Best Laser Tags In Cairo Near Me

Adrenalin Combat Zone - Laser Tag The Battlefield Adrenalin Park, Egypt SUPER MARIO Best Beauty clinic Fun Kingdom Laser Tag

1. Adrenalin Combat Zone - Laser Tag

· 25 reviews

Dandy Mall, 28km, Cairo - Alex Desert Rd, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Adrenalin Combat Zone - Laser Tag: what do users think?
Khaled Elqusi: It was fun but what's the point of reservation if it's just going to be crowded anyway and you have to wait 30+ mins between missions for other groups and then play for less than 10 mins per mission
Kumail Mufaddal: Amazing fun with many peopleService was quickLots of the guns weren’t equal to the others example: There are normal guns the need aiming and one had where ever you shoot you would still tag someone
david naeim: المكان حلوالاستاف هايلبس ممكن يكون غالى شوية ١٨٠ ف الساعةالتجربة جديدة بصراحة
Nasser Alamry: Fantastic!!! great staff good prices definitely recommended
Al F.: Real fun 👌
Youssef Hussein: It was spectacular
Amr Ayman: Good
Ahmed Shaaban: Nice and best laser tag in egypt
Ahmed Mostafa: Best experience eveeer.Thanks for the great team and the great idea.It was really fun. 😊I definitely will be trying the rest of the other games. And thank you for the discount coupon. 💪🏻
hytham khalifa: amazing experiment .. kill tactics 💣
Kyrillos Nassim: 180L.E for 1h120L.E for 30m
Ismail Sabry: Went there several times. The activity itself is lots of fun and there are multiple game modes that make it very entertaining. However, the people that run the place are very ungenerous when it comes to play time; during the last time I was there, the gun ran out of batteries for one of the players, which made us stop playing for a few minutes, we asked them to restart the match or add more time and they resisted, it wasn’t until the very same player’s gun stopped working that they agreed to restart the game.
Soliman AbouSamra: Great new experience
Ahmed Abdelgawad: Nice place and interesting experience
Laila Elmotagawel: Loveee ittttttt
Mohamed Nawar: We went several times to Adrenaline Combat Zone, but our last experience was horrible! Our total play time was 36 minutes out of 60 mins! Almost half the time! When we talked to one of the staff members about it and that it is not acceptable, especially that this was not our first time and we know how things work there, he was very rude and almost kicked us out! We are not used to that kind of attitude from Adrenaline's staff! They were always very professional and tried their best to give us the ultimate experience, but this time it was unbelievably horrible!We used to always recommend Adrenaline Park to our friends and families, but never again! Last time going there...
Noha Wael: It was an excellent experience, funny one with adrenaline rush. I liked the place and the decorations with the sound effects. It is suitable to wide range age group, adults and children. I liked it 😁
Mohamed Wael Badawy: Awesome experience, It is disappointing that such a place has no ads or marketing
Noha Refaie: I had an awesome experience at this place. The arenas are really cool and very well decorated. The equipment are advanced and in good condition. You create tow teams and play different missions during the hour or half an hour you’re in. You get to see your scores at the end of the game and they print it out for you. The staff is really friendly and helpful. I’ve been there two times so far and both times were equally fun. I noticed many improvements the second time. It’s a very nice place for fun and competitive activities whether you are a large or a small group. It is also a good choice for team building activities
Taher Taher: The place is ideal for group activities if you're looking to do something different than the usual routine.It's basically for adults, value for money is reasonable.Better be prepared with extra outfits because it involves physical effort and lots of running around.Book before going through the website.

2. The Battlefield



· 16 reviews

2FFJ+WRJ, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Hassan Selim: It's currently closed in this location, and I'm not sure if they will open in another location. If they will I will keep you updated
Andrew Girgis: This location is closed, they have moved out I don’t know where is the new location but it’s not this one for sure
youssef aktham: Needs to be a bit cheaper
David Amgad: Had a great experience and lots of fun!
Shukri Alwakeel: good
Ali Khairat: Nice hanging out place
khalid moll: A lot of fun! Well organized and clean and not cheaply made
Amir Mohamed: Awesome place ... Awesome staff ... Really enjoyed our time there, and definitely gonna go there again

3. Adrenalin Park, Egypt

· 1034 reviews

Street 3, Gate 1, El Hezam El Akhdar, infront of Beverly Hills Inside Agriculture Company area, Giza Governorate 12588, Egypt

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Adrenalin Park, Egypt: what do users think?
Maher Tomeh: تجربة جميلة
ابراهيم اشرف: روعهه
مطبخ مامي: مكان مش عائلي خالص ولا مكان للاطفال المكان للشباب فقط ومفيش في أي مكان للاكل او مشروبات والموجود اسعار فلكيه
Руся Томилов: Нереально весело !
Ahmed: Didn't really enjoy it!
Ali Elsayed: more than great
yehia zaghloul: Amazing place, especially for birthdays
YOUSSEF Mohamed: The place is nice to play, whether for adults or children. If you like perch and you can bring your friends there, it will be very entertaining.
Mohamed Saiko: Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful
Abanoub Ashraf: Good place for friends, couples,brithday, to have a good time.Excellent staff
Adel Aziz: Second time but not the last one
sarah refaat: Well away from that person who is responsible for online reservation, cause she don't respond easily, took a week to answer, beside changing our reservation bec other groups want our time, once we stepped in the place it was really nice and exciting, I loved the place & the game we had a lot of fun.
Mohamed Amr: Good place to visitI visited it in 26/1/2023
Ibrahim Youssef: One of the most amazing my experiences, great atmosphere and activities, I'll visit adrenaline park again and again.
mahmoud mokhtar: amazing experience
Sally Mohamed: 🖤
Ahmed Hanno: It was OK l, the guns in the paint ball needs maintenance, place is nice
Muhammad Saied: The worst customer service, they don't respond quickly and are not interested at all
akram saleh: not good
ريدان شرف: A sweet and fun game, but the prices are a bit expensive and for a short time
Yahya Mohamed: Had fun there but the bullets left a mark 😂


· 7 reviews

بلوك 23،, Egypt

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5. Best Beauty clinic

· 34 reviews

385 Al Haram, Al Omraneyah Al Gharbeyah, El Omraniya, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Best Beauty clinic: what do users think?
Youstina t.agayeb: There is no management and no respect for appointmentsVery bad place
Roaa Karim: Crowds, we need to organize time, and the doctor works in three at the same time, and it is really futile... Their prices are cheap, but not that much at all.Whoever is going to undergo dermatology goes to Dr. Alaa and asks when will it come, and no one should go to Israa
Hagarsayed Hashem: Asphalt, appointments, lack of appreciation and respect, and there is no help if you get hurt because of them. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs
azza samir: Very bad place, I don't recommend itLack of taste, lack of respect for appointments, and no one answers the phone and its crowds are empty
احمد صالح: Lack of taste and lack of respect for deadlines
Maryem Mohamed: A very crowded place, and there is no respect for appointments, and reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis, and the people who work are extremely cold and lack of taste, other than the burns that happen because doctors who are not qualified to be doctors at all
MAHMOUD AL SHAHELY: Small and busy place offering servicesEspecially for cosmetics and more frequented by women
Atef Saleh: A completely unprofessional place, a group of administrators who are not fit to run a Koshary Qema cart in a random way. Dealing with rubbish, this is nothing but lies and lack of discipline in deadlines. Advice to all those affected is to contact consumer protection, as I did.
Kenzy Atef: People with extreme lack of taste and politeness do not deprive their appointments, and we do not advise anyone to deal with them. It is like this. As for the manager, he leaves the job to a few children and curses the world as such. This is what happens, even the doctors there complain about them.
Noha Yousef: Very crowded and disrespectful to the client
Dina Mustafa: Non-compliance with deadlines
Alaa Kareem: Dr.. Shamaa Haileh ❤️ 👏
Aya Lolo: excellent
Maryem Mera: fantastic place
Hend Samy: Dr. Esraa Ezzat, there are no words to describe her, she is real.
Nehal Omar: amazing
yasmin ehab: The place is nice and there were good doctorsBut it is always crowded, especially from 2 to 8 every day on normal daysAnd Saturday is the busiest day because it is a holiday, so the number of cases is very largeAs for RamadanThe place is normalBut the crowd remains after breakfast in the morning
Yara Ahmed: People are at the height of lack of taste, seriously, and they don't respect their appointments from the first time I went to them, and I went out for 3 and 4 hours, and when I booked literally a month before that, and it was 4 pm, and I went to my date, they told me that you have 10 ahead, and I was supposed to enter my date exactly as they told me, and I waited for someone at 7, which is Every once in a while you tell me 2 in front of you from 5 to 7 and I didn’t go in. When I complained, they replied with a lack of taste and coldness. Every time they wasted my time, and when I called them, they didn’t answer except after the sixth or seventh time, and if they answered too, their Facebook closed the reviews for sure, because their service returned to the bad stage. .
Esraa: Laser sessions are very nice and bring results, but the appointments are very bad and the system is not good
Dodo Essa: Excellent at laser

6. Fun Kingdom

· 113 reviews

1258 El-Nasr Rd, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Fun Kingdom: what do users think?
Asmaa Sami: الولاد اتبسطوا جدا هناك
Kaky Kota: Happy moments for our kids
Mona Shahien: A fun quiet place to enjoy time with familyEven older kids can play bowlingThe laser tag is so spooky and nice to enjoyExcellent for families with younger than 12 years old kids
Ahmed Adel: المول بيقفل و بقت مش قد كده للاسف
Ahmed Kinana: مكان حلو للاطفال
Ali Ramadan: ملاهي اطفال بمول صن ستي
Mohamed Mousa: Clean, with a variety of games, the staff is very nice and helpful.
Remon Ishak: The shape has evolved and the games are sweet and Maglish
yasser ahmed: The prices are very expensive
beshoy emad: Awesome
Lolo Lola: Very beautiful
moudy osama: I like it
Beshoo Adel: Great Place for Kids , Helpful Staff
Yahia abdelkarim: Attention and game maintenance is required
Antony Mina: Me and my brother and my sister and my parents come it was so cool
Wael Kokk: Excellent
hisham shams: A good place for children, for me, is close to me, and I would like to go there with my daughter.
wael hamza: The price is reasonable and the staff is very few, but very respectable
مينا عماد فلي: Nice games The price of the games is 20 or 25 pounds, and there is a group game called Jungle for half an hour for 45 pounds
taghreed aboghnema: fun for kids

7. The Battlefield egypt

· 2 reviews

9 Al Kanal, as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website

8. Laser Tag

· 6 reviews

Sun City Gardens, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Laser Tag: what do users think?
Youssef: This is fake.Please do not go to this location.
Pooja Tamang: It was horrible.
Kirollos Georges: Good action game

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