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أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎ ELBA Egypt SMEG Appliances Egypt Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch IKEA - Cairo Festival City أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎ Zanussi El Mohandiseen Zanussi Egypt Tulipe Egypt Zanussi Nasr City Kareem Stores Tulipe Egypt Tulipe ELARABY Group

1. أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎

· 1714 reviews

73 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Saba Elamarat Square, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

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أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎: what do users think?
Mohamed Elshamy (Karsa): Nice place where all electrical appliances for sale
Mostafa vito: Excellent and wonderful
الفريد تادروس: Very respectful
ادم احمد: A place to shop electrical and home appliances
Abdelrhman Saeed: excellent service
Mahmoud Elsayed: تجربه شراء ممتازه من حيث المنتج وسرعه التوصيل
Amr Rashid: المكان ممتاز والمواعيد ممتازه جدا
momo66 momo: د مكان محترم ومنظم وفي كل الماركات حسن المعامله وتنظيم راقي
M_A_R mxmxm: Thank you, great service and great prices
Khaled Ghazaly: An organized and courteous place
Abdelhalim Samy: Great experience and fast delivery
Hisham Refkey: Excellent experience and excellent service
Mohamed mohamoud: Respectable people, reasonable prices and high quality
عبدالله دياب: Excellent experience, fast shipping, no respectable handling fees, thank you
Ahmed Yasser Arafa: Good prices and service
ابن المنتفك: 😘😘😘
bassam alhendawy: في حاجات حلوة واسعار كويسة بس برضوه حاجات يعني واسعار مش حلوة تتناسب مع المنتج او جودتهالمبيعات محترمين جدا ويردوا عليك في اي استفسار
Ahmed Ibrahim: هذا المكان مكان عام فى الطريق نمرعليه واجهته مميزه
Sayed Saad: تجربة ناجحة كاعهدتكم معى
mohamed Fawzi: لا توجد تجربة حاليا فقط مرور الكرام

2. ELBA Egypt



· 106 reviews

34 Abou Bakr El-Sedeek,Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11341, Egypt

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ELBA Egypt: what do users think?
Amir Habib: Great experience
Maged Rizk: I bout one of ELBA products, I'm trying since a week to find number to instole it, no number is working!!!
Abdullah: I do not recommend dealing with this company … Unfortunately, it is a disrespectful company that does not respect its customers and does not respect its contracts with customersThe hinges of the refrigerator do not work, and although the refrigerator is in warranty, the company refuses to change it without a fee, contrary to what is stipulated in the warranty card for the product.Very UnProfessional ... Installation of equipment was a disaster, then my Hood was broken after 1 month of use, When I called them they started to find excuses that the electricity was high and caused this damage and refused to replace the damaged part until I will pay almost have of the hood cost .... now they have disappeared and not answering my phone calls ... very unprofessional sales service. I don't recommend dealing with them
sara otb: Unfortunately, I bought a refrigerator from them, there is no year, and the freon is bad, and it tells me that the ventilation is poor, and the refrigerator is basically in open air, with a one-year warranty, but not after-sales service, one of the worst services, there are no working hours available
suhaib habib: No devices available
Origanos ElSeesy: Great Brand
Riham Zahra: Agent and authorized distributor of the Italian Elba and Slovenian brands of household electrical appliances
Muhammad Talat: Nice equipment but most of them not available
Walid Yousry: I see that it is a disrespectful company and the after-sales service is very bad .. My brother installed a hood from Elba and the hood was the cause of a big fire in the kitchen. When my brother informed them of the accident, customer service replied to him that they would send a technician after two weeks .. He tried to make them understand that he was not asking for repair or maintenance And they did not care.. The forensic lab report proved that the fire was caused by the electrical connections to the hood, and there was no reaction or interest from the company.. My brother tried more than once to communicate with any official and did not succeed because of the intransigence of customer service.. And the last joke is that they offered him to buy Another suction from them and they will make a discount for it..
Hany hanna: One of the best cookers on the market. The defect is after-sales service that needs to be reviewed, especially when you have maintenance. They are very late in booking appointments of up to two or three weeks, waiting, which is unacceptable, but the products are good and made in Italy.
KHALED el gendi: The worst after-sales service. The company used to be good, but now it is the worst service
O. Zayed: Gorenje Egypt Supplier "Al-waha" actively refuses to repair that is clearly within warranty and asking to pay 1850 for a replacement part of a product bought less than 2 month agoThe Egyptian agent "Oasis" refuses to repair the Potjar Buzz after less than two months of use.. The complaint was submitted to protect the consumer and the parent company
Hakim Meshreki: Great quality
مهندسي عماد الخواجة: good
Mohannad Akram: I've seriously never seen or heard of a worse after sales experience than it is with "El Waha"starting from the unprofessional and dishonest customer support centerunqualified maintenance team who are EXTREMELY RUDEwithout getting into deep details, 4-5 visits to fix a simple problems, lying, hanging up phone calls...
Salah Beshai: The best built-in oven... and the best commitment
ندا الحرية Abdo: Peace be upon him
Emad Gerges: Respected company
نادية حسين: ممتاز جدا
Engy Tadros: So bad service, I bought an oven and it’s grill doesn’t work, it’s last time I buy a product from Elba
yahya ghariep: مكان بها أجهزة منزلية مستوردة

3. SMEG Appliances Egypt

· 20 reviews

بجوار البنك الاهلى المتحد, 13 عمارات العبور, Salah Salem St, Egypt

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SMEG Appliances Egypt: what do users think?
Marwa Askar: Very disastrous after sale serviceCall centre is extremely unprofessional and not helpful at all.
Malak Amr Arafa: Terrible customer service, very rude and unprofessional. Sold me a faulty product that they can’t even fix! Avoid by all means.
Yasser Wahab: Unfortunately super quality products, top brand .But. Service and after sales needs a huge development to be qualified enoughYasser
ماهر نعيم فهمي فهمي: Very different and distinctive devices and its presence lasts a lifetime
Mohamed Hamdy: Excellent service and excellent quality
Abdullah: Amazing showroom with huge variety of options but high prices
Mona Davis: The after sale service is below zero, I regret buying their product and soon will get rid of it.
SMEG Egypt: Amazing showroom for great italian appliances
Mohammed eltorbany: excellent

4. Zanussi El Zaitoun

· 1 reviews

أمام كنتاكي, شارع Teraat Al Gabal, AZ Zaytoun Al Gharbeyah, Zeitoun, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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5. Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch

· 88 reviews

14 Mohamed Abd El-Wahab St, Next To Tunisian Embassy Cairo, 11211, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

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Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch: what do users think?
Stefan Bishay: Very impressive selection of high quality handicrafts. Mostly textiles, some pottery, and brass and silver jewelry. The people running the shop are extremely kind and helpful, and the prices fair. If you want some gifts or items for your home that are better than the usual tourist shop items this is the place to go!
Steve Martocci: Wow, Nomad was a pivotal stop to our trip. Not only is the collection of goods fantastic and well priced. The owner Mr. Alef is one of the kindest souls we’ve ever met. He recommended us trusted locations to visit (His cousin’s famous silver shop is a must). Make sure to stop by it’s a special place.
Ibram Ibraheem: Calm and classy place
Jason Cleck: Best shop around Cairo for authentic gifts - purses, scarves, silver jewelry, drink ware, etc. I mean pennies on the dollar cheap! 100 yards from the Marriott Casino!
stephanie lohmann: Lovely place with a good selection items. Everyone working there was very welcoming and considerate, I really appreciated their honest pricing policy. They deserve a worthy visit and more. Would recommend this place as the best souvenir shop in Cairo.
Samer Darwiche: Very kind people and excellent selection of products. Also a very nice place to meet alike thinking people.
Fernando Cavalcanti [Substitutes]: Very nice shop with beautiful, authentic and well made products. The Bedouin items are beautiful and intricately made. The owner and staff were very friendly and helpful. Prices are shown on the items and are very reasonable given the quality of items. It was a pleasure not to be pressured to buy anything or to have to haggle for 15-20 minutes. We highly recommend if you want to buy authentic products.
Yasmine El Nawawy: Excellent shop. Lovely gifts with good prices and a big price range so you can choose the price range most convenient for you. I was met by a staff member and by the owner and both were very friendly and decent and the owner treated me to a gift.
Emily S.: A wonderful place to shop with kind staff and so many beautiful options.
Linda and Robb Hoiseth: My friends and I had an amazing experience at Nomad. The selection is amazing, the prices fair, and the staff are so warm and welcoming. If I ever find myself back in Cairo, I will definitely return.
nourah buarkah: The place is a masterpiece
Judith Martin: I love this store. The beautiful items, the atmosphere. I visit everytime I return to Cairo and everytime there are new finds to be admired.
sabrina negri: Um tesouro de lugar, escondido na região de zalamalek para comprar lenços, lembrancinhas, peças vintage e artesanais. Fica no 2o andar de um edifício na região de zalamalek. São muito atenciosos. This is a treasure place to bye hand made and vintage things. Located on 2o floor of building on zalamalek. So good attendance.
Sandrine Coin: Petite boutique très sympa
Nathaniel “Kuwait Funds.” Benneth: Great.
Sayed AbuBasha: Well done
essam hassan: Masterpiece
D. C.: Lovely atmosphere on the second floor of an old Egyptian apartment filled with ethical and fair treasures. All items on sale are handmade and by Egyptian artisans & crafters. We bought many things from here but the most special was the rug we purchased for our apartment. It was a little too large and the owner told us not to worry and come back in an hour. He miraculously weaved it to the right size himself. Definitely a wonderful experience. Can’t recommend enough.
Will Clark: Locally sourced goods are hard to find in Egypt. This is the place to do so.
Tony Indindoli: Very nice collection of crafts art. Relaxing quiet atmosphere to shop, and they are very helpful and welcoming.
Sherif Said: Excellent service and craftsmanship! Definitely recommend if you want to get authentic Egyptian souvenirs.

6. IKEA - Cairo Festival City

· 26633 reviews

Cairo Festival City Mall الطريق الدائري، 11835 Egypt, 11835, Egypt

Address Website
IKEA - Cairo Festival City: what do users think?
احمد النانى: Excellent place for shopping
مصطفى صبرى: Prices are overrated
Talaat Kalaf: fancy
حسن درويش: مكان ممتاز للتسوق وجمال الاكل هناك تحياتى للقائمين على العمل
Abdelrahman Haridy: منتجات ممتازة وخدمة العملاء راقية ، جربوا المطعم ، الأسعار في العموم غالية ، بس في حاجات بسيطة أسعارها معقولة .
ايهاب زيدان: منظم وحاجة شيك جدا
Solo El Dessouky: Great place to buy most of the furniture for your home
Hala Sabry: Prices became over rated.
عبده احمد: محل اثاث بشكل مختلف
eslam sabry: الفرع كبير جدا واماكن الانتظار متوفره بكثره
أبو عاصم طارش: من الاماكن المفضله لدي
Sama Hesham: My first time to eat there at Ramadan; neat place, delicious food and affordable prices
Yousef Daib: Very nice
Sarah Ahmed: Very expensive but convenient
Abdo Shiekho: The system and style is very very badWhy am I inside a tourist car with Egyptians and the security says it is forbidden to enter on Friday for foreigners only, this is an unacceptable method
Egypt Tours: wonderful place
Ahmed Alshaibah: Marvelous
Joseph Raphael: Amazing place... The restaurant is a MUST tray
mahmoud kadry: It is a quiet and clean place, and all its visitors are respectful, so that the mob does not enter it
muhammed wally: Loved it .. clean & profissional
Ahmed Yossry: ❤️

7. SMEG Appliances Egypt

· 4 reviews

27 شارع سوريا امام زهران والبنك الاهلى المهندسين, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

8. Appliance

· 4 reviews

1 ش امتداد رمسيس 2, Al Abageyah, El-Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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9. أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎

· 2999 reviews

side, 86 Shehab Street, Wadi Al Nile, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
أسواق القاهرة للمبيعات - Cairo Sales Stores‎: what do users think?
osama sayd: One of the worst companies in dealing, you book orders from them and wait for someone to respond to you
Sara Elsayed: The worst company anyone can deal with is lack of taste and there is no service and they want. They sell and that's it, they don't care about the customer, liars and swindlers
bahaa baba: Cairo Sales is a respectable company, but its rating is poor because it deals with Samsung, and it knows that it is a failed company and does not have decent maintenance.Samsung Egypt sabotaging the Samsung electronic industry
Abraham Mohammed: They have got stuff and it's cheaper anywhere
Mohamed Kamal: Glem gasأسوأ جهاز و أسوأ خدمة عملاء ... بوتاجاز ضمان ٧ سنوات و كل سنة اغير جزء منه بآلاف و الشركة ترفض تغييره في الضمان ... تجربة سيئة
Mohamed Kamal Radwan: Grat appliances offersSmall store that deserves to be biggerHard to find a parking lot
Islam Abdelati: تمام
hisham amaar: لاتوجد منتجات عديدة ...بل محدودة للغاية
Eslam Maher: Best prices comparing other shops
Nady Fouad: Honestly the cheapest price and the highest quality
مين هي مصر مع اسامة المصري: Distinguished in all household essentials
Ali Hassop: Ok
Ahmed Ibrahim: Credibility and professionalism in dealing
Sahar Nawar: Very respectful peopleand literatureAnd excellent treatment
Mostafa Fouad: Very excellent and fast delivery
Mohamed Apaza: Nice place with a lot of things and reasonable prices

10. Zanussi El Mohandiseen

· 93 reviews

28 Soliman Abaza, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Zanussi El Mohandiseen: what do users think?
Adam Alsarori: The phone no is not in service
hamadacars cars: Hale, excellent service
Hany Samuel: The photos show the level of quality of a four-year-old washer of a company claiming to be "Italian", sweetening the goods and bringing representatives to their advertisements.Any "respectable" company whose employees have a professional conscience and ethics in dealing with customers will fix it immediately without discussion and apologize for a defective product like this, but respectable people refuse to fix it under the pretext that I installed it myself.I try to understand from them that it was not useful to wait for someone else to come to ride it because it was causing a problem with movement in the apartment, and that people were complaining and tired of our staircase.We wanted 3000 pounds, and when I agreed at first, and then backed down because I don’t like anyone to rob me, they offered me a discount. I mean, they put an amount in the air, not the real cost price, and put customers in the maintenance amount, which is part of the price of the product when you buy it as a form of insurance.Conclusion: There are other companies that are far better than them, and don't believe this Italian story.
alaaino: Professional company
Mohamad Soliman: Good, special offers, and the sales employee is polite and understanding
الايجارات القديمة مباشر: 👍
Eslam Elkady: very good
Gasser ElKafrawy: Devices are not available
Gehan Mohamed: The employee who is there deals with lack of taste
Karar Mo. (EngKMK): Long procedures to deliver via 19999 & the branch over there! 2 weeks to buy a small washing machine!!!
Mahmoud tawfik: ممتاز
Reham Samy: The place has good quality devices with reasonable price.
HOssam Lotfy: معاملة حسنة برغم بطئ نظام الحسابات
manal ahmed: تاخير في توصيل المنتج وكان تعامل الموظفه جددا سيئة فوق مهم غلطانين بيخلونك غلطان ولما جيت ارجع المنتج كان تعامل جددا وقح اخرر تعامل لي معاهم
Ahmed Yahya: من افضل الشركات الموجودة من سنين وايضا خدمة ما بعد البيع ممتازة جداااا
Monira Kassab: أفضل خدمة صيانة بعد البيع
Taha Ahmed: Very respectable people
Muhammad Taha (mtaha32): Respectful treatment
CAN ARY: A good sector that has facilities, and I mean Zanussi is 19999. I tried its good products. After-sales service and maintenance are respectable, and maintenance requests are quickly met by its employees, whether customer service, exhibitions or maintenance technicians, an excellent group
basant yousry: The treatment is excellent and the prices are competitive

11. Zanussi Egypt

· 3 reviews

El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Tulipe Egypt

· 212 reviews

10 El Obour Buildings , Salah Salem st, Heliopolis, 10عمارات العبور صلاح سالم ,هليوبوليس, مصر الجديدة, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11371, Egypt

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13. Zanussi El Dokki

· 68 reviews

No, 17 Mohi Al Din Abou Al Ezz, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Zanussi Nasr City

· 253 reviews

55 Abou Al Fawares, Street, Qesm Than Madinet Nasr, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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15. Kareem Stores

· 510 reviews

29 شارع الحجاز امام حديقه الميرلاند بجوار فرحات, Egypt

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16. Tulipe Egypt

· 79 reviews

14 Ismail El Kabbany St, From El Tayaran St, Nasr City, 14شارع أسماعيل القبانى متفرع من شارع الطيران، مدينة نصر, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

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17. Tulipe

· 264 reviews

47 Dr.Mohamed Youssef Moussa St, behind Rahma Mosque, Nasr City, 47شارع محمد يوسف موسى خلف مسجد الرحمة ، مدينة نصر, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

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· 154 reviews

47 Mussadak st, Ad Doqi, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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19. ELARABY Group

· 1204 reviews

9 شارع عدلى, Sherif Basha, Egypt

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