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CAD Masters العدد الميكانيكية - Mechanical Tools Engo Soft ELECTRONIC REPAIR COMPANY

1. International Center For Mobile Maintenance Training

· 3 reviews

، بجوار شركة بولمان للسياحة، رمسيس القاهرة أمام محمطة مترو الشهداء، عمارة رمسيس بنك مصرالدور, الأول, Egypt

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International Center For Mobile Maintenance Training: what do users think?
تامر الصاوي: تمام

2. CAD Masters



· 254 reviews

2 Hasan Afify, Makram Ebeid, Manteqet Al Cinema, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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CAD Masters: what do users think?
Farida zahran: Very informative and helpful course …. I highly recommend it
Mahy Mohamed: I am very excited for autodesk courses and if I can I will attend all courses ❤It is very very good ❤
Mohammed Ali Hashem: An excellent place for courses and dealing with it at the highest level
Mohammed Ali Hashem Mahmoud: One of the best places for courses
Ahmed El-Khouli: It is an accredited company capable of providing all training courses related to the field of work in all fields of engineering. This is from my personal experience.
Dina Mansour: Great experience, highly trained and professional instructors that simply facilitates the learning process, highly recommended! 👍
Salma Khaled: The course was very useful and the way of explanation is simple and excellent
Haneen: it's my second time with CAD Masters , and it won't be the last !great experience, totally recommend them .
Manar Reda: I am very happy that I was with you this year and the explanation was beautiful and I benefited very much. Thank you for your trouble ♥️
Mohamed El-Malah: Very Good Place and Friendly Peoples 🌹
tasneem mohamed: It’s the perfect place to get a good quality education, courses and experience that help in career development and in studies.
Mostafa Amr: Highly recommended ❤️
Youssef Raafat: Very useful course ❤❤
Habiba Sherif: Very informative and professional highly recommended
Ahmed Sabry: The highest quality of courses
Wael Morad: Very respectable place
zarif sadek: Excellent Engineering soft wear and project management training center .
ibrahim ashmawy alwahsh: Nice
nada zewail: The explanation was great, the lecturer was very good, and the information was simple and reached easily. Thank you very much for your efforts with us ❤️❤️
Youssef Ashraf: Very useful and add more skills in a very short time
Nourhan Ali: Really professional and supportive and they have fast replying customer service and politeI was enjoy their courses, events and diplomas

3. العدد الميكانيكية - Mechanical Tools

· 6 reviews

62 El-Gomhoreya, Oraby, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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العدد الميكانيكية - Mechanical Tools: what do users think?
Wella Boody: All equipment and supplies for maintenance centers
Mustafa Rawi: All tools you may imagine under one roof.

4. Engo Soft

· 44 reviews

Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Madinet Nasr, Cairo Governorate, Egypt, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Engo Soft: what do users think?
ghaidaa fg: I am taking online courses with EngoSoft and I am so satisfied with it. The instructor is very professional and he teaches the lessons very smoothly and clearly. On the other hand, the employees at the administration department are very nice and professional, whatever I need they try to provide it. I would like to thank them all so much for their professionalism and patience.I will take other courses in the near future with them!
Abdulrahman Alrashoud: I don’t recommend it. I took two courses at once. Both of them were not good at all
ahmed apdela: Excellent company to deal with
Mohamed Ric: I would like to thank the very respected people, Mr. Abdul Rahman and Mr. Amer, may God bless you
Esraa Aqseemi: Seriously, the best diploma I took with them, by God, I wish I knew them a long time ago
Mido Hamam: The decoration diploma is very excellent and a respectable place, frankly. The best thing is to follow up with the engineer after the course. Thank you, Bashmandis, for your trouble with me.
Housam Mohamed: very good company for learning
Muhammad Sayyed: Unprofessional place
نور الشمس: Do you have online courses in Saudi Arabia?
Mohamed saad: A training company with excellent competencies and skills
mahmoud moawad hashem: Exact
Eslam Elmligy: Good
Atef Moussa: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Mahmoud Abdellatif: (Translated by Google
khaled Ibrahem: ....
abdo foad: احسن كورس فادني في الشغل يا ريت كله يجربه
Ahmed Lotfy: مكان ممتاز والتعامل فيه بمنتهى الاحترافية
eman taha: دوره المكتب الفني ممتازه جدا
karem aref: مكان محترم جدا درست فيه كورس pmp و الصراحه نظام الورشه كان مختلف و ممتاز لاني الوحيد في اصدقائي الي درست نظام تدريب علي الامتحان و ده ساعدني كتير جدا
Karem Mostafa: افضل مكان تدريب هندسي في مصر
sarah atia: A respected center, committed people, and highly qualified lecturers who are committed to recommending it for quality


· 10 reviews

3 Sharara Buildings, Hassan El Mamoun St Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

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6. Egyptian Electrical Work & Mechanics Co.

· 1 reviews

29 ش ابراهيم بن المهدى, AR Rihani, Al Azbakeya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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7. Arab Mechanical Engineers (Showroom)

314 El-tesaeen St. inside Hala Mall, 2nd floor Shop No. 211 and 212, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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