Best Karting Circuits In Cairo Near Me

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1. AutoVrooom

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Address: Street 100, Al Obour, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +20 120 000 4485

Business type: Go-kart track

AutoVrooom: what do users think?
طلال زكريا شويش
طلال زكريا شويش: A beautiful place and the most beautiful family sessions par excellence
zobida: The place is nice at times, it is true that the wait is long, but it is true that the wait is worth the terrible experience at times, and the greater the number of you, the more you enjoy, the staff are all sweet, we will repeat the visit a second and third time, God willing
DR.Mahmoud Sharabati
DR.Mahmoud Sharabati: Greatness 🌹 ❣️
Muhammad Ghannam
Muhammad Ghannam: A fun and exciting experience that I hope to repeat again 🤗🤗
katia tumanova
katia tumanova: Highly recommended. Very nice cars and track . Well organized and managed place . Awesome experience with kids
Firas Ghorab
Firas Ghorab: Very fun racing . Track is clean . Go karts are amazing. Great service
abdo esam21
abdo esam21: Best location for happy
Tobias Seidel
Tobias Seidel: Thank you very muchIt was superThe carts are top like the staff.Evrytime again.Silvan and TobiasSwitzerland
karim E.
karim E.: Horrible crew. Not a percent of professionalism with customers coming in or constantly trying to call and book in advance.
Mostafa gharib
Mostafa gharib: It is a very interesting place, and there are events for drifting and endurance
SMULGUM: Awesome 👍
mohamad badawi
mohamad badawi: The largest and very special and beautiful racing circuit
AbdelRahman Sallam
AbdelRahman Sallam: A place with a high amount of adrenaline and suitable for breaking the routine of traditional outings, but its prices are very highRecommended for car, racing and competition enthusiasts
ali mughni
ali mughni: Exciting and wonderful place
Hazem Torab
Hazem Torab: Wonderful carting experience
Aron Solomons
Aron Solomons: Really top class place. English speaking service and a great track. Book in advance because it gets busy!
Abdulrahman Zain
Abdulrahman Zain: Beautiful
Nouran Nour
Nouran Nour: Good.
islam youssif
islam youssif: fantastic place
Mostafa Halaby
Mostafa Halaby: Best place for karting and car events
Mario Amgad

2. Go kart

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Go kart
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Address: Mirage mall, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +20 114 040 9448

Business type: Go-kart track

Go kart: what do users think?
السليمانى والحياه
السليمانى والحياه: excellent
Maged Hassan
Maged Hassan: Acceptable
Alexander Makarov
Alexander Makarov: In reality it’s 3 starts due to safety issues, but it can be fixed very fast so I put 4 stars with expectations to fix the problems in nearest future. Recommend to check your kart (at least wheels) by yourself (!)Good:- big track, high average speed, good design- location, nice cafes next to it- helmets and suits are new- nice observation area where you can see most of the track- karts are fastShould be fixed:- go-karts are not new, technical conditions are not checked properly (details lower)- no blue flagsTo improve:- add screen with live timing- add seats on observation area (2nd floor)- open racing academyDetails:1) First twin kart had problems with right front tyre, car went right on straight right to wall - it was really dangerous especially if you are with a kid. Identified by me, not be technical team2) again tyre, now it was left front which was already done.. again identified by me (you can see on the photo)
Heba Morgan
Heba Morgan: The idea is amazing, and I will definitely try it because I haven't gone before, but I know close people who thank him enough that they provide something advanced like this in Egypt ♥️♥️🦋
Youssef Wiza
Youssef Wiza: The best
Faisal: It's nice, but its problem is the space + the car doesn't crash hard
Mansur Omar
Mansur Omar: Amazing and affordable piece of entertainment.
Ibrahim Omar
Ibrahim Omar: I’ll be honest the price is good but the cars are just too slow and the track is short and the staff are friendly
Mostafa Gamal
Mostafa Gamal: The cars are very slow and need maintenance and the track is short.The staff is very friendly.
pubg mobile
pubg mobile: It is not very good, it is neglected, and there is no periodic maintenance for the place
Jasmine Osu
Jasmine Osu: The place is too so, the car is bad. But the price is high. The service doesn't match the price
Waleed Alasad
Waleed Alasad: My 13 years old son loved it.
Leo Said
Leo Said: By far the worst experience of my life. I do not know where to even start. First off, the car is horrible, the car is super super slow, it wobbles, is unbalanced, and the steering does not even work. The brakes on the car are broken, which forced to make me do a full stop on every turn as once again the turning did not work well either, and the brakes either made a full stop or nothing at all. The ground was uneven and was very bumpy. On a road with no turns at all, the road is one very simple circle, no turns or anything. Over all the cars were slow, veryyyyyyy unwell made, and shaky, and the track was horrible. I wish there was a negative star option as one star is way too high. I should have been payed to go there.
Nardine Nasser Sadek
Nardine Nasser Sadek: Very bad experience!! We used all the cars available and at least three of them had the brakes not working!! My car was one of them and I got my nose and neck hurt. No safety measures at all, only a helmet (that is big) and even the seatbelt was loose. I believe no car checkups were done from loooonggg time . The cars really need maintenance . NOT RECOMMENDED
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan: very rigid
Kumail Mufaddal
Kumail Mufaddal: Yes, it’s a go kart area but it has nothing.- No recorded laps- Cars are not balanced- Eventually it gets boring because it isn’t racing it’s you driving in track randomly
Romany Hefzy
Romany Hefzy: Very bad game and very very dangerous
Abdulla Morahly
Abdulla Morahly: The experience is sweet, beautiful, and very wonderful, but the prices and the duration of the game are not suitable. It is very expensive, and I do not recommend it in better and cheaper places
Eric Wagner
Eric Wagner: Good track to slide around and burn off some steam. Great staff that helped me out with travel stuff and went above and beyond.
علي فتحي ابراهيم
علي فتحي ابراهيم: A bit high price
ابو متعب
ابو متعب: لاباس

3. Noos Karting Cairo West

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32 reviews
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Noos Karting Cairo West
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Address: KM 28, Abou Rawash, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 121 220 3201

Business type: Car racing track

Noos Karting Cairo West: what do users think?
Abdo Ahmed
Abdo Ahmed: Nice experience
Aly Ibrahim
Aly Ibrahim: Really fun experience, would highly recommend, but the only thing I disagree is that the price is way over the budget, but it was amazingAnd another thing that the staff take 5 minutes to start the race, we finished at the same time and we didn’t get the 5 minutes we lostOverall, the go kart, the track is really good
رامز اشرف
رامز اشرف: Karting racing circuitNice and fun place❤️
ابراهيم نمر Ibrahim namir
ابراهيم نمر Ibrahim namir: Enjoy more 😍
Ahmed Nassar
Ahmed Nassar: Best Go karting experience in Cairo & Giza!
YassinYtPlayz Official
YassinYtPlayz Official: They gave me the slowest car and i got down by 10 seconds
Youssef Osama
Youssef Osama: The track is fast and very enjoyable so are the karts are fast and handle very well, but the staff is very bad.The staff usually is more caring and more attention to the racers but at noos they were not. We started late 2 minutes and finished at the same time without compensation for the lost minutes.Overall track,location, and karts are great but they need to train the staff more and be more professional and actually listen to what we are saying
Ghada Mohamed
Ghada Mohamed: Cool option to entertain yourself with your friends, costs around 200~250 nowadays
Mohammed Zailae
Mohammed Zailae: Sweet, but it has downsidesThe place needs development, the floor is not balanced, so there are places that make the car unbalanced, the double cars I found only one car.
الدكتور عصام باتياه
الدكتور عصام باتياه: Nice place to enjoy the carting
nony mubarak
nony mubarak: Nice experience we enjoyed
Sarah Abdelhamid
Sarah Abdelhamid: Nice place for karting.The employees working there are kinda rude 👎
osama alabd
osama alabd: Fantastic 😊
remon ashrf
remon ashrf: The place is very interesting
Elsayed Noor
Elsayed Noor: I went there today nobody was there when it said you guys were open so i left then i get a message saying you guys are open so i called and the guy confirmed it was open so i came back still nobody was there and nobody answered the phone number so really bad call service rude people I'm honestly really disappointed
Youssef Hussein
Youssef Hussein: Very expensive 200 l.e for only 10 min
Obaida Murad
Obaida Murad: Viel Spaß gehabt
Khaled AL ali
Khaled AL ali: تعامل رائع مضمار كبير تجربة حلوه
Hamdi Heshmat
Hamdi Heshmat: Great experience and gets you in the adrenaline zone. Suitable for family, Kids (there's a twin cart) and friends.You get to see your time on a screen or through their App.Staff are welcoming and friendly.1 star down for the recent price increase of 25% from original and removing the mid week and Saturday discount. It's now slightly above the value you get in the 20 minutes experience
Mohamed Waheed
Mohamed Waheed: غالي جدا ال ١٠ دقايق ب ٢٥٠ جنيه
محمد ابراهيم
محمد ابراهيم: car race

4. Ghibli Raceway International

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3 reviews
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Ghibli Raceway International
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Address: 38RJ+5VR, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 24144440

Business type: Stadium

Ghibli Raceway International: what do users think?
Shadi Hanafi
Shadi Hanafi: Very interesting racing track in Sharm, suitable for all ages

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