Best Duodenal Ulcer Specialists Cairo Near Me

Dr. Mohamed Amin Saqr

1. Dr. Ashraf Abou Bakr

· 0 reviews

226 ش الجيش, عباسية, Bab El Sharia, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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2. Dr. Mohamed Amin Saqr



· 25 reviews

12 Boutros Ghaly, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Mohamed Amin Saqr: what do users think?
Ahmed Hakim: A doctor who is insensitive to patients, when he is sick like a follower and knows my condition, and I have a problem and my condition is critical, and I still need to be examined with him. The filthy secretary who has him replies to me and tells me to book a month before, and if you do not like the emergency spirit, I only say #God is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs
Caro: The doctor is very excellent, but Ragab is a big problem, a man who has reduced manners and deals with a lack of taste. Every visit to the clinic has a problem. You have to pay in order to enter the doctor. The last time I enter the clinic
خالد أحمد صالح العميسي: Professor of mercy, humanity, and accurate diagnosis, may God give you a lifetime and grant him health and wellnessSince 2009, we have been in contact with him until today, and he is still with the same efficiency, smooth style, and more than excellent dealing with the patient, the escort, and his assistants with a high degree of ethics.
Mohammed Gizooly: Doctor is an excellent and honest scientist, may God bless him and increase his knowledge.
Mohsen Abdallah: Doctor is excellent in his work, fears God and cooperates with everyone
Qwert Asdfg: Very good doctor, may God bless him
خالد الشمسي: دكتور استشاري جهاز هظمي وباطنة.. الدكتور محمد أمين ما شاء الله تشخيص ممتاز قمة في الأخلاق والتعامل الطيب
AHMAD CFO: دكتور كبير بس مش عارف ادخله بسبب الزحمة
nonna mahmoud: بجد دكتور محمد فوق الممتاز ربنا يبارك فيه وفي صحته، ومتابعة معاه والدتي من سنين، لكن للأسف المواعيد اللي بيكون حجزها بصعوبة وطبعا بمزاج عم رجب اللي شغال عنده والاولوية للأشخاص اللي بتراضي عم رجب طبعا واللي على مزاجهبجد دي اسوء حاجة في العيادة وبمر بيها مع كل حجز
Shimaa Ali: دكتور ممتاز ومحترم جدا ربنا يكرمه
Gamal Osman: دكتور محمد امين صقر ممتاز وذو علم ومحترم وخلوق وأمين جداً وأتعامل معه لفترة طويلة تقترب من ١٥ سنوات
Ęmę Ãłį: دكتور محمد دكتور ممتاز وانسان خلوق
علي محمود البسيسي: الدكتور محمد الانسان والطبيب الامين والمتواضع في اخلاقه ذو علم ومعرفه دقيقه بتخصصه انا لم اقابل طبيب في قسم الباطنه مثله نتمنى له التوفيق والنجاح فله من اسمه نصيب كبير اللمتنه والعلم والاخلاق
Saalim Dhbani: قوة القوة
Mohamed A Saleh: The doctor is excellent, but his relationship with the patient is not sufficiently friendly and he lacks more listening to the patient and not being rushed with the patient, but his diagnosis is excellent and he sees the patient wellFor those who ask about the price of the examinationI revealed on February 19, 2019 the detection price is 600 pounds for non-Egyptians,,
Mohamed Kh: A smart, intelligent doctor who keeps pace with modern medicine, and his experience is better than people older than him
أبراهيم منطاوي: doctor
adel Amwdrkn: Determined to offer
HUSSIEN DARWISH: Excellent kind doctor
Samegy Norge: It was revealed by Dr. Wasel Cam
abdullah ali: Very excellent doctor.. very classy.His clinic is comfortable for the patient's psyche.

3. Dr. Hesham Samy Abdel Fattah

· 7 reviews

99 ش السباق, El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Hesham Samy Abdel Fattah: what do users think?
Aalaa Omar: One of the smartest and best internists in Egypt is a very respected and honest doctor
Ahmad Qenawi: good doctor
Kareem El Sherbiny: They don't sell their products hand to hand you've to purchase and wait 48 hours for delivery at their office

4. دكتور ياسر الغرابلي

· 56 reviews

٩٥ أ، شارع أحمد عرابي،, Egypt

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دكتور ياسر الغرابلي: what do users think?
Sara Hassan: Dr. YasserA decent human being, thank you, the best doctor, and may God bless you, Al-Gharabli, and may God always place you in the highest ranks scientifically and morally.
hassan shaheen: Dr. Yasser Al-Gharabli is one of the smartest and most successful surgeons, may God honor him and increase his knowledge. He performed a hiatal hernia operation for my wife, even though all the famous surgeons, including Dr. Hossam Muwafi, refused to perform the operation due to her old age and because she had a heart open operation before, but God Almighty He gave us a reason in Dr. Yasser and the skill of the doctor. With God’s grace, the operation was successful. The operation was performed at Millennium Hospital in Dokki. Thank you, Doctor, for the wonderful effort that you made. May God reward you with all the best and may God raise you in your knowledge.
Safaa Atwan: Thanks to God first and then to Dr. Yasser Al-Gharabli. May God always make you a reason to heal people. Thank you for leaving us for a moment after the operation. Whenever we need you, please reply and reassure us.
Yahya Alwadidi: Very excellent doctorHe had a hiatal hernia operationThank God, my health is very goodI thank Secretary Eman for contacting me and following up after the operation
Losenda Mahmed: An excellent doctor with a very good character and respect. He reassures me before the client and after the operation, and at any moment we need him. He responds at length. He is very interested in the patient. May God reward him with all the best. May God bless him.
محمد هاني الشاهد: A thousand thanks, Dr. Yasser, for the operation that gave me gallbladder endoscopy. Thank you for standing by my side and taking care of him.
Samar Saad: Dr. Yasser considered as one of the most talented and professional surgeon, I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so luck to do my surgery with him …highly recommend to anyone who need a safe surgery with ideal results 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Five stars isn’t enough at all❤️❤️🙏🏻
Ahmed Alatrash: Respected doctor and the response is fast and the details are very comprehensive, a thousand thanks doctor, and may God open you, Amen
abdallah Mohamed: From personal experience, I did an operation with him, and he was responding to all messages, and he was long-suffering. Thank you, and he is a good doctor. Mashallah, may God bless him.
Aya Hataba: Dr. Yasser is a respected doctor, and he is very good-natured and smart, God willing, and he answered any questions after the operation all the time, and that he had a long time to hear my complaints. Thank you very much, Dr. Yasser
Karwan Thabet: Gooooood doctor , thank you very much😍😍👍
mohamed sobhy: The doctor is very professional and skilledListens to the patient and always advices with what’s best
sahar fageer: An excellent experience and Dr. Yasser is excellent. I remained very confident of myself. The appointments for every need are excellent. Miss Eman. All of them are beautiful. A thousand thanks to Dr. Yasser.
Ahmed Eldesokey: The best surgeon you can deal with, very excellent at his work, and a decent personGood luck
هبه خيال: I did not know Dr. Yasser, and he was in a very important condition for meThe important thing is that I brought her to the hospital and they recommended me to Dr. Yasser. I told them that this case was close to me after the operation.
Alaa Eldin: God suffices me.. A very bad doctor in dealing, especially because I follow AXA insurance, as if I will be examined for free or what.
waleed atef: Dr. Yasser is one of the smartest and most brilliant doctors I have dealt with in my life. Dr. Ali is excellent and above excellent. Thank you for your support for the hiatal hernia operation. All thanks and support for your honor 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mohamed Abdellah: Seriously, one of the best, most skilled and respected doctorsA thousand thanks for coming
tamer elhady: Dr. Yasser is a distinguished and brilliant surgeon. May God grant you success, Doctor, and may God make you a reason to heal the sick.
Smh Mohd: God bless you
wafaa hassan: Dr. Yasser Al-Gharabali is one of the greatest doctors in knowledge, morals and highly skilled, may God reward him with all the best

5. Ghaly's Medical Group

· 52 reviews

32 El Golf St, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Ghaly's Medical Group: what do users think?
Eamon Khorshid: Acceptable
Lamya Emam: Worst clinic i’ve ever been to! Unprofessional staff and disrespectful to their clients
Hadeer Moubarak: The worst customer service ever. You have to wait two weeks to make an appointment and after this period you will be surprised that they forgot to make it for you and you have to wait two more weeks.
Hagar Abdelwahed: Very poor customer service . Don’t recommend at all.
Lea Kau: S'exprimant dans un francais et un anglais parfaits, le directeur du centre docteur Ghaly travaille en étroite collaboration avec l'ambassade de France en Égypte.Nous tenons à le remercier pour son intervention lors d'une urgence médicale durant les vacances d'El Eid. En effet, nous n'arrivions pas à trouver de personnel médical disponible.Nous vous recommandons d'exprimer clairement vos coucis de santé lors de vos prises de rdv téléphonique.les standardistes-réceptionnistes ne sont pas nécessairement au courants de vos problèmes de santé et/ou des termes médicaux qui s'y attachent...
Jasmin ramadan: They love sending u across buildings, I would say not helpful. You’re better off going to a hospital E.R that’s how useless it is
بسام: 예약힘듬 그러나 그나마 여기가나음
Da He: The place is absolutely empty but yet you have to wait a long time to see the doctor.
Khaled Amer: Very bad customer serviceTo make an appointment they tell you no all appointments are taken doctor busy... can you try can you take my number and check if someone cancel the immediate answer is a big NO and in a rude way as if they are paying usThe previous visit the lady at the cashier kept on confusing me with the money then she answered that I never paid however I did pay and ended that I paid twice !!!! But I had no proof so left like an idiot!
Ahmed Lasheen: It is a good center with good doctors and very good service
Phlap Hanson: I'm giving one star in the hope the senior staff at the clinic will read this and pay attention. This is not a reflection on the medical service I have received so far, which has been very good. This is to highlight the supremely poor customer service skills of the male receptionist. On my six or so visits I have either witnessed or been on the receiving end of his confusing and argumentative approach to the patients. He is impatient, rude and definitely not the sort of person who should be dealing with ill and vulnerable members of public. I'd place money on it that he is a family member. I can't see how else he could hold on to that job!
Tracy Bensabai: I want to recommend Dr Rasha at Ghaly’s Medical Group in Maadi. I went to her for the first time today. She is so warm and friendly and completely put me at my ease. She was efficient without being brisk, explained what she was going to do and how it would feel, and I was able to relax because I felt completely comfortable. Her explanations were clear and her English is excellent. I will definitely be going back to her.
Shady El Gohary-Le Tulzo: Aucun suivi médical,ne réponds pas après 5 mail. Consultation inutile avec un ton hautain.Dr Sabry n'en a que faire de vous et votre santé, plutôt des 500EGP POUR 5 MIN de consultation.
Zein Hassib: Horrible experience with GN Dr. Tarek.Took appointment 10 days in advance at 2:30 PM, arrived on time to be told that appointment was moved to 3:30, waited till 4 and doctor was still not here! left and booked appointment for week after that at 1:;30, received call informing me that it was pushed to 2:30 and was informed that doctor is urging me to arrive on time. I arrived 2:20, waited till 2:55 (even though doctor arrived at 2:40) and left again! utter disrespect of patient's time and arrogant attitude from doctor.Even though I would have eventually gotten in, the indifferent and disrespectful behavior of the doctor and the lack of communication/apology made me not want to get any medical support from a person like this. very disappointing
Peter Fares: Don’t waste your time. They’re professional time waster and the receptionist have Zero knowledge about the medical specialities. I clearly asked for general surgeon, and she insisted it’s wrong specialty. I made an appointment and voilà the doctor told me I should see a general surgeon! What a waste of time! No one apologized!
Randa Mido: Very clean , well organized and professional physicians, friendly and helpful staff
영원한사랑: 친절하고 좋은 의사들이 많아요. 강추!
B Jadoon: Dr Jacqueline the worst ENT specialist at Ghaly clinic , did not come in time , charged 500 for a consultation and check up which wasn’t up to the mark , prescribe a ear spray which is not available in any of the pharmacy in Cairo . Took only 5 minutes for the consultation,, in a rush and do not speak good English .
Spice K.: One doctor was very rude, calling my friend that he should learn english. The doctor unnecessarily pointed out about my nose, how my Asian nose is flat. Absolutely Disrespectful and Arrogant.
Daniel K. M. Joppa: Un accueil assez convivial. Le meilleur pour moi est de pouvoir trouver quelqu'un qui parle francaises aussi bien dans les medecins que dans les assistants
Tawfik Salah: The worst medical center and the worst doctor I have ever seenHe is not professional and I don't recommend any one to visit this place at all 😔😔😔

6. Sama Clinic

· 5 reviews

El-Nasr Rd, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sama Clinic: what do users think?
Islam Abd Elmonem: Dr. Nasr Hafez, may God bless him and grant him good healthI swear to God, a respectable human being, God made you a reason to heal many, may God bless your children and reward you with all the best
Hossamorl Aaziz: Excellent professors and consultants in almost all specialities..hearing test is available. Laboratory room for sample collection. Medical records for all the patients.
amany belal: A good clinic

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