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ELECTRONIC REPAIR COMPANY Switch Plus - CFC Mall (Apple Premium Reseller) Arab Academy For Electronic & Information Technology Services Switch Plus - Zamalek ( Apple Authorised Reseller ) New Horizons Computer Learning Centers New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Future Electronics - Egypt Arabic in Cairo Sharaf DG ZTE EGYPT Cairo University UGE Electronics Shobra Branch New Horizons Binary Egypt Company iDoctor Egypt Switch Plus - Maadi (Apple Authorised Service Provider & Reseller )


· 10 reviews

3 Sharara Buildings, Hassan El Mamoun St Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

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ELECTRONIC REPAIR COMPANY: what do users think?
Ahmed Osama: They are not answering their phonesI have arrived at the location and stayed for 30 mins waiting for them to answer ( tho i called the day before ) , i called them like 30+ times no one answered
Auto Tuning Experts Team: Love the work from these guys! keep it up!
Exotic Cars EG: Super amazing work 👌keep going🔥🔥🔥
Auto Tuning Egypt: amazing support team helping you out with everything. Good job
احمد فرج عبد المجيد: Engineer Mohamed Fathi is one of the personalities that I have the honor to know

2. Switch Plus - CFC Mall (Apple Premium Reseller)



· 75 reviews

Mall, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Switch Plus - CFC Mall (Apple Premium Reseller): what do users think?
Amr Ezzat: Very unprofessional
mostafa ali: They have the ability to eork under pressure and of course great hopitality
Mohamad Gamal: Good store for Apple products and customer service
Mohamed Fouad: Very nice store satisfied
Muhammad Abdelmagied: Elegant place with premium quality
Dr.Mohamed Hassan: perfect product
Alaa Elhalwagy: V good
Hamdy Refaat: مكان كويس وجميل ومعاملته كويسه
Ahmed Khaled: Professional
selim rohayem: Good but always busy has all stuff
Mohamed Abuzeid: Friendly staff
Ahmed Atef: Good
Nermine Hussein: 👍👍
Ahmed Refay: محتاج اجرب عشان اعرف تقيم شركه سويتش
mostafa badr: محترمين جدا فى التعامل
farah z: had a completely incredible experience 11/10, the staff and customer service are so helping and incredibly nice (specifically one that is called karim -hope you give him a raise-)
Mahmoud Maher Dakoush: جدا جدا
Ahmed Allam: Very good customer service
hosambarakat889: Very low profile service very SLOW "sale and refund process" they only have ONE cashier!!

3. Arab Academy For Electronic & Information Technology Services

· 65 reviews

3 A Kamil El-Shinnawy Street, 11451, Egypt

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Arab Academy For Electronic & Information Technology Services: what do users think?
Calvin Dark: I have been a subscriber/student with Arab Academy for just over two months. The class materials, pace and structure are wonderful. I have worked with 4 teachers so far and each one has been super talented, helpful and professional.
Constantine Au: I do not know Arabic at all. Mr. Assem Ali is my teacher and he is very patient and helpful. The supportive staff of the Arab Academy is also very helpful and friendly.
Francis Afu: I have had a good learning experience with Arab Academic. The lessons are tailored to my needs. Hana Tharwat has been a great tutor. I highly recommend Arab Academy and Ms Tharwat to anyone interested in learning Arabic Language.
Mo Lab: Excellent platform, we have been using it for our children since 2019 and it’s definitely helpful. Mr. Asim is our kids teacher since then and he is fantastic. Highly recommended especially if you live in a non Arabic speaking country and you want invest in the Arabic language learning for your children.
Colin Paget: Excellent value! I have 2 one-to-one online lessons per week, following a pragmatic and comprehensive online course over 3 months. Great support from teacher. Highly recommended.
Heather Gupte: This school is phenomenal. I cannot believe that in less than 6 weeks, I feel super comfortable with the alphabet. My tutor Hanna couldn't be more talented as a teacher and the online stuff is incredibly well done, easy to use. Finally, the HQ staff is very responsive and helpful. Love them so much. I am confident that within a year, I can read and write Arabic and engage in basic conversation. That is my goal! Thank you, Arab Academy.
MEL: Arab Academy has been a great experience. Professionals in everything. Always there to help you out and lead you along. Special thanks to my teacher Tarek who has been a true professional. I would definitely recommend you!
Alyssa Crow: I have been a consumer of this educational site for 2+ years and it is very worth it. My Arabic teacher is incredibly nice and understands my learning type. She makes everything very simple to understand in a very complex language. I am very happy with this company and the site is simple to use to practice what I’m taught in my one-on-one class.
Amina Attia El Tabakh: Very well organized and structured course that can be followed at one's own pace. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the materials are interesting. One on one lessons can be booked (and cancelled if needed) with no hassle through the platform, and the teachers are fully qualified and engaging. The staff is very responsive and kind.I have been learning through Arab Academy for about a month now and I am pleased with the progress I have made so far. I would highly recommend it.
Francesca Pedrani: I have been studying with Arab Academy for two months and I could not be more satisfied! The course lessons are well structured and comprehensive of all parts of communication (writing, lexicon, grammar, speaking, listening). The most useful element of the program is one-to-one speaking class - If I had more time during the week, I would have purchased the package with 8 lessons per month! Hanaa is my teacher (you can choose the teacher you prefer every lesson) and she is absolutely great, patient and always try to make me speak!
GOLD SPOTTER: تجربتي مع Arab Academy ممتازة… الاستاذة يتابعون الاولاد ويحثوهم على تعلم اللغة العربية بطريقة جيدة.
Marco Dalla Ragione: I am glad to praise the excellent job that Arab Academy is doing. I have been studying arabic with them for 18 months now and I can state that they have always been extremely serious, with a timely organisation, great learning material and really outstanding teachers. I couldn't recommend them more.
Nass Ka: I've been studying with arab academy for a few months. So far I'm happy. My teacher is great! The staff is also very friendly and helpful. I recommend.
Jose Louis Iparraguirre: Great tutor for 1-2-1 online sessions with ample choice of time slots and days.Easy to follow, practical materials to go through and take in in each lesson. Not heavy on grammar as focus is primarily on oral communication -speaking and listening- but based on reading (just what I was looking for(.Look forward to the total immersion week at the end of my course!
Mariam Al-Haydari: My girls learn Arabic using the platform and live one-on-one classes. I'm very happy with the service. Very professional. They have very good teachers. Flexible booking hours. Interesting and fun books. But, I think they can improve the platform. It's old fashion. Also it would be great if they add simple grammar as part of the curriculum.
Bintou Fall: I have been using Arab Academy for about 9 months now and I absolutely love it. The teachers are amazing and so patient. the study material makes it easy to self-study and the teachers are there to review the material. I can do it at my own pace. I find myself speaking arabic now. They have taught me so much. I would definitely highly recommend it.
Sayyidah Zahrah: The platform is simple and provides ample opportunity to practice no matter what level of Arabic you take. The staff is extremely cooperative and responds quickly to all queries.Above all, my teacher Ms. Hana Tharwat, is amazing, she inculcates real confidence in a beginner student and the speaking classes are always on time and full of learning.To be honest, it is hard to find at this price an institute in the UAE. Keep up the good work team Arab Academy! :)
Lucia Vargas: I have been studying for two months and I am very satisfied. Before studying here I researched well other online options to learn Modern Standard Arabic, and Arabic Academy so far has been the best for the quality in materials, professors for live speaking sessions (super professional and knowledgeable), customer attention and the best price out there. Now my daughter is studying here as well.
Joost Hiltermann: My two years of taking classes at the Arab Academy were very satifying from a learning point of view. My tutor was great: patient, knowledgeable, instructive. The administration is efficient. The price is good. An excellent experience!
Lennert Staat: A very high quality academy for improving your Arabic. Very good and dedicated, teachers/workers/staff. Administration is very fast in answering if you have any questions. They are always willing to help to improve your skills. Good learning system with digital lessons on the internet are very helpful also. Lessons by Zoom are always good and on time. They are really wanting to help you and do everything they can to provide what you need. I strongly recommend this academy for studying Arabic.
Nicholas Lischynsky: I've been studying Arabic through Arab Academy during the last month and have had a wonderful experience. The learning materials are extensive, detailed, and clear, and the teachers are knowledgeable and helpful in the online teaching sessions offered by the program. I would highly recommend Arab Academy to anyone who is interested in learning Arabic.

4. Switch Plus - Zamalek ( Apple Authorised Reseller )

· 143 reviews

3 Ibn El Nabih Street zamalek القاهرة, 11211, Egypt

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Switch Plus - Zamalek ( Apple Authorised Reseller ): what do users think?
Rouja Mohamed 1589215892: perfect
مجدى راشد: رائع
Dr.Hassan Gad: Apple store
Eyad Aly: Excellent and upscale treatment
إسحاق محمد: High prices
Alaa ِAly: Good place
Ismail Nassar: One of the best iPhone companies in the Zamalek region. The style of the people is at the top of magnificence and respect, especially Mr. Mostafa, the Zamalek branch. One of the best respected personalities
Mostafa Abdul-Monem: Great service
Nasr Ali: The level of service is excellent
Karim Bahgat: The worst experience ever, bought screen protector and a cover for my new iphone 12 pro, screen protector for EGP550 and a clear cover for EGP350 surprisingly and in less than one month screen protector was full of air bubbles and the cover turned to be yellow!!! When reach the store the sales man told me comfortably “just use it and replace it later! “ bought again both much more cheaper and they are ok. Just don’t visit this place to save your money.
Omar Ashry: Overpriced and for what added benefit??? Seriously want me to believe that they would fix an iphone i buy from them for free in the first 6 months?
Mohamed Waly: amazing
Ashraf Halim: You call . They never answer .
Sarah “SoU” Yehia: Great service and staff
tito Elsayaad: Nice
Yahia Hashem: Inflexible and overpriced. Wouldn't accept an exchange.
Ahmed Abdel Aziz: Nice stuff, of course expensive as usual for Apple products
Basma Fathy: respectable place
ahmed saeed: excellent

5. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

· 1 reviews

Inside City Center Mall, Makram Ebeid, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City,, cairo, Cairo Governorate 11762, Egypt

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6. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

· 19 reviews

32 Mossadak, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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New Horizons Computer Learning Centers: what do users think?
Nashwa Anwar: Calling to inquire, no response
Abraham Ahmed: Why didn't you try, but I will try
Mohamed S. Mustafa: IT courses and equipped labs
oosmam osama: مكان نظيف و محترم
Ahmad Soliman: Took CEH exam here. Professional and nice place. Highly recommended
Sherif ElFiky: Clean and organized environment for good learning experience

7. Future Electronics - Egypt

· 329 reviews

2 Ahmed Fouad Abd Al Aziz Al Sarayat Sabekaa, As Sarayat, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Future Electronics - Egypt: what do users think?
Jan Dark: Good place to buy electronics
Mostafa Hanafy: It's a good place to get electronicsbeautiful decorations and many various devices but it doesn't have some of you needstill good tho
mostafa zakria: The reception of the staff is wonderful. I ask the company to show the sign that belongs to the company, so that the company can be identified by it. Thank you
Gamal Gad (Jimmy): Fair prices and good products and friendly staff...thanks
Amr Boffa: I did not find what you asked for
Amr Shams: good store for electronics
mido ahmed: The worst electronics store, and everything he has is wasted and has a defect, and he does not return anything even if he is right with you
Yassin Hany: Had everything we needed, very respectful and nice owners, and were very understanding of our stupidity
Yousef Elgredly: Cheap, fast and professional
Farouk Ashraf Farouk: Good transaction and good prices
Mohamed khalil: مكان منظم وأداء ممتازشكرا جزيلا
Omar Desoky: التعامل اسوء مما يكون 😣الشركة الاسوء علي الاطلاق✊
Dr El-Sayed Ali: فى الدور الثانى وعنده حاجات مهمة كثير
Mohamed abd elsamiea: المكان ممتازبيبيعوا مكونات الكترونيه غايه في الدقةالاسعار ممتازة ومنافسهالعيب الوحيد : البتين إللي بيبيعوا لك الـ kits معندهمش اي خبره او فكره..
Omar Samy: So good place for electronics but they have two prices of every thingThe first for websiteThe second for actual price
Peter Estephan: الشركة دي فيها موظف أو مدير هو أقرع و قليل الذوق و معايا مكالمة معاه و هو بيشتم و يقل أدبه..في محضر شغال بكل الإهانات و السب اللي حصل و في إجراءات رسمية بتتاخد ضدهم بس في كل الأحوال محدش يشتري منهم عشان ميتشتمش
Hossam Kamal: شركة محترمة و توفر منتجات ممتازة و متنوعة و اسعار مناسبة
Ahmed Emam: مكان محترم
Ahmed Gad: Worst customer service i have ever seen
Ahmed Sabry Engineer: Excellent, it contains most of the electronic components
Ahmed A Fatah Software Engineer (Ahmed A Fatah): Best prices and rare components.

8. TEA Serv Academy

· 32 reviews

42 Al Amir Al Omomi, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11762, Egypt

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TEA Serv Academy: what do users think?
Mohamed Alaa: Sterile system and long hours appointments
Mr.70da: the place was very nice and computers were working great
marly essam: Lecturers were amazingOrganising the course was the worst and that made the course really a bad experience and not getting the full benefit related to cost spent
Amira Hasan: A good academy
ahmed sabry: BIM software center
sherif ali: One of the worst training centers you can apply to. Their timings are complete garbage and they really don't care if you receive your training correctly nor completely.
Ahmed Essawy: Training center
Milos Kan: The educational outlet of ECG

9. Arabic in Cairo

· 54 reviews

3 Alif Kamil El-Shinnawi Street, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

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Arabic in Cairo: what do users think?
Margaret Bisulca: I studied MSA and the Egyptian dialect with Arab Academy for 4 months and made significant improvements during that time. The teachers are very encouraging and I felt that the school was able to address my language goals to push me to the level I wanted to achieve with Arabic. The classes are built around a course that they use, however, after a few weeks in class we tailored the course to fit my learning needs specifically.
Gil McKinnon: I just completed a two week course of Colloquial Arabic (private lessons, 3 hours a day). I highly recommend the Academy. My five instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Their teaching method is conducive to learning. The administration is well-organized. I hope to return in the months ahead.
Leah Van de Putte: Studying at Arab Academy has been a great choice! Starting off with 1 month of عامية "to try the school out" quickly led to booking 3 months extra. The school is super flexible to make a personal class schedule that fits your needs and wishes, the classes itself are conversation-based: ideal for getting around in the Egypt! I have made lovely friends and kind connections with the teachers (who are all Egyptian, a massive improvement in up-to-date vocab in comparison to my classes in my home country). When I come back, I will definitely stop by again!
Elmjak Ashraf: Excellent place
Jeremy Low: I have enjoyed my time learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic at Arab Academy. The teachers were extremely patient and effective in their classes and they made learning fun.
Elnaz Ashkriz: I studied at Arab Academy for one month. The school is great, it has a really positive atmosphere and the teachers are kind and committed. I had a great time there and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to study Arabic.
Jack Harris: I spent 2 months studying at Arab Academy in the summer of 2022. I found the staff to be excellent, friendly and supportive.The teachers are patient, and it is a great setting to learn either Modern Standard or Colloquial Egyptian Arabic.
Zhixi Liu: My seven-week study (for both MSA and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic) at Arab Academy was definitely gratifying! I came with the shyness and fear of speaking Arabic and left with the confidence and competence of expressing myself in Arabic. Thanks to the pedagogical skills of my teachers and the positive vibe they brought to the classroom, I found the beauty of Arabic and the enjoyment of using the language.Besides the fact that I was satisfied with the linguistic knowledge I gained, I also got obsessed with the class discussion on various topics including cultural affiliation, social norms, and medical systems.In addition, the institute is very well-organized and my communication with the executive staff is always super efficient.Highly recommend!
Honghao Su: I had very pleasant experience studying Arabic with Arab Academy. The course was well-structured and the level was decent with me as I had some experience with Arabic before. Even though I only spent two weeks there, I still learnt a lot. The teachers are very qualified and patient. They always correct me patiently on some of the mistakes that I make over and over again, and they are always happy to answer my questions. I would highly recommend Arab Academy for Arabic learning and I wish to come back soon.
Lennert Staat: Very good lessons. They team is very friendly, dedicated and willing to help you with all your personal requests. I had a private course fitting my needs to progress in Arabic and the team did everything to help me to reach my personal goals. The team is also very quick responding on every request/email. It was a lovely experience! I recommend this language academy strongly!
Lizzy Budden: My friend and I studied here for a week during Ramadan 2022, we loved it so much! The course for Egyptian dialect was thorough and covered many interesting topics. All the teachers immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable, and the only downside is that we could not stay for longer! Thank you Arab Academy!
Roel Welling: The Arab Academy is a great language school and I enjoyed studying there, even if it was only for a month. The teachers are friendly and qualified. The Arab Academy has developed its own method, which is good, but it can get a bit tedious in class when you are strictly following an online course on the screen. Everybody at the Academy is really welcoming and makes you feel at home. They also organize events where you can practice your Arabic and meet new people.
Sylvie Marchand: This was such a beautiful experience, it is so fruitful learning at the Arabacademy !I want to thank the whole team and the wonderful teachers for their welcoming and teaching abilities ! I will certainly come back and advise everyone to join this school !!! MERCI :-)
Jasmine baker: I studied with Arabic in Cairo for several months, firstly with the intensive course for one month (4 hours per day, 5 days per week), and then reduced down to 3 hours per week according to my needs and schedule (the school was happy to be flexible which was great). This is great place to learn Arabic from scratch and I recommend it highly, although the price is higher than other schools. Teachers are extremely qualified (my teacher had degrees/masters in translation and linguistics allowing him to explain things clearly) and the whole staff are helpful, friendly and accommodating. They also hold monthly 'parties' or activities for students which are genuinely great fun.
Simon Eugster: Studying at the Arab Academy was a very good experience. I feel like I made progress even though I was only there for a month. The teachers are friendly and supportive, it is fun learning from them. I also really appreciated the Academy's flexibility in studying schedules.
Jack Schwartz: I had a really great experience at Arab Academy. I took part in the intensive Arabic program in Cairo for two months, and I gained a solid grasp on the Arab language by the end of my time. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to get started learning Arabic to choose Arab Academy.
Farida Soler: Arab Academy is a great school. The teachers are absolutely amazing. They are patient and willing to help their students. My young daughter is currently learning online and we have seen a tremendous growth in her ability to understand and communicate in the Arabic language. The material is very easy to follow and comprehend especially with their repetition model. The assignments are graded after each submission which helps students see their progress as well. It’s a great school with an affordable monthly rate and booking classes online is a breeze. I highly recommend Arab Academy.
Kyra Zimmerman: The school was great, organized and the teachers were wonderful! Wish I could have studied with them longer. :)
Luana Marina: I studied Modern Standard Arabic at Arab Academy for 4 Weeks (full-time, five days per week, four hours per day). The program is demanding but very efficient. I learned a lot and felt profoundly supported by the teachers and the staff. They adapted the lessons according to my needs when I asked for it. This helped me to improve even in the areas that were most difficult for me. The course provided me with a solid base of grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Moreover, the teachers constantly encouraged oral communication. The software you get along with the course is excellent, and you get homework to apply what you have learned. Thus, I highly recommend Arab Academy to everyone willing to improve their Arabic as fast as possible. I got so much more out of this course than expected, including a warm and welcoming atmosphere at school!
Kai Wu: Très bonne école et bonne méthode.
stabkamay: The academy is located in Garden City, a quiet part of Cairo, and doesn't only provide courses in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), but also in Egyptian Colloquial. I took MSA courses there (Advanced Mid-Level) during August 2021 together with some other students and it was a great experience. We'd study for five days a week, Sunday to Thursday, each day for four hours from 9 to 1. There usually was a different teacher for each hour and we would thus practise various things (usually reading and text comprehension, listening, speech). The teachers were very friendly and professional, also patient and would encourage us students to actively communicate in Arabic so that we could improve our skills. I can only agree with other reviews, the academy and its teachers are very professional and reliable.

10. Audio Technology - Bose

· 84 reviews

٩٥د شارع الميرغني مصر الجديدة بجوار بنك كيو ان بي و مطعم عز المنوفي, هليوبوليس, Almazah, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Sharaf DG

· 71 reviews

بجانب بنك QNB, Cairo Festival Mall, Gate 9, Ground Floor, Beside Qnb Bank, اول القاهرة كايرو فستيفال سيتي مول - بوابة 9, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp


· 8 reviews

19 B, Smart Village, Kilo 28 Cairo Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Cairo University

· 1856 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. UGE Electronics Shobra Branch

· 289 reviews

26 El-Menoufy, Borham, Elsahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. New Horizons

· 15 reviews

8, Mohamed Mustafa Hamam St, Abbas el Akkad, Behind Pizza Hut, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Binary Egypt Company

· 119 reviews

56 مصر حلوان الزراعي برج بدر المعادي بجوار أكاديمية السادات وامام فندق المعادي, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. iDoctor Egypt

· 41 reviews

33 Ahmed Heshmat, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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18. Switch Plus - Maadi (Apple Authorised Service Provider & Reseller )

· 289 reviews

2 Port Said, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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