changing rooms are sub-standard and have not been developed for many yearsThe bathrooms are mostly of average cleanliness and are in dire need of renovation and re-tiling.. There are no soaps of any kind in the bathrooms, nor toilet paper!! In one of them there is a recycled plastic bottle packed with some diluted cleaning soap which is very unfortunate!!!!!Members vary in social level, and this is one of its drawbacksNon-members are allowed to enter the pool on payment of tickets which are also charged to the clubParking is very crowded in the summerThe club staff are mostly helpful and politeMost of the seating areas are primitive, devoid of aesthetic touches, except for a few that have been developedThere are no ATMs inside it, which is another defect that should be remedied and an incomprehensible service that does not exist until nowThe club needs to develop and keep up with what other big clubs have achieved.
AHMED_SAMiR: Good, but irregular times sometimes
Mohamed Monir: Good
Feras Yakan: A good place for gatherings
kery vina sameh: Saleh Gymnastics is beautiful, but I need pictures of the stands
N Motion: A respectable club with respectful staff and respected members
Mahmoud Bayomy: Gymnastics tournaments are held in it
Mostafa Salah: 👍
Radwa Hasan: There is a karate, taekwondo and swimming training subscription, even if you are not a member of the club
mohanad alrehab: very good placehelpful staff
Hazem Ahmed: The Egyptian Gymnastics Aerobics Championship is currently being held
Eman Abd Elnasser: Small. Good coffee. Just a garden Not many Courts. Mosque
Mostafa مصطفى فوزى شيمي fawze shimi: Nice place to have fun
Mohamed Morshedy: Atmosphere is good

6. Fibers gym

· 159 reviews

Ahmed Ben Hanbal, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Fibers gym: what do users think?
Noor Ashraf: The best in al golf, nasr city 💪🏻
Dima K.: Lovely gym clean and the atmosphere is awesome
Dima Kailani: Beautiful and clean Gym well equipped i want to thank Ahmed from the sales department for the lovely tour and prices he provided
Momo Khaled: All the no’s. Super small gym floor. Deadlifting will knock someone out if you can find a space. Decent view from the cardio section is about all that’s going for it.
Mohammed Ali: Very very very expensive
abood fareed: Amazing .. nice place
Esraa Hamdy: So bad
Ahmed Safwat: The worst gym in New Cairo, do you think they are the assembly section? Really bad treatment, and there is no respectable person who can work with us.
abdulrahman abdulfattah: They don't care about individual needs? I have asking the front desk for more than a month to change the batteries of the rowing machine, but they never care to take any action. Moreover, they really disregard how important a single machine could mean to an athlete.
Hany Gad: Very good place
Amro Shalabi: Trashy
Syrian Girl: I love it and subscribe to it
azza taha: Clean, hygiene, friendly staff.
SAM Events: One of the best Gyms in Cairo
Mohamed I.: worst service 👎🏻
mahmoud dakkak: Jim is awesome
Ali Hefny: Great vibes
Mena Fanous: Good placeGreat classesClean and hygieneSuper good instructors
Youssef Emam: Used to be "the perfect" gym but now it's too busy and they just keep signing up more people
Hytham Ellithey: Place is amazing.Only negative is that the gym is not so big.
mohamed slah: Top gym in this area (first settlement).Very clean, nice coaches & managment team

7. Cairo Festival City Mall

· 86644 reviews

108.04 km, Cairo Festival City Mall, Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11385, Egypt

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Cairo Festival City Mall: what do users think?
Abdulwahid Alismail: A wonderful, modern and very large mall
بلوجر نسرين بنت محمد: Wonderful and large, all international brands are available in it. Various restaurants. I recommend visiting it
irawan ns: Very descent salah /prayer rooms is the most important to moslem. And the mall provides them very well.
Abdulraqeeb Alwadei: More than a wonderful place
Abdelfatah Fathy: It's great place to visit
sherif yo: High price good quality
Dave Rapien: This is one of my favourite malls in the world. There's a great design, lots of places to eat, lots of places to shop, an awesome dancing fountain and a great family atmosphere.
Oufa Gamer: 👌🏻
Ayman Awad: A mall that has everything you need
Ahmed Sherif: On top of the best places for shopping in Cairo, most of the shops you need are there, nice prices, friendly service.At last, This place I would most recommend for shopping.
عبدالرحمن الحمدي: It lacks good restaurants
Ali Saeed Jahran Alghamdi: Excellent
Ahmed Alshaibah: All under one roof
Red Cap أمجد: I am Saudi and I see the beauty of Cairo with Sayeda Zainab, Al-Hussein, Ataba, Al-Qubba Bridge and popular places, but Festival City feels that you are in Dubai GBR
MOSTAFA ABBAS: Beautiful mall and excellent sections
عبده احمد: Very very very nice place
Mahmoud Samy: Sweet and inclusive mall
Naila Selim: Well organised

8. AUC Sports Center

· 66 reviews

2G93+686, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Your Gym

· 81 reviews

40 شارع معز الدولة,متفرع من, Makram Ebeid, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11599, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Your Gym: what do users think?
Reem Reda Mohamed: wonderful place
Dina: Very good instructors. Various classes offered.Place is always kept clean.They have a little safe place for the kids to have some good time while you exercise.Cafeteria only opens at 11 am even though gym opens at 7 am which is a MAJOR DRAWBACK. Bring your water and snacks along if you plan on hitting the gym early.They have a hairdresser on site that offers services at discounted prices for members.I hope they can move to a bigger place but still stay in the heart of Nasr City.
Roka Askar: Very bad serviceIts smoking in the pool areaAnd there is no reaction from the managementThe receptionist and floor trainer very rudeI don't like their system totallyI do not recommend it to anyoneNew Cairo branch
amany Mohamad: Safe and comfortable place
Wafaa Koussi: Quite satisfactory
Queen King: Is this ladies or mixed and join you
Hanaa Amen: Its magnificence includes a swimming pool for women
Noha Nagi: All in all: great value for money.In short:✅ Friendly staff✅ TRX Class was nice✅ Cleaning 10/10✅ Responsive customer support✅ Jacuzzi and pool experience was super greatI just don't recommend the beauty salon inside. Although the customer support called me to ask for details and the beauty salon owner respected my comments. But I'd say be cautious and I don't recommend.
khadija alian: it is a nice and shining place, good welcoming staff, clean and roomy..i really enjoyed it
D_____ oo7: Super
Tamara Maat: Make sure you go evening time if you wanna feel the people there are nice to work out around.
Ayat Youssef: Nice place but too many off days for maintenance
Merihan Nagy: Really the worst gym is bad treatment and they only care about money.
Rana Sallam: Clean and professional
Mahaomar Wafa: Most funny time there .i think it's the fist gym have a pool ..all staff polit and all follow the rules of the place ..they have all classes that u need.
Omneya Attaia: It's the best gym ever ❤❤❤
GeGe Omar: Sweeten and add Jim
Bassant Araby: The gym is very nice, really happy with everything in the place
salma temraz: The best place, the most beautiful people, the sterilization is excellent, the swimming pool is very beautiful, and the events are amazing. Everything you will find in this place
Hana Saed: The Gym is one of the best places, and the place is one of the best trainers I've ever dealt with, and the Gym management is very respectable, other than sauna, jacuzzi and class.
Bassant Hassan: The best ladies gym in Nasr City

10. The Fight Zone Egypt

· 30 reviews

First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
The Fight Zone Egypt: what do users think?
Ahmed Ameen: Perfecr
Ghada Galal: Excellent place and excellent coachesExtremely friendly and they offer variety of classes for both adults and kids ♥️♥️keep it up fight zone 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Bishoy Shehata: Best fighting gym in Egypt with the most professional fighters & coaches thnx for the great experience 👊🏽
YE Elsayed: This is the way to life peak
Karim Said: A success story since many years, very polite and helpful staff, talented and experienced coaches, very well equipped place
Ahmed Gad: Top fitness facility
Is Ch: Best place ever 👍 & highly recommended
Heba Galal: In one word , the BEST martial arts and sports hub in Cairo , amazing facilities and professional service , you can’t ask for more!
Heba Gomaa: My experience with The Fight Zone has been and continues to be perfect. Excellent coaches, friendly atmosphere and superior quality of training. VERY highly recommended.
Youssef Alaa: Best place for fight games❤️
Passente Riad: My son is super happy and coach sherif is so professional
mohammad farghaly: The fight zone is a great place to learn any type of martial arts bigginer or professional, and so far I had a great experience.
Sherihan Hassan: Best place and best coaches ever
shahenaz shaker: they are very good and professional , highly recommend 👍
Ahmad Ashraf: New face of the fight game 🥇
Omar Elmeligy: Best experience of MMA is in fight zone , its my second month and i already feel powerful
Mostafa Ana: Number 1 place and facility including fully equipped gym, martial arts and boxing,great place and atmosphere
Mohamed Elwarrak: I've been to many Arab countries in the middle east and this is number 1 and the best by far, most professional and everything you need in one place
Mouniir Ahmeed: Best of the best
Tamer Eldsoky: The best place at fifth settlement , it collected Gym & MMA & Taekwondo & Muay Thai & Calisthenics & kickboxing
Mirage Navy: So unprofessional , END OF TEXT

11. The Science Gym

· 60 reviews

Rivulet Plaza 26th of July Corridor Building B, Giza Governorate 12511, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. TD Athletics

· 41 reviews

15 Ismail Mohammed, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

13. World Gym Nasr City

· 377 reviews

5 El-Nasr Rd, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Titans Gym

· 296 reviews

Mall, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Fight Club New Cairo

· 28 reviews

2FJC+QVW, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Osana Family Wellness & Cafe

· 594 reviews

11431, 4 El-Nady, Al Nadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Al Guezira Compound Club Zayed

· 274 reviews

Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Petrosport Stadium

· 3316 reviews

خدمة العملاء, القاهرة الجديدة, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Samia Allouba Gym, Dance & Fitness Centers

· 234 reviews

13 Street 254, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Pro Plus Health and Fitness Club

· 379 reviews

22 Tahran st, from, Mossadak, st, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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