Best Dressmaking Classes Cairo Near Me

Manar Mamdouh sewing courses Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts Cairo design district (Greek Campus Branch) Career Gates Art Square Academy Art Cafe (Maadi) Artopia Academy

1. Manar Mamdouh sewing courses

· 10 reviews

32 Nasir street, El-Abaseya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Manar Mamdouh sewing courses: what do users think?
Amera Essam: The place is amazing and the girls there are very good and you will benefit again and you will be very happy with them ♥♥♥♥




· 2 reviews

XCWQ+G6R, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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JAMILA JOLIE SEWING SCHOOL: what do users think?
Mohamed Elaraby: Nice art school

3. مدرسة أخبار اليوم الخاصة لتعليم التفصيل و الخياطة

· 4 reviews

عمر خيرت, 3, ٣ Omar Khayrat, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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مدرسة أخبار اليوم الخاصة لتعليم التفصيل و الخياطة: what do users think?
saso queen: This is currently the worst place to teach details, and the madam in it is called Aida, I swear to God Almighty, she has no taste or conscience and does not know our Lord. I do not allow her for the Day of Judgment and this is my personal responsibility. May God take revenge on her and harm her as she did me harm.

4. Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts

· 49 reviews

26 حسانين عبد القادر, متفرع من حسن المأمون, ،, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts: what do users think?
Abdullah Mufti: I took a private course on leatherWith Professor Lamia Abu ShadiA course full of energy, positivity, science and artA wonderful reception from sisters Nesma and MaryamA rich experience and I recommend visiting them 👍🏻
marwa hane: Very very bad need** Those who reply on Facebook do not understand anything and reply to one question, and the rest do seen and do not respond** No answer to phonesA Nesma reception is not qualified to deal with customers** Unprofessionalism and does not contain any problem or complaint from customers** Dealing with unprofessionalism at all
Karem Hassan: A very excellent place to teach culinary arts, the trainers are professionals, their spirit is very sweet, and their certificate is accredited in 96 countries in the worldThe administration is cooperating throughout the study period for every need
dina mohamed: 💜💜💜💜
Hossam Hosny: A respectable academic place, where crafts are taught professionally by many specialists
Ramy Elgamaal: good
samer al-sharqawy: Better than the old branch but the elevator is not working 😬😬
Reda Ali: It is a really good place and it is always developing methods of education and updating the tools used....
Noura Adel: a perfect place to learn
fatma abou el khair: Lovely place and people
mohamed rabea: Doctors in every need
youssef maher: real study
Ahmed Abdelkader: An excellent place to learn crafts, crochet and sewing
مروة همام: Very cool and special
Elham Youssef: The best academy you can learn at 👌
Islam Lotfy: A good place for small workshops
مصطفي جابر: There are a number of great and useful courses
mariam essam: Without any reason, I adore and love this placeMy second home... is Academic Inscriptions ❤🏩❤Arts House.. Handicrafts.. Handmade.
Sameh Girgis: amazing
Mhad. Shafik Helaly: more than great

5. Cairo design district (Greek Campus Branch)

· 1 reviews

171 Tahrir street, الدواوين، عابدين،, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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6. Career Gates

· 36 reviews

Al Msaha, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Career Gates: what do users think?
Omar Farhat: Good
Basmala Mohamed: IGCSE exams
Ahmad Soliman: I used to attend toastmasters meeting here. Very clean, tidy, and professional place.
Norhan Samir: My favorite place, I will miss it very much, everything in it is beautiful and organized
Ameera Mostafa: A quiet place,Good for courses and workshops,Placed in a calm street,It's good overall.
Yahya Elharony: Overall, the place is very good, quite and suitable for courses and/or conferences.Cons:- No Wi-Fi for the rooms ( you need to make a subscription with them. Which means extra fees ).- The security guys aren't friendly.- They have very bad halls, avoid them and it would be better to come earlier to check your hallThe Wi-Fi is enough to give it 3 stars as we were really need it.
khaled tangaa: Very cool center
Dr.Mostafa AbdelAzim: IG exams for many Giza internationals schools
Suhaib Obeidat: A pretty big place for conferences and meetings, but takes an angle of classrooms instead of big conference rooms.
amr ali: Good place for courses and activities. I had a research course there.
Moataz Elbanna: Fair quality

7. Art Square Academy

· 26 reviews

5 Sayed Afifi St, From نبيل الوقاد, Ard El Golf, Cairo Governorate 11371, Egypt

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Art Square Academy: what do users think?
Amany Asad: A beautiful place with professional and friendly staff. I enjoyed my experience with them. Highly recommended. After 3 years I still have the same feelings and more
Sally Youssef: I had a good experience with my daughter in Junior art course .Very recommended to the young kids.
joseph mousa: The wonderful place
Mona Lotfy: Professional Fashion Courses, Helpful staff & good spirit ❤
Mohamed Byada: The Best Academy Ever 💪❤️
Mira Youssef: Seriously, it's a great and organized place, and I benefited greatly from your drawing course. I will come again in the summer 💪💪💪
Ramy Girgid: مكان راقي و محترم وبروفشنال
Rogeh Ramy: I took an art course there, and the place is really amazing, and the team is more than wonderful.. Thank you art square academy❤️❤️
Tina Ramzy: A beautiful place and I learned and benefited a lot. Thank you to all Team Art Square 😍❤️
Zainab El-Mansi: I really wish I read the negative comments before going to that place! The workshop I joined took place in the corridor surrounded by noise coming from people coming up and down the stairs and teenagers in one of the rooms constantly chatting loudly. The instructor spent around 45 minutes each session with a new member joining the workshop on the theoretical part, while I was sitting idly waiting for her to finish. Actually once I did interrupt her coz i couldn't take it anymore. It's a loss of time and effort tbh. Not a place if u r looking for proper investment of your time and energy. I didn't get a chance to finish my painting, attached down, coz I got sick last session and I was denied a chance to finish it. Also attached below is the unclear image I'm copying! Y3ni they don't even have proper printers to do a basic job in the workshop!Unfortunately, there's no space for me reply. So, I'll reply here. Thank u for your apology, but end result is that my painting is not finished! The whole outcome of the workshop is not accomplished. Do u think I would ever get even close to your place again!
Aya ElBably: They are not professional or decent with the people who want to learn. They are also not flexible at all unfortunately.
Remy: Long story short.This place is commercial oriented more than teaching a skill.I wonder what kind of management is not willing to address their obvious issues, which people complains about, and instead they stick to their signed contract clause.Every business must look for profit, but not at the expense of the people who generate the revenue.
Anmar Alwani: 😉😎
Nour Wessam: amazing academy
Naira Fouad: Creative designers thank you so much
Nermin Zakaria: Professional and creative Academy that helped me to do a special project Thanks so much. I really learned a lot.❤️❤️👍👍
Awatef Zakareya: A beautiful place and all the staff are excellent teachers and management and we always feel comfortable during the class. Thank you to all of them
ayman georgy: Creative designers
Viviane Emil: One of the most professional art academies , very nice staff , helps kids grow their talent for art and also helps adults embrace their artistic side
moataz Ebrahim: Nice place
Marina Atef: Very professional and creative..Best spirit and very talented ❤️❤️.. Thank you so much. I really learned a lot.Highly recommend to anyone looking for any kind of Art or fashion 😍😍😍👍👍

8. Singer

· 1 reviews

4 Haret Mahmoud Manatawi, Al Matareyah Al Gharbeyah, El Matareya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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9. Art Cafe (Maadi)

· 75 reviews

10b Road 11, Cross Road 85 Entrance from Canal Street, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Art Cafe (Maadi): what do users think?
Hani Gamal: One of a kind
Heba Samy: Interesting for kids.
Mohamed “El-Sewy” Sherif: Great place to learn arts and crafts
Ehab: Excellent for teaching arts to children, but precautionary measures against Corona do not exist. Nice place for kids to work with arts but no precautions against Covid19
Nadine El Shiaty: A beautiful artistic space at the heart of Maadi surrounded by greenery and run by a great team :) Art Café is the place to go to for all types of artistic workshops from painting, drawing, sculpting all the way to soap and candle making. The space has a café that serves food and coffee and has an overall chill and liberating vibe. Will definitely go there more often.
Hanan Elsanhory: Loved it! A simply colorful place where you can learn how to draw, paint and do many arts and crafts. It has a lovely outdoor area where you can relax and have a delicious cup of coffee. People in charge are very professional and friendly.
Amir Salih: It is located on Canal Street No. 10 in a mythical location. The area is very quiet and the cafe is quiet, and most of the cafe’s patrons are children because they are interested in drawing, teaching drawing and reading for all ages.Prices are above average for several reasonsLocation / Quiet / Cleanliness / Treatment / Everything you expected / What you didn't expectThe staff are very classy, ​​tasteful and give their best.
Marwan Mohamed: It's a nice place for learning arts and crafts, the community is great and the teachers are well educated.
Walid Tawfik: want to learn arts i maadi, this is your place, friendly staff and really good prices.
Nermine Mostafa: It's a place full of energy and positive thoughts... It discover your talents.. Absorbe your negative thoughts...
Badr El Din Fathy: Very nice, but I wish they would offer all you can eat
ffh cutn: Love this place
Haitham Othman (‫هيسم بالسين‬‎): Very nice place
Al Haremi: acceptable
Ihab Adel (Forman): Very popular and not good
Hagar khaled: Was a great coffee and ice chocolate mint
Ali Elsakkary: very clean place
Mavic Andol: Good Place
Mohamed Enab: Good place
Electric Ali: Very good for artistic talent people

10. Artopia Academy

· 171 reviews

3 Rd. 11, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Artopia Academy: what do users think?
Jessica Whitten-Preciado: Great place to create. Lovely garden. Friendly staff. Supplies available for purchase.
Essam Hassan: Best educational nursery in Maadi ❤️
Mai Elwy: lovely place, nice art activities for kids
aly OKASHA Barakat: One of the best places to teach drawing in Maadi
Momo Elmetwaly: Very nice place and supports art and artists
Wala Galal: لاباس
menna ali: A special place for art lovers
Laurence Caux: places is nice but tenants are not kind and very rude. More interested by money art. Not helpfull at all.
طارق البرنس: Very very beautiful place
Randa Makram: Very creative & friendly people.
Anne Johansen: Very delicious food and good atmosphere.
Abebe Abebe: I was nice and good place
Bakar A.: Très artistique !
Hassan Ahmed: Very good place for learning Art work , a lot of workshops form pro instructors , from Painting , photography and many other Art related topics ,I really like how the instructors and the stuff handle young kids and give them creative activities .. For me it's one of the best in Cairo with a high standers ..
Samar Farouk: Art is in the air.. great place to learn painting.. people are friendly
Nawaf Al-Dossari: Excellent coffee and very friendly and hospital staff
Hasan Sayedahmed: Very cool place for people who like all types of art and cooking. The drop in system is really cool. The place is reasonably priced.
Mohamed Zain: Very great place
محمد اسماعيل حمد Mhamades: Art Café is a nice place with excellent activities for children
Ahmed Mahfouz: sweet
Nour El Badri: Iike the drawings

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