Best Library Networks In Cairo Near Me

AUC Library Cairo university library Maadi Public Library Greater Cairo Public Library National Library Misr Public Library Al Azhar Library Oracle Egypt Ltd. Khan el-Khalili Nokia Egypt IBM IBM Egypt Cairo University Microsoft Egypt Orange Egypt Orange Business Services capital 3

1. AUC Library

· 41 reviews

The American University in Cairo, AUC Ave, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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AUC Library: what do users think?
mohammed Ramzy Azab: A global library with very valuable informationIt also contains a very valuable collection of rare books
Mariam Amr: the ac is too cold and the chairs are so uncomfortable
El Amir Azmy: more than great
aly mohammed: nice place
Mathew Amgad: Has an impressive collection of rare books
Ahmed Sallam: A place with a high level of order and capabilities
Alaa Saifeldin: I like the place very much.
المستشار : عبدالله جمعه: The best English language library in Egypt
Hend Maary: The absolute best academic library in Egypt
eslam ali: The library helped me a lot in preparing me for my master's research in 2004 when it was in Tahrir, but I do not know the reason for changing the laws. The library was open to us as researchers from abroad all days of the week, so it was the largest community service provided by the university to Egypt. The library works the rest of the days until ten.This is in addition to the fact that our internet network is different from the network of university students, which is what we do not know from the American University, which has always been a beacon of knowledge and provided great services to the Egyptian society.I hope to reconsider these laws. If it is natural for society to have social differences that allow a class of it to acquire knowledge and join the American University, then the university must reduce these differences as much as possible, even if it is at the level of scientific research for researchers from abroad.We are always accustomed to change for the better and forward, not backward. May God grant you success in favor of science and progress
nadeen ashraf: Best library in cairo. Amazing archive section
Emad Tantawy: Wonderful
Ahmed Helal: One of the best libraries in cairo
Maulanaisme: Complete English library in cairo.moreover in Egypt. This library is like a heaven for students and researchers or book lovers because its collections and its facilities. The building is very huge, great architecture, modern technology, safe and comfortable, the staffs are nice and kind. The library open till late night in the exam period.
Mostafa AbdelFattah: Best university library in Egypt

2. Cairo university library



· 2 reviews

26G6+4HP, Oula, قسم العمرانية, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
Cairo university library: what do users think?
Muhammed Ibrahem: Air conditioned and calm place for your studyI really appreciate thier effort in getting books but they are always too old or not that much intersting for any engineering useAir conditioned and calm place for your studyI really appreciate thier effort in getting books but they are always too old or not that much intersting for any engineering use
Ahmed Ezzat Ellibedy: Good

3. Maadi Public Library

· 212 reviews

Street 250, Al Basatin Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Maadi Public Library: what do users think?
Heba Hussein Emam: A special and purposeful placeIt has a large hall for conferences and school partiesThe sound is excellent for holding meetings, but the chairs need some adjustments and are not comfortableThe lighting in the hall needs to be strongerThere is a place to park the car inside, with expenses of 10 pounds.Security and respectful staffThe place is easily accessible.There are English courses and some courses inside the library
Anwar Mohyeddeen: Extraordinary.Unless I am an old man who needs a lift to reach the second floor where the session was established I would have given a score of 10 out of 5.
فيصل احمد: I swear to God, it is really a very great thing ✨✨
محمد جاد: Very useful for children, especially language courses
محمد عبدالفتاح: One of the largest libraries in Egypt
Omar Yehya Kamal: Very quiet and classy place, especially the reading room 👍👍
مستشار مدحت أبوطالب: Organized place and respectful management
المذاكره سلمي: How do I get to the library from Giza by metro? Please reply
osama shobaky: Very good
Youssef يوسف: Very amazing and beautiful place
Samar Elamir: Attending the October victory celebration today
Ahmed Arafa: Too many wrong directions and too much lost because of it other than fuel consumption
Loay EL BANNANY: Distinguished cultural center
Ahmed Mohamed: The library has a very strong and good impact on the region and provides educational courses for small amounts
Ali Mahmoud: 😍😍
مروة عامر: The place is very useful for children in all fields. I wish it had longer hours for the afternoon
Abdo Hany: Is the English language course in the library good or what?
احمد اباظة: Good, but the street needs some attention
Hany Eed: Good place, great theater and cooperative management
islam ashraf: English course at Maadi Public library= Mai shams Best 👌 English instructor

4. Greater Cairo Public Library

· 84 reviews

17 Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Greater Cairo Public Library: what do users think?
Shahd Abdelbaset: The place is very beautiful..but I wish there was a Wi-Fi network, because I go to the library for the purpose of studying, so if I want to search for the meaning or pronunciation of a specific English word, I use my phone
positive energy طاقة إيجابيه: It is beautiful, but there are some renovations and it is not completely available now
yasmiine Ahmed: One of the tastiest places I visited and lived its atmosphere
Sarah Gouda: His library is beautiful, the scenery is wonderful, the seat in it is comfortable and quiet, and it is full of books that talk about art of all kinds. I highly recommend it for reading and studying.The nearest metro station is Safaa Hegazy station
heba elkotbi: İt's under restoration now , the workers voice are soooo loud ! and it's a library so it needs to be more quiet. But the atmosphere of the place is so good and the view is more than perfect to have photos and have a coffee on the Nile. Entrance fees for Egyptians 2 egp.
M A W: His library is modest for this age
Jamal Elrifae: Pretty useful
muneera muneera: Unfortunately, it is a historical library and it is the second largest library in Egypt1. Dust and neglect everywhere2. It lacks accurate classification3. You miss searching in the database and places designated for that4. I searched for references on professional growth or professional development for the teacher and on professional learning communities, and I literally did not find any reference 😳It is a pity to neglect such a's not worth it
Omar Mohamed: Place is under construction and Dust is all over the place
Ro Mig: It needs more attention and cleanliness
yasser farahat: A classy place that contains treasures of knowledge in various fields
Michael Rodriguez: Architecture is beautiful, they required me to pay a fee. Not sure if that was legitimate. Make sure to go early
Ahmad Diaa: Bad management, the palace was renovated terribly and they open for only 5 hours a day
youmnaa osama: A cultural place for lovers of reading is more than wonderful
Yasmin El Yamany: Great library
مروة محمد عبد المنعم: A very special experience..the location..the palace, which culminated in becoming a wonderful cultural shrine, in a picturesque location overlooking the Cairo Nile through balconies and lobbies overlooking the Nile, thanks directly to the neighborhood of Zamalek, specifically Mohamed Mazhar Street..also reading rooms, seminars and cultural events... Indeed, you feel that you have embraced the beautiful time, and the singing of the artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab grows to your ears, when time permits, O beautifulI invite you to embrace authenticity and modernity and visit the Greater Cairo Library in Zamalek
Mohamed Essam: Very cheap tickets and fruitful place
Emad Rashad: Excellent
Ahmed Fathi: Excellent for spreading science, culture and enlightenmentHe suggested extending the visit period
Ahmed Samir: One of the best public libraries in Cairo and Giza. I spent the best times in it in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere with central air conditioning in the summer... I read many books there, especially an illustrated encyclopedia about World War II..It has a huge amount of international books and encyclopedias. The first time I visited it, I was stunned by the amount of books it contained, in addition to its enjoyment of good coordination and indexing...Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this quality
naglaa Ahmed Hassan: A public library that provides its services to readers with internal viewing from 9:20 p.m. It provides services for cultural activities six days a week. Seminars, signing parties, concerts and cultural balloons

5. National Library

· 178 reviews

121 Nile Corniche, RAMLET BOULAK, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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National Library: what do users think?
Koka Toptota: A wonderful place for research and scientific education. Very good treatment. A high-level place. I am proud to be in my country
mohamed torad: An ordinary experience with nothing new
naglaa Ahmed Hassan: The most beautiful government place that collects manuscripts, cultural activities, and important and scientific seminars
schwarz rose: There is no regulation in the places of service provided, but I would like to thank the guidance and assistance sector
Hossam Elkashef: fantastic place
عمر مطاوع خطاب: Requests to inquire about a grandfather from your grandfathers, by name and evidence of the connection, the year in which he lived, and the city and village in which he lived,,,Result as per written in the documentation,Possible name, wife and children,From 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.And the adjacent building has a library for viewing on the fifth floor, until 5 pm, except for Friday and Saturday
abdo mohamed: The chairs are all dirt and there is no cleanliness, unfortunately, and there are no fans. The place is very free, and there is no Wi-Fi inside the viewing hall
Mada El Saied (‫أبو عبد الله‬‎): [2] في الطابق الأرضي بسراي الأمير مصطفى فاضل، شقيق الخديوي إسماعيل، بدرب الجماميز. وذلك من أجل "تجميع المخطوطات النفيسة مما حبسه السلاطين والأمراء والعلماء والمؤلفون على المساجد والأضرحة ومعاهد العلم"التطورمع ازدياد محتويات الدار وضيق المكان بها، نقلت سنة 1903 إلى المبنى الجديد بميدان باب الخلق والذي أنشئ خصيصا لدار الكتب ودار الآثار العربية. وخصص للدار الطابق الأول ومافوقه، وافتتح في أول سنة 1904م.[1] في سنة 1961م بدأ إنشاء مبنى جديد للدار -لضيق المبنى القديم- على كورنيش النيل برملة بولاق، وبدأ الانتقال إليه سنة 1973م، وافتتح سنة 1977م.ماذا هناكتبلغ مخطوطات الدار حوالي 57 ألف مخطوط تعد من أنفس المجموعات وهي مرقمة ومفهرسة وتغطي تشكيلة واسعة من المواضيع، حيث تتميز بتنوع موضوعاتها وخطوطها المنسوبة ومخطوطاتها المؤرخة. كما تضم مجموعة نفيسة من أوراق البردي العربية من بينها مجموعة عُثر عليها في كوم أشقاو بالصعيد تبلغ مجموعها ثلاث آلاف بردية تتعلق بعقود زواج وبيع وإيجار واستبدال وكشوف وسجلات وحسابات خاصة بالضرائب أو تقسيم مواريث أو دفع صداق وغيرها. وأقدم البرديات يعود لسنة 87هـ (705م
Osama Ali: I will visit her soon
مروة محمد عبد المنعم: A very special place, especially the music hallAnd its very kind and loving director, Mrs. Rasha, who made me happy with a very comprehensive explanation of the history of oriental music, is indeed a very distinguished place, especially the museum of listening instruments such as phonographs and Mohamed Abdel Wahab's CDs.. I invite you to visit it.And also the reading room..and the digital hallIn addition to the cultural events that are held at the Egyptian House of Books and Documents, as well as its picturesque location overlooking the great Nile River
Ramadan Nassar: Nile Corniche, near Concorde Hotel, Cairo
Abody Marawy.01: This is beautiful
Ahmed Hishmat: I believe that this house is the portfolio of history, and its importance and the importance of its role throughout the ages in collecting, preserving and securing national documents, and producing informative and investigative books for the heritage under its hand is well known.The problem is that the building, which is mostly crowded with administrators and librarians, does not fit at all with the value and role of the General Authority for National Books and Documents, and there is also laziness in developing the authority's programs and projects, in addition to the lack of its role in the regions.
بارق السحاب: They were helpful, and we searched for a collection of books, and frankly, they were very helpful, but the place was not air conditioned
حكاوى وغناوى مع شاعرة البحر رودى فاروق .: A privileged place that contains a large collection of important books and documents
Ramadan Yunus: amazing
ayman sheqi: Very good design
AMRO Moh: 👍👌🤝
Ahmed Yehia: Need to empty
Adelshaheen Shaheen: An excellent place with all possibilities for those seeking knowledge and information, and it is a place of great value and stature

6. Misr Public Library

· 504 reviews

4 Al Tahawia, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Misr Public Library: what do users think?
Mzahran 20000: An excellent bookstore located in the Dokki area
Elghaly: It has Wi-Fi, but with a subscription, all kinds of books are available, and books for children are available on the second floor. There are courses and seminars, and membership in the library is at a nominal price. Its location overlooking the Nile and surrounded by trees makes the atmosphere in it refreshing and ready to accommodate study and work.
Loleta Keemo: One of the best qualified places to receive different cultures and targeted training courses
Khadija ali: A wonderful library overlooking the Nile, a wonderful place to read and studyThere are books in it from different fieldsThere are courses and diplomas for young and oldThe subscription fee is very simpleIts only drawback is that there is no public transportation nearbyA taxi can be used of course
haitham Hassan: LearnReadHealthy location
Eng Abdelhameed Abobakr: Good and organized
Ebrahem Abdelwahed: Quiet and beautiful place to read
Hady Mohamed: wonderful place
ابو ليلى: Excellent and their treatment is wonderful 👌🏻⭐ A very wonderful bookstore for me. My visit to the store was fruitfulSo... I got the references I neededThe books are clean as well, but some of them are really newAnd its price is lower... In terms of prices, it varies according to the book. It is a university reference, for example, or not, and it is clean, or not... The shop owner's treatment is classy, ​​a valuable library. The behavior of the employee is excellent. Love and memories that will never be forgotten. A wonderful library with many scientific and cultural books.As for Abu Anas, the custodian of the library, he is a classy person with good manners, jovial, good-natured, and a smile does not leave his face. His office is wonderful in the full sense of the word.
نور سليمان: A useful library that provides the latest books and all fields, and provides borrowing books for a period of two weeks, and it can be renewed for another two weeks.
Salma Osama: Amazing view
Mahmoud Dabes: An excellent library with very useful activities and training courses for children and youth
عبد الرحمن عبد الرحيم: A good place for reading and culture. I hope it spreads in Egypt instead of the bridges of Balaha, where Egypt was ruined
Abanoub Nady Ghaly: Very affordable to join this very large , with multiple fields .It has wonderful garden also 🤩
Cadleader: wonderful day
Waleed Zahran: Very excellent place, very clean, very classy for children and adults
Ahmed Elmansy: Beautiful and classy, ​​but unfortunately without the demand for it
Mai El Geresy: A beautiful place with a garden for children to play and a library, and it is possible to participate in it.. A nice place for the family at the weekendThe only drawback is that the parking spaces there are very difficult.
mostafa Kamal: Always my favorite place. Thanks and appreciation to those in charge of it 🙏
Dr.sahbaa Bondok: Being here is a reward for the eye and the mind together.. My membership has been 23 years since the establishment of the library.. The work in it is very organized and the books are modern and varied.. Various courses, training courses, and workshops for children and adults.. I invite everyone to participate and benefit
ashraf khalil: Excellent place, I hope everyone benefits from its services

7. Al Azhar Library

· 2 reviews

Salah Salem St, As Sarayat, Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Al Azhar Library: what do users think?
عصام زكى: very good library..

8. GUC Library

· 2 reviews

C Building, El-Obour Square, Third New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
GUC Library: what do users think?
Mostafa Sallam: From the very goo library but not all books in it

9. Oracle Egypt Ltd.

· 98 reviews

Cairo Alex Desert Rd., ABOU RAWASH, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Shawa Love: 😌
Khaled F.: Professionals
wael sabek: this office will soon be closed
Hesham Gabl: The real meaning is the technology of the future
skyfall amrDiab: local company
Ahmed Hamza: Perfect
Mostafa Zooz: my workplace
Emy Kadry: no comment
SULTANA سلطنة: Nice place
Esam Gamel: A big company and it has its gratitude
هاني الليبي: Very excellent company
ahmed rekaby: good
أبو عمر المصري: This building has a pure companyAnd E Card Company and E Markets Company
Mohammed M Khairy: Very good place to work however low refreshments area and parking slots are very limited so you have to park your car in the public parking and to take the shuttle bus to the building which is around 5 minute away and 11 minutes walk
Mohamed Elsayed: Oracle Corporation is one of the technology castles in the world
ادهم الادهم: Smoking is not allowed inside
Fir3MarshallBill: Great place
Ahmed Arafat: Great work enviroment
Ahmed Hassan: The cellular network inside the building is just rubbish. Plus, if you wann have a drink or pick anything to eat, you will have to travel to any nearby food court since the building does not include any!

10. Khan el-Khalili

· 30478 reviews

El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331302, Egypt


11. Nokia Egypt

· 84 reviews

Maadi Technology Park Etisalat Club Rd Building MB4 Maadi Cairo Governorate 11435 Egypt Etisalat Club Rd Ezbet Fahmy 00200, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. IBM

· 382 reviews

32GG+Q22, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

13. IBM Egypt

· 194 reviews

B144 Smart Village، ABOU RAWASH, GIZA, القاهرة 11471, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Oracle Egypt Ltd.

· 34 reviews

8 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Cairo University

· 1856 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Western Digital

· 1 reviews

مول البستان، باب اللوق، ١٨ شارع يوسف الجندى، التحرير, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. Microsoft Egypt

· 292 reviews

Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Orange Egypt

· 607 reviews

قريه, مركز, Building B-126B, Smart Village، KM 28 Alexandria Desert Rd - شركه اوانج, Abou Rawash, Kerdasa, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

19. Orange Business Services capital 3

· 175 reviews

Makrem Ebeid Ext, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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