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AL Fawzy Dental Clinic Helio Dental Clinics - Egypt Dental Gallery Training Institute Spc Training Academy Mayfair dental clinics Dr Ameer د.امير الكيلاني Dental Care Egypt Barsoum Dental Clinic د.أمجاد مصطفي ماهر استشاري طب وجراحة الفم والأسنان Cairo Implant Academy Asnan Dental Center Abou-ELFetouh Clinic for Oral & Implant Surgery Egyptian Dental Association Classic Dental Clinic Sennaty Dental Clinics First Dental Center - FDC

1. AL Fawzy Dental Clinic

· 246 reviews

96 Nile St, Al Agouzah, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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AL Fawzy Dental Clinic: what do users think?
Lelia assem: The center is very respectable and the people are helpful and friendlyDr. Sarah 💛💛 is a very smart doctor, Mashallah, and she is very conscientious in her work
Totak Totak: The treatment is excellent... and all the employees are above the respected... may God grant you success
Moatassem Adel: Thanks for the perfect experience
Mohamed Ramadan: very good
Magda Boshra: Thank you, the Fawzi family, for their professional care of the patient, their appointments, and their good treatment. And thank you to Dr.
Mariam Yasser: All treatment is beautiful, respectful and caring
Haitham Hamdy: Dr.Arwa is excellent, and all the staff.0Thanks a million for your constant follow up.
Ayman Abd Almonem: I advise everyone to visit this place already. I am sure that they will change their idea of fear of the dentist. A high level of efficiency by all in the place, All thanks and appreciation ❤️💙
mohamed osman taha: Very expert Doctor & highly educated staff
Sayed Medhat: An excellent place, the timings are really accurate, and the people are very respectful
mesho fawzy: Respected center
مطبخ تيمو: The truth is the center is respectable beyond descriptionAnd the best thing is if there is a problem that will be solved very quicklySpecial thanks to Dr. MarwaAnd I made propaganda for you with all my friends and co-workers because you deserve thisAs for the rest, Dr. SarahThe best doctor I have met in my lifeMay God reward her well. Seriously, I recommended her to everyoneMy acquaintances are a very patient, calm and conscientious person who is a great asset to the center
Mazen Abd Elrazek: Excellent clinics and their high interest in the patient even after the examinationDoctors are very skilled and reliable
Amal Morgan: I come to the clinic all the way from Zayed city but it is so worth it. Professional doctors with a lovely smile. They always update you with the status and how the process is going to happen. I feel so comfortable with them and rarely to feel any pain. Dr. Essam Ashraf the surgeon and Dr. Bassem Bahy Al dein are more than perfect practitioners.
بسام آل مشافي: Very good, great treatment
شاهي شاهيي: The place is very wonderful and the attention and reception are very tasteful girls and they are interested in your words and I followed up on your opinions and complaints, if any. One of the best PhDs is paying attention to your complaints and knowing the symptom. Thank you very much.
احمد ماجدي: مركز محترم و مواعيد مظبوطه و من اشطر الدكاتره الدكتور باسم
Omar Kamal: المكان جميل والدكتور والستاف كله لطيف
Shimaa Ahmed: التعامل والاسلوب محترمين جدا والخدمه كويسه جدا والمكان نضيف ومريح وبجد شكرا لسلمي وياسمين .. ودكتور أحمد مصطفي شاطر جدا ❤️🙏
M&H: The best doctors, the best reception, and the most beautiful place where I feel comfortable and not be afraid while I am comfortableTake more than 5Thank you very much❤️❤️❤️
ايمن سليمان: A very clean and organized place, and the doctor is treated with utmost respect and taste

2. Dental clinic consultant



· 0 reviews

st roxy, 20 A manshyet, El-Bakry, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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3. Teethology clinics

· 3 reviews

5 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Teethology clinics: what do users think?
Hassan El-Shabrawishi: Dr. Omar Sarwat. Thank you. Without a doubt the best and most honest doctor in Egypt
mahmoud ibrahim: A very helpful and excellent staff, the Clinic is the Best.Dr Omar Sarwat is truly amazing and highly recommended.
Malak Elsawy: Dr. Omar's a very professional dentist. The clinic is so neat and the equipment are highly advanced! Great services and follow ups. Highly recommended.
Shinaza Taghian: A very pleasant and painless experience every time I visit. Dr Omar is a professional and would always do what’s best for you. I highly recommend!
Habiba Khafagi: Excellent doctors and a very pleasant experience every time I visit!
Hoda Gamal: A very professional dentist. Great services and follow ups. They treat their patients with the highest level of care and respect. Highly recommended.
Emy Kamal: Dr. Omar, the truth is very clever and bear with me, I was terrified, but the truth is he is patient and I will not feel any pain, and the clinic is very clean and hospitable
Farida Khaled El Ezaby: Finally found the perfect clinic! Dr. Omar Sarwat is absolutely amazing and did a great job with my teeth. Highly recommended
Rana El sharawy: I extracted my wisdom tooth, it was very painless,highly recommended dental clinic
Shaymaa Badran: The clinic is perfect. Dr. Omar Sarwat is an amazing dentist, he is very knowledgeable, knows exactly what he is doing and he explains to his patients their cases in full details so they are fully aware of what will happen. He is very professional and I highly recommend him.
nour tharwat: Very pleasant visit, Dr omar is excellent and their tools are advanced!!
Farida Ragheb: Very nice clinic with very talented dentists!
Marwa Shaker: Very talented and excellent dr
Hatem Fahmy: Excellent clinic
youssef sarwat: Dr Mahmoud and Dr Omar are very Friendly and Professional, I would definitely recommend them!
Sam Omer: Dr. Omar Sarwat is very talented & comfortable docI highly recommend him
Mahmoud osama: د.محمود موسي ممتاز خلقا وعلما
Laila El-Toudy: A pleasant visit to the dentist!The environment there is extremely neat, inviting with a relaxed feel for healing.The team is highly professional and very gentle. I can't recommend Dr Mahmoud enough, he ensures exceptional patient care; the doctor-patient communication is timely, transparent and I felt it was tailored to my level of understanding, along with empathy which made me truly feel I am being cared for.I walked in smiling and walked out laughing.

4. Helio Dental Clinics - Egypt

· 39 reviews

El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Helio Dental Clinics - Egypt: what do users think?
Chumnah: My experience with Helio Dental Clinic was second to none. Great and friendly staff with exceptional and professional service.My teeth have never felt cleaner after my appointement. Five out of Five stars 🌟
ilmira abdullina: What a nice new facility! Coming into the clinic, it is clean, bright, and nicely appointed. The staff is professional and greeted me right away. The wait was under 5 minutes. Dr. Shousha is professional, friendly, and attentive. The equipment is clean, new, and up to date. I recommend this dental place to everyone in need of any dental procedure.
Tahira Jabien: The clinic is nice and clean and the staff are friendly. However I do not recommend this clinic for periodental problems and implants. Please do extensive research before starting any treatment. Dr Ahmed is and endodontist and Dr Nouran is. Pedodontist. My unfortunate experience at the clinic proves they should not go near implants. Also explains Dr Nouran's nervousnouss treating me. some Google reviews are misleading and from family members and friends. Most of all look carefully at the qualifications and experience of those planning and delivering the treatment. I had to have my treatment redone elsewhere costing me a lot of money and resulting in a lot of trauma.
Samar Abu Khadra: Great dentists, fantastic service, all in all a great experience.They accommodated my tight schedule and allowed me to get everything done on time.Thank you all!
Jack Matthews: Very nice and professional staff. Took the time to explain the process and steps in details even illustrating with a paper and a pen, you can't help but feel comfortable.Dr Ahmed explained my problem clearly, giving me the options along with what he recommends, very knowledgable.Dr Nouran is very friendly and patient, would always ask if i am comfortable or feeling any pain, would take the time to answer my never ending questions and worries without complaining.As soon as Dr Ahmed knew i was a health care provider myself he was very generous with the pricing, much appreciated.Thank you guys.
A Y: Great service! Very thorough and clean. I was seen by the dentist promptly and was given great advice. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I was after UK standards and this clinic most definitely did not disappoint
Ziaul Haque: I took my friend, who has never been to a dentist before in his life, to this clinic. They did a great job cleaning his teeth! Thank you!
H Z: Appointment went better than I thought it would. My teeth also feel so smooth! Nouran did an incredible job on my cleaning, I'm amazed. She was so nice and also explained everything we would be doing. Hannan was also very friendly and good. I called another place and they were wanting to charge me more than double the price helio quoted me. As a foreigner I realise I get ripped off at some places when my friends tell me how much they pay for the same services so I come to expect it, however when I called Helio I got a great price so I chose them. When I arrived I saw they had a sign with all their prices and I really appreciated that they charged me the same as they did for others.
Eugenia Goma: The dentist and staff were very professional and nice. They spoke English, too. The equipment was cutting edge and the office was clean and spacious. They got me in the next day when I called for an appointment. I would recommend them to anyone in Heliopolis/Cairo area.
Joyce Rezk: Dr. Ahmed is the best dental surgery ever I met in my life. Totally highly recommend him to do the miracle and put smile back on anyone . He did an implants in a short period.. Excellent place, great team and he did amazing work in my teeth. I'm in 🇺🇸 USA. And 2 dentist saw my teeth and they said it's a miracle.
Manal E: I currently live in the US, and while I was visiting Egypt I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ahmed Shousha based on the great reviews his practice had.During my first visit, Dr. Ahmed Shousha did a precise assessment, and carefully walked me through all the steps prior to starting any work. I was very comfortable, and had an overall great experience! I will continue seeing Dr. Ahmed Shousha when I visit Egypt in the future as he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and and accommodating.
Mourad El essawi: Excellent dental surgery I gave Dr Ahmed a five star rating because I had been going to England for dental work and I feel he has done better work than both my dentists in England.
ABD Mg: Actually I have a bad experience with them, I found them greedy and just they try to get everything in your pocket.
Ben Axmed: This is the best place I have been so far in Egypt. I have done my teeth cleaned here in less than an hour. The quality of the service is absolutely amazing just as back home Los Angeles, USA, and it is so much cheaper. Definitely recommend this place.
Захра Бабикир: Great customer service. From initial contact over the phone with the front desk, my queries and subsequent appointment was handled efficiently. Dental staff were very professional, communicated well making the whole process as easy as possible..The dentist was able to treat me and totally understood my concerns..definitely I would recommend to nervous patients.
Mohamed Mohsen: Very ProfessionalGreat customer service
Mohamed Gayar: Excellent experienced and talented doctors lead by Dr. ahmad shousha.. actually the best in city and could never be better.
Ahmed elgendy: Professional dentists who meet your expected results
Chris Carter: I had a root canal and crown and the procedure couldn't have gone better. Very happy with the service. I highly recommend this clinic.
mona adel: They are the best
Mohamed Ghaneemah: I always hated going to dentists, but Helio Dental Clinic is so good, the staff and Dr. Ahmed Shousha himself are so professional and super nice. I’ve been going for a week and my trip to the dentist hasn’t been a horror movie anymore👍🏼 highly recommend you to go if you need a clean, pain free, and professional dentist !

5. Dental Gallery Training Institute

· 4 reviews

275 Ramses, Ghamrah, Daher, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

6. Spc Training Academy

· 33 reviews

El-Tawfik, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Spc Training Academy: what do users think?
ahmed gabarot: You feel at home
AHMED MAZHAR: Very respectable people and very good doctors. I have been dealing with them for five years. Good luck always
Samir Aboelkher: All case's good 👍
Hazem Zaki: Unfortunately, I wish I hadn't done anything there. My luck came with an Iraqi student who knew nothing about dentistry
محمد سيد: The best training company in the Middle East
Ahmed Khalaf: acceptable
Oza Ahmed: Who is responsible for responding to the commercial WhatsApp account? Little in taste and respectful social communication style. Thanks
فريد فهمي ابو عمر: good
Christian Stolz: Es wird hier Gratis Behandlung angeboten
Mahmoud Magdy: The best dental training company in the middle east!
Ahmed Wada3a: Learning palace
ahmed ragab: Very good course
Humam Khalid: Wonderful staff
Nabil Nor Mohamed: Nice and respectful place
Abdallah Mohamad: Excellent center
dr_alshaimaa alnagar: The teamwork of this place are the major factor of its success..they are so cooperative, trying to promote their serveses as much as they could ..there alot of knowledge and skills in the with the practical part are the best..using microscopes, 3d scanners and qualified dentists is amother advantage of this place .. by the way if you will go there you must try feteer meshaltet from fatma is the best ;)
muhaned Ahmida: Good education

7. Mayfair dental clinics Dr Ameer د.امير الكيلاني

· 2 reviews

سوبرماركت بيم, El-Gendy canal El-Qobba canal حدائق القبه ش الشيخ غراب, عمارة ١١٠, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Mayfair dental clinics Dr Ameer د.امير الكيلاني: what do users think?
Abdelrahman Elzeftawy: A very classy and clean place, and sterilization is the best thing

8. Dental Care Egypt

· 22 reviews

١٥, الميرغني, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
Dental Care Egypt: what do users think?
Basma Zaki: Professional, excellent communication skills specially with the kids . Keep the good work
Mohamed sakr: The best place for dental treatment, Dr. Ali Farouk, may God bless you
reem Abdelmuttaleb: The clinic is very clean, the treatment is very nice, and the doctors are very respectful, in particular, Dr. Ali Farouk is very cheerful psychologically, and he hears the complaint of the other, and his hand is very light, and the results are a masterpiece
Mohammed Ameen: Excellent clinic.. Dr. Ali Farouk is a top in literature, a smart and hardworking doctor
Ahmed Mahmoud: A more than wonderful experience. The clinic is very clean and the tools are top-notch in hygiene and sterilization. In fact, Dr. Ali Farouk works with great professionalism and is able to do his work and you do not feel any pain with him.. I cleaned my teeth, treated some infections, and filled a tooth, and was surprised by the result.. Thank you to all the clinic staff and my best wishes good luck alwaysIf God wants
ahmed rasmy: The clinic is comfortable and the doctor is very kind
Radi Dhan: Excellent place and service 🙌🏽 You guys are the best
Walaa Salem: A very chic, beautiful and clear place with experience factors, I advise everyone to visit it ❤️
Eslam Mahmoud: A very beautiful and elegant clinic, and the most important thing for me was hygiene and sterilization, which I foundI thank Dr. Ali Farouk, director of the clinic, for the good reception and treatment of my teeth without pain
Hameed Farouq: Excellent and professional experience
Ahmed Farghli: Excellent place, clean job, and Dr. Ali Farouk is very smart. I was an accident worker and I tried such a doctor, but no one knew but Dr. Ali ❤️
dr. heba mustafa mohamed: Real excellence and high-quality medical care from the heart. Thank you
م/ إبراهيم ربيع: 3 stars, because people's impressions of it are good.It's all hours and I see for myself the place, and I hope it's like people's comments and better too. And at that time, I will certainly be able to evaluate it fairly.
Noura Fasal: A wonderful medical team, an elegant place, excellent sterilization, and a wonderful team. I would like to thank Dr. Omar, Dr. Youssef, Dr. Sarah, Miss Asmaa, and Madame Wafaa
Rowaida Makarem: Very professional doctor, perfect hygiene & best service mashallah.
Ali Khattab: Professional doctor and the best service.
Alaa Mohamed: Professional doctor, perfect hygiene, clean clinic and best service
ahmed Ahdan: So professional
Mousa Badr: A very classy place and the doctors are very efficient and professional. Sanitization and hygiene are excellent
moe9atef: Very professional Doctors, I recommend them for all dental problem
doaa hamed: Very bad experience. As soon as you enter the place, you will find it empty. There is no one. You are money for them, and they want every doctor to try. The receptionist is bad and doesn't know how to treat customers. The doctor kept grinding my teeth, and I didn't feel any pain, but after that I was in pain, and I kept grinding hard. I am anyone who knows I will warn you

9. المركز التخصصى لجراحة وعلاج الفم والاسنان (Periodontal Prosthesis Clinic)

· 2 reviews

31 The Ministry Of Agriculture St.، Ad Doqi, Giza District, Giza Governorate 12311, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
المركز التخصصى لجراحة وعلاج الفم والاسنان (Periodontal Prosthesis Clinic): what do users think?
Amr Saif: excellent

10. Barsoum Dental Clinic

· 60 reviews

Intersection of 26 July Street With Emad El-Deen, Downtown Cairo, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Barsoum Dental Clinic: what do users think?
Raghda Ibrahim: Professional to high extent and caring! My son had an accident and lost his front tooth and only Dr. Lina thought about finding it in his lip. She and Dr. Sameh have put his tooth back with so much professionalism that it doesn't look any different than other teeth. BIG thank you Dr. Lina and Dr. Sameh for all your great work!In addition and generally speaking, my family and I are very old patients there, we highly appreciate their work and deep experience for 3 generations now.
Hala Sharobeem: Not good. Dr. Amin not good.
Adham Kalila: Excellent and prompt service, modern equipment, and very talented dentists. Highly recommend
Zyena Lsalamony: best doctor in townwords not enough to appreciate how you are
Karim Ebrahim: So Professional
Mariam Naoum: My dentists since childhood, never thought to try elsewhere.Professionalism, respect of appointments, hygiene and most of all trust.
Hello “ALI” Sydney: Im from Sydney, Australia. I have done one Root Canal from here. It was really a nice experience. I would definitely recommend anyone with dental issues to visit this dental clinic. 😎
Anita Jokić: Very professional, clean, good prices. They speak English well. Keep up the great work!
Mahira Tarek: Best experience in town, by far!The whole clinic and team are professional, but Dr. Barsoum himself is awesome!I had a complicated case that no one could solve. He managed it very professionally and smoothly.It’s THE place to go for a great experience in Egypt!
Maissah Saoud: One of the few respectable dental clinics in town. That have changed the way I see dental clinics , by having professionals in each sub speciality as well as a detailed plan. I can claim that they are best in class in quality , diagnosis and resolving the teeth problems from its root cause. They always recommend what is best for the patient and I’m confident that they deserve every nickel you pay as you can forget about your tooth problems. I recommend them in all dental work as all their doctors are equally capable. Their respect and courtesy dealing with their patients is implacable.
nadine nessim: I have been visiting Barsoum Dental clinic since I was only little. I can't trust any other dentists other than them. There is a valid reason for this; they never fail to provide an exceptional service every single time, they use top of the edge materials and dentists are very professional and are always friendly and welcoming. I live in the UK and I find it really hard wheni have to deal with dentists over there compared to the top quality service I get at BDC. I specially reccomend Dr Sameh and Dr Lina Barsoum.
Salma Radwan: The clinic is spotless. The reception area welcomes you with a selection of Matisse paitings, you wait while listening to beautiful music. The doctors are professional & extremely nice, explaining everything in detail.The entire staff is extremely organized & welcoming. Best experience at a dentist clinic ever.
Ola Hafiz: Very professional. I’ve always had lots of issues with teeth for years and I was never satisfied with how my teeth looks. After I went to Barsoum Dental Clinic I have been receiving lots of compliments on my teeth and how natural they look. They are very professional and honest and I always felt that they were keen to do what’s best for me
Magdy Shahir: Great service and a clean place in light of Corona, and frankly, Dr. Sameh is one of the smartest dentists in Egypt
Tamer El Said: This is by far the most professional clinic I visited in Egypt. The space is super clean and applies the highest hygiene standards. Everyone in the team is an expert and in what he/she is doing. The atmosphere is super friendly and welcoming everyone . The staff members make sure that every patient get a uniquely comfortable experience. I recommended this great clinic to many friends and their feedback was always great.
doria el kerdany: Great office located directly in downtown Cairo, Egypt. I live in the USA, but I always wait until I visit Egypt to get my dental work done with Dr. Sameh Barsoum, Dr. Huda Barsoum, and the rest of their excellent doctors. I’ve been (since years) going with them for complicated processes, checking & keeping up, and cleaning. Why: because it is the best dental care I have ever experienced, anywhere in the world! the clink also has very professional, helpful, and friendly front desk staff. Outstanding well trained nurses helping the doctors. Everything is always on time, as it is an extremely professionally run office. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!
Suzie Reager: The front desk staff makes you feel right at home when you walk in the door. It's extremely professional run office. Great office and super Hi-Tech one. I have been going to Dr. Barrsoum for more than 30 years! I live in the US now and Everytime I need dental work I fly to Cairo to see Dr. Barrsoum. Dr. Barrsoum is extremely professional, courteous, honest, and friendly. Dr. Barrsoum explains conditions and treatments. He works so hard. The best dental care I have ever experienced. I only wish there were more than 5 stars! I recommend Dr. Barrsoum wholeheartedly.
Moushira Khattab: I am grateful to God for having given me lots of strong assets- but strong teeth isn't one. Consequently, dentists have been a staple in my life since my college days. I have been to dentists all over the world- from the big apple, to Melbourne Australia, Prague, and even my superhero dentist in Pretoria. But truly, I am honored to say that our very own Dr. Sameh Barsoum is in a league of his own. talent, bedside manner, hygiene, transparency, elegance and dedication- truly impeccable in every respect. From the call you make to book an appointment, to the smiling receptionist handing you the overshoes, Dr. Mona touring around to make sure everything is perfect, the big smile on the most able and gifted Dr Sameh Barsoum is truly reshaping my view on what has always been a dreaded experience.One can never do justice to the experience on offer, but I hope this modest review is a good start :)Ambassador Dr Moushira Khattab
Emad Attia: I believe, this is the most professional clinic in Egypt. There is no waiting in this very clean and organized clinic, and now they do everything to guarantee a covid-free clinic.Very professional and friendly doctors and staff. I highly recommend it to all my friends.
Tamer Mohsen: All thanks to this wonderful medical system. And headed by the genius dentist d. Sameh Barsoum. Twenty years and I deal with them with confidence. The utmost professionalism, accuracy, professionalism and respect for the patient

11. د.أمجاد مصطفي ماهر استشاري طب وجراحة الفم والأسنان

أمام سينما هليوبوليس, 18 شارع بطرس باشا, Ghaly, Egypt

Address Website

12. Cairo Implant Academy

· 2 reviews

50th Street, Zahraa Al Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

13. Asnan Dental Center "Dr.K.Bakeer"

· 61 reviews

101 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad, Al Huwaiteyah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Elwakeel Dental Center. دكتور عبدالوكيل محمد , استشاري جراحه الفم وزراعة الاسنان

87 Al Manial, Ad Doqi A, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


15. Abou-ELFetouh Clinic for Oral & Implant Surgery

3 Mossadak, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

16. Egyptian Dental Association

· 5 reviews

Atfet Al Sokar We Al Laymoon, Fom Al Khalig WA Deir an Nahas, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Classic Dental Clinic

· 10 reviews

المنتزه, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Sennaty Dental Clinics

· 66 reviews

2 Bahgat Ali, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. First Dental Center - FDC

· 10 reviews

4 Omarat Aliamni, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Tut dental implant مركز توت لزراعات الاسنان

20 محيي الدين أبو العز، الدقي، الدقى، الجيزة،, Egypt


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