Best Falconry Courses Cairo Near Me

1. Aquarium Grotto Garden

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Aquarium Grotto Garden
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Address: El Gabalaya St, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +20 109 159 3825

Business type: Botanical garden

Aquarium Grotto Garden: what do users think?
Ahmad Diaa: Not well maintained and closes too early
فرحان الزيودي: Very beautiful for exploring, walking and kids
Ahmed Mostafa: Nice place that needs attention
Mohamed Gamal: Wonderful and beautiful garden
Ahmed Fahd: amazing
Andreas Kreuzer: It is a, well, astonishing place. You would not expect grottes and kliffs in the middle of Cairo. Green florishing trees and palms in the foreground, highriser buildings in the background.This could be really an amazing place!Unfortunately, it is in a very bad state. Rubbish lying around everywhere, broken windows at some exhibition caves, everything dusty and dirty.Finally, the aquariums with real fish are just cruelty to the animals.But with an entrance fee of just 20,- EGP just go there and judge yourself.The bats are an experience in any case!
King Lithe: مكان جميل وواسع للاسترخاء والاستجمام وهادئ جدا
Amal Mohamed: أكتر مكان بحبه في الزمالك..يعرها بسيط ومناسبة لكل العيلة وفيها مافيتريا بسيطة بتقدم مشروبات معقولة ولطيفةالمكان عريق ويستحق الزيارة
المصرى المصرى المصرى: ممتاز
Mostafa Said: جميل بس محتاج اهتمام شويه
Enas Elhoufy: The fish garden in the Zamalek region, which was originally two separate islands that appeared in the middle of the Nile in the fifteenth century AD. The two islands were connected in the late eighteenth century AD, as the shape and size of the island was affected by the changes that resulted from the conversion of the course of the Nile geometrically from the West Bank to the East, and it was known as On Bulaq Island, Khedive Ismail took care of this island as part of his project, Paris of the East, so he built the Qasr al-Nil Bridge to connect Zamalek to Cairo, and the El-Galaa Bridge to connect it to Giza.When he met Monsieur Elvand, the director of the Paris parks, he asked him to establish gardens in Cairo similar to the Paris gardens. The fish garden was established on an area of ​​​​eight acres in 1867 on Jabalia Street. The foyer and behind the fins on both sides there are four corridors, and there is a circle on the eastern side of the garden, which is from the inside in the form of corridors or cavities inside coral reefs, and when the air passes through these corridors, it makes sounds similar to the sound of gurgling waterAll of this is on my channel, The Bride of the Sea, Hala Mahmoud. The post is very sweet, because it shows how much we have beautiful thingsThe garden, whose facade overlooks the Nile, includes 49 fish ponds between the Nile, marine and ornamental, some of which are still working and others for stuffed fish, and areas that include species of turtles and reptiles that live in swamps and rivers. There are rare trees in the garden.The history of its establishment dates back to the year 1867, when Khedive Ismail asked the Paris Parks Director to bring an expert to design a garden in the form of a mountain, where the Aswan clay material brought from Aswan in Upper Egypt, red sand and supporting materials were used to establish the garden in the form of a mountain, which made it an architectural value until it appeared In the form of fish gills, and when it appeared on this picture, it was prepared to be a fish garden, and its design was taken to resemble a fish. It consists of two openings that resemble the two openings of gills, behind them is the foyer area, and on both sides of the openings are two lateral fins behind which are the corridors of the garden.In light of this unique design, the visitor finds in the front of the garden a large basin that contains many predatory fish, and among the species that arouse the curiosity of visitors are what are called pig fish and sharks. The name is Jabaliya, and it is distinguished from the inside by caves and passages so that it is easy for visitors to walk through them to see the glass boxes.While electric lights are shone on it in an artistic way in dark times, which increases the beauty of the scene, and a few meters away from the fish boxes, the visitor finds himself in front of corridors separated by green areas. Their admiration for this atmosphere of fun that they find in the garden, but it no longer enjoys a large number of visitors. Moreover, many Egyptians do not know the garden, and citizens of the cities of Cairo and Giza assert that they have not even heard of such a garden and that they only know only the Zoo in GizaAmong the most recent films that were filmed in the park is the movie “Garden of Fishes”. Do not forget, dear ones, that the movie “The Heart” has provisions starring the artist Faten Hamama and the artist Ahmed Ramzy, which was filmed there.The fish garden has an open-air cafeteria in the middle of which is a small stream of water in which flocks of ducks and geese swim, and many visitors to the garden like to sit in it and enjoy a beautiful landscape.
Camille Lescaudron: Endroit peu fréquenté au moment où nous nous y sommes promené (matin).L'endroit est plutôt délabré à première vue, mais il ne faut pas se laisser avoir par la première impression quand on y rentre : la seconde partie du parc est un genre de labyrinthe de grottes artificielles, on a adoré y flâner et s'y perdre !Une énorme grotte abrite des chauve-souris et un genre d'aquarium presque abandonné avec des animaux empaillés/plastique, on est entre le musée et l'urbex.La vue au dessus des grottes est assez unique, entre flore tropicale et décors urbain délabré (un genre de mini central parc au style du Caire). Il y a aussi quelques fleurs tropicales pour les amateurs, des bassins couverts avec des poissons, et un petit bâtiment avec des mini aquariums, crocodiles et tortues. Au passage il est à noter que la condition de vie des animaux y est vraiment mauvaise, les vivariums sont des petits aquariums de la taille d'une boîte. Une personne vous proposera peut-être de vous faire visiter une partie du parc, il est bon de savoir à l'avance qu'il vous demandera un tips à la fin.Avis aux amateurs d'endroits insolites le temps d'une promenade. L'entrée est très abordable : 20LE par personne.
Mohamed Rostom: Need to develop the loss of non-use of the site and archaeological trees
mohamed asem: Unfortunately, a strong monster place - it's all neglected - to the point that it's full of bats and crows - something like the movies when you get a monster place that brings bats and crows in it - I wish any investor would take the place and develop it
samar mohammed: The most important thing that one should know is that the fish garden does not have fish as we expect 💔😂But the place is very nice, and it is useful to take very nice pictures
Isra' Ahmed: Suitable for dogs walk.
Eslam Slama: An excellent place suitable for the family. It opens at 9 o’clock and closes at 5 o’clock, but they start taking visitors out at 4.5 o’clock. It has a number of stunning views and there is a house for bats and a lake with geese and large colorful fish that you can feed. Also, there is what is called the factory, and there are a number of small ornamental fish, small crocodiles, turtles, some mummified foods, Nile fish farms, and others.Advice when going, take some bread with you to feed the fish in the big pond
فرس عربى: lousy
Nur Hany: Very beautiful
Zeina Abou El Fetouh: Very nice garden space, facilities need renovation

2. Giza Necropolis

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Giza Necropolis
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Address: Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Business type: Tourist attraction

Giza Necropolis: what do users think?
Mohamed Gomaa: Visited on WeekdayMore
ali qatar: مكان تاريخي من اجمل اثار العالم
K.M. Mahmoud: Breath taking and humbling. I rode a camel but I did not kiss one. Received amazing pictures.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Дерево и куст: круто очень вживую их увидеть 👍👍👍
John Tyson: Love it great place to seeVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Paul Fratamico: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
ROBERT-CHAPOT Céline: Mythique !A faire après les pyramides de Saqquarah pour voir l évolution de la construction
David Schooley: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Qingyao: Entrance to the area 440 LE pp. Entrance to Khufu 240. Camel ride is 500 LE per camel. But it's an unmissable site for a visit to Egypt. Try to go before 10AM to get a picture with Sphinx without crowds in the background. The light show (580 LE) is underwhelming, not recommended.
أم مهند الهندي: Visited on WeekendMore
Agrippa: Las pirámides de Guiza en las afueras de El Cairo (Guiza), datan de hace más de 4000 años. Los faraones del Imperio Antiguo, Keops (Khufu), Kefren (Kafra) y Mikerinos (Menkaura) las mandaron construir como sus tumbas y poder alcanzar así la ansiada eternidad.La pirámide de Keops, la más grande y antigua de ellas, es la única de las siete maravillas de la antigüedad que aún se conserva.La de su hijo Kefren, es la mejor conservada, aún puede contemplarse el recubrimiento de caliza de Tura en su cúspide, parece más grande al estar en lo alto de la meseta.La pequeña, de Mikerinos, posee una gigantesca brecha en su cara norte, originada por la intolerancia medieval, cuando un hijo de Saladino (Al-Aziz) intentó desmontarlas por ser símbolo del poder pagano. Al cabo de unos meses tuvo que abandonar debido a tremenda dificultad y coste que esto implicaba.
سعيد سيد: A civilized place indicating the ancient history of EgyptAnd the extent to which the Egyptians are capable of creativity
Jorge Serra: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Amr Hanafi: Simply the greatest man made wonder still in existence today. The fact that no one still knows how they were built make them even more interesting.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Ирина Спасская: Reservation recommended YesMore
Tuấn Nguyễn: Love it
Cynthia Loga: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Vladimir Fendrikov: If you are into piles of old rocks and people chasing after you trying to rip you off non stop, then you are in for a treat here. Otherwise, not worth it. Looks better on pictures and in history books.Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No …More
Ivan Radovanović: Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended NoMore
فلاحين سات: Strong good

3. Great Sphinx of Giza

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Great Sphinx of Giza
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Address: Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Business type: Tourist attraction

Great Sphinx of Giza: what do users think?
John Tyson: Love itWait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Sanfour Roman: Sphinx of ancient Egypt
فلاحين سات: Good strong and cut Menkhiro
Amr Hanafi: Still standingVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Ann Johnson: Unbeatably picturesque, must visit place, rich history and great civilization remnants.
Ирина Спасская: Супер! Древние загадочные места!
Cynthia Loga: Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Sandy Brown: Magnificent
Michelle Christina Totschnig: Always majestic
OidorIA: Impresionante escultura y templo. No te puedes perder y sentir la historia y el lugar. Tienes que visitarlo si no duda
Habib Zamani: لطفا به عکس ها به دقت نگاه کنید، با وجود پیشرفت های بیشمار بشر امروزی هنوز قادر به درک تکنولوژی مصر باستان نیستیم و مهندسی در آن زمان به قدری عالی بوده که با تمام تجهیزاتی که در اختیار داریم هنوز نمی توانیم چنین سازه هایی بسازیم.
Carole Owens: One of life's gotta see landmarks.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Greg Martin: The Giza pyramids and sphinx are definitely worth visiting. It’s easy to access and you can spend just a couple of hours or all day
Dwaine Jengelley: Wait time No waitMore
Jonas Haferkorn: Kleiner als gedacht.Zum Weg zur sphinx sehr viele händler die aber einen grösstenteils in Ruhe lassen
Ernst Baertsch: Ist ein Muss für jeden Ägypten Besucher
Ahmed Reda Donia: A place of majestic presence. I visit it multiple times and every time I feel that ancient Egyptians had to be magicians at least so as they can build such an amazing pyramid with these meticulously calculated position of inside paths and temples.Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No …More

4. The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo

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Address: 1113 Nile Corniche, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 25778899

Business type: Hotel

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo: what do users think?
Michael Mikhael: Friendly staff, very comfortable room. Beautiful views of the nile. Breakfast was delicious.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
mohamed Eltwabty 2030: GoodRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Ashraf Ezz: Its location is very excellentRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
khamis alremeithi: The hotel has normal service compared to the name of hotel which is Ritz Carlton.Their furniture is quite old & they have to renovate it.
Habib Grece: Good place but Bad stuffNot recommended
Moataz Mustafa: Splendid as always .. upscale in every aspect .. hospitable staff .. responsible managers .. great service and very very very clean rooms .. even the meeting and ceremony halls are amazing .. 👏Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
kishkishawy: Elite hotel . Premium location
Essam Hassan: من اهم فندق وسط البلدومنظر النيلسبحان من خلق
Amr Ahmed: Very nice place with excellent location and excellent views
Abdlmnm Alramli: luxuriousRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Ramy Mounir: روعهRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Dar!ng: It also has a kids academy where you sign UK your kid for activitiesRooms: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5Hotel highlights Great view, Kid-friendly, Great value …More
Malek 777: Excellency, ExcellencyRooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5 …More

5. Marriott Mena House, Cairo

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Address: Pyramids Road, 6 Aswan - Giza, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 12556, Egypt

Telephone: +20 2 33773222

Business type: Hotel

6. City Of The Dead

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City Of The Dead
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Address: 7 متفرع من السلطان أحمد, Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Egypt

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Cemetery

City Of The Dead: what do users think?
Camille Gillet: Impressionnante nécropole qui s’étend à perte de vue. Nous ne sommes pas entrés dedans, je ne sais pas si ce serait bien vu de s’y balader pour prendre des photos. Le quartier est très pauvre. Les gens vivent parmi les tombes et les caveaux. Il y a de superbes mosquées très anciennes. Depuis le parc Al Azhar, il est possible de longer la nécropole sur la rue Salah Salem St.
سلامه زيادة: The largest cemetery in Egypt
Steven FAN: 居民與死人共存墳墓,綿延約10公里,也擁有很多古蹟參雜其中,由於它是開羅和埃及最古老的穆斯林墓地,此區墓地擁有巨大的建築遺產
Francisco Gamboa: Esta interesante pero viéndola de lejos. Intenté caminar por ahí y hay una energía extraña que me hizo darme la vuelta.
Airbus 350: Dangerous place
Martí Guàrdia: Dead guy showed up n stole my wallet
Francisco Sierra Photography: A crazy experienceThe place is a huge cemeteryBut the must strange thing is people living thereThe poverty of Cairo in some places is that strongSo people that don’t have anything just come here cus the graves are huge some people just come there and take that place as homeReally impressive
João José: Uma extensão gigante de habitações degradadas onde estão instalados túmulos.
Neus Pon: Visita interesante con guía local.
محمد عبدالفتاح: good
محمد ابو ساجد: Abu Sajid Office for European stocks and Gulf bales
Aurora Del Bandecca: È il più antico cimitero musulmano del Cairo e dell'Egitto. Si estende per circa dieci chilometri ed è caratterizzato dalla convivenza tra vivi e defunti. Ho letto da qualche parte che più o meno un milione di abitanti vive tra e nelle tombe che, la maggior parte di esse, sono servite di elettricità e di acqua. Mi è sembrato molto più pulito dell'ultima volta che lo vidi nel 2019 ma questo perché tutto il Cairo è stato ripulito. Tutta la necropoli possiede un immane patrimonio architettonico di grandissimo pregio ed è bello soffermarsi ad ammirarlo. È a tutti gli effetti un museo a cielo aperto.
Vasileios Moulagiannis: The friendliest and quietest place in Cairo. People not trying to scum you here and disturbing you all the time. Be kind and say hello. Please bring chocolates for the kids!
عطية بييغيشييف: Очень поразило это место своей архитектурой и атмосферной
Polly Omar: Interesting to know that such place exist.
Peivand Pirouzi: This is the old city of Cairo. A new city is being built and is very promising.
黑亮: 心存敬畏
delta service: Very excellent service
mohammad garrah: We were at the funeral of a friend, and there were no signboards facilitating access
Jerry Han: Firstly it was a safe place to walk thru. No one really bother us. We greeted some locals in Arabic and they greeted us back. We took Uber to arrive at Maqad of Sultan Qaitbey. We then head towards and walk along Al Soultan Ahmed road until we pass under a flyover. We got another Uber near the flyover to get to our next destination. Along this route you will get to see old mosques, cemeteries and the local community. It is an interesting experience. It would be nice to prepare upfront some snacks or stationery to give away to random kids. It will really make their day.

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