Best Limousine Companies In Cairo Near Me

CAIRO Limousine كيرو تراڤيل ليموزين Cairo limousine Sama Egypt Limousine & Car Rental نقل سياحى و ليموزين 99 لتاجير الاتوبيسات والرحلات M3 Limousine Travel House of Egypt Corp. Continental Rides For Car Rental in Cairo Mustang Limousine Massa IGBT Limousine Taxi London Egypt Limousine Buddabest limousine-بودابست ليموزين ليموزين مصر الالفي كارز HT Travel Service

1. CAIRO Limousine

· 13 reviews

26 نادي الرمايه, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11311, Egypt

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CAIRO Limousine: what do users think?
Mohamad Tariq: Smooth and easy
Ahmed Saad: Excellent. Exceeded my expectations.Service:Limousines
Ahmed Omran: A respectable company, distinguished captains, cars, model 2020Service:Limousines
Mohamed Fathy: Service:Limousines
احمد صقر: One of the best companies I have dealt with is punctuality, the driving is calm and the cars are new and very clean.Service:Limousines
Sherif Attaalla: Excellent
islam Siddig: Modern and very good ArabicAnd Captain Lee was with me from the airport to the house, very beloved and goodTheir prices are reasonable and they are on time
Ehab Francis: Well organised, respectable driver (George) was. New cars and on time service.They followed up too & send me my receipt.
Hatem hamdy: The service is very goodTiming, car was clean, driver is very polite
WALEED ELBADRY: They lack a website for reservation and you need to use either Whatsapp or phone call.
Ibrahem Ali: Contract underway
Mohammed Ahmed: I did not visit their office, but I called them and booked a car for the airport, the car came on time without any delay 👍👍
Rehab Abdelaziz: Rate 5 stars. Thank you for a very good price and serviceService:Limousines
Khalid Youssef: Thank you very much. Your services are excellent. This is the fourth time I travel with you. The service is really excellent. The driver was calm. I recommend Cairo Limousine to anyone.Service:Limousines
chemstry for all (‫كيمياء لغات‬‎): Honestly the best company and excellent customer service. Thank you for the beautiful serviceService:Limousines
salwa nabil: Excellent service, the Arabic was clean, the driver was committed, and we arrived in record time. Thank youService:Limousines
ref elattar: Professional job and respectful people
Mohamed El Bindary: A very respectable company, and God willing, they will continue to progress, and their cars are distinguished, frankly

2. Egypt Taxi Transfer



· 23 reviews

5 Kasr Al Nile, ميدان التحرير, Downtown, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt

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3. كيرو تراڤيل ليموزين

· 25 reviews

Abbas El-Akkad, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

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كيرو تراڤيل ليموزين: what do users think?
Khalid Alamoudi: May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon youKiro Travel CompanyA real summit in honesty, politeness, respect, appreciation and sincerity at workI can only say and recommend dealing with it with all my comfort.Especially in dealing with Mr. / Mina Abu KeroA man in the truest sense of the wordmean from the otherEnjoy your time and let us driveI ask God to grant him success
Mena Awad: Customer service is excellent
ام فيلو ام فيلو: The best limousine company I have ever worked with. I ordered a car at 3 am to the airport. It arrived within half an hour, and the captain was pure taste. Thank you, Kiro Travel Limousine Company.
اسلام الشريف: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Govna Mosaad: Positive:Punctuality,Quality,Value
Ahmed Ismail: One of the very respectable companies that you can deal with, punctuality, very good quality, really all safety
Hany Hurghada: Indeed, the treatment is very good and the last respect
Katiya Uoseef: One of the best companies that I have worked with, the captain is very respectful, and he has the highest level of taste and politeness. The face is right at the right time. Also, your prices are the lowest and cheaper than other companies.
هايدي هايدي: Positive:Punctuality
Kero Ahdy: The company is very respectable and the cars are very comfortable. May God bless them for the best treatment
Romany Ayoub: the best thing to be with u ....u r professional .....
Armia Ramzy: Positive:Professionalism
مارينا مدحت فضل: Seriously, the deal is more than wonderful.. I tried many companies, but I really feel comfortable in dealing with them and being punctual. Hopefully, this will not be the last deal.
George Hanna: Very respectable people, the appointments are correct, the prices are very reasonable, new cars, and the dealings are very good. Thank you
Aref Bakry: Positive:ValueOne of the best car rent agency
رانيا روماني صالح حكم الله: The treatment is very good, and God willing, it will not be the last treatment between us ♥️♥️
كيرلس لطف الله: Positive:Quality
monika safwat: A very respectable company, punctuality, good treatment, and amazing prices 😍😍
Mario Gamal: A very respectable company, their cars are at the highest level, the dealings are very respectful, their appointments are very excellent, the prices are amazing, and the captains have great experience in the field of driving. Thank you, a team that deserves support and appreciation ❤️😍👌
مينا ابو كيرو مينا ابو كيرو: A respectable company with a distinction in prices, service, captains and cars

4. Cairo limousine

· 12 reviews

النزهه، القاهرة، مصر, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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5. Sama Egypt Limousine & Car Rental

· 74 reviews

90th Street، 5th Settlement، محافظة القاهرة‬،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sama Egypt Limousine & Car Rental: what do users think?
Mona Tarek: much appreciate ...super supportiveThank you so much!!
Hamoda Mhran: Thank you so much.. super!!
El Khalijia: Great serviceThanks team
Hager Mohamed: Beautiful tourGood guideGood teamNice carThanks teamServices:Private tours,Youth transportation,Airport transport,Special events,City tours,Corporate services,Group tours,Private charters,Weddings,Limousines
Nourhan Aly: Ride was fine and car was clean. Driver did not know where the terminals are at cairo airport.
Mostafa Hammad: Leading limousine companySkilled driverCommitted to deadlinesIt really was a great tripThanks to allServices:Private tours,Airport transport,City tours,Private charters,Limousines
Ahmed borie: Excellent serviceModern carsReasonable priceThanks Team
Sayed Seka: Excellent service and good timingsNew and clean carsSkilled driversReally great serviceThanks team
Ahmed Hassan: Leading company in dealing with customersVery luxurious cars and skilled driversThanks
Ahmed Mohmed: Luxury carGood teamThanks
محمد عشوش: Great service, clean cars,good teamExcellent companyThanks all !!
Mohammed Halas: High prices
Mark Gendy: Sama went above and beyond for our group, they did an amazing job and I can’t recommend them enough! Sara was great to deal with at head office, Omar did an amazing job helping us with organizing our trip in order to get the best out of it and Ehab was an expert driver! Make sure you use this company for all of your trips in Egypt, I definitely will!Service:Group tours
Farah Tamer: Great service and beautiful cars
Amr: Great serviceGood follow upGood teamThanks Sama Egypt
فاطمة جمال: Excellent company, very good service and skilled driversThanks TeamThanks Sama Egypt 😘😘
soso ra2ft: Great service thanksServices:Private tours,Airport transport,Limousines
عصام انس الوجود: Very good company and serviceThank so much team
Mohamed Waleed: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueVery appreciated thank for your cooperationServices:Group tours,Private tours,Airport transport,City tours
Tamer Safwat: Positive:ProfessionalismGreat service professional guide and driver thanks
吴XQ: 不错

6. نقل سياحى و ليموزين 99 لتاجير الاتوبيسات والرحلات

· 202 reviews

27 A El Tahrir, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12615, Egypt

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7. M3 Limousine

· 116 reviews

١٤٠ شارع ٢٦ يوليو - امام سنترال الزمالك, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11561, Egypt

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M3 Limousine: what do users think?
reham mohamed: They are great and friendly in there job and have great collection of cars and I enjoy my trip very much
Mahmoud Sakr: Excellent company, excellent service, strong management, luxury cars, respected drivers and industry experience,Thank you for the good handling and the classy style 👍🏼👍🏼
Rania Zyad: I would like to thank you very much, an excellent place, elegant treatment, and exact dates
Ibrahim Hussein: M3 Limousine It,s very very goodThis place is very efficient and I recommend the experience✨👌
Hema Hussein: The best car experience in the best way, the latest models, the speed of response, and very high efficiency. I recommend trying it ♥👌
Mohamed Hazem: A very respectable company to deal withAnd people are the summit of taste and respect
Karim Fared: Respect and classy place
Ali Farid: M3 limousine is a very excellent office in dealing with reasonable prices, Luxury, the latest cars and the finest cars.We recommend dealing with it
Abeer Kamal: The handling is very good, the cars are in very excellent condition, and the response is quick and responsive
Ali Lolo: Respectful and classy
Fatma afifi: A respected company, an excellent team, very committed, and very safe. It will not be the last deal with you
abd elrahman: Good place and respectful people 👍
samy yasser: Thank you, M3 is a respectable company with excellent management and distinguished services
Salwa Mosaad: One of the best companies in dealing, the cars are excellent, and the management is top in commitment and respect. Thank you, and God willing, it is not the first deal
Ramy Tyson: Thank you for the good deal, and God willing, it is not the first deal with a respectable company and excellent service
Ibrahim Zayed: A very respectable company, I am happy to deal with you, and God willing, it will not be the first deal
Albrens Totah: Thanks for the good treatment
Abdo Ali: I am really happy to deal with you and thank you for the service
Shahd Salman: Honestly, you are very tasteful people and a very respectable company, and I liked dealing with you very much
hazem hazem: A respectable company that is committed to deadlines and has high efficiency in operating management
Omar Soliman: Thank you for the help and thank you for respecting the deadlines, thank youAli employed Ahmed Hisham and advisor to Muhammad

8. Kayan Car Rent

· 160 reviews

Ahmed Bahgat, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, MaadiCairo Governorate, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Kayan Car Rent: what do users think?
Majed El-Soukari: Ease of booking service 5/5Quality of cars 3 to 4 /5Rent prices 5/5Delivery service 5/5Cooperation during your rental period 5/5Paying back insurance money 0/5 maybe even below ZeroWould recommend using their service ONLY if you get a deal of not paying ANY insurance. Horrible experience to get your money back. After 4 months, I received 50% only while their promise is money back in less than a month (for traffic tickets reasons).I used their service twice and in both times I've went through hell to get my money back, and this time an even worse experience. No matter what they say that it's a bank error, I can't believe that it happened twice with the same client! In two separate years!I wanted to be a returning customer but I've had enough.*Update1: your reply to my post has still not solved the main problem. Very disrespectful to give such generic reply with no solution and not pay your customer's money back! PAY ME MY MONEY BACK ALREADY!*Update2: Still have not received my money*Update 3: Finally, I got my money after 4 MONTHS. The whole process of the return and the handling of it, is a major problem and demoter point
عبدلله الدوسري: The best service provided to the customer is the best company I dealt with. In Egypt, I thank Hussein and the representative of Muhammad Ali for their good treatment 👍👍
Aleksandr: Can recommend this honest company! Good car for a good price. No deposite or credit cart need.
OXYGEN: A very respectable and credible company in dealing, God willing, not the last dealings with each otherOf course, I thank Mr. Omar Mohamed
Abd Elrahman Yasen: First rental experience, thank God, committed and cooperative
امال المعلم: A very wonderful company and I recommend dealing with them .. Nice reception and you receive the car clean and clear with the contract .. And they arrived at the time of receipt on time at the airport and received the car from me .. Wonderful in every sense of the word 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Mohamed Hamza: Excellent and clear service, and there are no hidden costs
AbdelRahman Fouda: The company's dealings are respectful at the beginning, there is commitment to deadlines and the quality of the car is good, with honesty in dealing, many thanks to the company and those in charge of the work and attention to the customer
Сергій Гоцуляк: Очень благодарны, приятно, когда люди отвечают за свои слова, идут навстречу и готовы помочь!Рекомендую компанию!
hussin abd elaziz: excellent
Khaled Shaaban: very good
mohamed omar: Greetings to your company, one of the best services that you can find in terms of dealing and punctuality
Hussein H: Very respectful people, honest, committed and cooperative
mohamed helmy mustafa: Great
hossam mohamed mahmoud: Wonderful
sherif talaat: God willing, every vacation, I will leave the car from you, respectable people, and the cars are excellent
bakil nagi abdulla: God bless you
mohamed ata abdalrady: I thank all the employees of the companyExcellent service, accuracy and commitment
ramses ahmed zaki: Proud to do business with you
hamza saaid: Respected company

9. Travel House of Egypt Corp.

· 10 reviews

7 El Saada St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Travel House of Egypt Corp.: what do users think?
Julie Hyunjoo Lee: Excellent customer service. Special thanks to Hatem, Tariq and the team. Thanks for sharing beautiful Egypt and its culture. Strongly recommend!
Goretti Foreau: Just an amazing week !! Travel house took great care of our group and made the experience flawless . Thank you for your professionalism . I will be returning to Egypt !!
Junko OSAWA: Thank you Travel House Of Egypt. It was a fantastic tour. Highly recommended!!!
sandra muller: Fueron de mucha ayuda, un tour muy bien organizado
Gabrielle Kelly: The entire team at Travel House of Egypt were fantastic. They were knowledgeable, helpful, flexible, kind and fun. No problem was too big or small to resolve. The trip was amazing. I would highly recommend the team!
Claire Tunissen: In the past week I was part of an International group that had the pleasure of touring and seeing the wondrous sites and treasures of Egypt. Travel House of Egypt was in charge of all the arrangements from the minute we landed in Cairo till when we departed. Together with the people in the know from our group, an itinerary was put together by Hatem and his team that can only be described as exceptional. No request was too much and Hatem and Tarek looked after us incredibly well.Our tour guide Noha Sidky was extremely knowledgeable and patient and enthusiastic in sharing her love of Egypt and its treasures.I would wholeheartedly recommend Travel House of Egypt as the 'go to' to arrange any future travel plans in Egypt. You will not be disappointed.
Dalia Farid: We had with Travel House of Egypt a very memorable trip and an unforgettable experience. The tour was so well organised and all aspects of the trip were taken care of. They were extremely professional, extraordinary and so generous in their services which really made our trip so special and an absolute success. Noha Sedky, the tour guide was wonderful, experienced, extremely professional, knowledgeable, a great host and very friendly. Relentless efforts, surprises, fantastic itinerary and touching gestures were obvious all over the trip. Thank you Hatem, Noha,Tarek & Abdel Wahab for this wonderful experience.
khaled sarwat: What a fabulous trip organized by Travel House of Egypt. We were about 30 + people from different nationalities. We all enjoyed it very much thanks to the professionalism of Hatem and his staff who were very caring and meticulous in every detail, their outstanding planning and great service really made our trip a success. The visits we had as well as the choice of restaurants and food were perfect.Our tour guide Noha was exceptionally professional and caring adding to our great satisfaction. Thank you Hatem,Noha, Tarek and the entire staff of Travel House of Egypt for a memorable trip
Katy Greco: Hatem and team planned a fabulous week for our group (30+ international friends- lots to be sorted!) The level of planning and attention to detail was extraordinary! We all agreed it was an unforgettable experience in the beautiful country of Egypt. I cannot think of anything else they could have done to make our trip more enjoyable. From start to finish it was 💯! Highly recommend 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Mima Fabra: Excellent organisation. Best guides with a high standard of professionalism.They look after the minimum detail.We had an unforgettable tour around Egypt.
Myissa Yamashiro: I was part of a group who visited Egypt in early May 2023. We worked with Hatem and the Travel House of Egypt staff to create a personalized itinerary for our group.Upon our arrival, to the day we departed Cairo, every aspect of the trip was exceptional. I cannot express enough how their thoughtful planning, attention to detail, outstanding service and level of care made for a very memorable trip.10/10, actually 12/10 (yes, they're that good)Highly recommend!
Lucia Duggan: The team at Travel House have gone above and beyond my expectations. I was part of a group of 30 and the way the whole trip was managed, from the planning stage, hosting zoom information meetings, the welcome on arrival, the many different transfer to the arrival at the last hotel, everything was conducted with professionalism.Whatever could be done to make our experience more enjoyable it was done.Thank you Hathim, Tarek and Noha for an unforgettable experience in beautiful Egypt.I think sorting out the traffic is beyond anyone :-) and part of the experience:-) catch up on rest whilst the able drivers navigate the chaos :-)
Fenton Sands: Between April 29, 2022 and May 12, 2022, a group of 21 family and friends had a marvelous, wonderful time touring Egypt! The service was superb, from full airport arrival/departure, all transportation and hotel arrangements, etc. and especially the arrangements for a 4 night cruise on a dahabaya from Aswan to Luxor! This was truly a very nice part of the trip. Our trip included a special one-day trip to Alexandria and Travel House did a great job handling all the logistics. The entire financial package was absolutely more than what anyone could expect for such a fantastic experience.Ahmed Ashem was excellent in working with my son to make all the arrangements, scheduling, briefing of visitors, and especially his outstanding professional tour guide skills. His focus on explaining and showing us the deep roots of Nubian influence on Egyptian history and culture was greatly appreciated. Everyone learned a lot. This was my 3rd time visiting Egypt to see my son with Ahmed showing me around.My family is grateful for the special attention given to those who needed help with difficulty getting around.Thanks a million on behalf of this entire family & friends group!
Marcella Daniel: Our group had a wonderful time with Ahmed M. We were prepared for each day, had adequate time at each site and still had time to enjoy the surrounding area. I truly could never have planned such an enjoyable and action filled trip on my own. You will have an unforgettable experience.
Angely: This trip was beyond amazing! Ahmed is the best tour guide you could ever ask for. He thought of every detail and covered everyone’s needs. We were a group of 20 and everything was so smooth. Ahmed was very patient , kind and accommodating. One of the best humans I’ve ever met! He knows Egyptian history very well and knows how to explain it. He understood us and made us feel safe and comfortable. No request was too much, he always went the extra mile for us.Thank Ahmed for making our trip to Egypt so memorable, amazing and special! Wish you the very best and anyone would be lucky to have Ahmed as their tour guide!
Kevan Fitzhugh: Had an amazing journey through Egypt led by Ahmed. He packed the trip full of history and fun. No day was the same as the next. It was the trip of a lifetime thanks to Ahmed and we are already working on plans to take another tour with him. I would highly suggest this company to anyone thinking about a trip to Egypt whether it's your first time visiting or if you want to see a side of Egypt no one else can show you!
ahmed mosalam: One of best travel agents in Heliopolis .
ebrahim hoosen: Positive:ProfessionalismI would like to thank hatem and his team for giving me and my family the most beautiful experience of Egypt.They where professional and caring.
Christian Tamas: If I was to sum up our experience with Hatem and his team at Travel House of Egypt in one word, it will have to be EXCEPTIONAL!This is by far one of the most professional, friendly, efficient, intuitive, courteous and amazing companies have ever had the privilege to work with.Continuous, easy and constant communication prior during and after our guests itinerary in Egypt, and no request was too big or too small. Absolutely everything we needed was done, over and above our and our guests' expectationsReach out with complete confidence for all your Egypt touring needs, they are simply the best!Shukran Habibi and looking forward to working with you again in the near future!Your friend from Cape Town, South AfricaChristian TamasOwner & Managing DirectorWE ARE CAPE TOWN - Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Management👺
Sirlenda Williams: My husband, children (ages 12 &10) and I recently traveled with a group of 48 to Kemet on the Ancient Egypt Light of the WorldStudy Tour (June 26-July 10) Escorted by Baba Anthony Browder. Everything from the hotels, hospitality, the food, the tour guides, the safety, all modes of transportation, the conversations and more were beyond professional. We were all treated as family. Travel House of Egypt Corp. handled everything seamlessly. We felt at home! Any questions or concerns were handled with an immediate response and with ease. Since this was our first trip to Kemet and to the continent of Africa, our overall experience was amazing! We look forward to visiting in the near future and definitely booking with Travel House of Egypt Corp.
Ahmane' Glover: I just recently participated in a study tour with Anthony Browder and Travel House (June 26th-July 10th) from Cairo to Aswan and it was life changing! The combined brilliance of Travel House and Brother Browder is simply transformative on all levels. Don't pass up this opportunity to work with Travel House and experience their one of a kind professionalism, knowledge, hospitality, care and excellent service! It is a familial experience that you can't find anywhere else!!! No one does it better:)

10. شركةالريان لتأجيرالسيارات والليموزين وتوصيل المسافرين بالمطارات وبين المحافظات

· 14 reviews

Al Obour, Al Qalyubia Governorate 13512, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Continental Rides For Car Rental in Cairo

· 16 reviews

شارع قصر القبة الجمهوري, Hada'iq El Qobbah, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

12. Egypt Car Chauffeur Services

· 1 reviews

Souzan Moubarak, AZ Zaytoun Al Qebleyah, Zeitoun, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Mustang Limousine

· 22 reviews

Street 6, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


14. CAIRO limousine

· 4 reviews

26 نادي الرمايه الزهراء كورنيش المعادي, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Massa IGBT Limousine

· 5 reviews

14 Abd El-Aziz El-Sayed, Huckstep, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Taxi London Egypt

· 52 reviews

5G94+PWC, Gamaiet Ahmed Orabi, Al Obour, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Limousine

· 9 reviews

المقطم, Al Abageyah, El Mokattam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Buddabest limousine-بودابست ليموزين

· 4 reviews

16 Al Basher, Helmeyat AZ Zaytoun, Ein Shams, Cairo Governorate 11311, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. ليموزين مصر الالفي كارز

· 1 reviews

27 الف شارع 306, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. HT Travel Service

· 9 reviews

شارع فريد سميكه بجوار ماركت باسم امام سور الكليه الحربيه عماره رقم ٢٤, الدور الثانى / تليفون ٠١٢٨٧٤٥٥٥٧٢, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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