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1. Arabic in Cairo

· 54 reviews

3 Alif Kamil El-Shinnawi Street, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

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Arabic in Cairo: what do users think?
Margaret Bisulca: I studied MSA and the Egyptian dialect with Arab Academy for 4 months and made significant improvements during that time. The teachers are very encouraging and I felt that the school was able to address my language goals to push me to the level I wanted to achieve with Arabic. The classes are built around a course that they use, however, after a few weeks in class we tailored the course to fit my learning needs specifically.
Gil McKinnon: I just completed a two week course of Colloquial Arabic (private lessons, 3 hours a day). I highly recommend the Academy. My five instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Their teaching method is conducive to learning. The administration is well-organized. I hope to return in the months ahead.
Leah Van de Putte: Studying at Arab Academy has been a great choice! Starting off with 1 month of عامية "to try the school out" quickly led to booking 3 months extra. The school is super flexible to make a personal class schedule that fits your needs and wishes, the classes itself are conversation-based: ideal for getting around in the Egypt! I have made lovely friends and kind connections with the teachers (who are all Egyptian, a massive improvement in up-to-date vocab in comparison to my classes in my home country). When I come back, I will definitely stop by again!
Elmjak Ashraf: Excellent place
Jeremy Low: I have enjoyed my time learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic at Arab Academy. The teachers were extremely patient and effective in their classes and they made learning fun.
Elnaz Ashkriz: I studied at Arab Academy for one month. The school is great, it has a really positive atmosphere and the teachers are kind and committed. I had a great time there and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to study Arabic.
Jack Harris: I spent 2 months studying at Arab Academy in the summer of 2022. I found the staff to be excellent, friendly and supportive.The teachers are patient, and it is a great setting to learn either Modern Standard or Colloquial Egyptian Arabic.
Zhixi Liu: My seven-week study (for both MSA and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic) at Arab Academy was definitely gratifying! I came with the shyness and fear of speaking Arabic and left with the confidence and competence of expressing myself in Arabic. Thanks to the pedagogical skills of my teachers and the positive vibe they brought to the classroom, I found the beauty of Arabic and the enjoyment of using the language.Besides the fact that I was satisfied with the linguistic knowledge I gained, I also got obsessed with the class discussion on various topics including cultural affiliation, social norms, and medical systems.In addition, the institute is very well-organized and my communication with the executive staff is always super efficient.Highly recommend!
Honghao Su: I had very pleasant experience studying Arabic with Arab Academy. The course was well-structured and the level was decent with me as I had some experience with Arabic before. Even though I only spent two weeks there, I still learnt a lot. The teachers are very qualified and patient. They always correct me patiently on some of the mistakes that I make over and over again, and they are always happy to answer my questions. I would highly recommend Arab Academy for Arabic learning and I wish to come back soon.
Lennert Staat: Very good lessons. They team is very friendly, dedicated and willing to help you with all your personal requests. I had a private course fitting my needs to progress in Arabic and the team did everything to help me to reach my personal goals. The team is also very quick responding on every request/email. It was a lovely experience! I recommend this language academy strongly!
Lizzy Budden: My friend and I studied here for a week during Ramadan 2022, we loved it so much! The course for Egyptian dialect was thorough and covered many interesting topics. All the teachers immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable, and the only downside is that we could not stay for longer! Thank you Arab Academy!
Roel Welling: The Arab Academy is a great language school and I enjoyed studying there, even if it was only for a month. The teachers are friendly and qualified. The Arab Academy has developed its own method, which is good, but it can get a bit tedious in class when you are strictly following an online course on the screen. Everybody at the Academy is really welcoming and makes you feel at home. They also organize events where you can practice your Arabic and meet new people.
Sylvie Marchand: This was such a beautiful experience, it is so fruitful learning at the Arabacademy !I want to thank the whole team and the wonderful teachers for their welcoming and teaching abilities ! I will certainly come back and advise everyone to join this school !!! MERCI :-)
Jasmine baker: I studied with Arabic in Cairo for several months, firstly with the intensive course for one month (4 hours per day, 5 days per week), and then reduced down to 3 hours per week according to my needs and schedule (the school was happy to be flexible which was great). This is great place to learn Arabic from scratch and I recommend it highly, although the price is higher than other schools. Teachers are extremely qualified (my teacher had degrees/masters in translation and linguistics allowing him to explain things clearly) and the whole staff are helpful, friendly and accommodating. They also hold monthly 'parties' or activities for students which are genuinely great fun.
Simon Eugster: Studying at the Arab Academy was a very good experience. I feel like I made progress even though I was only there for a month. The teachers are friendly and supportive, it is fun learning from them. I also really appreciated the Academy's flexibility in studying schedules.
Jack Schwartz: I had a really great experience at Arab Academy. I took part in the intensive Arabic program in Cairo for two months, and I gained a solid grasp on the Arab language by the end of my time. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to get started learning Arabic to choose Arab Academy.
Farida Soler: Arab Academy is a great school. The teachers are absolutely amazing. They are patient and willing to help their students. My young daughter is currently learning online and we have seen a tremendous growth in her ability to understand and communicate in the Arabic language. The material is very easy to follow and comprehend especially with their repetition model. The assignments are graded after each submission which helps students see their progress as well. It’s a great school with an affordable monthly rate and booking classes online is a breeze. I highly recommend Arab Academy.
Kyra Zimmerman: The school was great, organized and the teachers were wonderful! Wish I could have studied with them longer. :)
Luana Marina: I studied Modern Standard Arabic at Arab Academy for 4 Weeks (full-time, five days per week, four hours per day). The program is demanding but very efficient. I learned a lot and felt profoundly supported by the teachers and the staff. They adapted the lessons according to my needs when I asked for it. This helped me to improve even in the areas that were most difficult for me. The course provided me with a solid base of grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Moreover, the teachers constantly encouraged oral communication. The software you get along with the course is excellent, and you get homework to apply what you have learned. Thus, I highly recommend Arab Academy to everyone willing to improve their Arabic as fast as possible. I got so much more out of this course than expected, including a warm and welcoming atmosphere at school!
Kai Wu: Très bonne école et bonne méthode.
stabkamay: The academy is located in Garden City, a quiet part of Cairo, and doesn't only provide courses in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), but also in Egyptian Colloquial. I took MSA courses there (Advanced Mid-Level) during August 2021 together with some other students and it was a great experience. We'd study for five days a week, Sunday to Thursday, each day for four hours from 9 to 1. There usually was a different teacher for each hour and we would thus practise various things (usually reading and text comprehension, listening, speech). The teachers were very friendly and professional, also patient and would encourage us students to actively communicate in Arabic so that we could improve our skills. I can only agree with other reviews, the academy and its teachers are very professional and reliable.

2. International House Cairo - ILI for Arabic Language



· 42 reviews

4 Mahmoud Azmy, Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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International House Cairo - ILI for Arabic Language: what do users think?
Hussein Yasser: Great
Abdelhakem Sawey: I would love to work in this institute, where I hold a BA in Arabic language management with a preliminary master’s degree in grammar and morphology
Hmza Mohamed: distinct
Zakariya Muhammed bello: Very beautiful
Omar Hussein: Ripoff
Mostafa Mamdouh: IH Cairo is the best place to study Arabic
tarek tarek: possessive
Mash Mash: A beautiful and quiet place, God willing, I will register soon
Viktoria Tengelin: Best place to learn Arabic and very dedicated team of staff.
mando alex: 7 rghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Maarten Andreas: The best place to learn Arabic in the whole middle east.
Marie Frietman: Learn Arabic in short time
mohamed hassan: I love later English and ilearn
Mattie Su: Awesome place to learn Arabic!
Imran Ahmad: The institute is good
اخترعاتى kokoparze: It is useful for someone to learn inventions

3. Berlitz Language Center

· 4 reviews

Street 2, Hadaeq Al Qubbah, Hada'iq El Qobbah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Berlitz Language Center: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali Amr: I do not recommend dealing with them.. Low level of treatment and poor organization and management
Abeer Elsayed: Some of the instructors were excellent other is under qualified and didn’t prepare before sessionSome of them didn’t correct your context even grammar others were excellent correct context and grammarThe online agent is rude I don’t know why he is in this place I won’t continue with Berlitze because of him and bad instructorPlease be careful about the students and listen to them

4. Arabic Schooling

· 2 reviews

Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
Arabic Schooling: what do users think?
myaccount myaccount: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI have been learning Arabic there for 9 months now, I feel a good progress. I can talk to arabs in my city and they are impressed
amd azo: I like learning with Arabic Schooling, because of their effective courses, and their expert professional teachers

5. Kalimāt Language & Cultural Centre

· 13 reviews

MOHANDESEEN, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Kalimāt Language & Cultural Centre: what do users think?
Sireen Badr: I loved my time at Kalimat. The teachers there are so kind and are fun to learn with. I did a study abroad program with them through my university and Kalimat organized a number of excursions in the 6 weeks we were there. We went to the Pyramids, Alexandria, the Egyptian Museum, and my absolute favorite was our trip to the White Desert where we slept under the stars, had food cooked for us, and got to listen to our tour guides sing and play songs on the guitar and drum. The people at Kalimat truly want the best experience for their students and I had no complaints. Thank you Kalimat.
Anthony Greco: If you are interested in learning Egyptian colloquial or Modern Standard Arabic, come to Kalimat. The center teaches a curriculum which was developed by its founder and is the most comprehensive and streamlined approach to teaching the language that I have experienced. I am a PhD student who has studied Arabic for nearly a decade and had the pleasure of working with Ra’fat and Hibba at Kalimat while on a Fulbright fellowship. Highly recommend.
Dave Meder: Highly intelligent teaching. Thoughtful and well-organized curriculum and great instruction from Ra’fat. I made so much progress in only a few months of study. Thank you Ra’fat and Kalimat.
Jamie Belles: I just finished a month-long intensive program here, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Raf'at is very professional. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get a good grasp of the local language quickly. The teaching methods are great. If I return to Egypt I will definitely take another lesson here.
Charles Northam: I studied the Egyptian dialect at Kalimat these past few months (2020). The very experienced director Ra'fat is passionate with teaching and ensuring your language pronunciation is accurate and clear so you can be well understood on the streets of Cairo when interacting with the locals. Classes are a mixture of oral, reading and listening exercises in a large refurbished apartment and a very safe and healthy environment. Sign up now for classes and take advantage of this quiet time and good teacher availability before all the students return to Cairo.
Omar Hussein: I took lessons from this guy and thought he was mediocre at best and was surprised to find hes "center" comprised of just one teacher, him. And no other students to speak of. Based on his stories this had once been something resembling a center and was full of excuses as to why this was no longer the case. What really takes the cake though is that he very suddenly canceled our lessons citing that he wakes up at 7 am whatever that means. Completely untrustworthy and crooked. Steer clear.
David Olsen: I have taken two six week sessions at Kalimat and could not be happier with the results. Raafat and his team have built a strong curriculum that is a proven, step by step format for learning the Arabic language - for both beginners as well as more advanced speakers.I have learned other languages and know how difficult it can be, and Arabic is challenging as well. That said, Kalimat breaks the language down into to understandable "bite size" pieces that one can use in class, and immediately once you leave their location.One final note on the way Kalimat teaches. They give you tools so that you can continue to learn. While there is much focus on your ability to learn aspects of the language you can use immediately, they also base their teaching in fundamental grammar principles so one can continue to learn even after you have left class or Egypt.Kalimat is located in a very safe part of Cairo with numerous restaurants and cafes nearby. The location itself is clean and spacious with a kitchen and dining area for making or having a breakfast, coffee break or lunch with Raafat and his team.I highly recommend Kalimat.
Files Viktoria: Very good language school. Chilled atmosphere and very friendly and ambitious teachers. Wahid's and Rafaat's classes are very engaging. I recommend this school for private lessons to people with full schedules who are dependent on flexible planning.
Andrea Grijalvo: Good teachers but not recommended during Ramadan (less hours of class, same price)
Munazza Ebtikar: Kalimat was such a breath of fresh air from studying Arabic in a UK university. I was taught Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic Literature by instructors who were deeply passionate about teaching and willing to work with my needs as a student. I would highly recommend this language centre for anyone who is hoping to study Arabic in the Middle East.
Zuzana MACHOVA: Studying in Kalimat was an amazing experience. I was enrolled in the intensive MSA+ECA couse for one month. Teachers are professional, you receive all material for studying and the space of the language school is very cozy, with a big kitchen. you can easily spend there a whole day without realizing it. Also, I really appreciated the dedication of teachers!!
ju hee lee: جيد جدا kalimat👍아랍어 배우기에 좋은 어학원입니다. 하지만 동양권은 거의없고 서양권 학생이 많은점은 참고하시면 좋을것 같아요.

6. International House Cairo

· 24 reviews

17 Boulos Hanna, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12611, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

7. The Chinese Muslim Restaurant

· 913 reviews

21 Al Agahori, Al Ganzouri, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

8. Chinese language center

Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Maadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Street 218

Address WhatsApp

9. Reachout Academy

· 63 reviews

17 Boulos Hanna, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12611, Egypt

Address Website
Reachout Academy: what do users think?
Mohamed Abdelrahman: The best place to do your CELTA, however, they have ONLY ONE bathroom 😂The staff is cooperative, the trainers are internationally-experienced, the location is classy, the facilities are cool but quite ancient regarding some equipment, and one last thing to say about it is that you're going to love it 😍
Mohamed Hamed: NA
reham Abd al aal: A world of rubbish in the extreme badPraise be to God that our Lord saved me better than the mother of this placeThe administration there is bad and most of the teachers don't know the curriculum they useYou must download a grammar and an A1 for the sake of the two sharksMay God curse you in this world and the hereafter
Brenda Elatabani: Best place ever..highly recommended and all teachers are high qualified and i have been studied from A2 till C1 and finally I got accepted in the Celta course , Many thanks for all the Team and lovely teacher specially Mr Tiron , Ahmed and Flora
سفر سماء: Frankly, he is a world of garbage. We do not advise you not to waste your money on him. He is a world of fraud, and even the teachers are not foreigners. They are all ordinary teachers who do not have qualified staff to teach. You feel as if they are school students, not teachers. My money was wasted, I studied with them up to B1 and you didn't speak English, they made me hate the mother of the English
Rakibul Karim Chowdhury: Good place. Google map pin shows a wrong loctaion. I had trouble to find out the location. Finally I could reach with the help of some local people.
Asma Al-azazzi: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Value
Tamer Hosny: A solid place for English language courses and foreign teachers
Ahmed Elmenshawy: One of the worst places that I deal with, you feel that they are looking for their own business, not for the studentsI want to take a conversation course, and if I start from scratch, tell me no, first you have to take a general, at least two levelsWell, you made a level determination and got the fourth levelNo, cool down, you have to be a general, and then we do another level determination, and if you reach 6, then you will enter into a conversationAnd fights with them to take a conversation courseAmal, why are you doing a general course and a conversation course, and each one is 12 levels?But to be honest, the people in the reception are respectful, but unfortunately they carry out the administration's orders for a living.Greetings to them for good treatment of students
Mohamed Ayyad: The place is mainly an education center, that gives courses such as TEFL, TESOL and CELTA, in addition to general English courses. The place enjoys high credibility and a good fame
Ehab Rihan: Unhelpful
Abdoul Malick Issoufou Maiga: One of the best centres to learn English in Cairo
Moustafa Muhammad: .أنا جربتهم في الانجليزي وجربت NOT Courses و Berlitz أفضلهم بيرلتز بمراحل ثم نوت كورس ثم هما(Translated by Google
Marwan Hesham: fantastic place
Marwan Vendetta: Very excellent service
صفاء اليافعي: Beautiful institute and great teachers
Sherif Azzam: They have no credibility
ahmed othman: The best center to learn language
عبدالمجيد الرياشي: very cool institute
Simon S. Fahmy: Very positive thing about this place- language been taught by native speakers- also they provide variety of languages
Samsubg Q: Very cool institute

10. Aleem Center

· 34 reviews

35 Hafez Badawi, Street - 7th District, Nasr City, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Aleem Center: what do users think?
Esther Roy: It's a good language learning center , to learn new language with nice teachers are important. Recommend you come to Aleem Center to study Arabic language and speak Arabic fluently .
Aziza Ali: Super good amazing for learning Arabic recommended for everyone
Braho Mehja: Centre d'apprentissage de la langue arabe que je recommande vivement à tous le monde, peut importe le pays d'origine, corps enseignants parfait, methode d'apprentissage de même, je suis arrivé ici avec zéro, ce centre m'a beaucoup apporté et a su tirer le meilleur de moi même jusqu'à que je puisse arriver au niveau auxquel je suis aujourd'hui !Vivement recommandé
Emre Arkan مصعب امري: Allah bless Aleem Centre.Zor spas dikim. Bi xwendina wê pir zêde kêfa min hat. Erebî bi zimanekî hijaye. Ev meytep gelekî başe. Xwedê ji were rahma xwe bişîne. Xwendin, xwendin, xwendin. Serkeftin Aleem Centre.
Merve Erdogan: Ich lerne bei aleem Center, seid ca. 8 Monaten die hocharabische Sprache und den Quran lerne icj seit ca 6 Monaten . Ich bin sehr zufrieden! Meine Lehrerin Ustaza Hind ist super, sie bringt die arabische Sprache auf einfache Art bei. ❤ ♥️ Merkez ist sehr familienfreundlich, und auch verständnisvoll, man kann mit Ihnen über alles sprechen, sie versuchen dir zu helfen und dich zu unterstützen. In anderen Sprachschulen findet man es nicht. Merkez Aleem ist ein Familienunternehmen, und die familiäre Atmosphäre wird an die Schüler weitergegeben. Ich fühle mich hier sehr gut aufgehoben. Fur Mütter die arabisch lernen wollen und das Kind nicht abgeben können (aus welchen Gründen auch immer) sind in aleem Center gut aufgehoben. 👍I learn in aleem Center now for 8 months the arabic language ans also the quran al kareem for maybe 6 months, i love the Center and the teachers. I love my arabic teacher Ustaza Hind, she is a very good teacher and have good teaching methods ❤ Aleem center is very familiar and I am studying there with my little daughter. I love the family atmosphere. You will not find a center like aleem center in Cairo❤💜 It's a good place for mothers who want to learn the arabic language and also quran. For mothers who are looking for an arabic teaching institute, is aleem center the best place. ❤
Abdirahman Muqtaar: Masha Allah markas Aleem center qaahiro waa markas aad ufican wax barashada aad ayey ugu ficantahay macalimiin fican ayaa joogaan markaska mudiir aad ufican iyo mudiirad fican ardey aad ufican ayaa joogaan Allah garabkiina xagalo aad ayaa ugu mahadsantihiin mudiiradeyda iyo mudiirkeyga iyo dhamaan macalimiinta
Mutea Malik: My 4 children and I studied at Aleem center for 7 months.Aleem center is a excellent place to learn Arabic. The teacher's are very good and are patient and helpful. The administrator's Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Eman are very honest and beautiful people who care about the success of their students. Also their daughters are very friendly and caring. Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Eman are also very welcoming, and make the students feel comfortable and like family. May Allah reward them and grant them paradise.The school is excellent for children and adults of all ages. We will miss the school, the students, the teachers, Mr. Ahmed, Mrs. Eman , and their daughters.I wish Aleem center all the best.
Emrah Yavuz: Merkez alim eğitimi ilgi ve alakası ile vaz gecilmeyecek bir dil kursu Güler yüzlü ve sevecen hâlleri ile de her gün bizleri karşılıyorlar. Ve özellikle egit ve hoca kalitesi çok iyiأنا أتحدث عن نفسي مركز عليم مكان عالي الجودة مع تعليمه ومعلميه شكرا جزيلا لك على اهتمامك واهتمامك.
Muhammad Mustafo: Juda ajoyib Aleem Centr
Islam cute: Aleem Center is really good, and I had a good experience in Aleem center. The teachers are nice and it's easy too learn with them. I'm from America, and now I know how to speak Arabic so good!
Muhammad Elmaliki: I found it so easy to make new friends when I first came to Aleem Center, students and teachers both made me feel so welcomed. I am really happy here and enjoy every moment. The teachers are very kind and helpful. Thanks to Aleem Center I am now fluent in Arabic. ‏ ‏جزاك الله خير
Metin Akgül: Çok kısa zamanda çok şey öğrettiler herkese tavsiye ederim
Esma Elmaliki: I’m so grateful for this center . After learning in this center I am now able to speak Arabic fluently and be able to communicate and understand people in the center and outside the center. The teachers and administration are very friendly and they motivate you to become the best of student .إذا كنت تريد تعلم اللغة العربية أوصي بهذا المركز
U Badrool: มาเรียนที่นี่ จากที่อ่านไม่ได้เขียนไม่ถูกตอนนี้อ่านได้เขียนได้ อัลฮัมดูลิลลาห์อุสตาสสอนดีมากก กันเองหมดทุกคนดอกเตอร์กับดอกเตอร์เราะห์ ก็ใจดีแถมยังสวยด้วยน้ะ😅
Envy: this place of education is excellent there are good teachers and they teach the arabic language which is very important if you are wondering where to learn arabic come to aleem centre.
imelda mail: Ma sya Allah, barakallahu fikum.... Markaz Lughah yang sangat baik...Yuana Ryan Tresna, Indonesia
Kamal Md Rahim: Alhamdulillah. Khatam pengajian AlQuran Bersanad di Markas Aleen Cairo hari ini.
Mahdiy IbnAbdulloh: Маа шаа Аллах, здорова
Ayten Ahmed Gamil: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Siti Aisyah: Ustazah iman Asytaq
ALi Mohsen: Positive:Communication,Value

11. Lisan al arab language center

· 20 reviews

In front of Manaret Al-Iman School) 10-th district, Cairo, 18 Dr El-Sheemy, Nasr City, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Al Ibaanah Arabic Center

· 95 reviews

Saqaliya Street, from Makram Ebeid Street, Zone, 36 Sakaliya, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. 8 Restaurant

· 140 reviews

1089 Nile Corniche, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11519, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Chinese Restaurant

· 320 reviews

375G+QC7, Al Ganzouri, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

15. Arabeya Arabic Language Center

· 15 reviews

13 El-Tahrir Square, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt


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