Best Ice Skating Rink In Cairo Near Me

Snow City International Bowling Center Ski Egypt Skatepark Academy Cairo International Stadium Family Land El_maadi

1. Snow City

· 374 reviews

Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Snow City: what do users think?
mohamed rmadan: very good
Oday mohamed saed: You are great, Egypt
Osama Basem: ♥️♥️♥️
Maria George: To muchhhhhhhh moneyyyyyyyyyyyy
amr youssef: Great place for families, especially for kids.
Dalia Adel: So small only 2 games to play , price is too much for the place
Ankit Tiwari: Nice place
mohamed Abdelghany: The overall experience is good, the service is excellent, the ski clothes are good, clean and suitable
Mohamed Saleh: Great
Ahmed Mohey: Very nice place, excellent location, well known, but the price is a bit high
Ahmed Alhassanat: Snow City is one of the most beautiful entertainment places in Cairo. Honestly, the place is more than wonderful. You will enjoy every minute you will spend inside the Snow City, and I personally advise everyone to visit it.Snow City - City Star ❤️
Aommra Abdo: We saw it and enjoyed it
Ahmed Kassem: Good but small
Batota: مكان رائع ونضيف ومسلى جدا
Hosam Elbadawy: المكان في منتهى الجمال و فعلا الأطفال استمتعوا جدا جدا
زهراء عمران: 🆒
Abdullah D: Excellent interface for the country
Mohamed Sleem: Seriously masterpiece
Kareem Hamed: Wanted to try something different, so we decided to give it a try, the reception ppl are nice but we couldn't find our size in clothes they provided us a way large sizes than ours but when we refused they gave us worn cloths which was embarrassing because my trouser fly kept opening all the time.The place is nice inside, not big, and wasn't very crowded, there's one game with extra fees.The staff inside were very friendly and supportiveOther than the clothes comment, it was a good experience.
Hichul Chung: I had definitely a blast with my yemeni family here, I'll probably come here once again it's the yemeni family ones come, I hope the next time other things are open to have more fun but I think the many people have so much fun haven't seen the artificial snow because they have never seen the real Snow before.
Mohammed Khaled: Nice experience, but I got tired after that. Those who can't stand the cold don't go




· 26 reviews

9 El-Batrawy، St, off،, Abbas El-Akkad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11432, Egypt

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asma khalid: One meter by one meter and a nice match - and the mall has a very bad policy. You can buy a mask for five pounds, and everyone in the mall is limited to wearing a mask
Mahmoud Shalaby: Very nice and safe place. Friendly and professional coach 🙂
Toqa Khaled: Best place if you want to learn ice skating lovely crew and professional trainings 😍
Mai Barakat: Amazing
Hana Hassaan: an amazing academy for teaching figure skating 😍❤
Mona Louis: Great coaches, great team lots of fun,
hajar munir: I joined the team for almost 2 years, best experience ever with a professional coach, assistants and a super friendly team!would recommend joining if any one is interested in the sport and never hesitate
Heba A. A. Ibrahim: C'est parfait 💪🏼
Nour Shoukry: Great team and great coaches. Every session is loads of fun and there’s plenty of people to support your ice-skating journey!!
aya khaled: Highly recommend. I’ve joined almost 6 months ago. It is such a great academy! The spirt is just amazing. The coach and seniors are very professional, helpful and super friendly. The sport is liberating and gives such positive energy!
Mariam Soliman: Professional and passionate instructors .. pride for Egypt
Dina Gazayerli: I joined about year ago and it's changed my life. Best experience ever! It's literally the highlight of my week, and the thing I look forward to most! Highly recommend anyone interested in trying something new and different to come try it out.. you won't regret it..
Sally Elziady: It's a great Academy! The whole team acts as a family and are goal oriented towards progress, teamwork, and success. Definitely recommend anyone who is interested in the sport to check them out! 👍🏻😊
Caroline Courdi: So happy there is finally a figure skating academy in Egypt, they Rock 💪❤
Nada: The best Figure Skating Academy in Egypt. I learnt so much and they gave me the ability to fly on ice and I'll forever be grateful for that

3. International Bowling Center

· 7093 reviews

Passage Inside Stadium, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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International Bowling Center: what do users think?
Nasser Alsalmi: Excellent 👌
Ahmad Rashid: Good place, needs more care
Mohaned Sbry: تمام
Ahmad Alsubyani: Bowling is good, but billiards are overrated
Aisha Mohammed: Great bowling place , family friendly , snacks available
Assem Assem: The place there is very suitable for me, all sports and electronic gamesIt is one of the best places to enjoy sports
Anime legends ASA: Very excellent, and the people who work there are really good and respectful. The best place to spend the weekend❤️❤️❤️❤️✨
Burhanuddin Juzer Sharafali: It was a very good experience and it gets a point for the pricing. Not very crowded in the early afternoons but it gets crowded by the evening, overall a great place to enjoy with friends and family.
عائلتى حياتى: Very beautiful
Tarek Mazloum: My sacand home. But anymore 💔
Tamer Shalaby: A wonderful and unique place
Mahmoud Farouk: The place is good in terms of ease of access and the park in the street. The bowling alley itself is excellent, but the lower part of the place where the games are located, most of the games are not working, and there is no interest in maintenance and development of the place. In addition, the price of the games is very old and very expensive.
Ahmed Reda: Very good for bowling, billiards, ping pong and some video games lovers
ahmed attia: dates
Tenno: The place is nice and you will enjoy it... but the workers on the floor below Sarsajia's children play games
Mina: Fun
stamperia roma (t-shirtmaker-roma): Prezzi alti troppo scadente.. troppa gente poca organizzazione.
Hanan Helal: Very nice place 😌
Noha Ibrahim: Really amazing
Muhammad Yassin: amazing
Amr Dany: Interesting ❤️

4. Ski Egypt

· 9228 reviews

Mall of Egypt, Wahat Road, 6th october, Giza Governorate 12582, Egypt

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Ski Egypt: what do users think?
Falafel and Pie House: A pie and falafel house restaurant from Medina that travels the world
Ahmed Dawa: A very enjoyable and beautiful experience, and a hundred percent global atmosphereEverything in the place is fun from the slides and the snowy atmosphere. And watching the penguins, but it was short, because you had to pay in another package for the long viewing. There is also ice with ice tools, and there is another package, but if you are new, the first will be a bit exhausting training and needs health. The whole experience was fun for adults and children, and I recommend trying it.
Hassan Emam: An excellent tourist destination
Bin Naser: Good place
Yahya alkuraimi: Very very very sweet
حسن مغفوري: excellent
Abdulaziz Alturki: Excellent family experience 👍
Mohamed AbdelAleem: The place is very beautiful, but you cannot play all the games unless you have previous experience with them.In addition, penguins are very few and very, very small
Ahmed dahey: fantastic place
فادي فايز: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
شيماء يسري: It's nice, but choose a working day to keep it crowded
Youssef Mostafa: Best experience
Capony Toal: Had magnificent time with family on Saturday 6th May 2023. Team were very supportive and fun with s everywhere. Special thanks to Morsi- such a nice man!!
اسلام العقباوى: ungrateful than hot
mena saleh: A good experience, but the sky lesson has a very short time. It's supposed to be an hour but there are many people.Overall it was a positive experience.
Halima Hassan: The best work team
مراد: A better than wonderful place 0 I enjoyed it very much
Farah Sameh Sayed: Truly an amazing time on my school trip there. I wish I could've seen the penguins but there was a big'ol crowd around them.
Mahmoud sharaf: Wonderful..and more
Mohamed Ahmed: Visited on Public holiday Wait time 10–30 minMore
Dodo Elgamall: The place is beautiful, but my advice, folks, don't go on occasionsAnd the holidaysAnd they took the tactic from saving itBecause there will be accommodation from 500 to 700And ask for the penguin show
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5. Skatepark Academy

· 36 reviews

3C8F+23H, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Skatepark Academy: what do users think?
Walaa Mohamed: Very good
Kenzii Khaled: sweet
Mikaello: One of a kind in Egypt, you'll often find semi pros always willing to teach you tricks or give you tips on how to better your form
Catalina Castro: There is not working
Hany Soliman: You will fall means you will fall
onzehuistv onzehuistv: Always closed.
Mohamed Salama: Best scatepark I have ever seen but it is a little bit old.
Tarek Rihan: Good place in every detail
Civil Eng Mohamed Elsayed: useful
Yahya Bassiouni: Dont go skating there the condition of the skate park is trash and you have to pay 80EGPIt is only for bmxBut the workers are really good
Yasseen Omar: It was amazing
Ibrahim Barkat: lit place

6. Cairo International Stadium

· 9107 reviews

Mamdouh Salem, Street, Al Estad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo International Stadium: what do users think?
Mariam Ragab: One of the most beautiful women in Africa and the Arab world, and may God always be good and safe 😀😀😀
ABDELRAHMAN ASHOUR: Freedom must come
Joker Jo: فوق الممتاز
Ahmed Salem: أجواء جميلة الصراحة
Bassant Elaraby: Very wide
Apu zain: A thing of pride for Egypt
maged Tawfiq: The waiting areas are far away
Eslam Elmasry: Something to honor
Khaled Kandil: Should be much better and big room for improvement, they should work on cleaning in addition to creating food and beverage outlets the in house cafeteria should be burned down
Mahmoud Obia: الأرضيةعشبية(Translated by Google
hamada fakhry: The third is north 💪 🦅🦅🦅
Ahmed Hendy: Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal match 🦅❤️
اشرف أبو شعيشع: Al-Ahly only
ramyassem 2021: There is still a problem logging in
Islam Mohamed: Knockout possible
hesham Helmy tabila: The best experience is to enjoy the great Al-Ahly Club in Cairo International Stadium
Hassan Khlil: I hope it will be like the world's stadiums
Mahmod Yahia: ذكريات 🔱🦅
يوسف الفلاطي: اتمني زيارة

7. Family Land El_maadi

· 5845 reviews

ابراج عثمان،, Nile Corniche, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Egypt

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Family Land El_maadi: what do users think?
محمد شحته: Excellent place
Ahmed Khalaf: Very good for children, even from the age of 2 years and over
Yahya Said: nice place
dudina bazzz: Not unemployment, but the price is half half, not cheap
ahmed slash: Maadi Galaxy cinema nowVery sweet and additive
Sarah Ahmed: A very nice place suitable for adults and childrenIt has a cinema, bowling, binge, billiards, ice skating, Kids Area games for children, a coffee shop, and a restaurant.
Mohamed Aboamra: Wonderful and beautiful place
مهند: A very, very sweet place in an underground amusement park, sweet amusement parks, restaurants, cinema, bowling, billiards, chess, and ice skating. A very wonderful place
Moharm Fawzy: The prices are right
Mohamed: Family Land in Maadi
Mohamed Ashour: A very good place for the LC class
mohamed mns: 👍
Mina Atef: wonderful place
Ahmed Atta: Have fun ☺️
Sandra Hany: The place is very nice, but it needs a little more order than that, but the kids were happy ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
س ت: Halls, cafeterias and restaurants
Sara Yasser Kamal: A good place to visit with the family, and we had a wonderful time. It is a joyful place that’s perfect for kids, with plenty of rides and attractions to keep them entertained for hours. The prices are also very reasonable, making it an affordable day out for families.I would highly recommend Family Land El Maadi to anyone looking for a fun day out with their family. It’s a great place to make memories and enjoy quality time together.
ناني الحلوني: It's a beautiful place, and we've all been together at Playgrounds since we were little, meaning Family Land
Ezz Khaled: Lack of games but ice skate hall was good.
heba yehia: Interesting

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